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General Tetrad Needle Info: Many varieties of Tetrad cartridges were made; with more than 750 needle numbers! All 750+ varieties of Tetrad needles can be used on any Tetrad cartridge in spite of minor differences. In the mid-1970's Tetrad was bought by BSR and the needle numbers were reduced to three flipover and one singletip stock number. All FOUR variations listed below fit all Tetrad Cartridges.
Figure 854 below illustrates various lengths of the FLIPOVER HANDLE such as "L," "M," "O," and "S." Other variations include Plastic Handles with a rubber flex coupling with a metal tube (like the three illustrations below) or All Plastic needles with a Plastic Spring & Plastic Tube!

T3MS flipover needleVarious Handle Lengths

Tetrad Needle Prices:
O-854-D7 Single-Sided Tetrad LP Diamond needles =T10LD =T50HD =TZ1D =30-066 =AS-16MD: "universal replacement" singletip "child proof" style for childrens record players. use Q-1708 or Q-1709 LP/LP

O-854-D7 Singletip Needle O-854-D7 needle in Cartridge

[450] Q-1708 (all plastic) replaces Tetrad T5HD, Pfanstiehl M853-DS77 flipover LP/LP needle $9.99
[233+88] Q-1709 =PF-S853-DS77 Tetrad flipover (all plastic) LP/LP needle $9.99
M854-DS77 LP/LP Diamond/Saphire replaces T3MD & T3MS [use Q-1708]
Tetrad LP/78 All Plastic flipover needles $12.98
[3] M854-DS73 =T3MD Tetrad LP/78 Diamond/Saphire long tube/long spring flipover needle fits Tetrad cartridges. $14.98
[out] M855-DS77=30-061 Arista LP/LP Diamond/Saphire T1LD short tube/short spring flipover needle for Tetrad cartridge
[4] M856-DS77 Diamond/Saphire LP/LP long tube/long spring flipover needle fits all Tetrad cartridges $10.99

T1LD =M855-DS77 needleT3MD =M854-DS73 needleT5HD =M853-DS77 needle

Arista Needles for Tetrad
AS-16MD single Sided Universal Needle for Tetrad cartridges see = S854-TD

Astatic Replacement Needles
Astatic needle numbers N730 thru N739, N770 thru N789, N792 thru N809, N900 thru N939 fit Tetrad cartridges
[1] N772-sd flipover needle Tetrad13D
[sold] N776-sd flipover needle Tetrad 12D
{3} N792 needle
[1] N793-7d single sided LP needle fits Tetrad phono cartridges
[see other tetrad needles] {2} N794-sd needle =EVG 3359DS =Pfanstiehl L853DS T-22XSD, 2942D, =Walco W-421STDS, AC-448DS, PS-133, 630SD, 981D/S =Tetrad A2D
[see other tetrad needles] N795-sd flipover needle Tetrad K1D
[1] N795-sd flipover LP/78 needle Tetrad
[1] N796-sd flipover needle Tetrad C1D, C2D, C3D, =EVG 3361DS, =Walco W-423STDS, 127, AC-447DS, 689SD, 982D/S
[1] N798-sd flipover LP/78 Tetrad needle
[1] N802-sd flipover LP/78 needle, =Tetrad E2D, =Walco W-427STSS, PS-162, AC-463DS, 637SD, 984D/S, =EVG 3372DS
[1] N804-sd flipover LP/78 needle =Tetrad G1D, =Walco W-428STDS, =EVG 3373DS, PS-136, AC-563DS, 624SD, 987D/S
{1} N806 needle, G2S
{5} N806-sd flipover needle Tetrad G2D, AC-463DS, PS-137, =Walco W-430STDS, 637SD, 987D/S, =EVG 3363DS
[2] N808-sd flipover LP/78 needle Tetrad B2D, PS-147, AC-515DS, =EVG 3381DS
{1} N900-7d, single sided Tetrad B0D T10LD needle, =EVG 3380D, 753Dm A-514
{2} N901 needle, T-39X, =Tetrad 30S
{1} N901 needle, T-40X, {3377}, =Tetrad 80S
{1} N901 needle, T-41X, {3378}, =Tetrad 90S
[1] N902-7d single sided Tetrad 110d needle, =EVG 3383d
[2] N903-sd flipover LP/78 Tetrad a1d needle, 981D/S, =EVG 3384ds
{1} N904-sd, flipover Tetrad b1d needle, =EVG 3385ds
{1} N905-sd needle, Tetrad b3d, =EVG 3386ds
[sold] N906-7d single sided Tetrad c0d needle =EVG 3387d =PF-O-854-D7
{2} N907-7d single sided Tetrad g0d needle, A-518D, =EVG 3388D
[sold] N1776 Astatic Universal adjustable (shaft-length) needle for replacing all Tetrad needles

EV Electrovoice and EVGame needles to fit Tetrad cartridges
[sold] 3321D =Tetrad 40D, T12XD, TD2-107D, =Pfanstiehl 854D7
[6] 3391 needle =T1LS for Tetrad cartridges =Pfanstiehl M855-SS73 $12.98
[2] 3393 needle =T3MS for Tetrad cartridges =Pfanstiehl M854-SS73 $12.98
[sold] 3395DS needle =T5HS. fits Tetrad cartridges =Pfanstiehl M853-SS73 $12.98

Pfanstiehl Replacement Needles:
Phanstiehl 853 thru 856; have L, M, O, S prefixes fit Tetrad cartridges
Phanstiehl P-401 thru P-441 series, (may have D suffix) are Tetrad cartridges
{4} S853-SS77 needle =N784, 3309, AC447, T-13X, TD23073SS, PS-90, 688, (W-402) =Tetrad 51D, 51S, 61D, 61S, A1, B1, C1; fits Tetrad 3-51D-01X, 3-51S-01X, 3-61D-J5, 3-61S-J4, EV 5287 cartridges $ see top of page
{sold} L853-DS77 needle (=W-316) =N738DS, 811DS, 3308DS, AC398DS, [859-DS73], T-8XSD, TD9073DS, PS-114, 630SD, =Tetrad 52D, 52S, 62D, 62S; fits Tetrad 2-52D, 2-62D, 4-62D, 5-52D, 5-62D, Zenith 142-154, VM 36477, EV 5274, 5277 cartridges $ see top of page
[1] M853-DS73 needle =Astatic N786-sd, N782, EVG 3307DS, =Tetrad T5HD, 53D, 53S, 63D, 63S, A3, B3, C3, Walco W-403 $ see top of page
[1] M853-DS77 needle {=3395DS} =Tetrad T5HD (gray), 53D, 53S, 63D, 63S, A3, B3, C3; N782, 3307DS, AC449DS, T-9XSD, TD5073DS, 689SD, W403, fits Tetrad 2-53D-BX, 2-53S-BX, Airline 60-13, Electro Voice 5124 $ see top of page
[-] M854-DS77 =Tetrad T3MS (yellow) $ see top of page
[sold] S854-TD needle =Zenith 56-638; fits Zenith 142-185 cartridge $ see top of page
[1] L855-DS77 =N770SD, 769DS, 3319DS, AC396DS, 857-DS73, T-3XSD, TD7073DS, PS92, 628SD, =Tetrad 12D, 12S, 32D, 32S. Fits Tetrad 3-12D, 5-32D, 6-32D, EV5100, 5101, 5280, Admiral 409C75-1, 409C75-2, VM 36740-C cartridges
[1] M855-DS77 =Tetrad T1LD (black) $ see top of page
{1} L856-DS77 needle =Tetrad 72D, 72S, 82D, 82S; fits Tetrad 72D, 72S, 82D, 82S cartridges
{sold} L856-SS77 needle =Tetrad 72D, 72S, 82D, 82S; fits Tetrad 72D, 72S, 82D, 82S cartridges
[1] M856-DS77 =N788, 3360, AC459, T-31X, 695, W418, Tetrad 73D, 73S, 93D, 93S, Admiral 98C95-56. Fits Tetrad 8-73D-240-3, 3-93D-W6, 8-73S-240-3, 3-93S-W6 cartridges
{2} M856-SS77 needle =Tetrad 73D, 73S, 93D, 93S, Admiral 98C95-56; fits Tetrad 8-73D-240-3, 3-93D-W6, 8-73S-240-3, 3-93S-W6 cartridges $ see top of page

Walco Replacement Needles for Tetrad cartridges:
Walco needles W-401 thru W-431 (+ suffix) fit Tetrad cartridges
[?] W-412STDS ={3391DS} $avail =[S855-DS] $ see top of page
{sold} W-421STDS flipover needle -{3395DS} $avail =[L853-DS] $ see top of page
[1] W-422STDS flipover needle ={3395DS} $avail =[S853-DS] $ see top of page
[1] W-425STDS flipover needle ={3395DS} $avail =[L853DS] $ see top of page
{1} W-427STDS needle {=3393DS} $avail =[L854-DS] $ see top of page =N357SD; fits EV 5276D, Tetrad 6-T3MD-MW1 cartridges
[sold] W-429STDS ={3393DS} $avail =[L854-DS] $ see top of page
[sold] W-430STDS flipover needle ={3393DS} $avail =[L854-DS} $ see top of page
[sold] W-431STD single sided needle ={3395DS} $avail =[O853-D7] $ see top of page

Pfanstiehl "Universal Replacement" Tetrad Phono Cartridges
[2] {1} P-404D $28.47 Tetrad STD 1/2" Mount stereo .45V output, LP/LP flipover needle
P-404D replaces P-413D, P-414D, P-415D, P-422D, P-423D, P-427D
[1] EV5302 =P-422D Tetrad .4V output STD 1/2" Mount $28.47
P-404D Tetrad cartridgeInside BSR tonearm P-404D fits Std 1/2" mount in many tonearms
[2] {4} P-409D $26.94 Universal Adhesive Mount Tetrad Cartridge .5V output; includes M-853-DS77 LP/LP flip needle
P-409D replaces discontinued Tetrad models: P-402D, P-403D, P-411D, P-412D, P-419D,
P-420D, P-421D, P-425D, P-426D, P-433D, P-434D, P-435D
P-409D =TC8H, TC8H0
[1] EV5104D ($28.47) Tetrad .13V output cartridge on SN snap-mount
P-401D, P-407D, P-417D, P424D, P-431D: include SN snap-in mount bracket
use Snap Mount for Tetrad cartridge part numbers ending "SN4" to mount P-409D
[sold-see P-409D] P-440D $28.47 Tetrad TC8H1 or TC12M1 .5V output cartridge on BSR-UIB bracket, LP/LP flip needle
[10] T-Plugs =EVG-050 4-pin Plug fits all current Tetrad Cartridges $2,75
P-440D =TC8H1D; replaces P-441D
Tetrad Cartridges in Shrouds: NOS (unless shown otherwise--most models) ($29.95)
P-405D assembly: install P-409D cartridge in old shroud
P-408D & P-432D assemblies: install P-409D cartridge in old shroud
P-400D & P-428D assemblies: install P-409D cartridge in old shroud
P-418D & P-429D assemblies: install P-409D cartridge in old shroud
P-416D assembly: install P-409D cartridge in old shroud
P-438D & P-439D assemblies: install P-409D cartridge in old shroud
BSR SC7M2D in shroud

Tetrad Phono Cartridges
The Tetrad TC8H was the most popular cartridge ever (about 10 million made) many used on BSR changers; equivalents include: Arista 40-1675, Astatic 1312d, 1314d, 1315d, 1316d, 1317d, EVG 120, Pfanstiehl P-440D.
The Pfanstiehl P-409D UNIVERSAL adhesive stick-on REPLACEMENT replaces TC8H & most other Tetrad cartridges.
Tetrad cartridges were mounted one of four ways: STD.1/2" mount; Glued-in; Snap-In; or Universal Inline Bracket. The Glued-in style came in a dozen custom shrouds (discontinued; most--no longer available) however the Pfanstiehl P-409D adhesive mount cartridge can be installed into ANY old TETRAD shroud.
Tetrad originally had several colors of cartridges; after the mid-1970's BSR buyout this was reduced to three: BLUE (replaces black/green/pink); GRAY (replaces orange); RED (replaces yellow).
The pictures below should help you identify mount hardware & connector plugs that you may need.
EVG-A adapts P-409D cartridge to STD-1/2" mount
EVG-SN adapts P-409D to replace Tetrad cartridge numbers ending "SN4"
BSR-UIB Universal Inline Bracket adapts P-409D for many BSR tonearms
BSR SHROUD housing holds P-409D cartridge on many BSR tonearms
T-Plug =EVG-050 4-pin plug with .050" pins fits all currently available Tetrad cartridges
EVG-030 connector plug .030" pins fits some very old Tetrad cartridges: discontinued-nla


Arista Tetrad Cartridge:
[ref-nla] 40-1675 replace Astatic 1317, BSR TC8H1/T5HD, EVG 5627, Pfanstiehl P-440, stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire
[ref-nla] 40-1676 replace Astatic 1309, EVG 5628, Pfanstiehl P-441
[ref-nla] 40-1678 replaces BSR TC12M1/TZMD stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire
[1] A59D Yellow Tetrad Stereo cartridge with adhesive mount; single tip needle
[sold] A69D =40=4506 replace Astatic TK-7, EVG 5634, Pfanstiehl P-434, P-435, red socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire
[1] A149D Tetrad Stereo cartridge with adhesive mount; single tip needle
[ref-nla] 40-4025 replace Astatic 1116, EVG 5123, Pfansteihl P-407, Tetrad snap-in blue (black/green/pink) socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire (use 40-4502)
[ref-nla] 40-4035 replace Astatic 1151, EVG 5254, Pfanstiehl P-417, Tetrad snap-in gray (orange) socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire (use 40-4503)
[ref-nla] 40-4065 replace Astatic 1175, EVG 5104, Pfanstiehl P-431, Tetrad snap-in red (yellow) socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire (use 40-4506)
[ref-nla] 40-4125 replace Astatic 1218, EVG 5310, Pfanstiehl P-404, Tetrad STD.1/2" Mount blue socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire (use 40-4502)
[ref-nla] 40-4135 replace Astatic 1150, EVG 4271, Pfanstiehl P-414, Tetrad STD.1/2" Mount gray socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire (use 40-4503)
[ref-nla] 40-4165 replace Astatic 1190, EVG 5100, Pfanstiehl P-427, Tetrad STD.1/2" Mount red socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire (use 40-4506)
[ref-nla] 40-4502 replace Astatic TK-1, EVG 5632, Pfanstiehl P411, P409, Tetrad STD.1/2" & Snap-in blue socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire
[ref-nla] 40-4503 replace Astatic TK-2, EVG 5633, Pfanstiehl P-420, P-419, Tetrad STD.1/2" & Snap-in gray socket stereo .5V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire

A-59D, A-69D, A-149D

Astatic types TK-1, TK-2, & TK-7 plus 1101D thru 1332D are tetrad replacement cartridges
[sold] Astatic 381D Figure T18 Tetrad cartridge on EVG-SN snap-in mount LP/78 flipover needle =Admiral 409C78-1, EV 5102D, Tetrad 6-33D-A3
[sold] Astatic 1101d Tetrad/shroud figure T1 =Astatic 361d, Motorola 59C62971A01, Tetrad 1-11D-M1
{2} 1103d figure T2
{1} 1115d figure T5
[1] Astatic 1122d Tetrad/shroud figure T12 =Philco 325-1513-44, Tetrad 2-41D-P5X
{1} 1129d figure T18
[1] Astatic 1140d Tetrad/shroud figure T8 =Astatic 1148d, Tetrad 3-11d-(s11, s11a), 3-41d-(s3, s3a, s3b), 3-41d-s22, 3-gld-(s7, s8), VM 43151-(L, V, C),
[1] Astatic 1142d Tetrad/shroud Gray cartridge figure T40 =Astatic 1221d, Sears Roebuck 33-474-0, 33-451-0, 88641, 88702, Tetrad 3-23d-w3, 3-20d-w8
[1] Astatic 1146d Tetrad/shroud figure T12 =Astatic 379d, Philco 35-2877-2, Tetrad 3-41d-p8, 3-41d-p8x
{1} 1150d figure T5
[1] 1163d Tetrad figure T18 =Astatic 1232d, =Admiral 940M1-(3, 4, 5), 78c247-3, Sylvania 11-26626-1, 11-26627-(2, 3), Westinghouse 670L518b01, Tetrad 5-32D-M1-5, 5-34D-M1-4, 5-42D-M1-3, 5-42D-27-2, 5-43D-27-2, 5-22d-SN4, 5-42d-SN1, 5-43d-SN(4, 5), 5-c3d-247-3, 2-e3d-sn4
{1} 1165d figure T5
{1} 1175d figure T18
[sold] Astatic 1178d Tetrad/shroud figure T24 =Airline 38605-A50, Astatic 607-d, Tetrad 6-21D-MW-1
[1] Astatic 1179d Tetrad/shroud figure T8 =Astatic 1236d, Packard Bell 63074, V-M 43151 (E, F, U), Tetrad 6-21d(s5, s14) 6-51-s19, 6-51s-s18, 6-cld-s6
[sold] Astatic 1187d Tetrad/shroud figure T26 =Astatic 365-d, 1168d, EV 5299D, Motorola 59-63643(A04), (A05), (A06) (A07), (A08), V-M 39676-a, Tetrad 6-31d-(m8, m11, m12), 6-11d-(m9, m13, m25)
{1} 1190d figure T5
[sold] Astatic 1201d Tetrad/shroud figure T12 =Astatic 375d, Philco 35-2877-1, V-M 35621-b, Tetrad 6-71d-p4, 6-11d-p4, 6-11s-p4
[1] Astatic 1235d Tetrad/shroud figure T16 =Admiral 700e1200-219, V-M 42870-g, 45106-e, Tetrad 6-11d-v24, 6-11d-v80, 6-71d-v83 ($37.59)
[1] Astatic 1254d Tetrad/shroud figure T30 =V-M 45163-t, Tetrad 2-a3d-111-17, 15-a3d-111-30
[2] Astatic Kit #7 replacement tetrad connector plugs

1101d1103d1115d, 1150d, 1165d, 1190d   1140d, 1179d
1122d, 1146d, 1201d   1235d381d, 1129d, 1163d, 1175d  1178d
1187d1254dZenith 142-1871142d

[1] EV-5102 =Admiral 409C78-2 =PF-P-431D Tetrad
[2] EV-5104D =Admiral 409C78-3 =Tetrad 6-T1LD-SN3 =PF-P-431D
[1] EV-5106D =Motorola 59C62971A01 =PF-P-439D Tetrad
[1] EV-5107D =Motorola 59C62971A02 =PF-P-439D Tetrad
[sold] EV-5108D =Motorola 59C63643A01 =PF-P-438D Tetrad
[1] EV-5109 =Motorola 59C63784A03 =PF-P-428 Tetrad
[1] EV-5109D =Motorola 59C63784A01 =PF-P-428D Tetrad
[1] EV-5111D =Motorola 59C63816A01 =PF-P-400 Tetrad
[2] EV-5112 =Philco 35-2876-1 =PF-P-429 Tetrad
[1] EV-5113 =Tetrad 2-41S-P3 =PF-P-429 Tetrad
[1] EV-5115D =Tetrad 6-11D-P4 =PF-P-430D
[1] EV-5116D =Tetrad 2-T3MD-P5X =PF-P-406D
[1] EV-5117 =VM 36487-A =PF-P-432 Tetrad
[1] EV-5119D =VM 36487-D =PF-P-408D Tetrad
[1] EV-5120D =VM 36487-E =PF-P-432D Tetrad
[1] EV-5121D =VM 36487-F =PF-P-408D Tetrad
[1] EV-5122 =Zenith 142-154 =PF-P-422 Tetrad
[1] EV-5252D =Tetrad 6-41D-P9 =PF-P-430D
[1] EV-5257D =Tetrad 8-13D-86-1
[1] EV-5258 =Tetrad 3-11S-P6 =PF-P-418D
[1] EV-5260D =Tetrad 3-41D-P8 =PF-P-406D
[1] EV-5261D =Tetrad 6-40D-U3 =PF-P-435D
[1] EV-5262D =Tetrad 6-10D-U2 =PF-P-435D
[1] EV-5263 =Tetrad 5-32S-B =PF-P-427
[1] EV-5265D =Tetrad 6-21D-V7 =PF-P-432D
[1] EV-5266D =Tetrad 2-11D-V8 =PF-P-408D
[1] EV-5267D =Tetrad 2-21D-V9 =PF-P-408D
[1] EV-5268D =Tetrad 5-31D-V10 =PF-P-432D
[1] EV-5275D =Tetrad 2-21D-BSR2 =PF-P-405D
[1] EV-5276D =Tetrad =PF-P-434D
[1] EV-5277D =Tetrad 2-62D-SNIX =PF-P-407D
[1] EV-5279 =Tetrad 4-62S-SN1 =PF-P-407
[1] EV-5279D =Tetrad 4-62D-SN1 =PF-P-407D
[1] EV-5280D =Tetrad 3-12D-SN1 =PF-P-417D
[sold] EV-5281D =Tetrad 6-31D-M8 ($29.95) =PF-P-435D
[1] EV-5282D =Tetrad 3-51D-01X =PF-P-406D
[1] EV-5284D =Tetrad 2-11D-J1 =PF-P-412D
[1] EV-5285D =Tetrad 3-41D-J2 =PF-P-412D
[1] EV-5286D =Tetrad 2-11D-J3 =PF-P-412D
[1] EV-5287D =Tetrad 3-61D-J4 =PF-P-412D
[1] EV-5288D =Tetrad 6-40D-BSR-1 =PF-P-434D
[1] EV-5299D =Tetrad 6-T1LD-M11 =PF-P-438D
[1] EV-5311D =Tetrad 2-71D-V13 =PF-P-408D
[2] EV-5312D =Tetrad 3-41D-J5 =PF-P-412D
[1] EV-5315D =Tetrad 5-31D-V14 =PF-P-432D
[1] EV-5317D =Tetrad 6-11D-V11 =PF-P-432D
[1] EV-5321D =Tetrad 6-41D-BSR3 =PF-P-434D
[1] EV-5322D =Tetrad 3-71S-P11 =PF-P-418D
[2] EV-5350 =Tetrad 2-CS-244-2 =PF-P-404D
[1] EV-5354D =Tetrad 3-23D-W3 =PF-P-420D
[1] EV-5359D =Tetrad 5-42D-27-2 =PF-P-424D
[1] EV-5383D =Tetrad 2-51D-AR1 =PF-P-411D
[4] EV-5388D =Tetrad 2-E2D-DC2 =PF-P-410D
[1] EV-5397D =Tetrad 3-41D-S3 =PF-P-412D
[2] EV-5401D =Tetrad 6-T1LD-M21 =PF-P-435D
[1] EV-5434D =Tetrad 6-21D-S14 =PF-P-426D
[2] EV-5450 Imports =PF-P-410D Tetrad
[1] EV-5525D =Tetrad 6-51D-BSR34 =PF-P-435D
[sold] EVG 121 cartridge =BSR (Tetrad) TC8, TC8S, TC8S-3, TC8SH, TC8SM, Jensen 121
[1] EVG 5104D stereo red socket figure T18 Tetrad cartridge on EVG-SN mount =Tetrad 6-T1LD-SN3; includes EV 3381DS LP/78 needle $37.59
[1] EVG 5117 stereo Tetrad cartridge in shroud = Astatic 385, Jensen 5117, Tetrad 6-21SV1, V-M 36487-A $37.59
[sold] EVG 5279 stereo tetrad green socket flipover needle glue/snap-in cartridge =Tetrad 4-62S-SN1
[1] EVG 5299D tetrad/shroud flipover needle red socket cartridge =Tetrad 6-TILD-M11 $37.59
[1] EVG 5302D red socket Tetrad cartridge on EVG-A STD-1/2" mount figure T5 =Tetrad 6-62D-C, Astatic 1199, 1199D, 1200, Emerson 965931, EV5365D, 5436D, Tetrad 6-52D-A, 6-52D-C, 6-52S-Z7, 6-53D-B includes LP/78 flipover needle
[1] EVG 5507D tetrad blue socket cartridge; BSR; in metal shroud, includes T3MD LP/78 flipover needle

Zenith part numbers that are Tetrad Cartridges
[1] 142-175 Tetrad gray socket cartridge; has LP/78 flipover needle, on EVG-A bracket for STD 1/2" mount figure T5
[1] 142-185 Tetrad black socket cartridge; single side needle, metal EVG-SN snap-in bracket figure T18
[sold] 142-187 Tetrad gray socket cartridge with LP/LP flipover needle in metal shroud figure T36 install P-409D adhesive mount in your old shroud
[1] P-179D exact same as part number 142-185 figure T18, metal EVG-SN snap-in bracket includes T10LD LP single side needle

Figure T5 =142-175Figure T18 =142-185 =P-179DFigure T36 =142-187

Click here for phono drive belts & idler wheels.

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