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[#] is quantity in stock in Ken's central warehouse; {#} quantity located 5 miles from here.
Numbers shown in brackets are to help locate comparable parts {=EVG number} =[Pfanstiehl number] (=Walco number).
Tech Tip"D" or "S" in a part number indicate "Diamond" or "Sapphire" type needle. Sapphire needles should be replaced after 60-100 hours of play; Diamond needles after 600-1000 hours of play.

Finding a replacement phonograph needle: We need the following information to find a replacement needle:
1=Make & Model of phono cartridge that the needle fits onto (you may need to remove the cartridge from the tone arm to find the hidden number);
2=Make & Model number of record player;
3=Approximate year of manufacture;
4=Brand & Numbers (if any?) found on needle:
5=Is it a "flipover needle" or does the whole cartridge flip over?

Astatic Replacement Phonograph Needles and Stylus
N2-sd flipover needle {see Pfanstiehl 557-DS77} ={2644DS}, =W319STDS
[1] N3-2S Thumbscrew or Setscrew type 2 mil Sapphire Phonograph needle =Walco WA-150-2
[1] N4-1s Thumbscrew or Set Screw type needle 1 Mil Sapphire Phonograph needle, =(W-400MG)
[1] N4-2s Thumbscrew or Setscrew type 2 mil Sapphire Phonograph needle =Walco W-400-2
[34] N8-2S screw-mounted Phonograph needle =N8-2J =Walco W-64AG
[can use N8-2S] N8-3s =Walco W-64S =EVG-3002
[sold] N8-7s =Walco W-1, W113STS, =EVG-3009 =PF-700-S7 Phonograph needle
Astatic 13T & 13TX are stereo powerpoint cartridges--see our ceramic cartridge webpage
[2] N14-d flipover LP/LP diamond Phonograph needle =PF-171-DS77
[2] N17-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =PF-172-DS73
[4] N19-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =PF-173-DS73
[1] N27-1s Phonograph needle LP =Walco W-5MGS, =old Astatic A-1-J
[2] {1} N28-1D setscrew Phonograph needle =EV-2103D, =Walco W-6MGD; fits Astatic LT, 60-2 phonograph cartridges
{1} N28-1M Phonograph needle =EV-2103, A83LP,
{2} N28-1S Phonograph needle =EV-2103, 1304; fits Astatic LT, 60-2 phonograph cartridges
{1} N28-3S Phonograph needle =EV-2105, 1307; fits Astatic LT, 60-2 phonograph cartridges
[1] N29-1s Phonograph needle =Walco W-3MGS =PF-152
[sold] N29-2s @ 11.95 =Walco W-3AGS Phonograph needle
[4] {1} N30 Phonograph needle =A-71, A-72, AC-140, Walco W-8TP, GD-J, 393, 638, 2109
[2] N31-1d Phonograph needle LP =W-39MGD =PF-154-D1
[2] N31-1s Phonograph needle =W-39MGS =PF-154-D1
[1] N31-3s =Walco W-39S Phonograph needle
{2} N34-1S Phonograph needle =EV-2114, 1329; fits Astatic CAC, CQ, LQD,, QT, 36, 38, 44, 46, 48, 62T, 403, 430 phonograph cartridges
{1} N34-1M Phonograph needle =A-70
{2} N34-3S Phonograph needle =EV-2116, 1332; fits Astatic CAC, CQ, LQD, QT, 36, 38, 44, 46, 48, 62T, 03, 430 phonograph cartridges
{1} N35-3M Phonograph needle =A-80,
[3] N38 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =PF-155-SS13
{1} N38-SD Phonograph needle =EV-2109DS, 1313D; fits Astatic GCD, 53-T, 55-T, 409 phonograph cartridges
[2] N41 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =Walco W-135STSS
[3] N41-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EVG-2117DS =Walco W-135STDS
[1] N43-7d Phonograph needle =EV-2117DS =PF-159-D7
[see N43-7d] N43-7s Phonograph needle =EVG-2119
{3} N50 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EV-2120DS, =Walco W-161STSS; fits Astatic 133, 137, 233, 459, 483, 485 phonograph cartridges
[2] N51-d flipover LP/LP diamond Phonograph needle =EVG-2121DD =Walco W-161STDD
{3} N51-DS Phonograph needle ={EV 2121DS}, A-95XSD, 873D/S, AA-321D1, =PF-164-DS77
[2] N52 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =W-189SS, =PF-161-SS13 $10.95
[2] N52-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EVG-2124DS, =Walco W-313DS =PF-161-DS13 $14.95
[1] N53 Phonograph needle LP Astatic
[2] N53-d flipover LP/LP Phonograph needle Astatic
[1] N54 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =PF-162-SS13
[1] {5} N54-sd Phonograph needle =1352D, AC-359D1, 602SD, 790DS, =EVG-2125DS =PF-162-DS13; fits Astatic 455, 457, 463 phonograph cartridges
[1] N55 flipover LP/LP Phonograph needle Astatic
[4] N56 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle Astatic =W-198STSS =PF-163-DS73 $16.98
[2] N56-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EVG-2122DS, =Walco W-198STDS
[6] N60 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EVG-2123, =Walco W-301STSS
[7] {16} N60-sd Phonograph needle =A100XSD, AC-350D1, =Walco W-301STDS, =EVG-2123DS
[3] N62-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle
[2] {1} N63 flipover LP/LP Phonograph needle
[1] {1} N64 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle, =EV-2126 =Walco W-193STSS; fits Astatic 181 phonograph cartridge
{4} N64-sd Phonograph needle, =EV-2126DS, 1348D, PS-72, AC-357DS, =Walco W-193STDS, 617SD, 788D/S
[2] N66-sd flipover LP/78 Astatic Phonograph needle
[4] N68-sd flipover LP/78 Astatic Phonograph needle
[see PF-164] N72 flipover LP/78 Astatic Phonograph needle =PF-164-SS73 =Walco W-301STSS
[see EV-2130] N74-sd flipover Phonograph needle
[1] N76-1d Phonograph needle LP =EV-2127D
[sold] N76-7s =Walco W-332STS $10.95 =EVG-2127
[sold] N76-7d =Walco W-332STD =EVG-2127D;
[2] N79-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EV-2128DS =PF-167-DS73
[7] N81 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle; =PF-168-SS73 =EV-2129
[6] {5} N81-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =PF-168-DS73
{sold} N83-sd Phonograph needle, AC-428DS, (W-337STDS), 661SD, 991D/S, =EV-2130DS
[sold] N84-sd flipover LP/LP Phonograph needle
[1] N85 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =PF-165-SS73
{1} N85-sd Phonograph needle, 1362D; fits Astatic 359, 393, 399, 607, 617, 619 phonograph cartridges
[1] N89 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle
[4] {3} N89-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle, =EV-2135DS, =Walco W-355STDS; fits ElectroVoice 5015D, 5016D, 5017D, 5018D, 5019D phonograph cartridges
[1] N90d flipover LP/LP diamond Phonograph needle
[1] N91sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle
[2] {1} N92-7d LP Phonograph needle
[2] N93-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle
{1} N101-1S Phonograph needle =EV-2000, 1204; fits Acos GP & HGP-37 series phonograph cartridges
{1} N101-3S Phonograph needle =EV-2001, 1206; fits Acos GP & HGP-37 series phonograph cartridges
{1} N102-1S Phonograph needle =EV-2002, 1207; fits Acos GP-59 & HGP-39 series phonograph cartridges
{1} N102-3S Phonograph needle =EV-2003, 1209; fits Acos GP-59 & HGP-39 series phonograph cartridges
{1} N103-sd Phonograph needle =EV-2007DS, AC-29XSD, AC-278D1, =W-120STDS, 525SD, [846-DS]
{1} N106-sd Phonograph needle, 1215; fits Acos GP-81 phonograph cartridge
[2] N120-7d LP Phonograph stylus Audio Empire S88-7RD for Model 88 Stereo magnetic phonograph cartridge
[1] N123-7d LP Phonograph stylus Empire S888-7RD for Magnetic phonograph cartridge
[1] N123-ed eliptical LP Phonograph stylus Empire S888E-ERD for magnetic phonograph cartridge =PF-232DE
[1] N124-ed eliptical LP Phonograph stylus Empire S888PE-ERD for magnetic phonograph cartridge =PF-232DE
[1] N126-7d Phonograph stylus LP Empire S808-7RD
[1] N128-ed Eliptical Phonograph stylus for Empire magnetic phonograph cartridge
[1] N160-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle $14.98 BSR ST-4D, ST-6; =PF-273-DS73 =W-302STDS =EV-2421DS
[3] {2} N161-7d single sided Phonograph needle BSR ST-21; A-562D, ST-21, =EVG-2429D
[2] N162 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle $12.98 BSR ST8 =W-331STSS
[2] {16} N162-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle $14.98 BSR ST-9, =EV-2424DS, =W-331STDS, 634SD, 902D/S =PF-273-DS73
[3] N163-7d single sided LP Phonograph needle =BSR ST-19
[see PF-274-DS73] N164-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle
[1] N230-7d Phonograph needle LP Columbia CD-1SMD, =W-110STD, =EVG-2450D
[1] {1} N280 Phonograph needle LP/78, Dual DU-13SD, CDS-2, CDS-3
[1] N281 Phonograph needle LP/78 Dual DE-13X, =W-123STSS
[3] N282-7d =Dual DN43; =W-176STD, =EVG-2502D Phonograph needle
[1] N283-sd =Walco W-317STDS, =EVG-2505DS =PF-304-DS73 =Dual DN54 Phonograph needle
{19} N302-7s Phonograph needle, =EV-2604}, =PF-352-S7, 1700; fits EV 26, 27, 126, 127, Magnavox 560233, Philco 325-8036 phonograph cartridges
{2} N302-7d Phonograph needle =PS-5, A-229D, =PF-352-D7, (W-101STD), (W-102MGD), D1-1, 506D, 733D, {2604D}
{1} N305-1s Phonograph needle =EV-2608, 1705; fits EV 57, 86, 87, 88, 91, 130 phonograph cartridges
{1} N305-1d Phonograph needle =EV-2608D, 1706D; fits EV 57, 86, 87, 88, 91, 130 phonograph cartridges
[2] N305-2s Phonograph needle LP/78 2 mil; ElectroVoice EV-2609
{1} N306-1d Phonograph needle =EV-2611D, 1710D; fits EV 58, 77, 90, 160 phonograph cartridges
{2} N306-1s Phonograph needle =EV-2611, 1709; fits EV 58, 77, 90, 160 phonograph cartridges
[see Q-1576] {2} N307-sd Phonograph needle =EV-2620DS, =EV-2622DS, AC-334D1, =W-183STDS, PF-273DS73. PF-365DS73
{3} N309 Phonograph needle {EV 2614}, 1713; fits EV 37, 38, 47, 72 phonograph cartridges
[2] {2} N309-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EV-2614DS, =PF-356-DS13
[1] N311 LP/78 flipover Phonograph needle =EV-2616 =PF-358SS73
[3] {2} N311-sd flipover Phonograph needle =EV-2616DS, AC-327D1, =W-162STDS, =EVG-2616DS, =PF-831-DS
[1] {3} N312d LP/LP Phonograph needle for ElectroVoice
{1} N313-1D Phonograph needle =EV-2617D, 1720D; fits EV 122, 123, 124, 125 phonograph cartridges
{1} N314 Phonograph needle =EV-2619DS, 1722, PS-42, 574SD, AC-329DS, =W-165STDS, =PF-832-DS; fits EV 132, 163 cartridges
{2} N314-sd Phonograph needle 1548XDS; fits ElectroVoice 132 phonograph cartridge
[2] N315 LP Phonograph needle fits ElectoVoice
{1} N316-7d Phonograph needle =EV-2621D, 1727D; fits EV 147, Webcor 21P741-1,-2 phonograph cartridges
{1} N317-sd flipover Phonograph needle =EVG-2624DS, 836DS, 607SD, =W-303STDS, =PF-400-D1
[2] N319-sd flipover Phonograph needle =W-307STDS, =EV-2623DS
[1] N325-3s Phonograph needle 78 =Euphonics 182; =EVG-2676
[3] {9} N325-7d Phonograph needle A-263D, =W-128STD, =Euphonics 181; 541D, 862D, 1900D, =EV-2675D; for Euphonics E-1,2,3,4, M-1 phonograph cartridges
{2} N325-7s Phonograph needle =EV-2675, 1899; fits Euphonics E-1,2,3,4, M-1 cartridges
[2] {1} N326-7s Phonograph needle $10.95 =EVG-2677, =W-147-STS, 1902; fits Euphonics U-1,2,4.5 phonograph cartridges
[1] N327-sd flip LP/78 Phonograph needles =EVG-2679DS, =W-160STDS for Euphonics
{1} N340-1d Phonograph needle =EV-2700D, 1951D; fits Garrard GC-2, 6. 7. R3, E4, GE2/110 phonograph cartridges
{1} N340-1s Phonograph needle =EV-2700, 1950; fits Garrard GC-2, 6, 7, E3, E4, GE2/110 phonograph cartridges
{1} N341-7d Phonograph needle =EV-2704D, 1957D; fits Garrard GCS-10, 10-1, 10-2 phonograph cartridges
{1} M341-7s Phonograph needle =EV-2704, 1956; fits Garrard GCS-10, 10-1, 10-2 phonograph cartridges
{2} N342-7s Phonograph needle =EV-2702, 1953; fits Garrard GC-8 phonograph cartridges
{1} N342-7d Phonograph needle =EV-2705D, 1959D; fits Garrard GC-12 phonograph phonograph cartridge
[1] N343-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =Garrard ADS, =W-357STDS
[1] N345-7d LP Phonograph needle =Grado B; =EVG-2721D
[2] N350-1d Phonograph needle =W-68MGD, =EV-2728D, =Gen Elec RPJ-01D; G-1D, A-179D, 418D, 661D
[2] {16} N351-1d Phonograph needle =EV-2733D =PF-503-D7 $10.95, 2009D, 4G-01D, A-220D, 470D, 713D, =W-69MGD; fits General Electric VRII & 4G phonograph cartridges
[2] {4} N351-1s Phonograph needle =EV-2733, 2008; fits General Electric VR11 and 4G series phonograph cartridges
[1] N352-1d LP Phonograph needle =GE RPJ-004 =W-67MGD
{1} N352-3S Phonograph needle, 2002; fits GE RPS-040 series phonograph cartridges
[1] {3} N354 Phonograph needle =EVG-2732, =W-68TPS, =GE RPJ-010A; fits General Electric VRII, 4GD series phonograph cartridges
{1} N354=3D Phonograph needle, 2012D, =EV-2747D; fits GE VRII, 4GD series phonograph cartridges
{1} N354-sd Phonograph needle
[sold--see =other brands] N356-7d LP Phonograph needle General Electric ST-7D, VR-222; =PF-505D7
[2] {1} N357-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle, =General Electric RS3825; AC-314D1, =W-157STDS, 565SD, =PF-854-DS-73, =EVG=2739DS
[1] {2} N358D flipover LP/LP Phonograph needle; General Electric 2740
[2] {3} N360-sd flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =EVG-2739DS =PF-507-DS73 $12.05, =General Electric TA2; PS-56, AC-336DS, =W-157STDS, 5945D, 852D/S, 2741DS
[see EVG-2744DS] N362-sd flipover Phonograph needle =W-194STDS, =EVG-2744DS, RS6528 for General Electric
[1] N363-7d Phonograph needle =EVG-2752D, =W-365STD, General Electric EA2224; fits GE-C660 cartridge
[1] N400-sd Phonograph needle =EV-2625, =PF-369-DS
{4} N405 Phonograph needle =EV-2639D? or 2640D?,
[1] {4} N405-7d Phonograph needle =EVG-2640D, A510d, 725D; for Electro Voice
[4] {8} N406-sd Phonograph needle, =EVG-2636DS, 727sd, PS-176, AC-526DS; for Electro Voice
[1] {2} N407-sd Phonograph needle, =EV-2646DS, 730sd,
[2] {1} N408-sd flipover Phonograph needle, =EVG-2643DS; for Elecrro Voice
[sold] N410-7d Phonograph needle =EVG-2647D, PS-197, A-541D; for Electro Voice
[3] {1} N425 Phonograph needle, 1905; fits Euphonics U-8, 9, 88, 98, U-10, 11 phonograph cartridges
[1] {3} N425-sd Phonograph needle, 256, =EVG-2679DS, AC-335D1, =W-184STDS, 576SD, =PF-889-DS; for Euphonics
[3] {4} N427-sd Phonograph needle 463DS, AC-346D1, =Walco W-188STDS, 372, 596SD, =PF-890-DS, =EVG-2681DS; for Euphonics
[1] {2} N429-sd flipover Phonograph needle, 509, AC-370D1, =W-306STDS, 610SD, =PF-884-DS, =EVG-2682DS; for Euphonics
[4] N431-7d Phonograph needle =W-321STD, PS-157, 512, 609D; for Euphonics
[2] N432 LP/78 Phonograph needle =Euphonics 253B, =PF-465ss
[3] N440 Phonograph needle J-73X, AC-391, =EVG-2805; for Jensen
{1} N471 Phonograph needle, =EV-2810, 2100
[1] N471-sd Phonograph needle =W-52DS, M-505D, AC-134D1, 560157, 589DS, =EVG-2810DS; for Magnavox
{1} N471-7d Phonograph needle, W-369STD, EPS14STSD, SP751D, EV-2618D
[1] N475 LP/78 Phonograph needle for Demonico =PF=619-SS73
[3] N475-sd Phonograph needle =678SD; DTS-1 for Delmonico
[1] N477 LP/78 flipover Phonograph needle for Delmonico-Nivico =PF-622-SS73
[2] {2} N477-sd Phonograph needle, =W-356STDS, AC-529DS, 687SD, 994D/S, =EVG-2835DS; =Delmonico-Nivico DTS-2
[3] N490-7d Phonograph needle Panasonic EPS525STSD, =W-370STD, A537D, PS-194, SP750D, =EVG-2815D
[3] N491-7d Phonograph needle =W-369STD, SP751D, =EVG-2816D; Panasonic EPS14STSD
[2] N492-7d LP Phonograph stylus for magnetic cartridge =Pioneer PL-N6 =W-533STD, =EVG-2834D, SP680D
[1] N494-7d LP Phonograph stylus for magnetic cartridge =Pioneer PN-10 =W-535STD, =EVG-2862D, A-543D, SP759D, Pioneer PN-10
{2} N510-3s Phonograph needle, =EV-2892, 2227; fits Norelco AG-1003, 3003, 3010, 12, 13, 15, 3109, 12, 14 phonograph cartridges
{1} N516-7d Phonograph needle, =EV-2889DS, 2242D =PF-804-DS $12.05, AC-337D1, W-168STDS, 580SD, 2889DS; fits Norelco AG-3310, 3306 phonograph cartridges
[1] {3} N516-sd flipover Phonograph needle Phillips/Norelco 946/DS51, AC-337D1, =W-168STDS, 580SD, PF-804-DS, 2889DS
[1] N518-7d LP Phonograph needle for Phillips
[1] N518-7s Phonograph needle for Phillips
[2] N543 Phonograph needle =Walco W-324TPS, MC-1X, AC-437, 638, 917, =EVG-2830; Piezo SJN-1
[1] N560-1s Phonograph needle =RCA 74068 =W-42MGS
[sold] N561-1s Phonograph needle =W-44MGS, A-98, A-99, M-74LP, 310, 560, =EVG-2902, RCA 75496
[5] N562 Phonograph needle =RCA 108214, AC-253, M-77X, =W-117, 533, =EVG-2906
[3] {3} N562-sd Phonograph needle, =EVG 2906DS, 1520DS, 2306; =W-117, W-105, RCA 108215 fits RCA 106770, 106771, 106960, 108213-1, RMP-200, 200-2 cartridges
{2} N562-SD Phonograph needle, =EV-2906DS, 2307D; fits RCA RMP-200, 106770, 106771, 106960, 1108213 phonograph cartridges
[2] N563 LP/LP Phonograph needle for RCA =W-117STSS-1
{1} N566-1s Phonograph needle =EV-2911, 2315; fits RCA 115058, 115057 phonograph cartridges
[4] N566-7d Phonograph needle =PF-646-D7, =Walco W-199MGD, =EVG-2911D, M-83LPD, A-348D, 622D, 758D fits RCA phonograph cartridge
[2] N567-7d Phonograph needle =PF-645-D7, =W-192STS, A-347D, 621, 748D, =EVG-2910D; for RCA
[1] N570-7s LP phono needle $9.98 =EV-2912 etc
[1] {1} N570-7d LP Phonograph needle =EVG-2912DS, =PF-649-D7 $10.95, A-403D, =W-329STD, M-85XD, 118200, 645D, 935D, 2914D, RCA 118200
[1] N570-7s Phonograph needle =RCA 118199 =PF-649-7s
[1] {1} N571-sd Phonograph needle =EVG-2915DS, =W-351STDS, AC-433DS, PS-125, 122057, =PF-650-DS, RCA 122057
[2] {4} N573-sd LP/78 flipover Phonograph needle $14.95 =EVG-2912DS, 2913DS, =PF-648-DS, =W-325STDS, RCA 118198, 639SD, 934DS,
[1] {2} N575-7d Phonograph needle, =W-325STD, RCA 126566, 704D, =EVG-2916D
[1] N575-7s =RCA 126567
[5] N576-sd flipover Phonograph needle $12.95 =PF-653DS =W-353STDS, =EVG-3334DS, PS-142, AC-533DS, 989D/S, Varco NTO-8ds
[see Q-1721] N577-7d LP Phonograph needle =EVG-2917d, RCA131781 =PF-654-D7
[sold] N581-sd Phonograph needle, =EVG-2851DS, 1601D, AC-216D1, =W-93DS, RX-551SD, 458SD, 705DS, PE-8DJ; Rex-Fenton, Perpetuum Ebner, Elac KST8, KST9, P.E.8,9 phonograph cartridges
{1} N583 Phonograph needle =EV-2552, 1602; fits Elac KST100, P.E 180 phonograph cartridges
{1} N585sd Phonograph needle, DMSN-102, EL-251XSD, AC-286D1, =W-126STDS, 547SD, 822D/S, EV-2553DS
{1} N587 Phonograph needle, =EV-2555, 1608; fits Elac KST106, P.E. 186 phonograph cartridges
{1} N589 Phonograph needle, =EV-2557, 1611; fits Elac KST-103 phonograph cartridge
[1] N589-7s LP Phonograph needle =Perpetuum-Ebner SM-103
[1] N590-sd flipover Phonograph needle =W-173STDS, =EVG-2558DS, RX-553XSD, AC-352D1, 590SD, 841DS; for Perpetuum-Ebner
{2} N600-1s Phonograph needle, =EV-3004}, 2350; fits Ronette Superfluid Series TX88, TX88A phonograph cartridges
{2} N600-3s Phonograph needle, =EV-3004, 2352; fits Ronette TX88, TX88A Superfluid phonograph cartridges
{10} N601-s Phonograph needle, =EV-3005, 2353; fits Ronette 105, 106, 208, BF, DC, OV, SCW, T-1 series phonograph cartridges
{6} N601-1d Phonograph needle =EV-3005D, 2354D, DA-100, CRA-57LP, A-254D, =W-104MGD, 509D, 743D, =EV-3006D; fits Ronette 105, 106, 208, BF, DC, OV, SCW, T-1 series phonograph cartridges
[1] N601-7d LP Phonograph needle replaces Ronette DA-700, =EV-3005D, =W-104STD
[1] N601-7s Phonograph needle
[1] N623-7d, Phonograph needle 192, MP-712, Seeburg Juke Box (S)
[1] N630-sd flipover Phonograph needle =W-328STDS, =EVG-3150DS, AC-427DS, 640SD, 797DS; Singer
[2] N644 LP/78 Phonograph needle =Shure A10S, =W-35TP =PF-754-SS13
[1] N644-sd Phonograph needle =W-35DS, =EVG-3109DS, JPS-35SD, AC-186D1, 647D/S, Shure A10SD
[1] N645 LP/78 Phonograph needle =Shure A6S =W-41TPS, =PF-754-SS13
[1] N645-sd Phonograph needle =W-41DS, JPS-39SD, AC-197D1, 629DS, Shure A6SD
[1] N646 Phonograph needle =Shure A20S
[1] N647 Phonograph needle =Shure A9S =PF-754-SS13
[see Pf-757-D7] N649-7d LP Phonograph needle
[2] N651 LP/78 Phonograph needle =Shure N4S =W=33TP
[1] N651d LP/78 Phonograph needle =Shure N4D =W-33TPD
[2] N651sd LP/78 Phonograph needle =Shure N4SD
[1] N656-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Shure N33-7
[3] N657-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Shure N99 =PF-758-D7
[1] {1} N658-ed magnetic eliptical LP Phonograph stylus =Shure VN-2E =PF-759-DE
[1] N662-ed magnetic eliptical LP Phonograph stylus =Shure N31E =PF-756-DE
[sold] N666-ed magnetic eliptical LP Phonograph stylus =Shure N92E =PF-760-DE, see also PF-4760
[sold] N667-ed magnetic eliptical LP Phonograph stylus =Shure N93E =PF-762-DE
[1] N668-ed magnetic eliptical LP Phonograph stylus $52.50 "Genuine Shure" VN7 =PF-763-DE
[4] N671-sd flipover Phonograph needle, =W-77DS, PS-5, AC-190DS, 460SD, 684D/S, =EVG-3206DS, Sonotone N-3R-SD
[2] N674 flipover Phonograph needle [see Q-1385] =W-75TPS, S-66, AC-130, 385, 585, =EVG-3201, Sonotone N-2T-S
[1] {1} N674-sd Phonograph needle ($12.95), AC-130D1, [see Q-1385] =W-75DS, Sonotone N-2T-SD, 385-SD, 585-DS, =EV-3201DS; Sonotone
[see EV-3213 or PF-804] N676 flipover Phonograph needle =EVG-3213, =W-107, S-69X, S-71X, AC-238, AC-255, 503, 522, 529, 737, 857, Sonotone N-8T-S
{3} N682-sd Phonograph needle, AC-302D1, (WH-132STDS), =EV-3216DS
[1] N684-sd flipover Phonograph needle =Walco WL-132STDS, AC-301D1; Sonotone
{1} N688 Phonograph needle, N18T-S, S-80X, AC-304, =W-149STSS, 554, 867, 3220
{4} N688-sd Phonograph needle, N18T-SD, AC-304D1, =W-1495STDS, 5545D, 867D/S, =EV-3220DS
[2] {4} N690-sd Phonograph needle, Sonotone N-21T-SD, PS-61, AC-340DS, =W-185STDS, 5955D, =EV-3224DS
[1] N691 flipover Phonograph needle =Sonotone N-21T-S77, =PF-809SS
[1] N692-sd flipover Phonograph needle =Sonotone N-26T-SD =PF-811
[2] N694-sd flipover Phonograph needle =Sonotone N25T-SD, =W-304STDS, =EVG-3229DS, S-89XSD, AC-368D1, 614SD, 878DS
[1] {2} N696-7s Phonograph needle, =EV-3006, 2733; fits Sonotone 20T series phonograph cartridge
[1] N697 flipover Phonograph needle, =Sonotone N9916TAF-S77
[1] N698-7d Phonograph needle =Sonotone N100T-7d, =W-323STD, =EVG-3232D, S-90XD, A-429D, 642D, 938D
[1] N721 flipover Phonograph needle =W-122STSS, Telefunken A20/2, TE-19X, AC-279, 534, 827, TEL-2073SS
[1] N721-sd flipover Phonograph needle =W-122STDS, Telefunken A20/2, AC-279D1, 534SD, 827D/S, =EVG-3301DS
[3] {1} N723-sd flipover Phonograph needle, =EVG-3302DS, 2605D; Telefunken A200, T200/2, TE-20XSD, AC-325, =W-151STDS, 558SD, 837DS
[1] N725 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle for Telefunken =W-322STSS
[9] {3} N725-sd flipover Phonograph needle, Telefunken A23, AC-440DS, PS-126, TE-21XSD, =W-322STDS, 643SD, 939D/S, =EVG-3303DS
N-732 see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N-734 see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N-734-sd see Tetrad Phonograph needles
[1] {5} N750-1s Phonograph needle, =EV-3325, 2; fits Vaco T-45, S-45
[1] {1} N752 "all plastic flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle; fits Varco TN-4B
[2] N752-sd "all plastic" flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =Varco NTO-11DS, =W-318STDS, =EVG-3331DS, AC-406DS, PS-100, 635SD, 904D/S. fits Varco TN-4B
[2] N754 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =W-327STSS, =PF-862-SS, =EV-3330
[6] {2} N754-sd flipover Phonograph needle =EVG-3330DS =PF-862-DS $12.05, PS-101, AC-436DS, =W-327STDS, 636SD, 906DS; fits Varco cartridge
[1] N756-sd Phonograph needle LP/78 to fit Varco TN-4B
{4} N757-sd Phonograph needle, LP/LP to fit Varco TN4-B
N770 see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N-772-sd see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N-786 see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N792-7d see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N793-7d see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N796-sd see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N798-sd see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N800 see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N802 see Tetrad Phonograph needles
N808-sd see Tetrad Phonograph needles
[1] N842-7d Phonograph needle Pickering D3707C =A-422D, SP647D, 920D, =EVG-4016D
[sold] N847-7d Pickering D3807ATG $16.95 magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =PF-603-D7T
[sold] N848-3d Pickering D1527 magnetic 78 Phonograph stylus =pf-604-D3
[sold] N856-ed black color "Genuine Pickering" d400 magnetic LP eliptical Phonograph stylus $46.03 =PF-606-DEM
{1} N858-ed Phonograph stylus $31.75 "Genuine Pickering" has dust brush, d140, A473d, 4035d
[sold] N859-ed black color "Genuine Pickering" d750 magnetic LP eliptical Phonograph sytlus $46.03 =PF-606-DEG
[1] {2} N880-sd Zenith T-needle =EVG-3352DS, =PF-896DS, AC-333DS, =W-172STDS, PS-44, Zenith S-55805, SP-83SD, 802DS, =EVG-3450DS, 3452DS
[sold] N882 Phonograph needle Zenith S-68566, =W-311STSS, =EVG-3454DS, AC-378, 849
{sold} N883-sd Phonograph needle, AC-468DS, =W-354STDS, =PF-898-DS77, SP707SD, =EV-3456DS
[1] N1534-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Panasonic EPS-28
[1] N1536-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Panasonic EPS-46STSD
[1] N1550-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =W-368STD, =EVG-2836D, A-544D, SP763D, =Sony ND-120P
[2] N1552-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Sony ND-125P
[1] N1553-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Sony ND-126G
[1] N1616-7d Phonograph needle =Columbia (CBS) DSN16
[1] N1618-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Sony ND133G, 1045, SP856D
[1] N1662-7d LP Phonograph needle =Coner 33
[1] N1880-7d
[1] AST-PI120-7d magnetic LP Phonograph stylus =Pickering D350, 533, A474D, =W-507STD, SP716D, 606-D7M, 4039D, =EV-PM4037D

Audio Technica Replacement Needle
{1} ATN3600 Phonograph stylus for magnetic cartridge =Sony ND-142G, $32.31
ATN3600L, ATN3L Phonograph needles: PF-211-D6C, fits AT3600L magnetic phonograph cartridge
ATN3472P, ATN3482P Phonograph needles: PF-213-D6C, fits AT3472 & AT3482P phonograph cartridges
ATN3400, ATN3401, ATN3410, ATN3450, ATN3451 Phonograph needles: PF-710-D7, fits AT3400, AT3410, AT3450 phonograph cartridges
Many (Japan) brands including: Aiwa, Fisher, Hitachi, JVC, Marantz, National, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sansui, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Technics, Toshiba, & Yahama use magnetic phono cartridges made by Audio Technica. Additional cross reference information found in the Pfanstiehl paragraph of this webpage; see also our Magnetic Phonograph webpage.

Empire replacement Stylus for magnetic cartridges
[1] 5029ED Phonograph Stylus
[1] 5879D Phonograph Stylus =PF-376DS
[1] 6503ED Phonograph Stylus
[1] 7757D Phonograph Stylus =PF-794D7
[1] 7803D Phonograph Stylus =PF-736D7
[1] 7818ED Phonograph Stylus =PF-212DET
[1] 7820D Phonograph Stylus =PF-212DE
[2] 7829D Phonograph Stylus =PF-732D7
[1] 7839D Phonograph Stylus =Fisher ST-29D =PF-740D7
[2] 7883ED Phonograph Stylus =PF-4540D7U
[2] 7957ED Phonograph Stylus =PF-710D7
[1] 8079D Phonograph Stylus =PF-639D7
[1] 8085D Phonograph Stylus =PF-670D7
[1] 8089D Phonograph Stylus =PF-675D7
[1] 8252D Phonograph Stylus =PF-4820DE
[1] 8260D Phonograph Stylus PF-4822D7A
[1] 8624D Phonograph Stylus =PF-4759D7
[1] 8639ED Phonograph Stylus =PF-4762DE
[1] 9952D Phonograph Stylus =PF-4727D7/PR

EV Game & Electro-Voice Replacement Needles EVG Part Numbers not shown may be special orderable. EVG PM-series numbers fit magnetic phonograph cartridges.
[1] EV-2004 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2007 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2009 Phonograph needle
[sold] EV-2033 Phonograph needle =PF-136S1, =American Microphone XO-21, XS-23; fits American Microphone X-105 phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-2036 Phonograph needle =PF=137S1, =American Microphone XS-101; fits American Microphone B101B, B101C phonograph cartridges
[2] {7} EV-2100 Phonograph needle =W-5MGS =Astatic A-1J, A-1M; =N27-1S, =PF-150D1, 570, A60, A75LP, PA-1J, 355; fits Astatic AC, ACD, 10L3, 11L3, 40, 41, 42, 90-TJB, 90=TJS phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2101 Phonograph needle =N27-2S =PF-150S2
[1] EV-2102 Phonograph needle =N27-3S =PF-150S3
[1] EV-2103 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2106 Phonograph needle =PF-152S1, =Astatic G; fits Astatic GC-J, GC-M, GC-1J, RCA 74984, 76297, Sonotone W-7590-2 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2107 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2109 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2109DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1]{2} EV-2110 Phonograph needle =W-39MGS, =A182, A67LP, 154-S1, 445, =Astatic KJ, KM, N31-1S; fits Astatic 62, 64, 66, 68, 94 405, 406 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2113 flipover Phonograph needle
[2] {1} EV-2113-DS Phonograph needle =W-39DS, =N38SD, 642SD, AC159D1, A68SD, P-N57DS, 393RDS; =Astatic N-57, N57JX; fits Astatic 57T on Webcor Phonographs
[1] +[1] {4} EV-2114 Phonograph needle =PF-156S1, =(W-2) =Astatic Q-33J, Q-33M, Q-33X; fits Admiral 409A301, Astatic CAC, LQD, 44, 46, 48, 62, Columbia 2876, 3370, 3500 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2114D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2115 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2116 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2117 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2118 =Pfanstiehl-159-DS77 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2119 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2122DS flipover Phonograph needle
[sold] EV-2123DS Phonograph needle =N60SD, N62SD, N68SD, N70SD, N72SD, 787D/S, AC-358DS, A3-4073DS, =PF-164-DS73, 604SD, =W-301STDS
[1] EV-2124 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] +[2] EV-2124DS Phonograph needle =B-1XSD, N160SD, 895D/S AA-364D1, BSR-1073DS, =PF-272-DS73, $12.95, 606SD, =W-302STDS
[2] EV-2125 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2125DS flipover Phonograph needle
[3] EV-2126 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2130 flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle $12.95
[1] EV-2130DS flipover LP/78 Phonograph needle =Astatic N74-sd, replaces Astatic N83sd, =A-103X, AC-401DS, A3-9073SS, =PF-169-DS73. $14.95, =W-330STDS, replaces Walco W-337STDS, PS-111, 685SD, 912D/S; fits Astatic 165D phonograph cartridge
[1] +[1] EV-PM2202D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM2212D Phonograph stylus
[3] EV-PM2214D Phonograph stylus
[sold] EV-PM2237DQ Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM2380DE Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM2390D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM2392D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM2399DE Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-2399D Phonograph stylus; =Empire S-999VE/X-ERD
{1} EV-2400D Phonograph needle =W-86DS. =N190SD, AC-291-D1, =PF-251-D7, $10.95, =Audio Empire S-887RD, SS-1087RD
[1] EV-PM2401D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM2403D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM2415D Phonograph stylus
[sold] EV-2421DS Phonograph needle $7.60 =BSR ST4, ST6 =Panasonic EPC35, EPC 71, Sony C1ST4; fits BSR C1 phonograph cartridge
[1] {3} EV-2422D Phonograph needle =W-171STD =898D, B-2XD, 271-D7, 5920, =BSR TC-12D
[1] EV-2428 LP/78 Phonograph needle =BSR ST16 $12.95 =PF-274-SS73
[3] 2428DS Phonograph needle =BSR ST17D $15.95 =PF-274-DS73, fits BSR SC7H, SC7M, SC7M1, SC7M2, SC7M3, SC7M4, SC8H1, SC8H2, SC8H3, SC8H4, SC8M1, SC10H, SC10U2 cartridges
[2] EV-2429 =BSR ST20 single side LP needle
[2] EV-2430 =BSR ST22 single side LP needle
[1] EV-PM2450 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-PM2450D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2500 Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2500DS Phonograph needle =W-95DS, =N280SD, 726DS, AC224D1, DU13SD, P-CDS2/3, 520SD; fits Dual CDS-2, CDS-3 phonograph cartridges
[1] {2} EV-2501DS Phonograph needle =W-123STDS. =N281SD, 826DS, AC281D1, DU13XSD, P-CDS73, 526SD, =Dual CDS-73; fits Dual United Audio Stereo phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-2503 Phonograph needle
[1] {3} EV-2550D Phonograph needle =W-88MGD =N290-1d, 741D, A240D, EL250LPD, P-DM-2, =Elac SM-2, DM-2; fits Elac Miracord phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-2552 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2552DS Phonograph needle
[sold] EV-2553 Phonograph needle; =N585, 815, AC286, EL251, =PF-327-DS73, 547, =W-126STSS, Elac SNM-102, Perpetuum Ebner PE-182; fits Elac KST-102, PE-182 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2554 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2554DS Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2555 flipover Phonograph needle $19.98 =PF-330-DS73 =W-155STDS for Elac KST106 phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-2557 Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2557D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2558 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2559 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2560D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-2600 Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2600D Phonograph needle
[sold] EV-2604 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2607D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2608 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2608D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2609 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2610 Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2611 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2611D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2612 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2613 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2614 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2614DS flipover Phonograph needle
[3] EV-2616 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] {11} EV-2617 Phonograph needle; fits Electro-Voice 122, 122D, 123, 124, 124D, 125 phonograph cartridges
{4} EV-2617D Phonograph needle =N313-1D, E-17LPD, E2-71D, =PF-360-D1, 537D; fits Electro-Voice 122, 122D, 123, 124, 125 phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} EV-2618 Phonograph needle; fits Electo-Voice 122, 122D, 123, 124, 125 phonograph cartridges
[2] EV-2619 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2621D Phonograph needle
[see Q-1576] EV-2622DS flipover Phonograph needle fits EV-280 phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-2623 flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2625 flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2625DS flipover Phonograph needle
[3] EV-2626 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2626DS flipover Phonograph needle
[sold] EV-2627 Phonograph needle =W-40
[2] {1} EV-2628 Phonograph needle =W-40
[1] EV-2629 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2632 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2633DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2635DS flipover Phonograph needle
[3] EV-2636 flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2636DS flipover Phonograph needle
[sold] EV-2644DS Phonograph needle $12.05 =N317SD, 83SDS, AC340D1, E3-7073DS, E-50XSD, 1731D, =PF-368-DS73 $12.05, 607SD, =W-303STSD,
[1] EV-PM2D Phonograph needle
[3] EV-2675 flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2675D Phonograph needle (=430S7) =Euphonics E-7, Magnavox 560725, Jensen J-47XD; fits Euphonics E-1, Jensen 53, 54, 55, 56 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2678 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2679 flipover Phonograph needle $8.87 =Euphonics 253, 255, EU-2X, N425, 888, AC-335, EU-3073SS, =PF-462-SS73 $12.05, 576, =W-184STSS. Zenith 56-495
[2] EV-2679DS flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2680 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2681DS flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2683 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2683DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2686D diamond Phonograph stylus
[1] {3} EV-2700 Phonograph needle =W-99MGS. =N340-1S, 722, A222, GA97LP, =PF-490-S1, 473, =Garrard GC2-1; fits Garrard GC2, GCE4 phonograph cartridges
{sold} EV-2701 Phonograph needle =Garrard GC2-3; =W-99. fits Garrard GC2, GCE4 phonograph cartridges
[1] {2} EV-2702 Phonograph needle =760, =PF-491-S7, =Garrard GC-8-1; fits Garrard GC-8 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} EV-2702D Phonograph needle =760D, GA98LPD, PGC8-D, =Garrard GC-8-D; fits Garrard GC-8 phonograph cartridge
{2} EV-2703 Phonograph needle =Garrard GC-8-3; fits Garrard GC-8 phonograph cartridge
[1] {2} EV-2704 Phonograph needle =N341-7, 841D, GA99XD, PGCS10, =Garrard GCS-10/7; fits Garrard GCS-10, 10-1, 10-2 phonograph cartridges
{2} EV-2704D Phonograph needle =N341-7, 841D, GA99XD, P-GCS10D, =Garrard GCS-10/7D; fits Garrard GCS-10, 10-1, 10-2 phonograph cartridges
[2] {2} EV-2705 Phonograph needle =W-197STS. =761, A-355, GA-100X, =PF-493-S7, 586, =Garrard GCS-12
{1} EV-2705D Phonograph needle =W-197STD. = 761D, A-355D, =PF-493-D7, 586D, =Garrard GCS-12D
[1] EV-2721D Phonograph needle =N345-7d
[1] +[1] {10} EV-2725 Phonograph needle =PF-500-S1. =W-67MGS. =General Electric RPJ-005; fits GE RPX-040, RPX-041, RPX-046 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2625D Phonograph needle
{2} EV-2726 Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2727D Phonograph needle =General Electric RPJ-002, RPJ-006; fits GE RPS-040, 41, 42, 46, 61, 63, 9D phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-2728 Phonograph needle =W-68MGS. =PF-501-S1,] $10.95 =N350-1S, 661, A179, G1, 501-S1, 418, =General Electric RPJ-01S, 01D; fits GE RPS-040A, 041A, 050A, 052AA, 053A, 061A, 063A phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2729 Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2729D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2730 Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2731 Phonograph needle =W-69TPS-1, =N355, 660DS1, AA-111A, GE-711SS, =PF-502-DS11; fits General Electric "triple play" RPJ-010, RPJ010A phonograph cartridge
{1} EV-2731DS Phonograph needle
[1]{1} EV-2732 Phonograph needle =W-68TPS, =N354, 660, AC111A, G13, P-010A, 417, =GE RPJ-010, 012, 013, 010A, 012A, 013A; fits GE "triple play" phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-2732DS Phonograph needle =N354SD, 660D/S, AC-111D1A, GE-713DS, =PF-502-DS13, 417SD; =General Electric RPJ-012A, RPJ-013A
{1} EV-2733 Phonograph needle $7,60 =W-69MGS. =351-1S, 713, A-220, GE-81S, =PF-503-S1, $10.95, 470 =General Electric 4G-01S
{sold} EV-2734D Phonograph needle =X354-9D, 764D, G-5D, GE-813D, =PF-503=D25 $10.95, 472D =General Electric 4G-02S, 4G-02D; fits GE VR-II series phonograph cartridge
[sold] EV-2735D Phonograph needle =N351-3D, 714D, C-221D, GE-83D, =PF-503-D7 $10.95, =W-69D. =General Electric 4G-03D
[1] {1} EV-2736 Phonograph needle =General Electric ST-7D, ST-7S, ST-5; fits GC-7, GC-5, CL-7 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-2736D Phonograph needle
[1] {1} EV-2738D Phonograph needle, G-20XD, N356-5D, 859D5, A-265D, GE2-105D, = GE ST-5D, VR-211
[1] EV-2739DS Phonograph needle $12.05; = N357SD, 854D/S, AC-314D1, GE2-2073DS, =PF-506-DS73, 565SD, =W-157STSS, General Electric RS3825
[1] EV-2742 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2743D Phonograph needle
[2] EV-2744 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2744DS Phonograph needle $14.98; =G-24XSD, =Astatic-N362SD, 853D/S, AC-351D1, GE2-5073DS, =PF-509-DS73, 611SD, =W-194STDS, General Electric RG6528, EA80X209
[1] EV-2745 Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2745D Phonograph needle, =PF-501S7, $10.95 G-1XD, =General Electric RPJ-01S
[2] EV-2746 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2746D Phonograph needle, G-4XD, A-220D, 470D, =PF-503-D1, $10.95, =W-69MGD, =General Electric 4G-01D
[1] {1} EV-2747 Phonograph needle =W-68TPTrS, =N353, DA-202A, G12.5 =GE RPJ-007, 007A
[1] EVG-2752D Phonograph needle =N363-7d =W-365STD, General Electric EA2224; fits GE-C660 cartridge
{2} EV-2800 Phonograph needle; =PF-530-S1, fits Recoton 500 cartridge
{1} EV-2800D Phonograph needle =W-91MGD, =N390-1D, 679D, A289D, GR500LPD, =PF-530-D1, 399D, =Recoton 399, 399D; fits Goldring Recoton 500 phonograph cartridge
{2} EV-2801 Phonograph needle =PF-530-S3; fits Goldring Recoton 500 phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-2805 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] {3} EV-2810 Phonograph needle =W-52TPS =PF-556-SS, =N471, 589, AC134, M49, P560153J, 394, =Magnavox 560138, 560153; fits Magnavox 560133, 560151, 560158 phonograph cartridges
[2] {1} EV-2810DS Phonograph needle =W-52DS, =N471SD, 589DS, AC134D1, M-313DS, =PF-556-DS13, 3955SD, =Magnavox 560138, 153, 167
[2] [1] EV-2811 Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2811DS Phonograph needle =W-52DS, =PF-556-SS, =Magnavox 560138, 153, 161, 167
[sold] EV-2818DQ Phonograph stylus (for magnetic cartridge)
[1] {2} EV-2825 Phonograph needle =N5402S, =PF-616-D7, 765, B282, P-1, P-P55, 550, =Piezo Waller 030055; fits Piezo Waller MS-8 phonograph cartridge
[1] {3} EV-2826 Phonograph needle =N541-1S, =PF-615-S7, 865, P-2X, P-P37, 551, =Piezo Waller 030037; fits Piezo Waller SMT-29 cartridge
{6} EV-2826D Phonograph needle =PF-615-S7, =Piezo Waller 030037; fits Piezo Waller SMT-29 phonograph cartridge
{3} EV-2827 Phonograph needle =N541-3S, =PF-615-S3, P-2, P-P38, 552 =Piezo Waller 030038; fits Piezo Waller SMT-29 phonograph cartridge
[1] {2} EV-2828 Phonograph needle =PF-616-S7, =Piezo Waller 030055; fits Piezo Waller MS-8 phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-2828D Phonograph needle
[4] EV-2830 flipover Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2831DS Phonograph needle, N475-sd, =PF-619-SS, P-6XSD, 619-DS73, 678SD; fits Victor PU3012 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} EV-2850 Phonograph needle; =PF-560-SS. =Perpetuum-Ebner P-12-2J; fits Perpetuum-Ebner P-12 series phonograph cartridge
{2} EV-2850DS Phonograph needle, N580-sd, 706DS, AC215D1, RX550SD, P12-DJ, 469SD, =W-98DS; fits Perpetuum-Ebner (Rex) P-12 series phonograph cartridges
{3} EV-2851 Phonograph needle =W-93TPS, =PF-561-SS13, =N581, AC216, RX551, 458, =PE-8, PE-10, PE-8-2J, SNM-9, Zenith 56-349; fits Perpetuum-Ebner PE-8, PE-10, Elac KST-8, KST-9 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-2851DS Phonograph needle (=Q93DS)
{1} EV-2852 Phonograph needle =W-89MG, =PF-562-S1, =N582-1S, 716, A236, RX552LP, PE-7000, 498, =Perpetuum-Ebner PE7000; fits Perpetuum-Ebner Magnetic phonograph cartridge
{1} EV-2852D Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2853 Phonograph needle =W-89S, =PF-562-S3, =N582-3S, 717, C237, RX552, PE-7003, 499. =Perpetuum Ebner PE7003; fits Perpetuum-Ebner Magnetic phonograph cartridge
{4} EV-2875 Phonograph needle =PF-580-M1, =Philco 45-1613, 1, 1993, 9586, 9587, 9675, 9676; fits Philco 45-1612, Columbia 45-9530, phonograph cartridges
{3} EV-2875D Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2876 Phonograph needle =W-46TPS, =PF-581-SS, =N503, 553, AC20, PH13, P-2693-J, =Philco 35-2693, 35-2693-J, 45-9588, 45-9589, 45-9677, 45-9678, 45-9784; fits Philco 76-4649, 45-9612, 45-9785 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-2876DS Phonograph needle
{1} EV-2876D Phonograph needle
{2} EV-2888 Phonograph neeedle =PF-592-D7, PL-607X; fits Philips Norelco AG-3409, GP-409 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-2888D Phonograph needle =PF-592-D7, PL-607XD; fits Philips Norelco AG-3407, GP-407 phonograph cartridges
[2] EV-2889DS flipover Phonograph needle
{3} EV-2890 Phonograph needle =W-92TPS, =PF-585-SS, =N511S, 704, AC219, PL601, P-3001, 468, Phillips AG-3011; fits special Phillips cartridge used in Grundig-Majestic phono
{2} EV-2890DS Phonograph needle =W-92DS, =PF-585-DS, =N511SD, 704DS, AC219D1, PL601SD, P-3001DS, 468SD
{1} EV-2891 Phonograph needle =PF-586-S1, =Phillips AG-5009, AG-5010; fits Phillips AG-3010, 3012 phonograph cartridges in Grundig-Majestic & Norelco
{1} EV-2891D Phonograph needle =PF-586-S1
{1} EV-2892 Phonograph needle =PF-586-S3, =Phillips AG-5008; fits Philips AG-3010, 3012 phonograph cartridges in Grundig-Majestic & Norelco
[1] {2} EV-2893 Phonograph needle =PF-587-S1, =N512-1S, 745, NAP41S, P-3019, =Philips AG-3016, 3019-1; fits Philips 3016, 3019 phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} EV-2893D Phonograph needle =PF-587-S1, =W-115MGD
{1} EV-2894 Phonograph needle =PF-587-S3, =Philips AG-3016, 3019; fits Philips 3016, 3019 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-2896 Phonograph needle =PF-588-S3, =P-3063-3, =Philips AG-3063-2; fits Philips 3063 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} EV-2897 Phonograph needle =W-134STS =PF-588S7, =N513-7S, A320, PL603X, 588-S7, 561, =Philips 946/D42, SN2, S46; fits Philips AG-3301, AG-3304, 3060, 3063, 3066 phonograph cartridges
[2] EV-2897D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2898D Phonograph needle
[1] {1} EV-2899 Phonograph needle =PF-590-S7, =P-3400; fits Philips AG-3400, AG-3401 cartridges
[1] EV-2899D Phonograph needle
[1] +[1] {5} EV-2900 Phonograph needle =PF-640-S1, =W-42MGS, =N560-1S, 510, A97, M70LP, =PF-640-S1, =RCA 74045, 74058; fits RCA 9890, 9953, 38453, 38598, 39550, 39851, 70332, 70338, 74067, 74625 phonograph cartridges
[1] {11} EV-2900D Phonograph needle
[1] {2) EV-2901 Phonograph needle =W-42S, =PF-640-S3, =N560-3S, 509, C102, M70, PRCA78J, 309 =RCA 38449, 39863, 70915, 72345; fits RCA 9890, 38453, 38598, 39550, 39851, 39919, 70332, 70338, 70339, 75976 phonograph cartridges
[1] {4} EV-2902 Phonograph needle =W-44MGS, =PF-641-S1, =N561-1S, 560, A98, M74LP, 310, =RCA 75496, 74818, 75770, 77899; fits RCA 74625, 75475, 75575, 76318, 77779 phonograph cartridges
{4} EV-2902D Phonograph needle; =PF-641-S1
[1] +[1] {5} EV-2903 Phonograph needle =PF-641S3, =W-44S, =RCA75497; fits RCA 75475 phonograph cartridge
[1] {10} EV-2904 Phonograph needle =W-105STS, =845, A284, M76X, P106787, 523, =RCA 106787; fits RCA RMP200-1, RMP200-2, RMP200-3, 106770, 106771, 106960 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-2904D Phonograph needle =RCA 106786; fits RCA RMP-200-1/2/3, 106770, 106771, 106960 phonograph cartridges
{3} EV-2905 Phonograph needle =W-105S, =748, C249, M76, P106788, =RCA 106788; fits RCA RMP200-1/2/3, 106770, 106771, 106960 phonograph cartridges
[3] EV-2906 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2906DS Phonograph needle
[see Q-1544] EV-2907 Phonograph needle $15.42; =M-80X, =PF-644-SS73, N564, 844, AC284, RC9073SS, 563, =W139STSS, RCA 110020
[1] +[1] EV-2910 Phonograph needle =PF-645-S1
[1] EV-2911 Phonograph needle =PF-646-S7, =M-83LP, 2315, N566-7S, 758, A348, RC2-11S, 622, =W-199MGS, =RCA 115060
[1] EV-2912DS LP/78 flipover Phonograph needle $14.95
[1] EV-2913 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2914 LP Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2914D LP Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2915 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-2917 flipover Phonograph needle
[sold] EV-2918 Phonograph needle; =PF-653-SS $12.05 =M-91X, RCA 131780
{2} EV-2999D Phonograph needle =P-3400-D; fits Philips Norelco AG-3400, AG-3401 phonograph cartridges
EV-3000, [1]3000D, 3001, 3001D, 3002, 3002D, 3009, 3009D and equal Phonograph needles (Astatic N8-series & Pfansthiehl 700-series) fit all these phonograph cartridges: Astatic 118, 120, 124, 310, 312, 414, 416, 420, 422, 424, 426, 609 and BSR TC8H, TC8M, TC8S, TC8SH, and Collaro Studio O & P, and EV 57, 58, 59, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 77, 78, 80, 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 91, 92, 93, 94, 99, 100, 102, 103, 119, 120, 121, 130, 142, 143, 144, 115, 146, 164, 165, 167, 191, 196, 245, 246, 265, 295, 296, 297, 5175, 5178, 5179, 5180, 5184, 5185, 5200, 5201, 5203, 5204, 5206, 5212, 5213, 5215, 5216, 5219, 5222, 5227, 5228, 5231, 5246, 5248, 5325, 5326, 5329, 5330, 5331, 5332, 5333, 5334, 5338, 5372, 5373, 5375, 5376, 5440, 5442, 5443, 5444, 5445, 5446, 5449, 5451, 5452, 5453, 5454, 5456, 5460, 5461, 5463, 5465, 5486 and Game 9000, 9001, 9004, 9005, 9008, 9009, 9011, 9012, 9013, 9014, 9016, 9019, 9029, 9023, 9025, 9030, 9031, 9039, 9040, 9042, 9043, 9046, 9047, 9048, 9049, 9050, 9051, 9052, 9054, 9058, 9061, 9064 and JVC 05232, 31276, 75310, EG-73011, SCC-3 and Kenwood Trio ST-700, ST-701P, ST-710, ST-720 and Motorola 59C60918A01 and Panasonic EPC-27WTFJ5, EPC-27WTGJ5, EPC-27WTGS5, EPC-70LTBS, EPC-70LTC, EPC-70LTCS and Philco 325-8048, 325-8012, 325-8014, 325-8021, 325-8027, 325-8043, 325-8052, and Ronette Fonofluid series, and Singer 484023-004, and Toshiba N-09C, N-14C, N-19C, N-050, N-080, TP-102, TP-125, and Varco/Vaco SN-45, ST-2, ST-4, ST-20, ST-40, ST-100, ST-200, TO-35X, TO-45, TO-55
[1] +[2] {4} EV-3003 Phonograph needle =PF-701S1, =W-59MGS, N600-1S, 718, A198, CRA56LP, PTX88-1 =Ronette TX-88-1; fits Ronette TX-88 phonograph cartridge
{11} EV-3003D Phonograph needle
[1] {2} EV-3004 Phonograph needle =PF-701S2, =W-59S, =Ronette TX88-3; fits Ronette TX-88 phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3005 Phonograph needle
[2] EV-3006 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3006D Phonograph needle
[2] EV-3008 Phonograph needle
{11} EV-3100 Phonograph needle =W-34, =PF-750-S1, = Admiral 98B15-32; fits Shure PC-42AD, Admiral 409B19-8 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3100D Phonograph needle =PF-750-S1
{4} EV-3101 Phonograph needle =PF-750-S2, =Admiral 98B15-31; fits Shure PC-42AD, Admiral 409B19-8 phonograph cartridge
[1] {3} EV-3102 Phonograph needle =W-32MGS, =PF-751-S1, =N641-1S, 609, JPS33LP, PA-55MG; =Shure A53MG, A55MG; fits Shure PC-11, PC-13, PC-40, WC-24, WC-31, WC-40, WC-41 phonograph cartridges
[2] {4} EV-3102-D Phonograph needle =Shure A53MG, A55MG; fits Shure PC-10, PC-12, PC-13, WC36 series phonograph cartridges
{3} EV-3103 Phonograph needle =W-32AGS, =PF-751-S2, =N641-2S, 610, JPS332, PA-57U, =Shure A56U, A57U; fits Shure PC-10, PC-12, PC-13, W36B, WC36B phonograph cartridges
{3} EV-3104 Phonograph needle =PF-751-S3, =Shure A51A, A52A; fits Shure PC-9, PC-14, PC-40, WC-24, WC-33, WC-40, WC-41 phonograph cartridges
{2} EV-3105 Phonograph needle =PF-752-S1, =JPS-30LP =N640-1S, 517, A1, P-41S, 752-S1, 317, (W-30MGS), =Shure A-65MG
{2} EV-3105D Phonograph needle =N640-1D, 517D, A1D, JPS30LPD, PA-65D, 317D, W-30MGD, =Shure A64MG, A65MG; fits Admiral 98A51, RCA 75044, 76257, Webster F-10, 11
{2} EV-3106 Phonograph needle =W-30AGS, =PF-752-S2, N640-2S, 552, B49, JPS312, PA-67U, 352, =Shure A-66U, A-67U; fits Shure P-37, P-71, P-81, W-26, W-66, Admiral 409A13, Motorola 59B691430, Wilcox-Gay 23-2024 phonograph cartridges
[1] {2} EV-3107 Phonograph needle =PF-752-S3, =Shure A-61A; fits Shure P-30, P-35, P-57, P-70, P-72, P-74, P-76, P-77, P-79, PC-30, PC-72, PN-30, PN-31, W-22, W-23, W-60, W-61, W-65, WC-60, Admiral 409A11, 98A54-1, Motorola 59A-471595, 59R480395, Philco 35-2671, 35-2674, RCA 75044, S-5652, Webster Electric F-10-1, F-11, F-11-1 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3108 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3108DS Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3109 Phonograph needle =PF-754-SS, $10.95 =Shure A9, magnavox 560187; fits PC-2, PC-3, PC-4, PC-5, WC10, WC10D phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3110 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3110DS Phonograph needle
[2] EV-3111 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-PM3114D Phonograph stylus
[1] +[1] EV-PM3115D Phonograph stylus
[4] EV-PM3117D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM3118D Phonograph stylus
[2] EV-PM3123D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM3125D Phonograph stylus
[2] EV-PM3128D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM3144D Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-PM3145D Phonograph stylus
[2] EV-3150 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3151 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-PM3174DE Phonograph stylus
[1] EV-3200 flipover Phonograph needle =PF-800; fits Sonotone 2T cartridge
[2] EV-3200DS flipover Phonograph needle =PF-800 fits Sonotone 2T cartridge
[1] EV-3202 Phonograph needle =W-76MGS, =N673-1S, 665, A168, =PF-801-S1, 402, =Sonotone N1P-1S, N1P-1D
{sold} EV-3202D Phonograph needle =(W-76MGD) =N673-1D, 665, A168D, S63LPD, =PF-801-D1, 402D, =Sonotone NIP-1S, NIP-1D; fits Sonotone IP-1D, 5P series phonograph cartridges
[1] {3} EV-3203 Phonograph needle =W-76AGS, =PF-801-S2, =N673-2S, 664, B176, S632, PN1P-2S, 403 =Sonotone N1P-2S; fits Sonotone 1P-2S phonograph cartridge
{3} EV-3304 Phonograph needle =W-76S, =PF-843-SS, = N673-3S, 666, C169, S63, 801-S3, 404, =Sonotone N1P-3S; fits Sonotone 1P-3S phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3205 Phonograph needle =PF-802-SS, $12.05, =Sonotone N3T-S; fits Sonotone 3T phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3205 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3205DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3206DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] {1} EV-3207 flipover Phonograph needle =N671, 684, AC-190JJ, S-61, =PF-802-SS13, $12.05, 460, =W-77TPS =Sonotone N-3T-S
{1} EV-3207DS Phonograph needle =N671SD, S-61SD, 684D/S, AC-190DJ, SA-413DS, =PF-802-DS13, $12.05, 460SD, =W-77DS; =Sonotone N-3T-SD
[1] EV-3207DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] {2} EV-3208D Phonograph needle; =PF-803-S1, =Sonotone N3P-1D; fits Sonotone 3P-1S phonograph cartridge
{2} EV-3209 Phonograph needle =W-78AGS, =PF803-S2, =N670-2S, PN3P-2S, 462, =Sonotone N3P-2S; fits Sonotone 3P series phonograph cartridge
[1] {2} EV-3210 Phonograph needle =PF-803-S3, =Sonotone N3P-3S; fits Sonotone 3P series phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3211DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3212 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3215 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] {1} EV-3216 flipover Phonograph needle =PF-805-SS, =N680, 860, AC301, S78X, PN12TS, 545, =Sonotone N12T; fits Sonotone 12T phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} EV-3216-DS Phonograph needle =PF-805SS, =N680SD, 860SE, AC301D1, S78XSD, PN12TDS, 545, =Sonotone N12T; fits Sonotone 12T phonograph cartridge
{4} EV-3216-DS? Phonograph needle = N684SD, S-85XSD, =PF-805-DS73, AC301D1, 545SD, SA2-2073DS, (WL132STDS), =Sonotone N12TLA-SD
{1} EV-3217 Phonograph needle =[805-SS] =N681, 860, AA301, S79X, PN12TS77, =Sonotone N12T-77; fits Sonotone 12T phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3220 flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-3220DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3221 flipover Phonograph needle
[2] {1} EV-3222 flipover Phonograph needle =860, =PF-806-SS73, =W-132STSS, S84X, =Sonotone N12T-HR; fits Sonotone 12T-HR phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} EV-3222-DS flipover Phonograph needle =860DS, =PF-806-DS73, S78XSD, PS-33, =WT-132STDS, =Sonotone N12T-HR; fits Sonotone 12T-HR phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} EV-3223 flipover Phonograph needle =860, AA308, =PF-806-SS77, S78X, =WT-132STSS, =Sonotone N12T-HR; fits Sonotone 12T-HR phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3224 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3225 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3226 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3226D Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3228 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3229DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] {1} EV-3231 Phonograph needle =WT-132STSS, =N680, AC308, S-78X, =PF-807-SS73, 545, =Sonotone N-12TH-S
{1} EV-3231-DS Phonograph needle =N680D, AC-308D1, S-78XSD, =PF-807-DS73, 545SD, =WT-132STDS, =Sonotone N-12TH-SD
{2} EV-3232 Phonograph needle =PF-811-SS =S-93X, 938; fits Sonotone Mark V, 100T phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3232D Phonograph needle =PF-811-SS, =S-92X, 938D, 642D; fits Sonotone Mark V, 100T-D5V, 100T-D7T
{2} EV-3300 Phonograph needle =(W-85TPS) =PF-840-SS, =N720, 727, AC235, TE18, P-TTSA, 481; fits Telefunken Dual TTSA phonograph cartridge
{sold} EV-3300DS Phonograph needle =(W-85DS) =PF-840-SS, =N720SD, 727DS, AC235D1, TE18SD, P-TTSA-DS,481SD; fits Telefunken tilt phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3301 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3301DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3303DS flipover Phonograph needle
{2} EV-3305D Phonograph needle =W-180MGD, =N741-7S, 793D, TP-1D, =PF-850-D1, 577D = Teppaz Ecco Blue
{2} EV-3306D Phonograph needle =W-181STD, = 794D, TP-2XD, =PF-851-D7, 579D, =Teppaz Stereo 60
[1] EV-3309 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3310DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3313 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3314DS Phonograph needle =T-5XSD, N736SD, 901D/S, AC-399D1, TD-8073DS, =PF-858-DS73, 629SD, =W-315STDS, =Tetrad 33D, Admiral 419-A35-1
[1] EV-3316DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3318 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3321 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3321D Phonograph needle; =T-12XD, TD2-107D, =PF-854-D7, 666D, =Tetrad 40D
[1] EV-3322 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3325 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3325D Phonograph needle
[2] EV-3326 Phonograph needle
[1] {3} EV-3328 Phonograph needle =PF-861-S2 =N751, J352, PC-50, =Vaco C-50; fits Vaco M-50
[3] EV-3331 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] +[1] EV-3331DS "all plastic" LP/78 Phonograph needle =PF-863-DS, $12.05 =VA-304SD, N752SD, 904D/S, AC-405DS, Vaco 7073DS, 635SD, =W-318STDS, fits Varco TN-4B
[1] EV-3332DS flipover Phonograph needle
[6] EV-3333 flipover Phonograph needle
[3] EV-3333DS flipover Phonograph needle
[2] EV-3334 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3362 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3363 flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3373DS flipover Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3379 flipover Phonograph needle
EV-3395DS flipover Tetrad Phonograph needle (have several suitable replacements on Tetrad phonograph webpage)
[1] +[1] {11} EV-3400 Phonograph needle =PF-880-S1, =W-10MGS, =Webster A-1j, A-1M; =N823-1S, 549, A77, W15, PWA-1J; fits Webster A-1 thru A-8, A-1M thru A-8M, A-10, AX series phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3400D Phonograph needle
{3} EV-3401 Phonograph needle =W-13AGA, =PF-880-S2, =N823-2M, B81, W38, PWA-9J, 351; =Webster A9J, A-9M; fits Wester A-9, A-11 series phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3402 Phonograph needle =W-10, =PF-880-S3 =Webster A-3J, A-3M; fits Webster A-1 thru A-8, A-1M thru A-8M, A-10, AX series phonograph cartridges.
{1} EV-3403 Phonograph needle =W-27, =PF-881-M1, =Webster B-1, B-2, WE43LP; fits Webster B-1, B-2M, BX phonograph cartridges
{2} EV-3404 Phonograph needle =W-28, =PF-882-M1, =Webster WE45LP, AG-10; fits Webster AG-1M. AG-7M, AG-9M, AG-10M phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3405 Phonograph needle =W-28, =PF-883-M3, =Webster WE45, AG-30; fits Webster AG-1M, AG-7M, AG-9M, AG-10M phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} EV-3406 Phonograph needle =W-28, =PF-883-M3, =Webster WE-46-LP; fits Webster AX, RG-2M, RG-3M, RG-4M, RBX, RX phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3407 Phonograph needle =W-9, =PF-883-M3, =Webster WE-46, fits Webster AX, RG-2M, 3M, 4M, RBX, RX phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3408 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3410 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3411 Phonograph needle
[1] {3} EV-3413 Phonograph needle =W-40MGA, =PF-886-S1, =N822-1M, 672, A189M, W12LP, PWE-12LPJ, 449 = Webster WE-12LP; fits Webster P1-2 series phonograph cartridges
[1] {4} EV-3414 Phonograph needle =W-40AGA, =PF-886-S2, =N822-2M, 673, B189M, W122, PWE-122J, 450, =Webster WE-122; fits Webster SPX, P2-1 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3415 Phonograph needle =PF-887-MM, =Webster F-14; fits Webster F-14, F-14-1, F-14-2, F-14-3, F-14-4 phonograph cartridges>br> [1] {2} EV-3416 Phonograph needle =W-16, =PF-888-M1, =Webster F-15-1; fits Webster F-15, F-15-1, F-18, F-19 phonograph cartridges
{3} EV-3417 Phonograph needle =W-16, =PF-888-M3 =Webster F-15-3; fits Webster F-15, F-15-1, F-18, F-19 phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} EV-3418 Phonograph needle =W-16, =PF-889-M1, =Webster F-16-1; fits Webster F-16, F-16-1, F16-2 phonograph cartridges
{2} EV-3419 Phonograph needle =W-17, =PF-889-M3, =Webster F-16-3; fits Webster F16-F-16-1, F16-2 phonograph cartridges
[1] +[2] {1} EV-3420 Phonograph needle =PF-890-M1, =Webster F-200-1, WE-44LP; fits Webster F-20, F-21, F-22, FX series phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3421 Phonograph needle =PF-890-M3, =Webster F-20-3, WE-44; fits Webster F-20, F-21, F-22, FX series phonograph cartridges
[1] {2} EV-3421 Phonograph needle; =PF-890-M3, fits Electro-Voice 23 phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3422 Phonograph needle
[1]{1} EV-3422D Phonograph needle =PF-891-M1, fits Electro-Voice 30D phonograph cartridge
{1} EV-3423 Phonograph needle =PF-891-M2, =Webster G-2; fits Webster G-2M phonograph cartridge
{1} EV-3424 Phonograph needle =Webster G-3; fits Webster G-3M phonograph cartridge
[1] EV-3425 Phonograph needle
[1] {4} EV-3426 Phonograph needle =W-109STS, =PF-892-S7, =Webster WE-500; fits Webster MC-1, New SC-2, SC-2, 2D phonograph cartridges
[2] {2} EV-3426D Phonograph needle =PF-892-S7 =Webster WE-500; fits Webster MC-1, New SC-1, SC-2, 2D phonograph cartridges
[1] {2} EV-3427 Phonograph needle =PF-892-S3, =Webster WE-550; fits Webster MC-1, New SC-1, SC-2, 2D phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3427 Phonograph needle =W-23MGA, =N825-1M, 564, A85, W36LP, 891-S1, 364, =Webster G-1, WE-36LP; fits Webster G-1M, GX, Electro-Voice 30, 42 phonograph cartridges
[1] {3} EV-3428 Phonograph needle =PF-893-SS, =N834, 843, AC277, W61X, PWE-550, 519 =Webster WE-550; fits Webster SC-TD, SC-3 phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} EV-3428DS Phonograph needle =PF-893-SS =N834SD, 843DS, AC277D1, W-61XSD, PWE-550-DS, 519SD, =Webster WE-550; fits Webster SC-TD, SC-3 phonograph cartridges
[1] {3} EV-3429 Phonograph needle =(W-109MGS) =PF-892-S1, =N833-1S, 840, A271, W60LP, PWE-501, 538, =Webster WE-423; fits Webster AB-1, AB-2, AB3-1, AB4-1, B-2 phonograph cartridges
{5} EV-3430 Phonograph needle =W-109AGS, =PF-892-S2, =N833-2S, W602, PWE-502, =Webster WE-425; fits Webster AB3-2, AB4-2, B3 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3431 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3432 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3433 Phonograph needle
[1] {1} EV-3434 Phonograph needle =W-36A, =PF-884-M3, =N830-3M, C166, W52, 884-M3, 435, =Webster WE-52, RG-03; fits Webster R-1M, 2M, RG-1M, Electro-Voice 25, 25, 28, 29 phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-3435 Phonograph needle =W-26MGD, =N827-1M, 562, A128, =PF-890-M1, W44LP, 391, =Webster WE-44LP, F200-1; fits Webster F-20, F21, F-22, FX, Electro-Voice 41, 43, 44, 48, 49, 74, 75, 134 phonograph cartridges
[1] {6} EV-3436 Phonograph needle =W-26A, =N827-3M, 561, C129, =PF-890-M3, W44, 392, =Webster WE-44, F-20-3; fits Webster F-20, F-21, F-22, FX, Electro-Voice 43, 44, 46, 48, 49, 75, 134 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV-3437 Phonograph needle
[1] EV-3438 Phonograph needle
[1] {1} EV-3439 Phonograph needle =PF-366-S3; fits Electro-Voice 75 phonograph cartridge
[1] {2} EV-3452 Turn T-Needle $13.73 =W-182TSS, =N880, 802, AC-333, Z-5073SS, =PF-896-SS73, SP-620SD =Zenith S-62648
[1] EV-3452DS Turn-T-Needle
{1} EV-3453 Phonograph needle =W-172STSS, =N883, AA378, Z-1X, =PF-896-SS77, SP620SD, =Zenith S55804, S62648; fits Zenith 142-126, 142-127, 12-128, 142-136, 142-137, 142-140, 142-141 phonograph cartridges
{4} EV-3800D Phonograph needle; fits phonograph cartridges using setscrew needle
[1] EV-3802 LP Phonograph needle; fitsphonograph cartridges having setscrew
{1} EV-3811 Phonograph needle =CS92-3, 600, S3-S, 11; cutting needle held in cartridge by setscrew
{1} EV-4015D Phonograph needle $19.95 =N843-7D, A-416D, =PF-601-D7A, P-66XD, Yellow=Pickering D3707A
{3} EV-4016D Phonograph needle $19.95 =N842-7D, A-422D, PK-307D-2, =PF-601-D7C, P-67XD, 2814D, Red=Pickering D3703C
{3} EV-4017D Phonograph needle $19.95 =P68LPD N843-1D, A-423D, =PF-601-D7C, Gray=Pickering D3710A; fits Pickering MK11, & Stereo 90 series phonograph cartridges
{2} EV-4018D Phonograph needle $19.95 =PF-601-D7C, =P-69LPD, 2816D, N842-1D, A-424D, =Pickering D3710; fits Pickering MK11, & Stereo 90 series phonograph cartridges
{1} EV-4020D Phonograph needle =PF-601-D7C, =Pickering D9007C; fits Pickering MK11, & Stereo 90 series phonograph cartridges
[2] EV-PM4202D Phonograph needle

Fidelitone needles
[2] A-9 phonograph needle =Astatic N27-S1 =PF-150-S1; fits Astatic phonograph Cartrdiges: AC-C-J, AC-J, AC-R-J, ACD-C-J, ACD-C-1J, ACD-C-2J, ACD-J, ACD-1J, ACD-2J
[1] A-60 phonograph needle =PF-150-S1; fits Astatic phonograph Cartridges: AC, AC-C, 40-1, 40-T, 40-TB, 41-1, 42-1, ACD, ACD-C, 41-T, 41-TB, 90-TB, 90-TS
[3] A-97 phonograph needle =PF-640-S1; =RCA needle 74068, fits RCA phonograph cartridge 74067
[3] A-98 phonograph needle =PF-641-S1; replaces RCA needles 77899 & 75496; fits RCA phonograph cartridges: 75474, 76318, 77779
[sold] A-128 phonograph needle =PF-890-M1
[1] A-165 phonograph needle =PF-884-M1; fits Webster-Electric "RG" series phonograph cartridges
[1] A-189M phonograph needle =PF-886-S1; fits Webster-Electric P2-1 phonograph cartridge
[1] AC-20 phonograph needle =PF-581-SS; fits Philco 76-4649 phonograph cartridge $12.95
[4] AC-21 phonograph needle =PF-581-SS; fits Philco 76-4649 phonograph cartridge
[2] AC-140 phonograph needle =PF-153-SS; fits Astatic phonograph Cartridges: GC-D, 55TJ, 55TM, 55T, 409
[2] AC-242 phonograph needle =PF-911-SS; replaces Astatic 81T power point phonograph cartridge
[see Q-1544] AC-284 phonograph needle =PF-644-SS; fits RCA 200-8 & 200-9 phonograph cartridges, $15.42
[7] B-48 phonograph needle =PF-152-S2; fits Astatic GC-AG-J, GC-AG-M phonograph cartridges
[3] B-49 phonograph needle =PF-752-S2; fits Shure P37, P37A, P37C, P37CA, P71, P71A, P71B, P71C, P71CA, P81, P81A, P81AD, P81C, P81CA, P81D, P81E, W26A, W26B, W66A, W66B phonograph cartrdiges
[2] B-116 phonograph needle =PF-751-S2; fits Shure W36B & WC36B phonograph cartridges
[2] C-143 phonograph needle =PF-885-S3; Fits Ronette TO-222, TO-284, TO0400 phonograph cartridges & Collaro Studio O & P series
[1] C-166 phonograph needle =PF-884-M3;
[2] C-232 phonograph needle =PF-860-S3; fits Vaco T-45 phonograph cartridge

Fife replacement phonograph needles
[1] Fife-1325 phonograph needle
[2] Fife-1336D phonograph needle; fits Astatic 17, 135, 217 phonograph cartridges
[1] Fife-1551D phonograph needle =PF-290-D7; fits Columbia SC-1, SC-2, SC-7, SC-8 phonograph cartridges
[sold] Fife-1722 phonograph needle =PF-359-DS77; fits EV 132, 163
[see Q-1417DS] Fife-2012D Turn-T-needles (replace PF-503-D7 +503-S3); fits GE VRII & 4GD series phonograph cartridges
[2] Fife-2301D phonograph needle =PF-640D1; fits RCA 211X1, 9890, 9953, 38453, 38598, 39550, 74067, 75976 phonograph cartridges
[sold] Fife-2501D phonograph needle =EV-3200 =PF-800-DS77; fits Sonotone 2TA, 5T, 7T, W9980 phonograph cartridges
[1] Fife-2520D phonograph needle =PF-808-DS77; fits Sonotone 9T, 16T, 916T phonograph cartridges
[1] Fife-2545D phonograph needle; fits Sonotone 100T-D7V, Mark V phonograph cartridges

NAP Consumer Corporation (Magnavox) Replacement Phono Needles
Magnavox 5603540002 see PF-169
Magnavox 560354 see PF-170
Magnavox 5603490002 & 5604190002 see PF-200-D7C
Magnavox 5604300002 see PF-200-DET
Magnavox 5603720002 see PF-201-DEX
Magnavox 25130072 see PF-211-D6T =ATN3600
Magnavox 5603890004 see PF-305
Magnavox 560234 & 560235 & 5602340002 & 5602350002 see PF-352 for EV21D, EV26D
Magnavox 560306 & 560339002 & 5603060004 see PF-359
Magnavox 560311 & 560312 & 560339 & 560340 see PF-365
Magnavox 560359 & 560395 see PF-369
Magnavox 5603950002 see PF-371
Magnavox 560352 & 560366 & 560369 & 5603520002 & 5603790002 see PF-376-D7
Magnavox 560273 & 560274 see PF-460-D7
Magnavox 560299 see PF-461-D7
Magnavox 560325 & 560331 see PF-463-
Magnavox 560336 & 560344 & 5603360002 & 5603440002 & 5603470001 see PF-557 or PF-558-D7
Magnavox 5604250002 see PF-604-D7T
Magnavox 560398 & 5603710002 see PF-612-DE
Magnavox 560182 & 560183 & 560190 & 560210 & 560211 & 560289 see PF-700-series (replaces Astatic N8-7S or N8-7D)
Magnavox 560283 & 560284 & 560285 see PF-702
Magnavox 560418 & 560421 see PF-707-DE
Magnavox 5604240001 see PF-710-D7
Magnavox 5604330001 see PF-711-D7
Magnavox 560184 & 560187 & 560193 & 560208 see PF-754-series
Magnavox 5604030002 see PF-760-D6
Magnavox 560191 & 560200 see PF-800-series
Magnavox 560244 & 560245 see PF-804
Magnavox 560380001 see PF-M853-series Tetrad T5HD
Magnavox 560382 & 5603130009 & 5603900002 & 5604140002 see Tetrad M-854-DS77 LP/LP needle
Magnavox 560390 & 560437127 see PF-M855 Tetrad needle
[sold-see Tetrad] 560414-2 LP/78 flipover phonograph needle
Magnavox 560424 & 5604240002 see PF-7936

Pageant Replacement phonograph Needles:
[2] AS24-SD phonograph needle =EV-2117DS, =PF-159-DS,fits Astatic 15, 15D phonograph cartridges
[3] AS29-TSD phonograph needle =EV-2130DS, =PF-169-DS, fits Astatic 349 phonograph cartridge
[1] AS514-TSD phonograph needle =EV-2133DS, =PF-172-DS,fits Astatic 207D, 215D, 223D phonograph cartridges
[1] EV40-TSD flipover LP/78 phonograph needle =Walco W-165STDS =PF-359-DS fits Electro Voice 132, 163 phonograph cartridges
[1] EV543-TSD phonograph needle =EV-2634, =PF-374-DS,fits Electro Voice 5026D, 5080D phonograph cartridges
[2] GE98-TSD phonograph needle =EV-2639DS, =PF-506-DS fits General Electric C100 phonograph cartridge
[2] GE99-TSD phonograph needle =EV-2639DS, =PF-507-DS fits General Electric C100A, C200, C400, C450 phonograph cartridges

Jensen Replacement phonograph needles with partial cross reference information:
[2] A-70 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces R-3(M)
[1] A-70LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Astatic; replaces R(M)
[1] A-74 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces G-78(J)
[2] A-78 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces U-78(J)
[2] A-78LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Astatic; replaces U(J)
[4] A-80 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces Q(M)
[2] A-80LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Astatic; replaces Q-33(M)
[3] A-81 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces Q(J)
[3] A-81LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Astatic; replaces Q-33(J)
[2] A-82 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces Nylon(M)
[2] A-82-S phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces Nylon(J)
[4] A-84 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces G-78(M)
[1] A-84LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Astatic & Sonotone; replaces G(M) & 7529-1M
[1] A-86LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Astatic; replaces T-33(M)
[2] A-89 phonograph needle 78 for Astatic; replaces C-3(J)
[2] A-89LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Astatic; replaces C-1(J)
[1] A-802 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Astatic; replaces Q-AG(M)
[1] A-812 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Astatic; replaces Q-AG(J)
[1] A-842 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Astatic; replaces G-AG(M)
[1] AC-27 phonograph needle 78 for Acos-Cosmocord; replaces SE-1
[2] AC-27LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Acos-Cosmocord; replaces SE-2
[?] AC-28LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Acos-Cosmocord; replaces HGP-59
[2] AM-21 phonograph needle 78 for Am Micro; replaces CO-3
[2] AM-21LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Am Micro; replaces CO-1
[1] AM-23 phonograph needle 78 for Amer Micro; replaces XS-103
[2] AM-23LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Amer Micro; replaces XS-101
[2] C-99 phonograph needle 78 for Crosley; replaces 145720
[1] E-90 phonograph needle 78 for Electro Voice; replaces S-3
[1] E-90LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Electro Voice; replaces S-1
[2] E-92 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Electro Voice; replaces SO-13
[1] E-962 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Electro Voice; replaces O-2
[2] G-8 Clip Tip Shank for turnaround phonograph needle
[2] G-9 Clip Tip Shank for single point or plug in heads
[sold] G-10 phonograph needle 78 for Gen Elec; replaces RPJ-001 $10.50
[3] G-10LP phonograph needle 33/45 for General Electric; replaces RPJ-005 $10.50
[1] G-1025 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for General Electric; replaces RPJ-006 $10.50
[2] JP-30 phonograph needle 78 for Shure; replaces A-62A
[1] JPS-30 phonograph needle 78 for Shure; replaces A-61A
[1] JP-32LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Shure; replaces A52-MG
[2] JPS-32LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Shure; replaces A53MG
[2] JP-32 phonograph needle 78 for Shure; replaces A-52A
[2] JPS-32 phonograph needle 78 for Shure;
[2] JP-33 phonograph needle 78 for Shure;
[2] JPS-33 phonograph needle 78 for Shure;
[2] JPS-33LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Shure;
[2] JP-34 phonograph needle 78 for Shure; replaces 98B13-31
[2] JPS-34 phonograph needle 78 for Shure; replaces 98B15-31
[2] JP-34LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Shure; replaces 98B15-32
[2] JPS-34LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Shure; replaces 98B15-32
[1] JPS-38 phonograph needle 16/33/45/78 for Shure; replaces A-9
[3] JP-322 phonograph needle 33/45 for Shure; replaces A-56U
[1] JPS-322 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Shure; replaces A-5EU
[2] JP-332 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Shure; replaces A58U
[3] JPS-332 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Shure;
[sold] M-02 phonograph needle 78 for Magnavox; replaces 560102
[2] M-60LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Philco; replaces 45-1613
[3] M-70 phonograph needle 78 for RCA; replaces 72345
[2] M-71 phonograph needle 78 for RCA; replaces 72345, 70915
[1] M-71LP phonograph needle 33/45 for RCA; replaces 74068
[2] M-75 phonograph needle 78 for RCA; replaces 75497
[1] NE-215 phonograph needle 33/45 for Web Cor
[2] NE-317 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Web-Chi; replaces NE-317
[1] PH-9 phonograph needle 33/45 for Philco; replaces 45-9793
[1] PH-10 phonograph needle 78 for Philco; replaces 45-1596
[2] PH-11 phonograph needle 33/45 for Philco; replaces 45-1613
[1] RX-551 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Perpetuum-Ebner; replaces PE-8-2J
[1] S-60 phonograph needle 78 for Sonotone; replaces N-3P-3S
[1] S-61 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Sonotone; replaces N-3T-S
[1] S-64 phonograph needle 78 for Sonotone; replaces W-7590-3(J)
[2] S-65 phonograph needle 78 for Sonotone
[2] W-05 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-05
[2] W-14 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-14
[2] W-15 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-16
[1] W-17 phonograph needle 33/45 for Web Elec; replaces A10
[1] W-30 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces Q1
[2] W-36 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces 63
[1] W-36LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Web Elec; replaces G1
[1] W-38 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-38
[2] W-43LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Web Elec; replaces WE-43LP
[2] W-44 phonograph needle 78 for Webster Electric; replaces WE-44
[1] W-44LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Webster Electric; replaces WE-44LP
[2] W-45 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-45
[2] W-45LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Web Elec; replaces WE-45LP
[2] W-46 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-46
[2] W-52 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces RG-03
[2] W-52LP phonograph needle 33/45 for Web Elec; replaces RG-01
[1] W-57 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-57
[1] W-60LP phonograph needle 16/33/45 for Webster Electric AB3-1, AB4-1, AB-1, AB-2; replaces WE-423
[1] W-72 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-72
[1] W-73 phonograph needle 33/45 for Web Elec; replaces F16-1
[2] W-81 phonograph needle 78 for Web Elec; replaces F15-3
[1] W-362 phonograph needle 33/45/78 for Web Elec; replaces WE-362

Panasonic/Technics cartridge to stylus cross reference information
EPC-05STAD phonograph cartridge uses EPS-36STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG 2824D =PF-661-D7
EPC-09STAD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-27STSDD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2827D =PF-704-D7
EPC-13STHD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-41STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2854D =PF-711-D7
EPC-17STLD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-17STLD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2312D =PF-4211D6
EPC-34STAD (-STBD, -STCD, -STC) magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-14 (-STSD) or EPS-35 phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-2816D =PF-674-D7
EPC-34STFA (-STFAD) phonograph cartridge uses EPS-18ST (-STSD) phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG 2817D,=PF-632-D7
EPC-42 series phonograph cartridges use EPS-25 (-STSD) phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-2815D =PF-627-D7
EPC-43 magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-43STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2312D =PF-4211D6
EPC-74SMAD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-74STGSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2295D =PF-697D
EPC-74SMBD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-74STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2295D =PF-697D
EPC-74SMDC magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-39STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2294D =PF-697D7
EPC-74SMED magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-74STED or EPS-74STGED phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2296DE =PF-206-DET
EPC-75SMCD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-75STCSD or EPS-75STSD or EPS-77STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2298D =PF-710-D7
EPC-76 magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-76STSD or EPS-76STED phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2304D =PF-209-D6T
EPC-78SMAD & EPC-78SMBD & EPC-78SMCD magnetic phonograph cartridges use EPS-31STSD or EPS-34STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2275D =PF-629-D7
EPC-78SMED magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-35STED phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2278DE =PF-629-DE
EPC-79SMAD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-52 or EPS-53 phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2823D =PF-706-D7
EPC-82SMAD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-30STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2276D =PF-629-D7
EPC-86SMAD magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-56 or EPS-290 phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2823D =PF-706-D7
EPC-90 series phonograph cartridges use EPS-90 series phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2309DE =PF-202-DEC
EPC-91 magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-91SMAD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2315D =PF-4216-D6
EPC-96SS magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-28 or EPS-28STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2822D =PF-678-D7
EPC-202 linear tracking magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-23C or EPS-25C or EPS-28C or EPS-202 or EPS-P153 or EPS-202ED phonograph stylus; replacement EVG-PM2855DE =PF-718-D7
EPC-270D & EPC-290C phonograph cartridges use EPS-270SD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2823D =PF-706-D7
EPC-271CS magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-270DD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2823D =PF-706-D7
EPC-450C magnetic phonograph cartridge uses EPS-45STQD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2822D =PF-678-D7
EPC-451C & EPC-460C magetic phonograph cartridges use EPS-46STSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2018D =PF-672-D7
EPC-825MBD magnetic phonograph cartridge use EPS-35STCSD phonograph stylus; replacement =EVG-PM2276D =PF-629-D7
EPS-205C phonograph stylus replacement: EVG-PM2857DE

Pfanstiehl Replacement Needles with partial cross reference information:
[1] SA-10 pak=(10) Plastic 45-RPM Record Inserts $5,07
[1] Pfanstiehl SS-S Straight Steel phonograph needles for 78 RPMs: accoustic & ancient setscrew phonograph cartridges 10/pak $9,87 (location Astatic N880 drawer)
Pfanstiehl BAS Bent Steel phonograph needles for 78RPMs: accoustic & ancient setscres cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-100-D7 phonograph needle =Audio Dynamics R-4, R-660, R-770, R-809; fits ADC Pt.4, 660, 770, 809/E
[1] Pfanstiehl-104-DE phonograph needle =Audio Dynamics ADC R-20XE, R-60XE, R-90XE; fits ADC 220X, 240X, 240XE, 550X, 660X, 990X, 990XE
[sold] Pfanstiehl-110-D7C phonograph needle needle =ADC RK-8, RP-30; fits ADC K8, P30, K4E phonograph cartridges
[see 4111-D7C] Pfanstiehl-111-D7C phonograph needle =EV-PM2226DE, =ADC RSQ30, RSQ31; fits ADC QLM30/MKIII phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-112-D1 phonograph needle =N104-1D, =EV-2004D, =W-121MGD; fits ACOS HGP-65, GP-67-1, GP-67-3 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-112-DEG phonograph needle =ADC RLMA-3; fits ADC LMA-3 Accutrac phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-112-DEX phonograph needle =ADC RLMA-1; fits ADC LMA-1 phonograph cartridge on Accutrac turntable
[1] Pfanstiehl-114-DS73 .7 mil diamond +3 mil sapphire phonograph needle. =N103-SD, 846-DS 2007-DS, AC278D1, PD-73, AC29XSD, Acos703SD, PS-23, 525SD, =W120STDS; replaces Acos Dual 73-1, Fits Acos 73-1A, 73-1B, 73-1C, GP-73, HGP-73 phonograph cartridges.
[1] Pfanstiehl-114-DS77 .7 mil diamond +.7 mil saphire phonograph needle 16/33/45 rpm. same applications as 114-DS73
[1] Pfanstiehl-115-D7 phonograph needle =EV-2008D, Replaces Acos CD5301; fits Acos 81-1 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-116-DS77 phonograph needle $28.95 =AC34XSD, 668SD, ACos 8073DS, replaces Acos GP-91D; fits Acos GP91, GP-92, GP-93, GP-94 phonograph cartridges

Pf-100 stylusPf-105 etc.Pf-108 etc.Pf-112 stylusPf-113 stylusPf-116 stylus

{1} Pfanstiehl-119-D7 phonograph needle, =ADC RLM-1, Sony ND-148, Toshiba N36C; fits Sony VL-148, Toshiba C-36 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-120-D7 phonograph needle =ADC RSX-5/E; fits ADC SX5, SX5E phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-121-D7 phonograph needle =ADC RL3, RL4; fits ADC L3, L4 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-137-D1 phonograph needle =N141-1D, =EV-2036D, =W-58MGD; fits American Microphone B101B, B101C phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-137-S1 phonograph needle =N141-1S, 639, 2036, PX-101, AM23LP, 495, -W58MGS; replaces American Microphone XS-101. Fits American Microphone B101B, B101C phonograph cartridges
Pfanstielh-150-S1 phonograph needle (see Astatic N27-series, =EVG-2100, Fidelitone equivalents)
[3] Pfanstiehl-155-DS13 phonograph needle =N38-DS, =EV-2113DS, =W-38DS; fits Astatic 57T phonograph cartridge on Webcor phono

Pf-117 stylusPf-118 stylusPf-119 stylusPf-120 stylusPf-121 stylus

[see 159-DS77] Pfanstiehl-159-D7 (this is single sided version) phonograph needle =N43-7D, =EV-2117DS, =EV-2119D, =W-144STD; fits astatic 17, 17D, 97D phonograph cartridges
[8] Pfanstiehl-159-DS77 $10.95 (flipover phonograph needle) =N42-SD, 871DS, =EV-2118DS, AC305, P-N42-DS, A90XSD, A2-5073DS, 546SD, =W135STDS1. replaces Astatic N-42, N42D. Fits Astatic 17, 17D, 17DA, 135DA, 217D phonograph cartridges
{3} Pfanstiehl-161-DS73 phonograph needle =N52-SD, {2124DS}, A-96SD, A3-1073DS, =Astatic N52, N53-SD; fits Astatic 445, 445D, 447 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-161-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =EV-2124DS =Astatic N52-SD, N53-SD; fits Astatic 445, 445D, 447 phonograph cartridges
{4} Pfanstiehl-162-DS73 phonograph needle =N54-SD, 790DS, 2125DS, AC369, A3-2073DS, A97SD, 602SD, =Astatic N54, N55SD; fits Astatic 455, 455D, 457, 463, 463D phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-162-DS77 phonograph needle =N54-SD =EV-2125DS; fits AStatic 455, 455D, 457, 463, 463D phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-162-SS13 phonograph needle =A97, A3-2073SS, Astatic N54, N55. Fits Astatic 455, 455D, 457 phonograph cartridges
[see AST-N56] Pfanstiehl-163-DS73 phonograph needle $16.98 =786DS, 2122DS, AC356D1, A98XSD, 603SD. Replaces Astatic N56, N56-SD. Fits Astatic 153, 157, 341, 343, 345, 461, 465, 479, 481, 499 phonograph cartridges.
[1] {3} Pfanstiehl-163-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =786DS, 2122DS, AC356D1, A98XSD, 603SD, =Astatic N56, N56-SD, N58SD; fits Astatic 153, 157, 341, 343, 345, 461, 465, 479, 481, 499 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-164-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =EV-2123DS/2127D =Astatic N50, N51, N60, N62, N68, N70, AST-N72; =A99X, 2123, AC350, PS67, 604, Fife 1342D Walco-W301STDS. fits Astatic 133, 137, 138, 140, 142, 146, 148, 217, 219, 253, 459, 483, 485, 497, General Electric C200 phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-164-SS77 phonograph needle =W-301ST =A99X, 2123, AC350, 604, =Astatic N50, N51, N60, N62, N68, N70, N72; fits Astatic 133, 137, 138, 140, 142, 146, 148, 217, 219, 253, 459, 483, 485, 497, GE C-300 phonograph cartridges $10.95

PF-159-DS needlePF-159-D needlePF161 & 162 needles Pf-163 needlePf-164 needle

[6] {4} Pfanstiehl-165-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =W-193DTD =788DS, 2124DS, AC351, A106XSD, 617SD, =Astatic N64SD; fits Astatic 167, 169, 181, 187, 281, 359, 393, 399 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-165-SS73 phonograph needle, =N64, =EV-2124, =W-193; fits Astatic 167, 169, 181, 187, 281, 359, 393, 399 phonograph cartridges $12.95
[3] Pfanstiehl-166-D7 phonograph needle $10.95 =EV-2123DS/2127D, 909D, =Astatic N76-7S, N76-7D =W-332; fits Astatic 346, 348, 146-1, 146-7 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-167-DS73 phonograph needle $12.95 replaces Astatic N79, N81-SD. Fits Astatic 381D, 391D phonograph cartridges
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-168-DS73 phonograph needle needle =911DS, =EV-2129DS, A101XSD, A41073, =Astatic N81SD; fits Astatic 361, 363, 365, 367, 369, 371, 373, 375, 377, 385, 387, 389, 392, 395, 397 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-169-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N74SD, =EV-2130DS; fits Astatic 275D, 349D, 351D phonograph cartridges
[sold] Pfanstiehl-170-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =912DS, =EV-2130DS, AC401D1, PS115, 641SD, Astatic N83SD, N84. Fits Astatic 163D, 165D, 353D, 355D, 613D, 665 phonograph cartridges

Pf-165 needlePf-166 needlePf-167 needlePf-168 needlePf-169 needlePF-170 needle

[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-171-DS77 phonograph needle =Astatic N14SD; fits Astatic 215D, Wurlitzer 133352 phonograph cartridges
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-172-DS77 phonograph needle =Astatic N17SD; fits Astatic 207D phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-173-DS77 phonograph needle =W-363 =631, 2134, 734DS, PS165, =Astatic N19SD; fits Astatic 223D phonograph cartridge
[7] Pfanstiehl-174-DS77 phonograph needle =Astatic N89SD; fits Astatic 201D, 205D, 209D, 211D phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-175-DS77 phonograph needle =Astatic N81SD; fits Astatic 213D phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-200-DEC phonograph stylus $38.95 =Audio Technica ATS-11E; fits Audio Technica AT-11E phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-200-D7C phonograph stylus $27.95 =Audio Technica ATS-10; fits Audio Technica AT-10, VM8-7D phonograph cartridges

Pf-171 needlePf-172 needlePf-173 needlePf-174 needlePf-175 needlePf-200 stylus

[special order] Pfanstiehl-201-DQ phonograph stylus $66.00 =Audio Technica ATS-14; fits Audio Technica AT-14S phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-205-D6C phonograph stylus =Audio Technica ATX-N1; fits Audio Technica ATX-1 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-206-D6T phonograph stylus $29.00 =Audio Technica ATN-71B; Fits Audio Technica AT70, AT71 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-208-DE phonograph stylus $58.00 =Audio Technica ATN-120E; fits Audio Technica AT-120E phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-208-D6 phonograph stylus =Audio Technica ATN-103; fits Audio Technica AT-103 in "Mister Disc" Portable Phonograph

Pf-201 stylusPf-202 stylusPf-204 stylusPf-206 stylusPf-207 stylusPf-208 stylus

[1] Pfanstiehl-209-D6T phonograph stylus $21.95 =Audio Technica ATN-3710, ATN-3711, Akai RS-90, Onkyo DN-201, DN-202, Sanyo ST-53D, Sony ND-5, ND-7; fits Audio Technica AT-3710, AT-3711, Akai MS-90, Sanyo MG-53, Sony VL-5, VL-7 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-211-D6C LP phonograph stylus $29.00 for currently made Audio Technica magnetic cartridge =Audio Technica ATN3600L, =EVG-PM2312D, Panasonic EPS-43, Sharp STY-123, Sony ND-155G, Yamaha N-7700; Fits Audio Technica AT3600L phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-211-D6T currently made phonograph stylus $29.95 =ATN-3601, Magnavox 25130072; fits Audio Technica AT-3601 phonograph cartridge
[see Empire-7818ED] PF-212DET
[see Empire-7820D] PF-212DE
[1] Pfanstiehl-212-DEC phonograph stylus $39.00 =Audio Technica ATN-112EP; fits Audio Technica AT112EP & AT201EP & Radio Shack RX1500 P-Mount phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-213-D6C currently made conical phonograph stylus $21.95 =ATN3472P, ATN3482P, Hitachi DS-ST12, JVC DT-45, Panasonic EPS-91, Sansui SNP-515, Sanyo ST-M11, Sharp STY-131, Sony ND-145G; fits Audio Technica AT1001 & AT3472P & AT3482P P-mount phonograph cartridges
[so] Pfanstiehl-213-LC linear contact phonograph stylus for AT-331-LP linear contact magnetic phonograph cartridge $50.95

Pf-209 stylusPf-210 stylusPf-211 stylusPf-212 stylusPf-213 stylusPf-214 stylus

[so] Pfanstiehl-237-DEZ phonograph sytlus =Empire S-2000; fits Empire 2000 phonograph cartridge $65.00
[1] Pfanstiehl-239-DEC phonograph stylus $44.95 =Empire S-66E/X-ERD, S-906E, S-999H; fits Empire REX 66E/X, 906E, 999H, HME/X
[so] Pfanstiehl-239-D7C phonograph stylus $35.00 =Empire X-66/X, S-906 ERD; fits Empire REX 66, X, EX, PE-X, 906, 999H, HME/X phonograph cartridges

Pf-215 stylusPf-233 stylusPf-237 stylusPf-238 stylusPf-240 stylusPf-241 stylus

[nla] Pfanstiehl-242-DET stylus fits Empire TC40 (private label for Technics) magnetic cartridge; replace cartridge with AT3600L
[1] Pfanstiehl-251-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =N121-7D, 801D, 2400D, A376D, W556STD, AE-3XD. Fits Audio Empire 108, 108P phonograph cartridges

Pf-243 stylusPf-244 stylusPf-245 stylus Pf-246 stylusPf-247 stylusPf-251 stylus

[sold] Pfanstiehl-252-D7 phonograph needle =N122, 2401D, A377D, AE-1XD. Fits Audio Empire 880, 800P phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-260-DS13 phonograph needle =N190-SD, =EV-2400DS, =W-86DS =Bang & Olufsen B&O-JJ; fits Fentone, B&O 350R Std, B&O 72R Std phonograph cartridge
[sold] W-106STD phonograph needle =Pfanstiehl-270-D7 $10.95
[1] Pfanstiehl-271-D7 phonograph needle fits BSR TC-12 phonograph cartridge
[13] Pfanstiehl-272-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N160SD, 895DS, EV-2421DS, AC364D1, B-1XSD, 606SD, =W-186STDS. =BSR ST-8, ST-9, ST-10, ST-11, sT12. Fits BSR C-1, SX1M, X1H, X1M, X1HE, X2HF, X3H, X4H, SX5H phonograph cartridges
[6] Pfanstiehl-273-DS77 phonograph needle $12.05 {=2427DS} =BSR ST-3. ST-4, ST-4D ST-5, ST-6, ST-14, ST-15, ST-22; fits BSR SC5M phonograph cartridge

Pf-252 stylusPf-263 stylusPf-264 stylusPf-270 needlePf-272 needlePf-273 needle

[3] {1} Pfanstiehl-274-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =EV-2428DS =N164, 492, 749SD, AC566DS, PS166, replaces BSR ST-16, ST-17, ST-18, ST-19, ST-20, ST-21; fits BSR SC7M, SC8H, SC10, SC12 phonograph cartridges
[see EV-2428 & EV-2428DS] Pfanstiehl-274-SS73 & Pfanstiehl-274-DS73 $12.95 phonograph needle LP/78 =BSR: ST-16, ST-17, =EV2428, Morse 59M-021, =Walco W-360STDS; fits BSR: SC7H, SC7M, SC7M1, SC7M2, SC7M3, SC7M4, SC8H, SC8H1, SC8H2, SC8H3, SC7H4, SC8M, SC8M1, SC-10H, SC10M, SC-10U phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-290-D7 phonograph needle =N230-7D, 856D, 2450D, A245D, P-SC-1D, CS1XD, COL307D, PS-3, 524D, =W-110STD. Replaces CBS-Hytron (Columbia) SC-1. Fits CBS-Hytron CD phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-290-S7 phonograph needle =N230-7S, 856, 2450, A245, P-SC-1, CS1X, COL307S, 524, =W-110STS. Fits CBS-Hytron (Columbia) SC-1, SC-2, SC7 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-300-DS13 phonograph needle =N280-SD, 726DS, 2500DS, AC224D1, P-CDS-2/3, DU13SD, Dual113DS, 520SD, =W-95DS. Fits Dual CDS-2, CDS-3 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-301-DS73 phonograph needle =N281-SD, =W-123STD =Dual DN-34, DN-3; fits Dual CDS-310, 320, 520, 521 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-302-D7 phonograph needle =N282-7D, 2502D, A341D, P-DN-23. Fits Dual CDS-3/23, 323/23, 320/26, 420/4, 420/43, 420/45,620/4, 620/45 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-303-D7 phonograph needle =Dual DN95. Fits Dual Mag DMS 900/91 phonograph cartridge
[see N283-sd or Q-1633] {1} Pfanstiehl-304-DS73 phonograph needle =N283, =W-317STDS, 914, EV2505, DU16X, = Dual DN-5, DN-54; fits Dual CDS 630, /5, /54 phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-305-DS77 phonograph needle =Dual DN-6; fits Dual CDS-, /6, CDS-700 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-326-DS73 phonograph needle =N583-SD, 813DS, =EV-2552DS, AC288D1, P-DNM-100, EL253XSD, PE4073DS, 549SD, =W-141STDS, =Elac DNM-100; fits Elac KST-100, PE-180 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-327-DS73 phonograph needle =N585SD, 822SD, =EV-2553DS, AC286D1, P-DNM-102, EL251XSD, 547SD, W126STDS; =Elac DNM-102. =Perpetuum-Ebner PE-184US. Fits Elac KST-102, PE-184US phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-328-DS73 phonograph needle =N584-SD, =EV-2554DS, =W-127STDS, Elac DNM-104; fits Elac KST-104, Perpetuum-Ebner PE-182 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-329-D7 phonograph needle =N588-7D, =EV-2557D, A317D, P-DM-103, EL255XD, =W-143STD, =Elac SM-103, DM-103. Fits Elac KST-103 phonograph cartridge
[see EV2555] Pfanstiehl 330-DS73 phonograph needle =Elac DNM-106, PE-186, N587SD, EV-2555DS, AC313D1, EL257XSD, PS-31 =W-155STDS; fits Elac KST-106, PE-186 phonograph cartridges
[1] {2} Pfanstiehl-330-DS77 phonograph needle = N587SD, 929, =EV-2555DS, AC313D1, P-DNM-106, EL257XSD, PS-31, 564SD, 155STDS, =Elac DNM-106, PE-186; fits Elac KST-106, PE-186 phonograph cartridges
[sold] W-506STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2560D $29.15 =PF-332-D7(nla) fits Elac STS344, D344 phonograph cartridges

Pf-274 needlePf-300 needlePf-324 needlePf-327 needlePf-331 needlePf-332 stylus

{3} Pfanstiehl-337-DS77 phonograph needle =EV-2633DS; fits ElectroVoice 5004, 5005, 5006, 5007, 5050, 5075, 5170 phonograph cartridges
{3} Pfanstiehl-352-S7 phonograph needle =N302-7S, 733, 2604, A229, P-S1-1, E89X, E607S, 506, =W-101STS, =ElectroVoice D1-1, S1-1; fits EV 21, 26, 27, 126, 127,128, 129, Magnavox 5602321, 33-1 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-352-D7 $12.95 phonograph needle diamond version of 352-S7
[see W-102MGD] W-101STD phonograph needle =EV-2604D =PF-352-S7
[see PF-352-D7] W-102MGD =PF-352-D7 phonograph needle $10.95
[1] Pfanstiehl-353-D7 phonograph needle =N304-7D, =EV-2607D, A262D, D7-7. =EV D7-7; fits Electrovoice 31MD7, 31D7 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-354-D1 phonograph needle =EV-2608D,, Fits Electrovoice 57, 86, 87, 88, 90, 91 130 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-355-D1 phonograph needle =N306-1D, =EV-2611D, fits Electrovoice 58, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 69, 77, 80, 82, 84, 85, 90, 160 phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-355-S1 phonograph needle =N306-1S, 2611, A387, E-12LP, 569, =W-164; fits ElectroVoice 58, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 69, 77, 80, 82, 84, 85 phonograph cartridges
{2} Pfanstiehl-356-SS13 phonograph needle =EV-2614; fits ElectroVoice 37, 37D, 38, 38D phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-356-DS13 phonograph needle =N309-SD, 809DS, =EV-2614DS, E13SD, E2-4073DS, 572SD; fits ElectroVoice 37, 37D, 38, 38D phonograph cartridges
{1} Pfanstiehl-356-DS73 phonograph needle =N309SD, 809DS, 2614DS, E13SD, E2-4073DS, 572SD; fits ElectroVoice 37, 37D, 38, 38D, 47, 47D, 72, 72D phonograph cartridges
[3] Pfanstiehl-358-DS77 phonograph needle =N311SD, 831DS, =EV-2616DS, AC327D1, E10XSD, E26073DS, Fits ElectroVoice 117, 117D, 131, 131D, 148, 148D, 154, 154D, 159, 159D phonograph cartridges
[see 359-DS77] Pfanstiehl-359-DS73 phonograph needle $14.98 =N314-sd, =EV-2619DS, E15XSD, 606SD, E31073DS, 832DS, AC329D1; fits EVG 132, 132D, 163, 163D, Magnavox 560305, 560307 phonograph cartridges
[4] Pfanstiehl-359-DS77 phonograph needle $12.05 =N314SD, E15XSD, 606SD, E31073DS, 832DS, AC329D1, =EV-2619DS; fits Electro Voice 132, 132D, 163, 163D phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-360-D1 phonograph needle =EV-2617D; fits EV 122, 122D, 123, 124, 124D, 125 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-363-D7 phonograph needle =EV-2621D; fits EV 147D phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-364-DS73 phonograph needle =EV-2620D; fits EV 141, 149 phonograph cartridges
[see Q-1576] Pfanstiehl-365-DS73 phonograph needle $14.95 =EV-2620DS, EV-2622DS, =Astatic N307SD, 830, AC334, E19X, PS57, 587, =W-183STDS. Fits EV 132, 141, 149, 150, 157, 158, 169, 186, 256, 257, 258, 278, 279, 280 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl 365-DS77 $12.95 flipover LP/LP phonograph needle for same applications as 365-DS73 & Q-1576 above
[1] Pfanstiehl-367-DS73 (similar PF-557-DS77) phonograph needle =N319SD, 835DS, E20XSD, W307, EV-2623DS. Fits EV 194, Motorola 59C63218A01-1, VM 31961-A phonograph cartridges
[discontinued item] Pfanstiehl-368-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N317SD, 836DS, AC349D1, E21XSD, 641SD, similar W-319STDS, =(W-303STDS), =EV-2624DS =Pageant-EV48-TSD needle; fits Electro Voice 168, 198, 199, 275, 277, 282, 284, Sears 33-413, 414, 422, 423, 8893 phonograph cartridges
PF-368-DS73 =Q-1614 phonograph needle, W-319STDS phonograph needle

Pf-352 needlePf-358 needlePf-359 needlePf-365 needlePf-367 needlePf-368 needle

[1] Pfanstiehl-369-DS73 phonograph needle =EV-2625DS. Fits EV 5000 series phonograph cartridges
[1] {4} Pfanstiehl-369-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N400SD, 915DS, EV-2625DS, E22XSD, 662DS, =W-334, 37, 38, 40-DS; fits ElectroVoice 5000, 5001D, 5003, 5005, 5076, 5078, 5081, 5168, 5169, 5170, Sears 33-448, 449, 453, 461, 462 phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-370-DS13 phonograph needle =EV-2626DS. Fits EV 37, 38, Jensen J2T phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-370-SS13 phonograph needle =EV-2626; fits ElectroVoice 37, 38, Jensen J2T phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-371-DS77 phonograph needle =EV-2630DS/2632DS. Fits EV 5014, 5015, 5016, 5017, 5018, 5019 phonograph cartridges
[3] Pfanstiehl-373-DS77 phonograph needle =EV-2633DS; similar EV-2625DS, =W-375STDS, Fits EV 5004, 5005, 5006, 5007, 5050, 5075, 5170 phonograph cartridges
[see PF-373-DS] W-375STDS phonograph needle
[3] Pfanstiehl-374-DS77 phonograph needle $14.98 =EV-2634DS. Fits EV 5026, 5051, 5053 phonograph cartridges
[4] Pfanstiehl-375-DS77 phonograph needle =EV-2646DS, Fits EV 5093D, 5094D, Airline, VM 45139-D, 45440-D, 45440-E phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-376-D7 $10.95 =Empire-5879D, phonograph needle =N405, 725D, =EV-2640D, A510D, PS153, EV541, W366STD, 5879, =Magnavox 560352-2, 560366-2. Fits Magnavox 560348-1, 560353-1 phonograph cartridges
[4] Pfanstiehl-460-S7 phonograph needle $10.95 =N325-7S, 862, =EV-2675, A263, P-EU-7, J47X, EU107S, 541, =W-128STS, =Euphonics E-7, Jensen J-47X, Magnavox 560725. Fits Euphonics E-1, Jensen 53, 54, 55, 56 phonograph cartridges
[see Ast N326-S7] Pfanstiehl-461-D7 phonograph needle $12.95 =Euphonics 214, 216, N326-7D, 886D, =EV-2677D, A311D, J57XD, PS-30, 556D, =W147MGD) fits Euphonics U-1, U-2, U-4, U-5 phonograph cartridges
[6] {2} Pfanstiehl-462-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N327-SD, 888DS, =EV-2679DS, AC346D1, P-EU8-DS, EU-1XSD, EU3073SS, DS-53, 576SD, =Euphonics 253, 254, 255, 256; fits Euphonics U-8, U-9, U-10, U-11 phonograph cartridges
[see Qualitone Q-1577] Pfanstiehl-463-DS77 phonograph needle ($14.95) =N427SD, 2681DS, AC346D1, EU-3XSD, EU5073DS, Euphonics 371, 372, =W-188STDS. Fits Euphonics U-12, U-13 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-464-DS73 phonograph needle $14.98 =EV-2682DS; =Euphonics 506, 507, 509, 510, 511, 512, 513. Fits Euphonics U-15, U-16, U-17 series phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-465-DS73 phonograph needle =Euphonics 375. Fits Euphonics U-8, U-9, u-10, U-11-RB phonograph cartridge
[sold] Pfanstiehl-490-D1 phonograph needle =N340-1D, 722D, =EV-2700D, A222D, =Garrard GC2-1, GA97LPD, GAR11D, P-37, 473D, =W-99MGD; fits Garrard GC-2, GC-2PA, GC-6, GC-7, GCE2-HO, GCE-3, GCE-4 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-491-D7 phonograph needle =N342-7D, 760D, =EV-2702D, A322D, P-GC8-D, GA98LPD, =W-119MGD =Garrard GC-8-D. Fits Garrard GC-8 phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-492-D7 phonograph needle =N341-7D, 814D, =EV-2704D, A324D, GA99XD, P-GCS-10D, PS-26, =W-133STD, fits Garrard GCS-10, GCS-10-1, GCS10-2 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-493-D7 phonograph needle =P-GCS-12 =Garrard GCS-12. Fits Garrard GCS-12 phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-494-DS77 phonograph needle =Garrard AD, AS; fits Garrard KS-40A, 41A, B, C phonograph Cartridges
[sold] Fife-2004D phonograph needle =Pfanstiehl-501-D7; fits GE RPX-040A series phonograph cartridges
{2} Pfanstiehl-503-S1 phonograph needle =N351-1S, 713, =EV-2733, A220, P-4G-01S, G4, GE81S, 470, =W-69MGS, = General Electric 4G-01S; fits GE VR-II Series, 4G Series phonograph Cartridges
[see Q-1418D & Q-1470D] W-69MGD phonograph needle =EV-2733D =Pfanstiehl-503-D1
{3} Pfanstiehl-503-D7 phonograph needle =N351-1D, 713D, =EV-2733, A220D, P-4G-01D, G4D, GE81D, P-2A, 490D, =W-69MGD, =General Electric 4G-01S, 01D; fits General Electric VR-II series phonograph cartridges
Pf-369 needlePf-464 needlePf-465 needlePf-494 needlePf-501 needlePf-503 needle

[1] Pfanstiehl-504-D7 phonograph needle =N356-7D, 855D, =EV-2736D, A243D, G17XD, GE907D, PS-17, 521D, =W-111STD, fits General Electric GC-7, GC-5, CL-7 phonograph cartridges
[sold] W-111STD =Pfanstiehl-504-D7 phonograph needle
[1] {3} Pfanstiehl-505-D7 phonograph needle =N356-7D, 857, =EV-2737D, A266D, P-VR-222, G19XD, GE2107D, PS-27, 528D, =W-116STD, =General Electric VR-221, VR-222; fits General Electric VR-22 series phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-507-DS77 phonograph needle $12.05, =N360-SD, 852, {2741DS}, AC336D1, G-22XSD, GE2-3073DS, PS-56, General Electric RS4634, 4694, 6295, EA97X249; fits General Electric C-200, C-400, C-100-A, EA97X479, EA97X569, RS4694 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-508-D7 phonograph needle ($19.95) =General Electric DR-7D. Fits General Electric VR-1000-7 phonograph cartridge
[4] Pfanstiehl-509-DS77 phonograph needle $12.05, =N358-SD, 853DS, =EV-2744DS, =Pageant-GE100-TSD, AC351, G24X, 611SD, =W-194, =GE RS6528, EA80X166, fits General Electric C50, C500, C600, EA1013, EA80X, RS6527, 6770 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-510-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =EV-2744DS, =Pageant-GE101-TSD, fits General Electric C-, EA80X234, EA1013 phonograph cartridges
[15] Pfanstiehl-511-S7 phonograph needle $10.95 =Ast-N363-7 =EV-2752, =W-365 =General Electric EA2224, EA80X432, =Pageant-GE102-SD; fits GE C660, C-660, EA89X2223; Qualitone-C517 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-530-D1 phonograph needle =N390-1D, 679, 2800D, A289D, P-399D, GR500LPD, GOLD11D, P-21, Recoton 399D, =(W-91MGD), Fits Goldring Recoton 500 phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-535=DS73 phonograph needle =Jensen J73XSD, =EV-2805DS, AC391; fits Jensen R, R2C, R3C, X2J, X3J phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-540-D7U phonograph stylus $59.65 =EV-PM3024D/3025DE}; fits Ortofon Series 15 cartridges & VMS20S phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-540-DE phonograph stylus $59.65 =Ortofon D15E; fits Ortofon 15 series phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-542-DEX phonograph stylus $81.00 =Dual DN166E; fits Dual ULM-66E phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-556-DS13 phonograph needle =N471-SD, 589DS, EV-2810DS, AC134D1, P560153DS, M50SD, M313DS, P-7, 395SD, W52DS, =Magnavox 560138, 560153, 560161, 560167. Fits Magnavox Tilting Pianissimo Pickup
[1] Pfanstiehl-556-SS13 phonograph needle =N471, 589, 2810, AC134, P-560153J, M49, M313SS, P-7, 396, =W-52TPS, Magnavox 560138, 153; fits Magnavox 560133, 560151, 560158 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-557-DS73 flipover LP/78 phonograph needle $14.95 (similar PF-368-DS77) =N2, N317, 836, 2624, AC400, M51X, 641, PS109, =(W-319), =Magnavox 560344-2, =Shure N-74C, N-75C, N75-6, N-75B; fits Astatic 195D, Magnavox 560345-1, 560345-2, 560350-1, 560350-2, EV-275, Shure M-71, M-74, M-75, M-81 phonograph cartridges.
[2] Pfanstiehl-558-D7 LP phonograph needle $12.95 =N410-7D, PS-197, A-541D, =EV-2647D, =Pageant-MA450-SD, 758D, 5885, Magnavox 560336-1; fits Magnavox 560346-1, 560347-1 phonograph cartridges

Pf-506 needlePf-507 needlePf-509 needlePf-511 needlePf-558 needle

[1] Pfanstiehl-560-DS13, phonograph needle =N580-SD, 706DS, =EV-2850DS, AC215D1, P-12-DJ, RX550SD, PE213DS, 496SD, =W-98DS; fits Pertetuum Ebner (Rex) PE P-12 series phonograph cartridges
[sold] Pfanstiehl-561-DS13 phonograph needle =N581-SD, 705DS, =EV-2851DS, AC216D1, RX551SD, PE113DS, PE-10, 458SD, =(W-93DS); fits Perpetuum-Ebner PE8, PE-10, PE 555 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-563-DS73 phonograph needle =N590SD, 841SD, =EV-2558DS, AC313D1, RX553XSD, =W-173STDS, =Perpetuum-Ebner PE-188. Fits Perpetuum-Ebner PE-188 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-564-DS77, phonograph needle =Perpetuum 223/2, fits Perpetuum Ebner 223/1 223/2 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-580-D1 phonograph needle =N502-1D, 508D, =EV-2875D, A139D, PH21D, P-19, 307D, =W-45MGD, Philco 45-1613, 1
[1] Pfanstiehl-585-DS13 diamond/sapphire phonograph needle $19.98 =N511-SD, 704DS, =EV-2890DS, AC219D1, P-3001DS, PL601SD, NAP113DS, 468SD, =W-92DS =Phillips AG-5001; fits Philips AG-3001, 2012, 5011 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-586-D1 phonograph needle =N510-1d, 604D, =EV-2891D, A217D, P-5010, PL600LPD, NAP21D, 477D, =W-94MGD; fits Philips AG-3010, 3013, 3015 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-587=D1 phonograph needle =N512-1D, 745D, =EV-2893D, P-3019D, PL602LPD, NAP41D, 559D, =W-115MGD; fits Philips Monaural 3016, 3019 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-588-D7 phonograph needle =N513-7D, =EV-2895D, A320D, P-3063-D, PL603XSD, 561D, W134STD, Phillips 946D42, S42, S46. Fits Philips 3060, 3063, 3066, 3202, 3222, 3301, 3302, 3304, 3305, 3308 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-588-S7 phonograph needle =N513-7S, =EV-2895}, A320, P-3063-1, PL603X, 561, =W-134STS; fits Philips 3060, 3063, 3066, 3202, 3222, 3301, 3302, 3304, 3305, 3308 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-591-DS73 phonograph needle $14.98 =N516SD, =EV-2889Ds, AC337D1, PL605XSD, 580SD, W168, Phillips AG3310. Fits Phillips AG3310 phonograph cartridge
[see above] Pfanstiehl-591-SS73 phonograph needle $12.05 =N516, =EV-2889, AC337, PL605X, 580, =W-168; fits Philips AG3306, 3329, Mercury AG4000, 4126, 3224, 3228 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-593-D7 phonograph needle =Phillips GP311. Fits Philips AG-3311 phonograph cartridge
[6] Pfanstiehl-596-D7 phonograph needle $21.95 =Philips 330, 331, Magnavox 4H251300709, 4H25130081; fits Philips GP-330, GP-331, Magnavox 4H01510029, 4H01510031 phonograph cartridges
[see W-550STD] Pfanstiehl-603-D7C phonograph stylus $16.95 =N844-7D, 926D, 4011D, A417D, SP652D, =W-580-STD, Pickering D3807A, D3807C. Fits Pickering U38, 380C phonograph cartridges
{sold} Pfanstiehl-603-D7T phonograph stylus $19.98 =N846-7D, A-415D, PK-407D-2, =Pickering D3807AT
{sold} Pfanstiehl-604-D7C phonograph stylus =N843-7D, 932D, 4004D, A407D, SP657D, =(W-579STD), = Pickering D1507-AC-1, -2, P-D07-C; fits Pickering V-15, P/AC, NP/AC phonograph cartridges
[sold] Pfanstiehl-607-D7C phonograph stylus $17.95 =Pickering D-IV-AC; fits Pickering Phase IV, V-15 Micro IV phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-611-D7 phonograph stylus $19.95 =Pioneer PN-50; fits Pioneer PC-50 phonograph cartridge
[2] *612-DE phonograph stylus $50.00 =Audio Technica ATS-13, VM-35EL; fits Audio Technica AT-13E phonograph cartridge
[1] {2} Pfanstiehl-613-D7 phonograph stylus =Arista 30-160 =PM2640D =Sony ND127P; fits Sony VX23P phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-615-D7 phonograph needle =N541-7D, 865D, =EV-2826D, A309D, P-P37D, P-2XD, 551D; fits Piezo Waller SMT-29 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-616-D7 phonograph needle =EV-2828D, Piezo (Waller) 030055. Fits Piezo (Waller) MS-8 phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-617-D7 $10.95 phonograph needle =N542-1, N542-7D, 779D, =EV-2829D, A373, P-3XD, PO-307D, 575D, =W-140STD, Piezo ST-7; fits Piezo SC501, Y-138, 208, Victor E-501, Calrad 515 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-618-DS73 flipover LP/78 phonograph needle =SJN-1, fits Mastercraft Phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-618-DS77 flipover LP/LP phonograph needle =Piezo SJN-1; fits Arista LC-3, LC-7 phonograph cartridges
{2} Pfanstiehl-619-DS73 phonograph needle =795DS, 678SD, PU-2001; fits Delmonico PU-3012 phonograph cartridge
[3] Pfanstiehl-619-DS77 phonograph needle =678SD, PU-2001. Fits Delmonico PU-3012 phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-619-SS77 phonograph needle; fits Delmonico PU-3012 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-620-DS77 flipover phonograph needle =EV-2832, 679SD, ND-107P, Fits Sony VC-7P cartridge in battery operated phonographs
[2] Pfanstiehl-621-D7 phonograph stylus =SP680D, W503, =Victor DT-16, HJ; Fits Victor DT-16, MD-1004 magnetic phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-622-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =687SD, N-3CB, DTS-2. Fits Toshiba 3CB, CS-1007, P-52 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-623-D7 phonograph stylus =Pioneer PL-N9. Fits Pioneer PL-C9 magnetic phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-625-D7 phonograph stylus =EV-2836D, SP763, =W-368, A544D, Sony ND-120P, NS-119P; fits Sony VX-17P, VX-18P magnetic phonograph cartridges
[7] {1} Pfanstiehl-627-D7 phonograph stylus $14.98 =N490-7d, =EPS-25STSD, PS-194, SP750D, A537D, =W-370STD, =EV-2815D; fits Panasonic EPC-42STAB2D phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-629-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Audio Technica AT-10, VM8-7D, =[2660D], Magnavox 560349-2, JVC DT-31; fits Audio Technica VM8, EV 6000D, Magnavox 560356-1, JVC MD-1014 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-629-DE eliptical phonograph stylus $27.95 =Audio Technica ATS-11E, AT-VM2-EL, ATS-12, XE; fits Audio Technica AT-11E, AT-12E, XE, AT-VM3X, AT96E magnetic phonograph cartridges
[1] 629-D7 phonograph stylus =Magnavox 560349-2
[1] Pfanstiehl 630-D7 phonograph stylus =SP764D, =W-531, JVC DT-23; fits JVC CS1023DM phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-631-D7 phonograph needle =ND-114P. Fits Sony VM-10P phonograph cartridge
[5] Pfanstiehl 632-D7 phonograph stylus =Panasonic EPS-13, EPS-14, EPS-18, Sharp N-13D; fits Panasonic EPC-13, 14, 18, 34, 35, Sharp GS 5560, C512-D phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-637-D7 phonograph needle =JVC Victor DT-29, DT-32; fits Victor (Japan) magnetic phonograph cartridge
[see Empire 8079D] PF-639D7 phonograph needle
[1] Pfanstiehl-641-D1 phonograph needle =N561-1D, 560D, =RV-2902D, A98D, {-75496-D, M74LPD, RC31D, P-9, 310D, =W-44MGD, RCA 74818, 75496, 75770, 77899; fits RCA 74625, 75475, 75575, 76318 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-643-DS73 phonograph needle $14.98, =N562-SD, 816DS, =EV-2906DS, AC253D1, P-108215, M77XSD, RC8073DS, PS-16, 533SD, =W-117STDS
[1] Pfanstiehl-643-DS77 phonograph needle $12.05 =N563, 816, 2906, AA253, P-108215, M77X, 533, W117, RCA 108215, 108216. Fits RMP-200-s thru 200-7, 106770A, 106771A, 106960A, 108213A, 108214A phonograph cartridges; also fits 644 series holder

Pf-596 stylusPf-604 stylusPf-617 needlePf-629 stylusPf-643 needle

{1} Pfanstiehl-645-D7 phonograph needle =567-7D, 748D, =EV-2910D, A347D, M82XD, RC2-21S, PS73, 621D, =W-192STD =RCA 115061; fits RCA 115059, RMP-203 phonograph cartridges
[1] {3} Pfanstiehl-645-S7 phonograph needle =EV-2910, =RCA 115061; fits RCA 115059 phonograph cartridge
Pfanstiehl-646-D7 phonograph needle ($10.95): see Astatic N566-7d, Electrovoice EV-2911, and Walco W-199MGD for equivalent in-stock needles
[6] {1} Pfanstiehl-647-DS77 LP/LP flipover phonograph needle $12.95 =N568SD, =EV-2912DS, AC365D1, M84XSD, RC2-3073, 626, W-310 =RCA 115328, 115329, 115911; fits RCA RMP-204, 115276, 115277, 302, 303 phonograph cartridges
{2} Pfanstiehl-647-SS77 phonograph needle =N-568, =RCA 115329; fits RCA RMP-204, 115277 phonograph cartridges
[use Q-1635-XDS] Pfanstiehl 648-DS73 flipover phonograph needle $10.95; =AST-N573-ds, =EVG-2912DS, EV-2913DS, =Fife-2321, =W-325STDS, =RCA 118198; fits RCA 117330, 118055, RMP204-9 phonograph cartridges
{1} Pfanstiehl-650SS73 phonograph needle; fits RCA 205-2 phonograph cartridge
PF-650-DS73 phonograph needle; see Qualitone 1686--lots in stock
[see Qualitone 1686] W-351STDS phonograph needle =EV-2915DS =Pfanstiehl-650-DS77 $12.95
[1] Pfanstiehl-651-D7 =M87XD, 704D, RCA 126566, 126567. Fits RCA 126316, 126317, 126672, RMP-204-15, RMP-204-17 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-652-DS77 phonograph needle $12.05 =EV-2916DS, 752SD, RCA 130398; fits RCA 115703 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl 653-DS77 flipover phonograph needle $12.05 =RCA 131780; fits RCA 131779, 132069 phonograph cartridges
[see Q-1721] =PF-654D7 =N577-7d LP phonograph needle =EVG-2917d, RCA131781
[3] Pfanstiehl 664-D7 phonograph stylus =Sansui SN-10, SN-10M; fits Sansui SU-10, SV10A phonograph cartridges
[3] Pfanstiehl 666-D7 phonograph stylus =Sanyo ST-28, ST28J; fits Sanyo MG-28, MG-28J phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-669-D7 phonograph stylus $19.95 =Mitsubishi 3D-34M; fits Mitsubishi DMC-2200 phonograph cartridge
[see Empire-8085D] {1} Pfanstiehl-670-D7 phonograph needle =Sony ND125P; fits Sony VM21P and Audio Technica AT55 phonograph cartridge $26.00
{1} Pfanstiehl-674-D7 phonograph needle =N491, SP751D, =EV-2816D, A538D, PS195, PA327D, W-369STD, 8074, =Panasonic EPS-13, 14, 15; fits Panasonic EPC-34STA,B,C phonograph cartridge
[see Empire-8089D] Pfanstiehl-675D7 phonograph needle
[1] Pfanstiehl-677-D7 phonograph needle =Sansui SN-42, Misusbishi 3D-38M, Toshiba N-220; fits Sansui SV-42, Mitsubishi 1M, Toshiba C-220M phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-678-D7 phonograph stylus =Panasonic EPS-28; fits Panasonic EPC-96SS magnetic phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-681-D7 phonograph needle =Panasonic EPS-19; fits Panasonic EPC-40ST, BD phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-683-D7 phonograph needle =Sony ND128P; fits Sony VX24P phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-684-D7 phonograph needle =Sony ND-100G; fits Sony VL-100G phonograph cartridge

Pf-647 needlePf-663 stylusPf-685 stylusPf-686 stylusPf-687 stylusPf-688 stylus

[3] {1} Pfanstiehl-697-D7 phonograph stylus $14.95 =NPS-1074, 10073906, =Panasonic EPS-74, AudioTechnica ATN70, 71; fits Panasonic EPC-74-SMAD phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-698-D7 phonograph stylus =Sansui SN-28; fits Sansui ST-28 magnetic phonograph cartridge
[4] Pfanstiehl-700-S7 spade-lug screw mount phonograph needle $10.95 =Astatic N8-7S =EV-3009, =Fidelitone 258, =Fife-1319, =Qualitone Q-1464, =Walco W-113STS, =Ronette 5304L, =Astatic N8-7, N7-7. 824, A258, P-5304ST, CRA55X, A2107S, PS-11, 516. Fits Astatic 62-1, 64, 66, 68, 70TS, 74TS, 76TS-TB, 78, 80, 86TS, 405, 406 phonograph cartridges
[3] PF-700S1 spade-lug screw mount 1-mil (33-RPM Mono; 45-RPM) phonograph needle $10.95 replaces: AST-N8-1, EV-3000, Walco W-64,
[1] Pfanstiehl-700-S2 spade-lug screw mount all speed 2-mil phonograph needle $10.95 =Astatic N-8-2S, =EV-3001, =Qualitone 1465; fits Pfanstiehl P-51-2 cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-700-S3 spade-lug screw mount 78-RPM phonograph needle $10.95 =Astatic N8-3S, =EV-3002, =Fidelitone 259, Qualitone 1466=PF-700S3; fits Pfanstiehl P-51-3 and many Ronette flipover phonograph cartridges
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-702-D7 phonograph needle $10.95 =N601-7D, 735D, =EV-3005D, A233D, PSA-7D, CRA57XD, GB407D, PS-2, 504D, =(W-104STD), =Pageant RO148-SD, =Ronette SA-075, PerpetuumEbner PE-90; fits Ronette BF-40, Stereo OV, Stereo 105, T-105, 106, T-MTG, TO-208, 291, 293, PE-90; Sonotone 14T, 15T, EV 55, 96, 97 phonograph cartridges
{3} Pfanstiehl-702-S1 phonograph needle =N601-1S, 743, =EV-3006, A254, PSA-1, CRA57LP, GB41S, P-3-A, 509, =W-104MGS, =Ronette SA-100; fits Ronette DC-04, 122, 222, 284, 395, 400, 500 series, Sonotone 14T phonograph cartridges
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-704-D7 phonograph stylus $14.95 =Panasonic EPS-27STSD; fits Panasonic EPC-09STD phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-706-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Panasonic EPS-270; fits Panasonic EPC-270 magnetic phonograph cartridge

Pf-695 stylusPf-696 stylusPf-697 stylusPf-700 needlePf-704 stylusPf-706 stylus

[2] Pfanstiehl-710-D7 current production phonograph stylus $21.95 =Empire-7957ED =EV-PM2298D, ES1210, NPS-1060, =Sony ND-138G, ND-5, ND-7. ATN3400, ATN3401, ATN3410, ATN3450, ATN3451; fits AT3400, AT3410, AT3450, Sony VL-38 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-711-D7 phonograph needle for ceramic cartridge $13.95 =Empire-7848D =Sony ND-60G, National/Panasonic EPS-41; fits AUE CP30S, Sony VX-60G phonograph cartridge
[3] Pfanstiehl-712-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Fisher/Sanyo ST-10J, Kenwood N-49, Sansui SN-45; fits Sanyo/Fisher MG-10J, Kenwood V-49, Sansui SV-45 magnetic phonograph cartridges
[4] Pfanstiehl-713-D7 phonograph needle =Fisher ST-44D, Sanyo ST-44D; fits Fisher MG-44D, Sanyo MG-44D phonograph cartridges
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-714-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Fisher Sanyo ST-41D, ST41ZD, ATN750, Yamaha N-6800; fits Fisher Sanyo MG-41D, AT750, Yamaha CG-6800 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-715-D7 phonograph needle $27.95 =Fisher & Sanyo ST-100SD; fits Fisher & Sanyo (Audio Technica) magnetic phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-718-D7 Linear Tracking (current) phonograph stylus $29.95 =EV-PM2855DE, replaces Panasonic/Technics EPS-22, EPS-23C, EPS-24CS, EPS-25CS, EPS-27CS, EPS-28CS, EPS-53CS, EPS-202, NPS-1071 Stylus; fits Technics EPC-23, EPC-25, ECP-28, EPC-202, P-22, P-23, P-24, P-25, P-27, P-28, P-53S, P-128 Magnetic phonograph Cartridges on Technics Linear Tracking Turntables

Pfanstiehl-710 stylusPfanstiehl-711 stylusPfanstiehl-714 stylusPfanstiehl-718 stylusPfanstiehl-719 needle

[3] Pfanstiehl-721-D7 phonograph stylus =CEC CN-12, Denon DSN-48, JVC DT-36, Sanyo ST-34D; fits CEC MG-I, MG-II, Denon, JVC MD-1032, Fisher/Sanyo MG-34 magnetic phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-722-D7 phonograph stylus $9.95 =Toshiba N-20C, Shinwa, Chuo Denshi; fits Toshiba, Shinwa C398Z, Chuo Denshi MC-6 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-723-D7 phonograph stylus $21,95 =JVC DT-37; for JVC Linear Tracking Turntables
[3] {1} Pfanstiehl-731-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Fisher Sanyo ST-38D, ATN-892; fits Fisher Sanyo MG-38D, AT-892 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-732-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =EV-PM3094D, =Empire-7829D =Sansui SN-80, fits Sansui SC-70 phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-733-D7 phonograph stylus =Acutex 206, 207E, 310/II, 312/II, 315/II, 320/II, Pioneer PN-K65, Aiwa AN-60; fits Acutex M206, M207E, M310, M312, M315, M320,, Pioneer PC-65 phonograph cartridges
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-736-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Empire-7803D, =Sanyo ST-G9, Fisher ST-G9; fits Sanyo MG-9, Fisher MG-9 magnetic phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-737-D7 phonograph needle $129.80 =Pioneer PN-3MC, PN-4MC; fits Pioneer PC-3MC, PC-4MC moving coil phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-740-D7 phonograph needle $21.95 =Empire-7839D, =EV-3102D, =Fisher/Sanyo ST-29D, Toshiba N-50; fits Fisher/Sanyo MG-29D, Toshiba C-50 phonograph cartridges
[4] Pfanstiehl-742-D7 phonograph stylus =Aiwa AN-30 for Aiwa Magnetic phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-745-D7 phonograph stylus $32.95 =Fisher/Sanyo ST-101SD, ST-102SD; fits Fisher/Sanyo MG-101SE, MG-102SD magnetic phonograph cartridges
[s.o.] Pfanstiehl-746-D7 phonograph needle $27.55 =Sanyo/Fisher ST-37D; fits Sanyo/Fisher MG-37D phonograph cartridge = Empire 7831D
[s.o.] Pfanstiehl-747-D7 phonograph needle $23.85 =EV-PM2979D, =Sony ND-143G; fits Sony VL-43 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-750-D1 phonograph needle =N643-1D, 646D, =EV-3100D, A171D, P-32D, JPS34LPD, P81D, 448D, =W-34MGD, Admiral 98B15-32. fits Shure PC-42AD, Admiral 409B19-8 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-751-D1 phonograph needle =N641-1D, 609D, =EV-3102D, A117D, PA-55D, JPS33LPD, P51D, P-24, 423D, =W-32MGD, Shure A53MG, A55MG. Fits Shure PC-10, PC-12, PC-13, WC36 series phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-752-D7 phonograph needles =N640-1D, 517D, =EV-3105D, A1D, PA-65D, JPS30LPD, P41D, P-10, 317D, =W-30MGD, Shure A63MG, A65MG. Fits Shure P-72, P-73, P-74, P-75, P-76, P-77, P-79, P-80, PC-72, W-21, W-22, WC-22 Series, Admiral 409A11, 98A54-1, RCA 75044, S5652, 76257, 988370-1, Webster Electric F-10, F-11, F-11-1 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-753-DS13 phonograph needles =N644-SD, 647DS, =EV-3109DS, AC186D1, PD-451, JPS35SD, P113DS, P-6, 427SD, =W-35DS, Shure A9, Magnavox 560187. Fits Shure WC-10, PC-2, PC-3, PC-4, PC-5, Magnavox 560188 phonograph cartridges
[1] {15} Pfanstiehl-754-DS77 phonograph needles $10.95 =N645-SD, 629DS, =EV-3110DS, AC187D1, PD-529, JPS36SD, P213DS, =W-33DS, Shure N4, A-6S, A-6SD, A-6D, Magnavox 560193. Fits Shure ML44, PC-6, PC-7, WC-6 phonograph cartridges
{3} Pfanstiehl-754-SS73 phonograph needle =N645, 629, =EV-3110, AC187, PB-529, JPS39, P213SS, =W-33TPS, =Shure N4, A6S, SD, or D; fits Shure PC6, 7, WC6, ML44 phonograph cartridges
[see W-124STD & W-318STD & W-525STD & W-558STD] Pfanstiehl-757-D7 phonograph needle similar N649-7D, =N653-7D, 821D, =EV-3114D, A326D, P-N21D, JPS42XD, PS-22 =Shure N21D, N3D, N7D, N8D, =W-125STD; fits Shure M7-21D, M3, M7, M8 series phonograph cartridges
{so} Pfanstiehl-759-D7 phonograph needle $50.95 =N654-7D, 944D, A390D, P2-407D, =W-577, PS-64 =Shure N44-7-1, N55-7, V2NE; fits Shure M44, M55, M80E, M98A, V-15 phonograph cartridges

Pf-731 stylusPf-736 stylusPf-746 stylusPf-757 stylusPf-759 stylus

[sold] Pfanstiehl-760-D6 phonograph stylus $47.70 =EV-PM3163D/3127D/3128D} =Shure N71, N72, N75-6 see also PF-4760; fits Shure M-71, M-72, M-75-G phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-762-DE Genuine Shure eliptical phonograph stylus N93E; fits Shure M93E-EP, D10, G55, G75, G95 magnetic phonograph cartridges>br> [sold] Pfanstiehl-764-DE Shure eliptical phonograph stylus $63.25 VN35E; fits Shure V15 Type III magnetic phonograph cartridge

Pf-760 stylusPf-761 stylusPf-763 stylusPf-766 stylus

[3] Pfanstiehl-767-DE $64.00 Geniune Shure N95ED/EJ phonograph stylus; fits Shure M95ED/EJ phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-768-DE $34.95 Genuine Shure N70EJ phonograph stylus; fits Shure M70EJ phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-770-DEC $29.95 Genuine Shure N14 phonograph stylus; fits SPS-4 phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-771-DHE $53.95 Genuine Shure N97HE phonograph stylus; fits Shure M97HE magnetic phonograph cartridge

Pf-767 stylusPf-768 stylusPf-769 stylusPf-770 stylusPf-771 stylusPf-772 stylus

{2} Pfanstiehl-776-DE phonograph needle =EV-PM3173D/3174DE, =Shure N92E; fits Shure M92E phonograph cartridge

Pf-773 stylusPf-774 stylusPf-775 stylusPf-776 stylusPf-777 stylusPf-778 stylus

[1] Pfanstiehl-790-DS73 phonograph needle =797D, =EV-3150DS, 640SD, JTS-3. Fits Singer 66-22, 66-27, PU-1299, 1300 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-791-DS73 phonograph needle fits japanese V-L cartridge used in Singer phono with wide tonearm
[2] Pfanstiehl-793-D7 phonograph needle =NPS-0208 $12.95 diamond replacement fits PF-P188D (recent Japan) & PF-P-190 (std-1/2" mount) ceramic phonograph cartridge, (Casio MS200, Samsung SCM-5000,-6000, -6100, -6550, -6800, Sound Design 6854 & other Japan record players)
[2] Pfanstiehl-794-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Empire-7757D, =Sanyo/Fisher ST-66D; fits Sanyo/Fisher MG-66D phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-795-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Pioneer PN-290T; fits Pioneer PC-290T phonograph cartridge
[1] {3} Pfanstiehl-796-D7 phonograph stylus $14.95 =NPS-0209, 10071967 fits Chuo-Denshi magnetic phonograph cartridge
[4] Pfanstiehl-797-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Kenwood N-50, N-51; fits Kenswood V-50 phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-798-D7 phonograph needle =EV-PM2855D, =NPS-1083, 10073971 =Panasonic & Technics EPS-30CS, EPC-33CS; fits Panasonic & Technics EPC-30, EPC-33, P30, P33 phonograph cartridges

Pf-791 needlePf-792 stylusPf-793 stylusPf-794 stylus

[see Q-1385] Pfanstiehl-800-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =M674, 585, =EV-3200DS, AA130, P-9987-DS11, =W-75, S66, SA113, P-4, 385, Sonotone N2T-S, 9987, Magnavox 560163, Columbia SO-1DS, RCA 78827; fits Sonotone 2T, 5T, 7T, 9980 phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-801-D1, phonograph needle =N673-1D, 665D, =EV-3202D, A168D, P-N1P-1D, S63LPD, SA21D, P-23, 402D, =W-76MGD, Sonotone N1P-1D. Fits Sonotone 1P-1S phonograph cartridge
[sold] Pfanstiehl-802-DS13 phonograph needle $12.95 =N671-SD, 684DS, =EV-3206DS, AC190DJ, P-N3T-DS, S61SD, SA413DS, P-5, 460SD, =W-77DS, Sonotone N3T-S, N3T-SD, N3TD. fits Sonotone 3T series phonograph cartridges
[1] {9} Pfanstiehl-802-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N671-SD, 684DS, =EV-3206DS, AC190DJ, P=N3T-DS, S61SD, SA413DS, P-5, 460SD, =W-77DS, Sonotone N3T-S, SD, or D; fits Sonotone 3T series phonograph cartridges
{1} Pfanstiehl-802-SS13 phonograph needle =N671, 684, 3206, AC190JJ, P-N3T-S, S61, SA413SS, P-5, 460, =W-77TPS, =Sonotone N3T-S; fits Sonotone 3T series phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-803-D1 phonograph needle =N670-1D, 720D, =EV-3208D, A191D, P-N3P-1D, S60LPD, SA51D, 461D, =W-78MGD =Sonotone N3P-1S N3P-1D; fits Sonotone 3P-1S phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-804-DS77 flipover phonograph needle $12.95 =N676 =EV-3211DS, AA255, P-NTADA77, S69, SA8073, PS-10, =W107-STDS1 =(2)Qualitone Q-1503 =?Walco W-103STDS, =Sonotone N8T-S, N8TA-S/SD/D; fits Sonotone 8T, 8T4, 8TA series phonograph cartridges
[see PF-804-DS77] W-103STDS phonograph needle =EV-3213DS $13.73
[2] Pfanstiehl-805-DS73 phonograph needle =N684, =RV-3216DS, AC301D1, P-N12T-DS, SA21073DS, PS-33C, =WL-132STDS, =Sonotone N12T-LA; fits Sonotone 12T-LA phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-806-DS73 phonograph needle =860DS, P-N12THR, S78XSD, PS-33, =WT-132STDS, Sonotone N12T-HR. Fits Sonotone 12T-HR phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-807-DS73 phonograph needle =N680SD, 860DS, =EV-3216DS, AC308D1, S-78XSD, SA2-5073DS, PS-33, 545SD, =WL-132STDS, Sonotone N12TH-S, N12THA-S. Fits Sonotone 12T-H, 12T-L, 12T-S phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl 808-DS73 phonograph needle $14.98 =N686SD, 866DS, =EV-3218DS, AC303D1, P-N16T-DS, S82XSD, SA2-3073DS, PS-29, 553SD, =W-124STDS, =Sonotone N9T, N16T, N18T, N9916, N9916SD, N9916S; fits Sonotone 9T, 16T, 18T, 916T phonograph cartridges
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-808-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =EV-3214DS/3219DS, =N683SD, 886, AA303, P-N16T-DS77, S83XSD, PS-29, 553, =W-124STDS1, =Sonotone N9T, N16T, N18T-S77, N9916; fits Sonotone 9T, 16T, 18T, 916T phonograph cartridges
{2} Pfanstiehl-808-SS77 phonograph needle, =N687, 866, 3219, AA303, P-N16T-S77, S-83X, 553, =W-149, =Sonotone N9T, N16T, N18T-S77, N9916; fits Sonotone 9T, 16T, 18T, 916T phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-809-DS73 phonograph needle $22.98 =Sonotone N21T, =N690SD, =EV-3224DS, AC340D1, S84XSD; fits Sonotone 21TR, 22T, 23T phonograph cartridges
[3] Pfanstiehl-809-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N690DS, 868DS, =EV-3224DS, AC340D1, S86XSD, 595SD, =W-185, =Sonotone N21T, N22T, N35T; fits Sonotone 21TR, 22T, 23T, 24T, 31TA, 35T, 43T phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-810-D7 phonograph needle =876D, =EV-3226D, S87XD, 599D, Sonotone N20T-7D. Fits Sonotone 20T-1S, 20T2-S phonograph cartridges
{3} Pfanstiehl-810-S7 phonograph needle =Sonotone N20T-7S; fits Sonotone 19T2-S, 20T1-S, 20T-2S phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-811-DS73 phonograph needle =S88XSD, =EV-3228DS, Sonotone N26T-SD. Fits Sonotone 26T phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-811-SS73 phonograph needle =Sonotone N26T; fits Sonotone 26T phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-812-DS73 phonograph needle =878DS, =EV-3229DS, AC369, S89XSD, PS59, 614SD; =Sonotone N25T-SD; fits Sonotone 25T, 28T phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-813-DS77 flipover phonograph needle $12.95 =Sonotone MS, MS77, MSD. Fits Sonotone 51T,52T, 54T, 60T, 61T, 65T, 66T, LC-13, Panasonic EPC-35TT phonograph cartridges
{1} Pfanstiehl-816-D7 phonograph needle =Pioneer PN-291, 301; fits Pioneer PC-301 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-817-D7 phonograph stylus $21.95 =Fisher Sanyo ST-07, ST-08; fits Fisher Sanyo MG-07, MG-08 magnetic phonograph cartridges
[5] {1} Pfanstiehl-819-D7 phonograph needle $21.95 = Sansui SN-P212
{1} *822-D7A phonograph needle $36.50 Genuine Stanton D6807A; =W-510STD, fits Stanton 681A phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-840-DS13 phonograph needle =N720-SD, 727DS, =EV-3300DS, AC235-D1, P-TTSA-DS, TE18SD, TE:113DS, P-42, 481SD, =W-85DS, =Telefunken TTSA; fits Telefunken Tilt phonograph cartridge
[1] {7} Pfanstiehl-841-DS77 phonograph needle =N721-SD, 827DS, =EV-3301DS, AC279D1, PA20/2DS, TE19XSD, TEL2073DS, PS-21, 534SD, =W-122STDS, =Telefunken A20/2; fits Telefunken SA20/2 phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-842-DS77 phonograph needle =N723-SD, 837DS, =EV-3302DS, aC325D1, P-200-DS, TE20XSD, 558SD, =W-151STDS, =Telefunken A-200-SD; fits Telefunken T-200 phonograph cartridge
[1] {2} Pfanstiehl-842-SS73 phonograph needle =N723, 837, =EV-3302, AC325, P-200, TE20X, 559, W-151STSS, =Telefunken A-200; fits Telefunken T-200 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-843-DS73 phonograph needle =Telefunken A23/2. Fits Telefunken T-23 phonograph cartridge
{1} Pfanstiehl-843-DS77 phonograph needle =Telefunken A23/2; fits Telefunken T-23 phonograph cartridge
[6] {1} Pfanstiehl-849-D7 phonograph needle $10.95 =Thompson STC-1000; fits STC-1000 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-850-D1 phonograph needle =N740, TP-1D, Teppaz Eco 60 BLUE; fits Teppaz Eco 60 phonograph cartridge

Click Here for 854, 854, 855, 856 etc Tetrad Needles & Cartridges

Pfanstiehl-804 needle808 needle819 stylus854 Tetrad855 Tetrad

[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-860-D1 phonograph needle =N750-1D, 724D, =EV-3325D, A231D, PV-45-1D, VA29LPD, VACO11D, 479D, =W-61MGD, =Vaco 45; fits Vaco T-45, S-45 phonograph cartridges
{6} Pfanstiehl-860-S1 phonograph needle =N750-1S, 724, =EV-3325, A231, PV-45-1, VA29LP, VACO11S, 479, =W-61MGS; fits Vaco T-45 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} Pfanstiehl-862-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N754SD, 906D, =EV-3330DS, VA303XSD, 636SD, =W-327, =Vaco LPS-D, TN; fits Vaco TN02-H, HD, TN-20 phonograph cartridges
[1] {4} Pfanstiehl-863-DS77 phonograph needle $12.95 =N754, 906, =EV-3333, VA304, 636, =W-327 =Vaco CN; fits Vaco CN-60, 62, 65, 67, 68, CN70, 72, 75 phonograph cartridges
[3] Pfanstiehl-864-DS73 LP/78(red side) phonograph needle $14.98 =W-353STDS for Vaco/Varco TN4B & Pfanstiehl P-226 phonograph cartridge
[12] Pfanstiehl-864-DS77 LP/LP phonograph needle $12,05, =W-353STDS, =EVG-3332DS; for Vaco/Varco TN4B, TN-4B phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-880-D1 phonograph needle =N823-1D, 549D, =EV-3400D, A77D, PWA-1D, W-15D, WE31D, P-25, 349D, =W-10MGD, Webster A-1J, A-1M, WE-15, WE-17; fits Webster A-1, A-1M, A-2, A-2M, A-3, A-3M, A-4, A-4M, A-5, A-5M, A-6, A-6M, A-7, A-7M, A-8, A-8M, A-10, AX series phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-893-DS73 phonograph needle =N834-SD, 843-SD, =EV-3428DS, AC277D1, PWE-550-DS, W61XSD, WE25073SD, PS-18, 519SD, =W-130STDS, Webster WE-550; fits Webster SC-TE, SC-3 phonograph cartridges
[5] Pfanstiehl-896-DS77 phonograph needle $19.95 =N880SD, 849DS, =EV-3452DS, AC333STDS, 21XSD, SP620SD, W-182STDS, =Zenith S-55085, S-62648; S-62649, fits Zenith 142-126, 142-127, 142-136, 142-137, 142-140, 142-141 phonograph cartridges
[2] Pfanstiehl-897-DS77 phonograph "Turn T-needle" $12.95 =N882SD, 849D, =EV-3454DS, AC378, 22XD, 625SD, Zenith S-68566, S-68567; Fits Pfanstiehl P-168D; Zenith 142-150, 142-151, 142-163, 142-166, 142-168=P-177D phonograph cartridges
[sold] Pfanstiehl-898-DS77 $12.95 Zenith "Turn T-needle" =EV-3456DS, =W-354-STDS, =Zenith S-82621; fits Zenith 142-167 phonograph cartridge
[2] Pfanstiehl-899-D7 phonograph needle $12.95 =EV-3458D, =Zenith 56-632, fits Zenith 142-182 phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} Pfanstiehl-901-D7 phonograph stylus $16.30 =TAE-7743, 10103331 =Sanyo ST-09D, replaces Sanyo/Fisher ST-868J; fits Sanyo/Fisher MG-09 magnetic phonograph cartridge
[some] PF-911-D7 see ceramic phonograph cartridge webpage for price: mono power point LP diamond cartridge to replace Astatic 81TX, 81D, AC242D1, P-81T-DS, A41SD, A2-213DS, P-16, 491SD, =W-207DS
[?] PF-911-S3 see ceramic phonograph cartridge webpage for price: mono power point cartridge for use on 78RPM records only. slides into AM3 flipover bracket for Std 1/2" mounting
[1] 912-SS13 see phonograph cartridge webpage =Astatic 79 LP/78 power point cartridge

Pf-863 needlePf-864 needlePf-898 needlePf-901 stylusPf-911 cartridge

[1] Pfanstiehl-941-DS73 similar to powerpoint cartridge ; =105D, 808DS, 66D, AC247DS, 66-DS, E46XSD, E8073DS, PS-6, 527SD, =W-203STDS, EV 61, 66, 66D
[1] Pfanstiehl-942-DS13 similar to powerpoint cartridge ; =91TX, 698DS, 76D, AC260D1, 76-DS, E37SD, E713DS, P-15, 490SD, =W-202DS, EV 76D, Astatic 91TX, Webster V8-2D, Webcor A1919
[1] Pfanstiehl-943-DS73 similar to powerpoint cartridge =111D, 806DS, 106D, AC307D1, 106-DS, PS-24, W208-STDS, EV 101, 101D, 106, 106D
[1] Pfanstiehl-944-DS73 =115D, 807DS, 108D, AC306D1, 108-DS, PS-32, W209-STDS, EV 107, 107D 108, 108D, Webcor 21P728
[1] Pfanstiehl-945-DS73 =EV 108DV, Philco 38-2850-1, 38-2850-2
[1] Pfanstiehl-980-DS73 =858DS, 104D, AC251D1, P-N10T-DS, SA7073DS, PS-12, 530SD, =W-206STDS, Sonotone N10T2S, N10T2S77, N10T2SD, N10T2SD77
[see W-563MGD] Pfanstiehl-990-D1 $25.95 =Astatic N97-1; 693, 113, A294, P-15222, Z61, 484, Qualitone Q-1601, Zenith S-15222, S-21458 Cobra, fits Wurlitzer Green phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-992-DS13 phonograph needle replaces Zenith Cobra 142-76, 142-77; 101D, 697DS, 111D, AC300D1, P-14276, Z59SD 488SD
[sold] Pfanstiehl-993-DS13 phonograph needle =95D, 732DS, 116D, Z-56DS, P-17, Zenith 142-87, 142-88, 142-89, ElectroVoice 116D
{5} Pfanstiehl-4111-D7C generic replacement phonograph stylus fits ADC K8, QLM30 magnetic phonograph cartridges
[1] Pfanstiehl-4111-D7C =Empire-5016D generic replacement phonograph stylus $23.35 replaces ADC stylus: NAD91, R95QE, RLX1, RQ30, RQLM30, RSQ321, RXPS101
[see Empire-7883ED] Pfanstiehl-4540D7U
[1] Pfanstiehl-4604-DEC generic eliptical replacement phonograph stylus $23.95 fits Pickering V-15/ATE-2, AM2, P/ATE, NP/ATE
[see Empire-9952D] Pfanstiehl-4727D7/PR
[1] Pfanstiehl-4759-DE generic eliptical replacement phonograph stylus $15.95 Empire-8624D fits Shure M-44E, M-55E, M-80E
{2} Pfanstiehl-4760-D6 phonograph needle =Shure N-74C, N75-C, N75-6, N-75B,; fits Shure M-71, M-74, M81 phonograph cartridge
[see Empire-8639ED] Pfanstiehl-4762DE
[-] Pfanstiehl-4763-DE generic eliptical replacement phonograph stylus $49.56 fits Shure V-15 type II phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-4764-DE generic eliptical replacement phonograph stylus $32.95 fits Shure V-15 type III phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-4767-DE generic eliptical replacement phonograph stylus $27.95 fits Shure M95 phonograph cartridge
[1] Pfanstiehl-4772-DHE generic eliptical replacment phonograph stylus fits Shure B-15 Type IV phonograph cartridge
[see Empire-8252D] Pfanstiehl-4820DE
[see Empire-8260D] Pfanstiehl-4822D7A

Qualitone (Q-numbers) =Pfanstiehl (PF-numbers) & Walco (W-numbers) inventory
[2] Q-1303 phonograph needle =PF-156D1 =W-2MGD
[1] Q-1308 phonograph needle =PF-580D1 =W-45MGD
[3] Q-1310 & 1315 phonograph needle =PF-640D1 =W-42MGD & W-42MGS
[12] Q-1312 phonograph needle =PF-752S3 =W-30D
[1] Q-1317 & Q-1318 phonograph needle =PF-752D7 =W-30MGD & W-30MGS
[2] Q-1332 phonograph needle =PF-351DS =W-22DS
[1] Q-1334 phonograph needle =PF-350D1 =W-21MGD
[1] Q-1337 phonograph needle =PF-156S2 =W-2AGD
[2] Q-1340 phonograph needle =PF-152S2 =W-3AGD
(1)Q-1344 =W-19D
[2] Q-1349 phonograph needle =PF-880D1 =W-10MGD
[2] Q-1352 phonograph needle =PF-752S2 =W-30AGD
[1] Q-1353 phonograph needle =PF-581DS
[9] Q-1367 phonograph needle =PF-500D1 =W-67MGD
[5] Q-1374 phonograph needle =PF-152S3 =W-3D
[2] Q-1375 phonograph needle =PF-350S2 =W-21AGD
[17] Q-1385 phonograph needle $12.95 =PF-800DS =W-75DS
[1] Q-1398 phonograph needle =PF-530D1
[1] Q-1401D LP phonograph needle for Ronette DT60 =PF-700D1 =W-64MGD
[5] Q-1404D phonograph needle =PF-801S3 =W-76D
[1] Q-1417DS $24.98 LP & 78 phonograph needles in General Electric RPX-T-Holder for VR-II cartridge; =W-68DS
[112] Q-1418D Diamond LP phonograph needle for General Electric RPX T-Holder, RPJ-01S, RPX-047, 050A, 052A; =PF-501D7 =W-68MGD
[2] Q-1419 phonograph needle =PF-501S25 =W-68D
[1] Q-1425 phonograph needle =PF-751S3 =W-31D
[5] Q-1427 phonograph needle =PF-754DS =W-35DS
[2] Q-1444 Diamond phonograph needle for Astatic K-AG-1, 66-2, 68-2 =PF-154S3 =W-39D
[10] Q-1454 phonograph needle =110S3 =W-96D
[33?] Q-1457D LP phonograph needle for Acos GP-59-1 =PF-111D1 =W-97MGD
[1] Q-1458 LP phonograph needle for Perpetuum Ebner 8, 10, KST8, 9, 11, 21; =PF-561DS =W-93DS
[12] Q-1460 flipover L-shaped LP/78 phonograph needle for Sonotone N3TS, =PF-802DS =W-31S
[1] Q-1463 phonograph needle =PF-803S3 =W-25MGD
[55?] Q-1464XD spade-style phonograph needle =PF-700D7 =W-113MGD & W-112STD
[1] Q-1469DS phonograph needle =Perpetuum Ebner PE12; =PF-560DS =W-98DS
[50] Q-1470D LP phonograph needle fits RPX-turn-T-holder for GE VR-II, 4G phonograph cartridges; =PF-503D7 =W-69MGD
[1] Q-1473D phonograph needle for Garrard GC-2; =PF-490D1 =W-99MGD
[1] Q-1477 LP phonograph needle for Phillips AG3010, AG3012, AG3013, AG3015; =PF-586D1 =W-94MGD
[1] Q-1481 phonograph needle for Telefunken TTSA, Braun; =PF-840DS =W-85DS
[4] Q-1499D phonograph needle Perpetuum Ebner PE7000; =PF-562S3 =W-89D
[2] Q-1503 phonograph needle =PF-804DS =W-103STDS
[9] Q-1504 phonograph needle =PF-702D7 =W-104STD
[4] Q-1509 phonograph needle =PF-112D1 =W-121MGD
[20] Q-1520 phonograph needle =PF-643DS =W-117STDS
[33] Q-1522 phonograph needle =PF-804DS =W-107STDS
[3] Q-1526 phonograph needle =PF-261S3 =W-87MGD
[2] Q-1529 phonograph needle =PF-326DS =W-141STDS
[3+2] Q-1534 phonograph needle =PF-460D7 =W-128STD
[2] Q-1536 phonograph needle =PF-616D7
[13+58] Q-1537 phonograph needle =PF-159DS =W-135STDS
[6] Q-1542 phonograph needle =PF-330DS =W-155STDS
[16] Q-1543 phonograph needle =PF-506DS =W-157STDS
[55] Q-1544 phonograph needle =EV-2907, =Fidelitone AC-284, =PF-644DS, =W-139STDS $15.42 fits AST-487; EV195, 237D, 238D; RCA 200-8, 200-9 phonograph cartridge
[13] Q-1546 phonograph needle =W-160STDS
[77] Q-1547 phonograph needle =PF-358DS
[700] Q-1548 phonograph needle =PF-359DS fits EV132 phonograph cartridge
[2] Q-1549 phonograph needle =PF-360D1
[38] Q-1550 phonograph needle =PF-356DS
[17] Q-1551 phonograph needle =PF-462DS
[2] Q-1552 phonograph needle =PF-491D7
[2] Q-1553 phonograph needle =PF-492D7
[1] Q-1554 phonograph needle =PF-493D7
[7] Q-1555 phonograph needle =PF-563DS
[2] Q-1556 phonograph needle =PF-585DS
[1] Q-1557 phonograph needle =PF-588D7
[12] Q-1558 phonograph needle =PF-591DS
[2] Q-1560 phonograph needle =PF-842DS
[1] Q-1561 phonograph needle =PF-861S2
[18] Q-1566 phonograph needle =PF-162DS
[74] Q-1570 phonograph needle =PF-272DS
[1] Q-1573 phonograph needle =PF-331D7
[1] Q-1575 phonograph needle =PF-363D7
[195] Q-1576 phonograph needle $14.95 =EV-2622DS, =PF-365DS73 fits EV-109 & EV-132 & EV-149 & EV-280D phonograph cartridges
[16] Q-1577 phonograph needle =PF-463DS $14.95
[3] Q-1581 & (10)Q-1582 phonograph needle =PF-808DS
[2] Q-1583 phonograph needle =PF-809DS
[15] Q-1584 phonograph needle =PF-812DS
[3] Q-1592 phonograph needle =PF-841DS

Q-1602 =850D1
--> [3] Q-1603 phonograph needle =PF-851D7
[40] Q-1604 phonograph needle =PF-509DS
[4] Q-1605 phonograph needle =PF-645D7
[25] Q-1610 phonograph needle =PF-165DS =Astatic N64
[3] Q-1612 phonograph needle =PF-164DS
[3] Q-1614 phonograph needle =PF-368DS
[10] Q-1615 phonograph needle =PF-252D7
[10] Q-1616 phonograph needle =PF-251D7
[48] Q-1618 phonograph needle =PF-507DS
[16] Q-1623 =PF-L854DS sort-of popular Tetrad phonograph needle
[2] Q-1628 phonograph needle =PF-303D7
[6] Q-1629 & (102+7)Q-1630 phonograph needle Varco CN60 =PF-464DS
[10] Q-1633 phonograph needle =PF-304DS73
[20+1] Q-1634 phonograph needle =PF-647DS
[125+2] Q-1635-XDS =PF-648-DS73 phonograph needle $10.95
[25] Q-1638 =PF-L855-DS73 popular Tetrad phonograph needle
[3] Q-1640 phonograph needle =PF-843DS
[7] Q-1643 phonograph needle =PF-509DS
[9] Q-1645 phonograph needle =PF-811DS
[33] Q-1647 phonograph needle =PF-272DS
[5] Q-1649 phonograph needle =PF-618DS
[13] Q-1650 phonograph needle =PF-790DS
[1] Q-1651 phonograph needle =PF-232DE
[21] Q-1652
[8] Q-1654 phonograph needle =PF-166D7
[3] Q-1657 phonograph needle =PF-167DS
[25] Q-1658 phonograph needle =PF-170DS
[1] Q-1667 phonograph needle =PF-100D7
[3] Q-1668 phonograph needle =PF-168DS
[2] Q-1669 phonograph needle =PF-165DS
[22+5] Q-1671 phonograph needle =PF-370DS
[13] Q-1673 phonograph needle
[12] Q-1674 phonograph needle =PF-811DS
[23] Q-1679 =PF-O856D7 Tetrad phonograph needle single LP tip
[17] Q-1681 phonograph needle =PF-619DS
[8] Q-1683 phonograph needle =PF-622DS
[20+6] Q-1684 phonograph needle =PF-791DS
[55] Q-1686 phonograph needle=PF-650-DS77 $12.95
[5] Q-1688 phonograph needle =PF-371DS
[2] Q-1689 phonograph needle =PF-374DS
Q-1691 & Q-1699 phonograph needle =PF-273DS
[10] Q-1693 & (1)Q-1694 phonograph needle =PF-369DS
[6] Q-1695 phonograph needle =PF-373DS
[2] Q-1699 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1702 =PF-L856-DS73 Tetrad flipover phonograph needle $12.98
[330] Q-1706 =PF-L854-DS73 Tetrad flipover phonograph needle $12.98
[1] Q-1707 =PF-L853-DS73 Tetrad flipover phonograph needle $12.98
[450] Q-1708 =PF-M853-DS77 Tetrad flipover (all plastic) phonograph needle $9.99
[233+88] Q-1709 =PF-S853-DS77 Tetrad flipover (all plastic) phonograph needle $9.99
[800] Q-1711 phonograph needle fits Vaco TN-8
[8] Q-1713 phonograph needle =PF-172DS
[4] Q-1714 phonograph needle =PF-173DS
[79] Q-1720 phonograph needle =PF-653DS
[2+16] Q-1721 =PF-654D7 =N577-7d LP phonograph needle =EVG-2917d, RCA131781 $12.95
[12] Q-1723 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1728 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1729 phonograph needle
[12] Q-1731 phonograph needle
[24] Q-1732 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1733 phonograph needle
[22] Q-1734phonograph needle
[5] Q-1736 phonograph needle
[45] Q-1737 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1739 phonograph needle
[600] Q-1740 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1741 phonograph needle
[49] Q-1742 phonograph needle
[7] Q-1743 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1745 phonograph needle
[9] Q-1749 phonograph needle
[18] Q-1752 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1754 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1756 phonograph needle
[40] Q-1757 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1758 phonograph needle
[16] Q-1761 phonograph needle
[25] Q-1762 phonograph needle
[32] Q-1763 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1765 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1767 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1769 phonograph needle
[9] Q-1770 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1771 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1772 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1773 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1775 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1780 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1781 phonograph needle
[15] Q-1782 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1783 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1784 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1786 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1787 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1788 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1789 phonograph needle
[7] Q-1790 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1791 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1792 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1793 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1795 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1798 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1799 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1800 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1801 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1802 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1805 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1806 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1808 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1809 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1810 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1811 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1817 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1820 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1822 phonograph needle
[16] Q-1823 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1824 phonograph needle
[8] Q-1825 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1826 phonograph needle
[13] Q-1827 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1828 phonograph needle
[18] Q-1829 phonograph needle
[7] Q-1833 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1839 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1843 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1844 phonograph needle
[20] Q-1845 phonograph needle
[15] Q-1846 phonograph needle
[7] Q-1852 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1854 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1856 phonograph needle
[16] Q-1857 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1859 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1863 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1864 phonograph needle
[12] Q-1865 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1872 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1873 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1879 phonograph needle
[6] Q-1882 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1883 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1885 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1886 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1888 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1890 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1893 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1894 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1895 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1896 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1897 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1899 phonograph needle
[5] Q-1900 phonograph needle
[3] Q-1901 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1903 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1906 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1914 phonograph needle
[2] Q-1917 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1920 phonograph needle
[4] Q-1928 phonograph needle
[1] Q-1930 phonograph needle
[10] Q-1934 phonograph needle
[8] Q-1939 phonograph needle

Recoton Needles:
{several}steel needles for ancient 78RPM phonos

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Tetrad T3MS (sapphire) or T3MD (diamond) flipover needle

Walco Replacement Needles:
[1] W-5MGD phonograph needle =PF-150-D1
{1} W-22 phonograph needle =PF-351-DS =Jensen E-93
{2} W-30 phonograph needle =PF-752-D1
[3] W-33DS phonograph needle =PF-754-DS $10.95
[1]W-42MGD phonograph needle =PF-640-D1
[1] W-44MGD phonograph needle =PF-580-D1
[4] W-46DS phonograph needle =PF-581-DS
[2] W-52DS phonograph needle =PF-556-DS
[sold] W-68DS =PF-501-D1 two phonograph needles in T-holder for GE-VRII phonograph cartridge (see N-350-1d, N354, =EV-2728, =EV-2732, Q-1419 for individual needles)
[see Q-1385] W-75DS phonograph needle =EV-3201DS =PF-800-DS $12.95 fits Sonotone 9980, 2-T phonograph cartridges
[1] W-75TPS Walco (Dual Sapphire needle)
[2] W-77DS phonograph needle =EV-3201DS $13.73 =PF-802-DS
[1] W-78MGD phonograph needle =PF-803-D1
[7] W-104MGD phonograph needle =EV-3005D =PF-702-D7 $10.95
[4] W-104STD phonograph needle =EV-3005D =PF-702-D7 $10.95
[1] W-105STD phonograph needle
[1] {1} W-109STD phonograph needle =PF-892-D7
[4] W-113STS phonograph needle =EV-3009D =PF-700-D7 $10.95 fits Astatic 70, 74, 76 phonograph cartridges
[1] W-115STD phonograph needle =PF-587-D1
[1] W-117STDS phonograph needle =PF-643-DS $12.05
[5] W-120STSS phonograph needle =AST-N103 fits Acos 73 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} W-121MGD phonograph needle =EV-PM2235DE $44.14 =PF-113-D7
[1] W-121STD phonograph needle =PF-113-D7
[2] W-122STDS phonograph needle =PF-841-DS
[1] W-123STDS phonograph needle =PF-301-DS
[3] W-124STDS LP/78 flipover phonograph needle =EV-3214DSl =PF-808-DS $12.05
[1] W-125STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3118D $19.43 =PF-757-D7
[3] W-128STD phonograph needle =PF-460-D7 $10.95
[1] W-131STD phonograph needle =PF-616-D7
[1] {1} WH-132STDS phonograph needle =PF-806-DS
[3] {1} WH-132STDS phonograph needle =EV-3216DS =PF-806-DS
[1] WT-132STDA phonograph needle =PF-807-DS
[2] W-133STD phonograph needle =PF-492-D7
[1] W-134STD phonograph needle =EV-2897D =PF-588-D7
[2] W-135STDS phonograph needle =EV-2117DS =PF-159-DS $10.95
[1] W-141STDS phonograph needle =PF-326-DS
[1] {1} W-142STDS phonograph needle =EV-3214DS =PF-808-DS $12.05
[1] W-143STD phonograph needle =PF-329-D7
[1] W-144STD phonograph needle =EV-2117DS =PF-159-D7 $10.95
[5] W-149STDS phonograph needle =EV-3214DS =PF-808-DS $12.05
[1] W-151STD phonograph needle =PF-842-DS
[2] W-154STD phonograph needle =PF-615-D7
[5] W-160STDS phonograph needle =EV-2679DS =PF-462-DS $12.05
[4] W-161STDS phonograph needle =EV-2123DS =EV-2127D =PF-164-DS $12.05
{1} W-165STDS phonograph needle =PF-359-DS $14.98
[3] W-166STD phonograph needle =PF-355-D1
[3] W-168STDS phonograph needle =PF-804-DS $12.05
[1] W-170AGD phonograph needle =PF-861-S2
[1] {1} W-171STD phonograph needle =PF-281-D7
[3] W-172STDS phonograph needle =PF-896-DS
[1] W=173-STDS phonograph needle =PF-563-DS
[1] {1} W-174STDS phonograph needle
[1] W-175STDS phonograph needle =PF-552-DS
[5] {1} W-176STD phonograph needle =PF-302-D7
[1] {1} W-180MGD phonograph needle =PF-851-D7
[3] W-182STDS phonograph needle =PF-896-DS
[see Q-1576] W-183STDS phonograph needle =PF-365DS73 =EV-2622DS
[5] W-184STDS phonograph needle =EV-2679DS =PF-462-DS $12.05
[5] W-185STDS phonograph needle =EV-3224DS =PF-809-DS
[sold-see PF-272-DS] {3} W-186STDS phonograph needle =EV-2421DSl =EV-2424DS
[3] {1} W-187STD phonograph needle =PF-363-D7
[2] W-188STDS phonograph needle =EV-2679DS =PF-462-DS $12.05
[2] W-189DS phonograph needle =EV-2124DS =PF-161-DS $12.95
[2] {2} W-190STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2224DE $43.08 =EV-PM2225D =EV-PM2226DE =PF-115-D7
[6] W-192STD phonograph needle =PF-645-D7
[sold] W-193STDS phonograph needle =EV-2130DS =PF-165-DS $12.05
[sold] W-194STDS phonograph needle =EV-2744DS =PF-509DS $14.95
[2] W-199MGD phonograph needle =PF-646-D7
[1] W-208STDS phonograph needle
[3] W-305STDS phonograph needle =PF-535-DS
[1] W-306STDS phonograph needle =PF-464-DS $10.95
[2] W-307STDS phonograph needle =EV-2623DS =PF-367-DS
[4] W-308STD phonograph needle
[1] W-309STD phonograph needle
[see =] W-310STDS phonograph needle =EV-2912DS =PF-647-DS
[5] W-312STD phonograph needle =PF-590-D7
[3] W-313DS phonograph needle =EV-2124DS =PF-162-DS $12.95
[1] W-318STDS "all plastic" LP/78 flipover phonograph needle =EV-3332DS =PF-863-DS $12.05 fits Varco TN-4B
[2] W-320STDS phonograph needle =PF-465-DS
[3] {1} W-321STD phonograph needle =EVG-2682DS =PF-464-DS $10.95
[3] W-322STDS phonograph needle =PF-843-DS
[1] W-323STD phonograph needle =EV-2682DS =PF-811-DS
[1] W-324DS phonograph needle =PF-618-DS
[1] W-327STDS phonograph needle =EV-3330DS =PF-862-DS $12.05
[3] W-328STDS phonograph needle =PF-790-DS
[4] W-329STD LP phonograph needle =EV-2912 =PF-649-D7 $10.95
[1] W-335MGD phonograph needle =PF-593-D7
[3] W-342DS phonograph needle =PF-370-DS
[2] W-349STDS phonograph needle =EV-2129DS =PF-168-DS
[2] W-352STD LP phonograph needle =EV-2912 $10.95 =PF-648-DS
[4] W-357STDS phonograph needle =EV-3233DS =PF-494-DS $12.05
[2] W-358STDS phonograph needle =EV-2427DS =BSR ST12 =PF-273-DS73 $14.98
[2] W-361STDS phonograph needle =EV-2130DS =PF-171DS
[1] W-362STDS phonograph needle =EV-2133DS =PF-172-DS
[2] W-363STDS phonograph needle =EV-3134DS =PF-173-DS
[2] W-364STDS phonograph needle =EV-2130DS =PF-165-DS $12.05
[1] W-366STD phonograph needle =EV-2625 =PF-369-DS $12.05
[1] W-369STD phonograph needle =EV-2421DS =PF-813-DS $12.05
[1] W-380STD phonograph needle =EV-3458D $8.87 =PF-899-D7

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{1} W-501STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2403D =EV-PM2407D $45.83 =PF-232-DE; fits Audio Empire 888 phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} W-502STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2403D =EV-PM2407DE $45.83 =PF-232-SDE; fits Audio Empire 999 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} W-503STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2834D $20.70 =PF-621-D7; fits Victor Japan DT-16 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} W-504STD phonograph needle =AST-N345-7d; =EV-PM2721D =PF-525-D7 $11.95 fits Grado B0E, BE, BTE, BT/R, BT/R/D, BC/R, BC/R/D phonograph cartridges
[1] W-505STD phonograph needle =AST-N-180-7d =PF=103-DE; fits Audio Dynamics ADC-220 phonograph cartridge
{1} W-507STD phonograph needle =AST-N-856-7d, =EV-PM4038D $36.12 =EV-PM4039D} =PF-606-D7C; fits Pickering 4500AME phonograph cartridge
[2] [1] W-508STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2202D $34.64 =PF-100-D7; fits Audio Dynamics ADC-660 phonograph cartridge
[1] {1} W-510STD phonograph needle; =AST-N126-7d, =EV-PM4211D =PF-822-D7A $94.23 fits Stanton 681E phonograph cartridge
[4] W-513STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2415D $44.14 =PF-230-D7; fits Audio Empire 808 phonograph cartridge
[1] W-518STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3118D $19.43 =PF-757-D7
[1] {1} W-519STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2848D $22.18 =PF-635-D7
[1] W-520STD phonograph needle =PF-636-D7
{1} W-524STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2834D $20.70 =PF-621-D7
[1] W-525STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3118D $19.43 =PF-757-D7
[3] W-530STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2202D =PF-100-D7; fits Audio Dynamics 770 cartridge
[1] {1} W-532STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2844 $22.18 =PF-631-D7; fits Sony VM-10P phonograph cartridge
{1} W-533STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2834D $20.70 =PF-621-D7
{1} W-535STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2869D $24.92 =PF-624-D7; fits Pioneer PC-10, 11, 14, 15, 20 phonograph cartridges
{1} W-536STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2863D $26.40 =Pf-628-D7
{3} W-538STD phonograph needle =N291-7d; =EV-PM2556D $40.34 =PF-331-D7 fits Elac ST-200 phonograph cartridge
[3] {1} W-545STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3115D $26.40 =PF-758-D7; fits Shure M-77 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} W-546STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3115D $26.40 =PF-758-D7; fits Shure M-33-7 phonograph cartridges
[3] {1} W-548STD phonograph needle =PF-262-D7; fits B & O Stereodyne phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} W-549STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2410D $29.15 =PF-263-D7; fits B & O SP-6 cartridge
[1] W-550STD ={PM4011D} phonograph needle =PF-603-D7C $16.95 fits Pickering 438 & 480 phonograph cartridges
[4] {1} W-553STD phonograph needle =PF-508-D7 fits GE VR-1000 phonograph cartridge
[3] {2} W-556STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2400D $49.00 =PF-251-D7 fits Audio Empire 108 phonograph cartridge
[sold] W-558STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3118D $19.43 =PF-757-D7; fits Shure M-8 phonograph cartridge
[sold] W-559STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3118D $19.43 =PF-757-D7; fits Shure M-21 phonograph cartridge
[3] W-563MGD phonograph needle =PF-990-D1 $25.95, fits Zenith 511473, S-15222, 515780 phonograph cartridges, fits Wurlitzer green cartridge
[3] W-564MGD phonograph needle =PF-991-D1 fits Zenith 142-71, 142-74 phonograph cartridges [3] W-567STD phonograph needle =EV-PM2401D $44.14 =PF-252-D7 fits Audio Empire 880P phonograph cartridge
[1] W-577STD phonograph needle =EV-PM3117D $avail =PF-759-D7 $50.95 fits Shure M-445, M-447 phonograph cartridges
[3] W-578DS phonograph needle =PF-992-DS fits Zenith 142-76, 142-77 phonograph cartridges
[3] {2} W-580STD phonograph needle =PF-303-D7; fits Dual DMS900 phonograph cartridge
[2] {1} W-581STD phonograph needle =PF-592-D7; fits Philips AG-3404 phonograph cartridge
{1} W-599STD phonograph needle =AST-N653-7d =EV-PM2284DE =EV-PM2285DE $130.94 =PF-679-D7; fits Shure M-21 phonograph cartridge

[1] 5350 ZAFIRA magooka 501mp plug in complete diamond tip 33
[2] 5587 ZAFIRA =PF-239DEX
[4] 5690.2 ZAFIRA =PF-817D7
[4] 5696 ZAFIRA =PF-714D7
[1] 5842 ZAFIRA =PF-511D7C
[1] 6160 ZAFIRA =PF-201DEX
[2] 6265.5 ZAFIRA =PF-731D7
[1] 6451 ZAFIRA =PF-663D7
[1] 6579.9 ZAFIRA
[2] 6633 ZAFIRA =PF-776DE
[1] 6651 ZAFIRA =PF-4767DE
[4] 6716 ZAFIRA =PF-683D7
[2] 6934 ZAFIRA =PF-622DS
[1] 5284 ZAFIRA =PF-119D7
[1] 5586 ZAFIRA =PF-4239DET
[2] 5690 ZAFIRA =PF-200D7
[3] 5699.6 ZAFIRA =PF-736D7
[2] 6053 ZAFIRA =PF-792D7
[1] 6211 ZAFIRA =PF-678D7
[3] 6449 ZAFIRA =PF-698D7
[3] 6579.5 ZAFIRA =PF-732D7
[1] 6581.4 ZAFIRA =PF-794D7
[4] 6650 ZAFIRA
[3] 6713 ZAFIRA =PF-675D7
[1] 6852 ZAFIRA =PF-853D1
[2] 5242.5 ZAFIRA =PF-736D7
[1] 5580 ZAFIRA =PF-4237D7C
[1] 5661 ZAFIRA =PF-461D7
[1] 5695 ZAFIRA =PF-715D7
[3] 5699.5 ZAFIRA =PF-746D7
[5] 6051.2 ZAFIRA =PF-719D7
[2] 6207 ZAFIRA =PF-706D7
[3] 6447.2 ZAFIRA =PF-795D7
[3] 6573 ZAFIRA =PF-621D7
[3] 6613.2 ZAFIRA =PF-817D7
[1] 6705 ZAFIRA =PF-747D7
[1] 6827 ZAFIRA =PF-201DEX
[2] 5240.5 ZAFIRA =PH-722D7
[1] 5492 ZAFIRA
[2] 5598 ZAFIRA =PF-4243D6
[1] 5691.4 ZAFIRA =PF-740D7
[4] 5699.2 ZAFIRA =PF-731D7
[1] 5977 ZAFIRA =PF-743D7
[2] 6205 ZAFIRA =PF-627D7
[2] 6400.4 ZAFIRA =PF-4607D7C
[1] 6455 ZAFIRA =PF-717D7
[1] 6608 ZAFIRA =PF-740D7
[1] 6649 ZAFIRA =PF-4764DE
[2] 6685 ZAFIRA
[1] 6739.3 ZAFIRA =PF-711D7
[2] 5228 ZAFIRA =PF-273DS
[1] 5480 ZAFIRA =PF-4760DE
[3] 5595 ZAFIRA =PF-235SDE
[1] 5965 ZAFIRA =PF-730D7
[1] 6202 ZAFIRA =PF-814DS77
[2] 6355 ZAFIRA =PF-596D7
[2] 6454 ZAFIRA =PF-628D7
[2] 6597.9 ZAFIRA =PF-745D7
[2] 6648 ZAFIRA =PF-4765DE
[1] 6678 ZAFIRA
[1] 6730 ZAFIRA =PF-209D6T
[2] 5226 ZAFIRA =PF-273DS
[1] 5427 ZAFIRA =PF-719D7
[4] 5593 ZAFIRA =PF-4241D7
[2] 5690 ZAFIRA =PF-200D7
[4] 5699 ZAFIRA =PF-721D7
[1] 5910 ZAFIRA
[1] 6172 ZAFIRA
[1] 6304 ZAFIRA =PF-849D7
[3] 6452 ZAFIRA =PF-611D7
[2] 6593 ZAFIRA =PF-714D7
[2] 6639 ZAFIRA
[1] 6660 ZAFIRA =PF-4726D7PR
[3] 6717 ZAFIRA =PF-684D7
[1] 6730 ZAFIRA =PF-209D6T
[1] 5108 ZAFIRA.7=PF-736D7
[1] 5070 ZAFIRA
[2] 5105 ZAFIRA =PF-733D7
[1] 5081 ZAFIRA =PF-205DET
[2] 5092 ZAFIRA =PF-212DEC
[2] 5148 ZAFIRA =PF-201DEX
[2] 5090 ZAFIRA =PF-163DS77
[2] 5172 ZAFIRA =PF-207D7
[1] 5145 ZAFIRA =PF-200D7T
[1] 5088 ZAFIRA =PF-161DS77
[3] 5189 ZAFIRA
[1] 5144 ZAFIRA =PF-200D7C
[1] 5086 ZAFIRA =PF-170DS77
[1] 5224 ZAFIRA =PF-270D7

[3] 30-140 Arista
[1] 30-160 Arista
[7] 32-210 Arista
[2] 32-215 Arista
[2] 32-312 Arista
[1] 36-466 Arista
[1] 20 Astatic
[1] 89T Astatic
[1] 346 Astatic
[1] 1145D Astatic
[1] 1178D Astatic
[1] N14-D Astatic
[2] N17SD Astatic
[3] N19SD Astatic
[2] N28-1S Astatic
[2] N28-2S Astatic
[1] N28-3S Astatic
[4] N31-3S Astatic
[1] N32-3S Astatic
[5] N34-1S Astatic
[2] N34-2S Astatic
[7] N34-3S Astatic
[1] N34-1M Astatic
[1] N34-2M Astatic
[1] N34-3M Astatic
[2] N37-1S Astatic
[2] N37-3S Astatic
[1] N39-1S Astatic
[2] N40-1S Astatic
[2] N40-3S Astatic
[4] N42 Astatic
[1] N52-SD Astatic
[1] N53 Astatic
[2] N55 Astatic
[3] N72-SD Astatic
[1] N74-SD Astatic
[2] N89-SD Astatic
[4] N91-SD Astatic
[4] N92-7D Astatic
[2] N100-1S Astatic
[2] N100-3S Astatic
[1] N101-1S Astatic
[1] N101-3S Astatic
[1] N103 Astatic
[1] N105-7S Astatic
[2] N141=1S Astatic
[2] N141-2S Astatic
[1] N141-3S Astatic
[5] N163-7D Astatic
[1] N165-7D Astatic
[1] N283 Astatic
[4] N300-1S Astatic
[1] N300-2S Astatic
[2] N300-3S Astatic
[1] N303 Astatic
[1] N309-SD Astatic
[1] N313-1D Astatic
[1] N315 Astatic
[2] N316-7S Astatic
[3] N325-7D Astatic
[2] N340-1S Astatic
[1] N340-3S Astatic
[1] N342-1S Astatic
[3] N342-3S Astatic
[10] N352-1S Astatic
[1] N355 Astatic
[1] N357-SD Astatic
[3] N360 Astatic
[1] N407-SD Astatic
[2] N431-7D Astatic
[1] N432-SD Astatic
[1] N440SD Astatic
[1] N490-7D Astatic
[4] N512-1S Astatic
[1] N512-3S Astatic
[1] N516-SD Astatic
[2] N518-7D Astatic
[1] N560-3S Astatic
[1] N560-3M Astatic
[1] N561-1M Astatic
[1] N561-3M Astatic
[2] N566-7D Astatic
[1] N567-7D Astatic
[1] N583 Astatic
[1] N630-SD Astatic
[1] N630 Astatic
[1] N640-2S Astatic
[1] N641-1S Astatic
[2] N643-1S Astatic
[2] N643-3S Astatic
[1] N670-1S Astatic
[1] N670-3S Astatic
[2] N671-SD Astatic
[2] N673-1S Astatic
[1] N673-1S Astatic
[1] N673-2S Astatic
[2] N673-3S [2] Astatic
[3] N680 Astatic
[6] N684 Astatic
[2] N684SD Astatic
[1] N692-SD Astatic
[1] N694SD Astatic
[1] N699D Astatic
[1] N725-SD Astatic
[1] N750-1S Astatic
[9] N751-1S Astatic
[4] N754-SD Astatic
[5] N795-SD Astatic
[1] N804-SD Astatic
[1] N808-SD Astatic
[2] N811 Astatic
[5] N822-1M Astatic
[3] N823-1S Astatic
[1] N823-2M Astatic
[3] N823-3S Astatic
[1] N825-1M Astatic
[1] N825-2M Astatic
[2] N825-3M Astatic
[1] N826-1M Astatic
[2] N827-1M Astatic
[3] N827-3M Astatic
[2] N828-3M Astatic
[2] N829-1M Astatic
[3] N830-3M Astatic
[1] N833-1S Astatic
[1] N835-1M Astatic
[1] N835-3M Astatic
[2] N836-1M Astatic
[1] N836-3M Astatic
[4] N840TD Astatic
[4] N900-7D Astatic
[1] N903-SD Astatic
[2] N904-SD Astatic
[2] N905-SD Astatic
[4] N907-7D Astatic
Audio Technica ATN-3600 =PRB1211
[1] EV-ProMag series inventory with Pfanstiehl cross reference [1] EV-PM2017D =742D7
[1] EV-PM2019D =814D7
[1] EV-PM2020D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2024D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2025D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2028D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2029D = no cross reference
[3] EV-PM2299D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2350D = no cross reference
[2] EV-PM2392D =235D7C
[1] EV-PM2415D =230D7
[1] EV-PM2472D =670D7
[1] EV-PM2768D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2769D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2802D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2840D =675D7
[1] EV-PM2818DQ =672DQ
[2] EV-PM2834D =621D7
[3] EV-PM2840D =675D7
[4] EV-PM2848D =635D7
[1] EV-PM2866D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2867D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2874D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2935D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2936D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2937D =797D7
[1] EV-PM2938D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM2974D = no cross reference
[2] EV-PM3079D = no cross reference
[1] EV-PM3097D =731D7
[1] EV-PM3098D =713D7
[1] EV-PM3099D =708D7
[1] EV-PM3114D =757D7
[1] EV-PM3148D =766D7
[1] EV-PM3158D =768D6
[1] EV-PM3160DE =4722DHE
[1] EV-PM3164E =NLA
[4] EV-PM3170DQ =771DHE
[1] EV-PM3171D =775DLT
[2] EV-PM3204D =687D7
[1] EV-PM4401D =460DEC
[1] EV-PM4402DE =4604DEC
[1] EV-PM4027D =4605D7C
[9] EVG-2752D
[18] EVG-3009
[7] EVG-2625
[2] EVG-3005
[13] EVG-2123
[1] EVG-B88-2B
[2] EVG-2424
[1] EVG-2625
[1] EVG-2752D
[1] EVG-3009
[1] EVG-5451
Pfanstiehl Phonograph Cartridges [2] PF-P-132D
[2] PF-P-409D
Pfanstiehl Needles and Stylus [2] PF-273-DS77
[2] PF-274-ds77
[1] PF-4111-D7C
[4] PF-4211-D6
[1] PF-4213-D6
[1] PF-464-D7C
[1] PF-4759-D7
[1] PF-4760-D6
[1] PF-4768-DE
[1] PF-4776-DE
[1] PF-4826-DE
[1] PF-510-DS77
[1] PF-558-D7
[1] PF-647-DS77
[1] PF-697-D7
[1] PF-711-d7
[1] PF-719-D7
[2] PF-740-D7
[1] PF-793-D7
[1] PF-798-D7
[1] PF-M853-DS77
[1] PF-M854-DS77
[1] PF-M855-DS77
[1] PF-863-DS77
[2] PF-864-DS77
[2] V-15 Micro IV Pickering
Recoton Diamond Phono needle 504-D Recoton
506-D Recoton
556-D Recoton
645-D Recoton
544-SD Recoton
546-SD Recoton
553SD Recoton
554-SD Recoton
565-SD Recoton
574-SD Recoton
576-SD Recoton
594-SD Recoton
595-SD Recoton
610-SD Recoton
612SD Recoton
617SD Recoton
626-SD Recoton
636SD Recoton
659-SD Recoton
662-SD Recoton
664-SD Recoton
678-SD Recoton
685-SD Recoton
686-SD Recoton
699-SD Recoton
727SD Recoton
752-SD Recoton
901-D7 Recoton
911-D7 Recoton
[1] ST-66D Sanyp =PM3199D
[2] M92E Shure
[1] N92E Shure
[6] 19T-2S Sonotone Crystal Cartridge
[1] A2430 Tetrad
[2] 2479D Tetrad
[1] 3332DS Tetrad
[3] 3389DS Tetrad =T-52XSD
[2] 3458D Tetrad
[1] 2127D Tetrad =N76-7D
cartridges [1] 2649D =E-53XD
[1] 3129D =JPS6125D=2414D
[1] 3146D =JPS-78XD-E
[1] 3145 =JPS-77XD
[1] 3140D =JPS-72XD=2426D
[1] 2649D =E-53XD
[1] NMR649-7D =N3D
[1] NMR950-ED =N70EJ
[2] Zenith Radionic S15780

*Phono Preamp:
PRE600 Stereo Phono Preamp dub records to CD's via Sound Card in Computer 29,98

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