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IF Coils, RF Coils & Chokes available from KEN'S:
Power Filter Chokes for CB Radios and Police Scanner Radios
GPC-10 wirewound axial 3 Amp power filter choke, 5x16mm ferrite core repair hooked-up-backwards AM CB's $3.98
NF36 30mH External Add-on 2 Amp Power Filter Choke +Capacitor CB & Autosound ($8.98)
HLF7 5mH External Add-on 7 Amp Power Filter Choke Capacitor Kit CB & Autosound ($11.98)
HLF7: replace Electrodynamic Speaker Field Coil in Vintage Antique Radios (use with 220-1200 ohm 10W resistor)
S-1737 Demco AM30WBR2535 B+ filter choke replace speaker field coil in vintage antique radios ($15.00)
73C Uniden Cobra President Realistic Robyn Teaberry laminated core 13 mm board-mount filter choke ($4.98)
84C Uniden Cobra President Realistic Robyn Teaberry laminated core 16 mm board-mount filter choke ($5.98)
1002 Robyn/Uniden small Circuit Board mount power filter choke
4011 Uniden Cobra President Realistic Robyn Teaberry Bolt-Mount (30 mm centers) 1.5 mHy power filter choke ($4.98)
E19-001 Pace IP21-0031 wire lead 20 mm solder-tab power filter choke ($5.98)
E1202 Uniden Cobra President Realistic Teaberry; Robyn LL0223 laminated core 13 mm board-mount filter choke ($4.98)
ELA-17 Cybernet Hygain Midland Lafayette (20 mm solder-tab) power filter choke ($5.98)
310008 Uniden Cobra President Realistic Robyn Teaberry (20 mm solder-tab) power filter choke($5.98)
T-156 Uniden Cobra President Realistic Robyn Teaberry 20 mm solder-tab power filter choke ($5.98)
TF-018 Uniden Cobra President Realistic Robyn Teaberry laminated core 20 mm board-mount filter choke ($5.98)
Cobra 29 LTD Classic (20 mm solder-tab mount) power input choke T2: use 310008 or T-156 or TF-018 to replace
Cobra 29 with burned choke T2 may also need C123=25V-1000ufd Electrolytic & D23=1N4002 & D8=1N4002 Diodes
TF-022 Robyn/Uniden small Circuit Board mount power filter choke
TF-147 Robyn/Uniden small Circuit Board mount power filter choke
GPC-10NF-36 Power Filter Choke/Capacitor
Interference Filter Chokes
RFC-1 Snap Together Ferrite Core to wrap wires around (=Radio Shack 273-0104) ($8.61)
RFC-1 Snap Together Interference Filter
Ferrite Balun, Toroid, Choke, & RF Transformer Cores
PH86-1554 type T37-2 red 2-30Mhz 3/8" = .37" outside diameter "donut" toroid core $1,77
PH86-1555 type T50-2 red 2-30Mhz 1/2" =.5" outside diameter "donut" toroid core $2,34
PH86-1556 type T37-6 yellow 10-50Mhz 3/8" =.37" outside diameter "donut" toroid core$2,13
PH86-1557 type T50-6 yellow 10-50Mhz 1/2" =.5" outside diameter "donut" toroid core$2,13
PH86-1559 type T68-2 red 2-30Mhz 11/16" =.68" outside diameter "donut" toroid core $2,13
PH86-1560 type T37-10 black 30-100Mhz 3/8" =.37" outside diameter "donut" toroid core $2,34
PH86-1561 type T50-10 black 30-100Mhz 1/2" = .5" outside diameter "donut" toroid core$2,13
PH86-1563 type FT37-43 wideband 3/8" = .37" outside diameter "donut" toroid core $2,13
PH86-1565 type FT50-43 wideband black 1/2" = .5" outside diameter "donut" torroid core $2,13
PH86-1567 type T80-2 red 13/16" = .8" outside diameter "donut" ferrite toroid core $3,54
PH86-1570 ferrite 12/pak beads for RF noise supression $2,13
PH86-1575 type BN43-202 ferrite 2-hole balun core transistor linears $3,24
PH86-1577 type BN43-2402 small 2-hole ferrite balun core $1,98
FT-43 style =BN43-202 coreT-37 style toroid coreT-80 style toroid core86-1570 RF Beads
Non-Tunable Coils & Chokes
NS-1503 Final Coil 3-1/2 turns (no slug) =L31-PB042 board $4.44
LL-0096 Final Coil 5-1/2 turns (no slug) =LC-119; L11 Robyn AM500 $4.44
LL-0066 =LD-057 Transmit Buffer Torroid L32/L35-SB510D & 138XLR; =LD-096 Cobra 044-053-9-002 L44-148GTL, bin HW-D4-118 $9.80
LD-098 choke coils L39 & L42 148GTL Grant (1R0A 20 turns on 4x12mm non-ferrous core) bin HW-D4-16C/D $3.98
LL-0064 =LD-018 1R0C axial 1.0uHy choke; L31/L33/L34 in Robyn SB510D & SB520D bin HW-D-13F ($3.98)
LL-0070 = LD-027 axial 21 turns on ferrite core LZ-002 L43/44 in SB510D & SB520D 1uH HW-D-14C ($3.98)
1.5uHy (measured) axial 20 turns on 4x11mm non-ferrous core HW-D-14E ($3.98)
LL-0160 axial 24 turns on 5x15mm non-ferrous core, 1R0C CH501/502 in Robyn 440 HW-D-13F (3.98)
PH86-1422 epoxy molded RF Choke 1 uHy Q=45 920Ma DC $2,07
LL-0101 =1R5 radial lead 5x10mm 1.5 uHy choke Cobra/Robyn/Uniden CB's HW-B2-20A ($3.98)
LL-0156 =2R2K radial lead 5x10mm 2.2 uHy choke Cobra/Robyn/Uniden CB's HW-B2-20B ($3.98)
PH86-1420 epoxy molded RF choke 2.2 uhy Q=55 750Ma DC $2,07
PH86-1421 epoxy molded RF choke 4.7 uhy Q=70 620Ma DC $2,07
LL-0158 =6R8K radial lead 5x10mm 6.8 uHy choke Cobra/Robyn/Uniden CB's HW-B2-20C ($3.98)
PH86-1424 epoxy molded RF Choke 10 uHy Q=65 500Ma DC $2,07
PH86-1423 epoxy molded RF Choke 22 uhy Q=50 410Ma DC $2,07
LL-0049 =470K radial lead 5x10mm 47 uHy choke Cobra/Robyn/Uniden CB's HW-B2-20D ($3.98)
PH86-1425 epoxy molded RF Choke 47 uhy Q=40 340Ma DC $2,07
PH86-1426 epoxy molded RF Choke 100 uHy Q=30 275Ma DC =RadioShack 273-102, (test wireless dog fence) $2,07
PH86-1427 epoxy molded RF Choke 220 uhy Q=60 155Ma DC $2,07
PH86-1428 epoxy molded RF Choke 470 uHy Q=60 126Ma DC $2,07
PH86-1430 epoxy molded RF Choke 1000 uHy =1 mHy Q=100 100Ma DC $2,07
LL-0188 =103J radial (12 mm diameter x 17 mm tall) 10 mHy choke Q=100 Cobra/Robyn/Uniden CB's HW-B2-13C ($4.98)
LL-0073 =563K radial lead 10x14mm 56 mHy choke Cobra/Robyn/Uniden CB's HW-B2-7B ($4.98)
LL-0074 =683K radial lead (10 mm diameter x 14 mm tall) 68 mHy choke Cobra/Robyn/Uniden CB's HW-B2-7C ($4.98)
0104K Uniden Cobra President Realistic Robyn Teaberry 100 mHy circuit board mount power filter choke
Ceramic Resonators & Crystal IF Filters
BFB-455 Ceramic Resonator/Filter "2 leg" 455Khz bin E7A ($4,98)
BFU-455K2 Ceramic Resonator/Filter "2-leg" bin E336A ($4,98)
CSB-455E not avail have used BFU-455K2 to repair infrared remote controls
CFM-455D IF filter 4 pins +ground tab use CFM-455E
CFM-455E IF filter 4 pins +gnd, IP31-0052 police scanner ($6.98)
CFU455H IF 3-pin Filter Robyn 110008, IP31-0048, most AM CB's ($6.98)
CFU455H3 IF 3-pin Filter
CFW455 IF 5-pin Filter expensive AM CB's; similar LF-H6 & KF-455R salv
EFC-L455K IF Filter 4 pins + gnd tab; Robyn 402002 police scanner
LF-B6 IF 3-pin Filter
LF-C15 IF Filter 4 pins +gnd tab; IP31-0045 police scanner
LF-H6 IF 3-pin Filter Robyn 500012
SFU-455 Ceramic IF Filter "3-leg" 3db bandwidth=10Khz ($5.98)
PB-1494 FIX/RF Processor board for Yeasu FT101EE/277EE has XF-30A 3180kHz SSB filter ($50)
FL-034 Uniden 7.8mHz crystal SSB bandpass filter ($39)
FX-07800C 7.8mHz SSB bandpass filter Pace 1000M & 1000B ($39)
HF7 SSB 7.8Mhz filter Robyn SS747B & Pace 1000M/1000B ($39)
K07F-4A 7.8mHz SSB filter ($39)
UF-074A =510024 SSB bandpass filter 7.8Mhz Robyn SB510D & Cobra 138XLR ($39)
Uni-7.8mHz =520021 crystal 3-leg IF filter SB520D, FT2 FL-046 Washington ($19)
YF-7800 NDK 7.8mHz SSB filter ($39)
K08F22A SSB bandpass filter 8.0Mhz Ham Transceiver ($39)
K08F24A SSB bandpass filter 8.0Mhz Robyn Ham Transceiver ($39)
[sold] MCF-10M04DS-UNI SSB 10.695 bandpass filter ($39)
FL-090 =10M4S =143-012-9-001 for Cobra 146 same as MCF-10M04DS-UNI
SFE10.7MA =86-1448 Ceramic IF Filter; dual conversion AM CBs ($7.36)
SFE10.7MS Ceramic IF Filter "107H7" Robyn 500011 AM500D
10M-7A UNI =BFLY0055001 =FL-055 Uni; HC18/w style 3-pin IF filter
FEC-113-3 11.2735mHz SSB Crystal Bandpass Filter ($39)
XF-309 11.2735mHz SSB Crystal Bandpass Filter ($39)
Tunable Coils
LL-0095 Final Coil 2-1/2 turns with tuning slug (Jackson) =L10/L15 in AM500D ($5.98)
LL-0106 Final Coil 3-1/2 turns with tuning slug ($5.98)
LL-0062 Final Coil 4-1/2 turns with tuning slug =L36-Cobra2000 & RobynSB505D ($5.98)
NS-1753 Final Coil 5-1/2 turns with tuning slug ($5.98)
[out] 4202-JWMiller Adjustable RF Choke 1-2.5uHy ($5.62)
[16] 4204-JWMiller Adjustable RF Choke 5-12uHy ($5.62)
[4] 4205-JWMiller Adjustable RF Choke 10-25uHy ($5.62)
Robyn GT7C electro-magnet solenoid channel change coil sold-out
Demco (mostly Tube-type) radio coils
20-2 =DMT103 (small=Chalet Receive Mixer)
20-5 fits printed circuit board
20-5 =TR-101 printed circuit, T114 transmit 27mHz Driver Plate
20-6 =DC201 Standard 455kHz IF snap-clip-mount
20-7 =DC202 Standard/Super/Ravelle23 bandpass 6 or 10mHz, snap-clip
20-8 =DMC202 27mHz Antenna Travelier/Ravelle6Chrome/Ravelle23 printed circuit
20-10 =DMC-204 snap-clip mount 27mHz Bandpass Ravelle6Chrome/Ravelle23
20-11=DMC206 =DMC207 =DMC208 Travelier 600kHz IF snap-clip mount
20-12 =DMC212A Driver Plate 27mHz Ravelle6/23/SuperXmtr snap-clip mount
20-13 =DMC213 27mHz xmit output Tan/Chrome Ravelle 6/23. Travelier
20-14 =DPA303 27mHz Input Tuning DPA65 snap-clip mount
20-15 =DMC-500A Ravelle6Chrome 455kHz IF center-tap primary, snap-clip mount
20-16 =DMC-501(A) Ravelle6Chrome 455kHz IF circuit board
20-17 =DRA27 Super Antenna Input 27mHz snap-clip mount
20-19 =DRO105 snap-clip mount Super 10mHz Variable Oscillator
20-20 =DCP-6 Super CAP Converter Mixer
20-21 =DR0-106 snap-clip mount Super Receive Variable Oscillator Output
20-26 mounts to chassis using snap-clip
20-27 mounts to chassis using snap-clip
20-29 fits printed circuit board
20-30 fits printed circuit board
20-31 mounts to chassis using snap-clip
20-32 fits printed circuit board
20-34 fits printed circuit board
20-35 mounts to chassis using snap-clip
20-38 fits printed circuit board
20-41 fits printed circuit board
20-42 fits printed circuit board
20-46 fits printed circuit board
20-48 mounts to chassis using snap-clip
20-49 fits printed circuit board
20-55 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
20-56 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
20-58 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
20-63 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
20-64 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
20-66 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
20-69 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
20-70 (small) mounts to printed circuit board
119-67-38P 455kHz IF can fits on circuit board
L01-29B bolt-mount can
L01-39 bolt-mount can
L01-67 bolt-mount can
L02-41 bolt-mount can
L02-42 bolt-mount can
L02-74 bolt-mount can
L02-78 bolt-mount can
L05-03 bolt-mount can
L11-32 bolt-mount can
L17-17 bolt-mount can
L17-18 bolt-mount can
L17-28 bolt-mount can
BLUE HEX SLUG 6x10MM tuning slug fits Japan Tube CB IF & mixer coils $1.00
BROWN HEX SLUG 6x10MM tuning slug fits Japan Tube CB IF & mixer coils $1.00
bolt mount IF can

usage key:
C2 =Cobra29GTL (Sams CB217 schematic; Uniden PC77 similar; board numbers different)
C5 =CourierRebel-40A (see Sams CB131 for schematic)
C21 =Cobra21/25GTL (schematic Sams CB207; Uniden PC66 similar, board numbers different)
C25 =Cobra25Classic(china)
C29 =Cobra29Classic(china)Oct'92
C89 =Cobra89XLR (Sams CB124 schematic)
C138 =Cobra 138XLR (Sams CB126 schematic)
C142 =Cobra142GTL (Sams CB219 schematic)
C146 =Cobra 146GTL
C148 =Cobra148GTL (Sams CB249 schematic; Uniden Grant & Grant XL similar)
E4 =Export Board SRT3600-10 Galaxy Saturn
E5 =Export Board EPT360010B
E-010 =Export Board PB010 (Cobra 148GTL-DX, Superstar 360FM)
E-042 =Export Board PB042 (President Jackson)
E-999 =Export Board PC999 (President Grant)
G-IV =Courier Galaxy IV
G-V =Courier Galaxy V & VI
R500 =Robyn AM500D (Sams CB199 schematic)
R505 =Robyn SB505D (Sams CB247 schematic)
R510 =Robyn SB510D (Sams CB171 schematic)
R520 =Robyn SB520D (Sams CB170 schematic)
U122 =Uniden PC122 (similar to Cobra 146GTL schematic)

Popular "Export" coils $5.00 =salv if no price shown in this paragraph
[1] 12000 small slug-black L1--G-V, L1-E4, L1-G-V(=LA120) (2160-44)
[sold] 12001 L2/13-E4 L2/13-G-V(=LA277)
[2] 12002 blue cap slug L4--G-V, L3/4-E5, L4-G-V
[sold] 12003 red slug; L5-G-IV L5-E4, IF can, L7-Galaxy DX2527 -->
[1] 12004 open coil small black slug L6-E4
[sold] 12005 small slug-black L7-G-V, L7-E4, L7-G-V(=LA260) (2160-51) $10.00
[1] 12006 small slug-black in-G-IV
{2} 12007 small slug-green L10/44-E4, L10/44-G-V(=LA350), L11-G-V(=LA166)
[sold] 12008 coil L12-G-V, L12-G-V(=LA350) nla
[sold] 12009 L14-G-V, L14-G-V(=LA351), (2166-93)
[sold] 12010 small slug-red L18-G-V, L41?-G-V, L46-G-V(=LA166)
[sold] 12011 coil in G-IV
[2] 12012 small 14mHz coil, small slug-black E4-L19/20/21, (2166-98) location HW-D4-111
[1] 12013 small coil. small slug-black L28-G-V
[2] 12014 small slug-blue L40-G-V, L40-E4, L40-G-V(=LA352) (2166-97)
[sold] 12015 small slug-red L43-G-V, L43-G-V(=LA220) (2166-94)
[sold] 12016 L19-G-V, ? in E4, L19-G-V(=LA265), L26-G-V
[sold] 12017 L17-G-V =(LA165), Waxed VCO, exports: EPT360014B, PB010, PB042, PC999 (2166-95)
[sold] 12018 in G-IV
[sold] 12019 in G-IV
[sold] 12020 in G-IV
[sold] 12021 in G-IV
[1] 12022 =LA259 small slug-orange L8-E4, L8-G-V (2166-53)
RF & IF Coils in popular recent Cobra CB radios
KEI105AP =LA029: L1-C29/KEPC-255-C, L3/L4-C25
KEI106AP =LA029: L2-C29/KEPC-255-C, L1-C25
KEI107AP =LA138: L3-C29/KEPC-255-C, L2-C25
KEI108AP =LA180: L4-C29/KEPC-255-C, L19-C25
KEI109AP =LA277: L5-C29
KEI110AP =LA274: L6-C29/KEPC-255-C
KEI111AP : L7-C29/KEPC-255-C, L5-C25
KEI112AP =LA204: L8-C29/KEPC-255-C, L6-C25
KEI113AP =LA207: L9-C29/KEPC-255-C
KEI114AP =LA208 xmit buffer: L17-C29/KEPC-255-C, L14-C25
KEI115AP =LA201: L18-C29/KEPC-255-C, L16-C25
[out] KEI116AP =LA275-VCO: L19-C29/KEPC-255-C
KEI117AP : L20-C29/KEPC-255-C, L17-C25
KEI118AP =LA166: L22-C29/KEPC-255-C
KEI119AP =LA182: L23-C29/KEPC-255-C
KEI120AP : L24-C29/KEPC-255-C
KEI-121SP=vco: L15-C25
KEI122AP: L7-C25
KEI123AP =LA198 dual xmit bandpass: L21-C29/KEPC-255-C, L18-C25
KEI#hidden =LA217: L24-C29
[4] HH74A Robyn SS747 (455kHz style black slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 30
[4] HH74M Robyn T311-SS747 (white slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 31
[6] HH74N Robyn T401-SS747 (white slug) (can=10x10x13mm) HW-D-4 4th row 2nd drawer bin 17
[4] HH74W (455kHz style black slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 5th drawer bin 32
Toko LA-series coils for older Cobra & Uniden-built CB radios
LA001 =L1 on PC-013
LA004 =Miller CBS700 (NS?) TKXN-6711BM KNX-6711BM KXN-6711BM KXN-6711BN LA-4 TKXN-6711BM
LA008 =T17 on PC-013 =Miller CBS702 (NS?)
LA009 =Miller CBS121, LA109, TKN-13638HM, TKXN-34385HM, TRXN-34385HM, G-1301, GT-13-1, K-13638BM, K-13638HM, KXN-13638, KXN-13638BM, KXN-13638HM, LAAY-009001, T-1301; T15 & T16 on PC-013
LA016 =Miller CBS135TC, LA034, LA043, TKAC-20621, TKAC-22536, TKAC-22536IE, LAAY-016001, LAAY-043001
LA019 =Miller CBS508-1TC, TKAC-21165A, ETC-15062, K-6184A. KAC-6184, KAC-6184A LAAY-019001, 02-013, 17143040, 2-0046
LA021 =Miller CBS711TC, LA041. TKXC-22534BU, TKXN-22534BM, TKXN-22534BU, LAAY-041001
LA024 =Miller CBS735-T (NS?) TKXN-21017ZVI, TRXN-21017ZVI
LA025 =Miller CBS702-C (NS?) TKXC-22017AO TKXC-22017GN
LA026 =Miller CBS743-T (NS?) TKXN-22018GN TKXN-220186N
LA027 =Miller CBS518-7TC (NS?) TKAC-22015A TKAC-221015A
LA028 =Miller CBS712-TC (NS?)
LA029 (27MHz rec) =LA445, Cobra 060-023-9-001, TKXN-22160BU, Cobra 066-017-9-001, Miller CBS740T, Cobra 060-028-9-001, Robyn LL0050, L1-R500 & R510 & R520 & C21 & C89 & C138; =L2-C2 & PA340AB; =T1-PC013; L7-E999 $5.40
LA034 =LA016 etc
LA038 =Miller CBS512-7TC, TKAC-22526N, Robyn LL0051, Cobra 060-018-9-001, Uniden LLAY-038001, =L1=R505 & C142; =L7&L39-R510 & R520 & C138 23MHzN.B. {Cobra 2000 freq counter} $5.40
LA039 =T7 on PC013 455KHz IF
LA040 =Miller 8535, 455KHz IF, TMC-20846AC, TMC-20846AC, T-734, YCC-20846AC, YMC-20846AC, T8 on PC013
LA041 =Miller CBS711TC TKXC-25534BU 066-020-9-002
LA042 =T14 on PC-013 =Miller CBS703-C (NS?) TKXC-22535BM, TKXC-22535BU, TKXN-22535BM, Uniden LLAY-042001
LA043 =LA016 etc. Cobra 066-020-9-003
LA046 =T11 on PC-013 =Miller CBS773TC, TKXC-23169F, KXC-23169F, LAAY-046001
LA047 =Miller CBS155C, TKXC-23170Z, KXC-23170Z, TCXC-23170Z
LA051 046-028-9-001 in stock
[out] LA060 Robyn LL0054, L2-R520
LA068 =Miller CBS515-7TC, TKAC-23360ZVI, TKAN-23360ZVI, Uniden LAAY-047001, Uniden LLAY-068001
LA069 =Miller CBS713-TC, TKXC-2344N, TKXC-2344NTX, TKXC-23444N, TKXC-2344NTX TKXC-23444X, Uniden LLAY-069001
LA073 =T5 on PC013 455KHz IF =Miller CBS507-4 Cobra 060-016-9-003, LAAY-073001 LN-20844BM, RLN-20B44BM, YEN-20844BM, YLN-20844BM, YLN-208448M
LA077 =Miller CBS714-TC (NS?) TKX-14299A, TKXC-14299A, TKXC-142299A, K-14299A, Uniden LLAY-077001, 14299A
LA080 =Miller CBS715-TC (NS?)
LA082 =Miller CBS716-TC (NS?) TKXC-24117BBH, Uniden LLAY-082001
LA087 =Miller CBS704-C (NS?) TKXC-24122X, Uniden LLAY-087001
LA088 =LA446 L20-C2 & PC900AB/C & PA340AB; L7-C21 =Miller CBS717TC 27MHz Xmit Mixer; Cobra 066-019-9-002, TKXC-24124N, Uniden LLAY-088001, 8000-00011-038
LA091 =Miller CBS718-TC (NS?), Uniden LLAY-091001
LA094 =Miller CBS513-7TC (NS?) TKAC-24133N, Uniden LLAY-094001
LA096 =Miller CBS511-7TC 7.8MHz, Robyn LL0052, TKAC-24137N, Uniden LLAY-096001, L8-R510D & R520 & C138 $5,40
LA103 046-032-9-011
LA104 =Miller CBS738-T (NS?) TKXN-20979A LAAY-104001 LD-104
LA106 =LA447 =Miller 8517, L5-C21; L7-C2 & PC900AB 1st 455KHz IF
LA107 =Miller 8517 (see LA106 above)
LA108 =Miller CBS701 (NS?)
LA109 =Miller CBS121
LA120 046-037-9-001 TKAC-24073F =12000 L1-C146 & E-010 & G-V
[sold] LA138 =LA427 L2-C21 PC247 & PC252; L3-C2 PC900AB & PA340AB 27MHz Rx 046-024-9-001 066-035-9-001
LA141 =Miller CBS108-T, ETI-106, Uniden LLAY-141001
LA146 L210-C5
LA148 L208/209-C5
LA152 =L3-R510 &R520 & C138 27MHz Receive Ant LL0053 060-023-9-002 $5.40
LA153 L203-C5
LA154 L202-C5
LA155 double 24MHzN.B. L2-R510 & R520 & C138, Robyn LL0054, Cobra 060-026-9-001 $10.92
LA156 double 27MHz receive L4-R510 &R520 & C138, Robyn LL0055, Cobra 060-023-9-004 $10.92
LA157 double 27MHz Xmit bandpass L37-R510 & R520 & Cobra 138XLR; Robyn LL0056 $10.92
LA159 C5-L207
LA160 L27-R505 & C148; Robyn LL0061, Cobra 060-025-9-008, XmitMix34Mhz (can substitute LA195)
LA163 L6=R500 & C2 &C89, L3-C148 455KHz, Robyn LL0082, Cobra 060-022-9-001 $3.60
LA164 C5-L205
[sold] LA165 =LA448 T12-G-IV(=ST713), L13-U122, L14-C146, L15-C21, L17-G-V(=12017) L18-E-010 & E-999, L12-E-042
LA166 (17MHz VCO in C5); (also L22-C29 =KEI118AP) L11-G-V(=12007), L13/15/39-C146, similarL42-G-V(12012), , L46-G-V(=12010), L17/19/54-E-010, L17/19-E999, L22-C2 & PC-900AB & PA340AB out
LA167 044-039-9-001 C5-another VCO coil (LA167 for UHIC001; use LA165 if changing to UHIC003)
LA168 044-039-9-002
LA178 7.8MHz; L5-R520 & C139; (not in R510), Robyn LL0075, Cobra 060-025-9-009 $5.40
LA179 (23MHzN.B) Robyn LL0057, L2-R505 & C142 & C148; L5-R510, L6-R520 060-025-9-010 046-018-9-002 $5.76
LA180 (24MHzN.B.) =Miller CBS715TC, Robyn LL0083, L3-R500 & C2 & C89, L4-C2, L19-C21 060-024-9-001 $4.02
LA181 (24MHzN.B.) (10.695MHz) =LA450, Robyn LL0084, L4-R500 & C2 &C89; L3/4-C21, L1-PC900AB & PA340AB $4.02
LA182 (10.240 Osc), Robyn LL0085, L5-R500 & C2 & C89; L23-C2 & PC900AB/C & PA340AB 060-024-9-003 $4.02
LA183 455KHz, Robyn LL0086, L7-R500 & C2 &C89, 060-024-9-004 $3.60
LA184 455KHz, Robyn LL0087, L8-R500 & C2 & C89 060-024-9-005 $3.60
LA185 (dual 27MHz xmit bandpass) Robyn LL0088, L17-R500 & C2 & C89 060-024-9-006 $8.22
LA186 (36MHz PLL Osc) Robyn LL0089, L24-R500 & C2 060-024-9-007 $4.02
LA187 (37MHz VCO) Robyn LL0090, L19-JohnQ, L20-R500 & C2 & C89 060-024-0-009 $3.60
LA188 (37MHz VCO) Robyn LL0091, L20-JohnQ, L21-R500D & C2 & C89 060-024-9-009 $4.02
LA189 (27MHz) Robyn LL0092, L16-R500 & C2 & C89 060-024-9-010 $4.02
LA190 (dual 38MHz tripler) Robyn LL0058, L24-R510 & R520 & C138 060-025-9-011 $10.20
LA191 =LA216, Robyn LL0059 (loop bandpass) L17-R510 & R520 & Cobra 138XLR 046-018-9-004 $5.10
LA193 (10.695MHz) Robyn LL0093, L18-R500 & C2 & C89 060-024-9-011 $3.60
LA194 dual Robyn LL0094 L2-R500 & C2 & C89 060-024-9-012 $8.22
LA195 (34mHz) [substitute=LA160 35MHz] Robyn LL0060, L14-R505, L15-C142; L16-R510 & R520 & 138XLR, L20-C148 {Cobra 2000 freq counter} $5.40
LA197 Cobra 060-027-9-001
[sold] LA198 =LA451 (dual 27MHz XmitMix) L18-C21, L21-C2 & PC-900AB & PA340AB 060-029-9-001
LA200 Cobra 060-029-9-002
[sold] LA201 046-024-9-002
LA202 Cobra 060-029-9-003
LA204 =LA431 (2nd 455KHz) L6-C21, L8-C2 & PC900AB & PA340AB; =L3/11-PC247 & PC252
LA207 (last 455KHz IF) L9-C2 & PC900AB & PA340AB 046-025-9-001
[sold] LA208 060-029-9-004 TKXC-24341AC
LA211 Cobra 060-029-9-005
[sold] LA216 (Robyn LL0162 L13-R505) Cobra 0600309002
LA217 (7.8MHz carrier shift; 11MHz also) Robyn LL0163, L11/16-C146, L17/L19-R505 & C142; L24-C2 & PC900AB/C & PA340AB $4.92
LA218 =L20-R505 & C142 (35MHz) Robyn LL0164, Cobra 060-030-9-004 $4.92
LA219 (7.8Mhz) Cobra 060-030-9-005, L48-C148, L26-R505, Robyn LL0165
[sold] LA220 Cobra 060-030-9-006, Robyn LL0166, (27Mhz) L28-R505, L46-C148 & E999, L38-C146, L53-E-010, L43-G-V(=12015)
LA223 Cobra 060-030-9-007, (7.8Mhz) in C142
LA233 Cobra 060-029-9-006
LA234 Cobra 060-029-9-007
LA236 Cobra 060-029-9-008
LA237 L2-E-999
LA250 L6-C146
LA254 (27MHz) Cobra 060-030-9-008, L45-C148, L29-R505, Robyn LL0167
LA255 (7.8MHz) Robyn LL0168, L3-R505 & C142 060-030-9-009 $5.76
[6]LA257 Robyn LL0170 (7.8MHz Mixer) L6-R505 & C142, L8-C148 060-030-9-011 $5.46
[2]LA258 Robyn LL0171 (7.8MHz Mixer) L7-R505 & C142 & C148 060-030-9-012 $5.46
LA259 (27MHz) =12022, Robyn LL0172, L5-C146, L8-R505 & C142, L6-C148 L9-E-010 & E-999 $5.46
LA260 (27MHz) Robyn LL0173, L5-C148, L7-G-V(=12005) L4-C146, L8-E-010 &E-999, L9-R505 060-030-9-014 TKXC-25114N
LA262 (7.8MHz) Robyn LL0175, L5-R505 & C142, 060-030-9-016 $5.46
LA264 Cobra 060-031-9-001 C148-L15 455Khz out of stock
LA265 Cobra 060-031-9-002 L8=VCO-C146, L31=7.8Mhz-C148
LA266 Cobra 060-031-9-003 (7.8Mhz) L30=VCO-C148 L19/20-C146
LA267 Cobra 060-031-9-004 (34MHz) L23-C148
[5]LA268 Cobra 060-031-9-005 (7.8MHz) L9-C148 $5.76
[sold]LA269 Cobra 060-031-9-006 (7.8MHz) L10-C148 $5.76
LA270 Cobra 060-031-9-007 (7.8Mhz) L12-C148
[sold-out] LA271 Cobra 060-031-9-008 (7.8Mhz) L14-C148
[sold-out] LA272 Cobra 060-031-9-009 (455Khz) L13-C148
LA273 Cobra 060-031-9-010 (34MHz) L22-C148, L17-C146
LA274 (10.695MHz IF) L6-C2 & PC-900AB, Cobra 046-025-9-002
[sold-out] LA275 VCO L19-C2 & PC900AB/C & PA340AB Cobra 046-025-9-003
LA276 =LA454, (455KHZ IF) L21-C21, Cobra 046-024-9-004
LA277 (10.695MHz IF) (also recent L5-C29 =KEI109AP). L2/L5-C2, L2/9-C146, L2/14-E-010, L14-E-999, L13-G-V(=12001)
LA279 Cobra 046-027-9-001, in C146, L7-E-010
LA280 Cobra 046-027-9-002
LA281 Cobra 046-027-9-003
LA281 Cobra 046-027-9-004
LA283 Cobra 046-027-9-005
LA286 Cobra 046-031-9-001
LA296 Cobra 047-070-9-001
LA307 Cobra 046-030-9-001
LA308 Cobra 047-004-9-001
LA310 Cobra 046-032-9-016
LA316 Cobra 046-032-9-010
LA317 Cobra 046-032-9-009
LA318 Cobra 046-032-9-008
LA319 Cobra 046-032-9-007
LA351 L10-C146, L14-G-V(12009), L15-E-010 & E-999, Cobra 046-037-9-003
LA352 L37-C146, L40-G-V(=12014), L52-E-010, L45-E-999 (similar to LA254-add C162)
LA353 Cobra 046-036-9-005
LA354 Cobra L13-E-010 & E-999
LA355 Cobra 046-036-9-003
LA356 Cobra 046-036-9-004
LA357 Cobra 046-036-9-006
LA373 Cobra 047-004-9-002 TKXC-28319Y
LA374 Cobra 047-004-9-003
LA--? Cobra 047-049-9-007 16.5Mhz VCO for 20+A
LA--? Cobra 047-073-9-008 VCO for 19+A
LA427 =LA138, (27MHz Rec) L3-PC-900AC, Cobra 046-024-9-001
LA431 =LA204, (455KHz 2nd IF) on PC-900AC, Cobra 046-024-9-003, RMC-41997N
LA445 =LA029, L2-PC-900AC Cobra 066-017-9-001, TKXN-22160
LA446 =LA088 (27MHz Tx) L20-PC-900AC, Cobra 066-019-9-002, TKXC-24124N
LA447 =LA106, (1st 455KHz IF) L21-PC-900AC, Cobra 060-019-9-002, 060-021-9-003
LA448 =LA165, =ST713, Cobra 044-046-9-001 VTKNXA-XT231ZO-TW
LA449 (10.695MHz IF) L4-PC-900AC
LA450 =LA181, (10.695MHz) L1-PC-900AC, Cobra 060-024-9-002, TKAC-19073N
LA451 =LA198 (27MHz double) L21-PC-900AC, Cobra 060-029-9-001
LA452 =LA201, (17MHz) L18-PC-900AC Cobra 046-024-9-002
LA453 =LA208, (27MHz Tx) L17-PC-900AC, Cobra 060-029-9-004, TKXC-24341AC
LA454 =LA276 (455KHz) Cobra 046-024-9-004
LA469 L22-PC-900AC
LA476 (last 455KHz IF) PC-900AC
LB013 Miller CBS416-7TC, LLBY-013001, 113CC-2804AC
LB137 L37/38-E-010, L22/23-E-042, L29/38-E-999, T16/17-G-IV, L15=TRC453
LB209 L39-E-010, L14/15/16/24-E-042, L27/30-E-999
LB223 L21/22/23-E-010, L24-E-999
LB224 L4/5-E-010 & E-999
LB229 L6-E-010 & E-999
LB230 L22222/25-E-999
LB231 L23/26-E-999
LB309 L41-E-042
LB335 L5-E-042, L3-U122, T2-G-IV(=ST703)
LB336 L6-E-042
LB337 L7-E-042
LB339 L42-E-042, L35/36-U122, T23/24-G-IV(=ST735)
LB340 L43-E-042
LB341 L8-E-042, L6/8-U122, G-IV-T5/7
LB342 L11/37-U122, L9-E-042, T10-G-IV(=ST711 or T21=ST408?)
LB343 L2-U122, L3-E-042, T1-G-IV(=ST302)
LB344 L13-E-042
LB438 L10-U122, T8-G-IV(=ST710)
LB439 L4-U122, T3-G-IV
LB440 L34-U122, T25-G-IV=ST734)
LB451 L5-U122, T4-G-IV(=ST705) (not in 79-265)
LB452 L14-U122, T13-G-IV(=ST714)
LB464 L38-U122, T11-G-IV(=ST714)
LA-185LA-186RF or IF coils
[4] 0 (455kHz style red slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 29
[4+] A1178(A/B/C) A (455kHz style white slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 28
[4] AM1FT (455kHz style black slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 26
[50+] 006A (black slug, can=10x10x13.4mm) HW-D-4 3rd row 6th drawer bin 9 LL-0140 = L102 Robyn 440
[50+] 007A (blue 455kHz style slug, can=10x10x13.4mm) HW-D-4 3rd row 6th drawer bin 10 LL-0141 = L103/104 Robyn 440
[50+] 008A (yellow 455kHz style slug, can=10x10x13.4mm) HW-D-4 3rd row 6th drawer bin 11 LL-0142 = L105 Robym 440
[40+] WK104 Toko two 455kHz style slugs (can=10x20x12.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 2nd drawer bin 13A
[50+] 0205 TRS coil (455kHz style red slug) (can=7.3x7.3x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 3rd drawer bin 22
[50+] 0206 TRS coil (455kHz style black slug) (can=7.3x7.4x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 2nd drawer bin 14
[50+] 0207 TRS coil (455kHz style white slug) (can=7.3x7.4x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 2nd drawer bin 15
[50+] 0208 TRS coil (black slug) (can=7.3x7.3x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 2nd drawer bin 18
[50+] 0209 TRS coil (black slug) (can=7.3x7.3x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 2nd drawer bin 19
[50+] 0210 TRS coil (black slug) (can=7.3x7.3x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 3rd drawer bin 21
[50+] 0211 TRS coil (black slug) (can=7.3x7.3x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 3rd drawer bin 20
[50+] 0212 TRS coil (black slug) (can=7.3x7.3x10.8mm) HW-D-4 4th row 3rd drawer bin 23
[10+] 0602A (455kHz style yellow slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 27
[12] 0602B (455kHz style pink slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 25

Miller Reverse Cross Reference Listing
12-C12 E018176
12-C30 DP-101 E017846 1655 4-0010
20A156RBI CO-9
20A225RBI CO-46 9C04
20A227RBI CO-5
70F106AI CH-103 LF4-010 LF4-010K 010
70F226AI E003178 L1-4-D10K LF-2R2D0IN LF4-2R2 LF4-2R2K 2R2 LF4-2R2K1 LF4-2R2K2 LZZY-002229 2R2K 7BA-144LY-2R2K
70F396AI LF-3R9 LF4-3R9 LF4-3.9uH 3R9
70F556AI 5.5uH
70F626AI 6R2
70F686AI LF4-6R8K 6R8
72F105AP CH-24 9CH4
72F155AP CH-23 LX03X012 9CH3
72F275AI CH-30
72F335AP CH-10
73F153AF 152
73F154AF 8000-0004-P057
74F106AP CH-84 ETC-1032 HL-110 02-004 2-0038 205-11
74F225AI NS-1531 8000-00004-053 8000-0004-P053
74F226AP ELR-0004 ELR-4 2.2uH 8000-00012-015
74F335AI HL-111
74F336AP HL-109 LX04X118 LX47X021 8000-00004-054 8000-0004-P054
1732 E011492
2066 HI-137S YOC-15000A 8000-0004-P112
2067 B-15 EIA-227B EIA-227B100S FMC-2377A FMC-4363A HI-134S PMC-1167AC ROC-15000A T-70330 T-7033051 T-726 T-727 YLC-1540001P YLC-15430 YOC-15001A 094-47 1A227B 227BM 256/439 61902010403M 619020106115 8000-00003-058 8000-00012-034
2068 C-15 PMC-1161AC PMC-6051AC T-71130 T7113055 T-728 256/022 256/394 8000-0004-P113
2072 K-6184F KAC-6184F
4201 ETR-0018 ETR-135 ETR-18
4202 3-0008
4558 LCCY-012001
4582 CH-20 9CH1
4584 .22uH
4588 LD-008 LD-012 LDD-012001 LDDY-012001 LLD-012001 N-51373 NS-1373 S070-020 TC-71029
4590 LD-017 NS-1516 TC-71095 TC-71095B 8000-0004-P055
4594 ELR-0011 ELR-11 NP-401 TC-71096 0.85uH 8000-00004-059 8000-0004-P059
4602 CH-21 LD-021 LF-1R0D01N LLD-021001 LLDY-021001 NS-1515 NS-1515B 1R0 9CH2
4604 DP-103 207-11
4606 B-1995
4609 CH-8 DP-105 220-11
4622 L4-100K LF-100 LF4-10uH LF4-100 LF4-100K 10uH 100
4624 L-1122 NS-1041 8000-00004-056 8000-0004-P056
4626 22uH
4632 LF-101
6306 CH-29
8515 ETI-16 N-14 N-15 N-16
8518 HH-74-A1 HH-74-B1 HI-144S IF-8 YLC-15431 094-49 5385 9IF1
[10+] HH-87H RF Choke Coil Robyn SS747 HW-D-4 4th row 3rd drawer bin 142
[1] 8810 (yellow slug, can=7.2x7.4x11.1mm) ETI-104 IA07S041 LMC-2155 N-25 N-25-662S 2E-48013
[?] 8811 IFT-A LB-003 LLC-3657 LMC-2156 2E-4801 2E-48011 2E-480113 2E-48012
[1] 8812 (black slug, can=7.2x7.4x11.1mm) D10753 DI0753 IA07S009 L-5709B L-5709R LMC-2157 M222162N M352282N 0753
9230-32 LF4-3R3 2-0076 3.3uHy
9230-35 3-0005
9240-44 3-0013
9250-104 101
9250-474 471 8000-00011-020
9310-06 9310-06
9310-08 9310-08
9310-12 9310-12
9310-34 LF4-8R2 LF4-8R2K LF4-8.2uH 8.2uHy 8000-00004-206
9310-80 9310-08
9320-04 3-0006
9330-32 220 3E-29021 8000-00006-227 8000-0011-019
9330-34 270
9350-32 3-0012
CBS100-T ETR-26 R-26 256/179
CBS101-T ETR-136 GT-1302 T-1302
CBS103-T TKXN-34387-Y TKXN-343874
CBS104-T ETR-54N
CBS105-T TKXN-60032ABC TKYN-60032ABC
CBS106-T TKXN-60038ZW
CBS109-T T-1308
CBS110-T GT-1309 T-1309
CBS111-T TKXN-60031ZW
CBS112-T HH-74-T
CBS113-T HF507S-Y HF507S-Y1 Y Y1 507S-Y 507S-Y1 507Y1 8000-00012-023
CBS114-T TKXN-60029BOC TKYN-60029BOC
CBS115-T TKXN-600390MU TKXN-600390MY TKYN-600390MU
CBS117 ETR-24 R-24 0102 256/177
CBS118 ETR-25 R-25
CBS122 027-031
CBS123 F844
CBS124 TKXN-34384HM
CBS125 ETI-42 ETR-42 R-42
CBS126 HF507S-Z1 Z1 507S-Z1 7Z1 8000-00012-019
CBS127 HF507S-2Y HH-74-E1 2Y 507S-2Y 8000-00012-018
CBS128 C1 HF507S-C1 HH-74-U 507S-C1 8000-00012-022
CBS129 ETR-263
CBS130 TKXN-60033Z
CBS131-TC Z157IT Z176IT 8000-00011-026
CBS133-TC Z040ZT Z177ZT 8000-00004-073 8000-0004-P073
CBS134-TC Z041ZT Z178ZT 8000-00004-074 8000-00011-025 8000-00011-035 8000-00011-037 8000-0004-P074
CBS136-TC C181ZT C193IT 8000-00011-023
CBS200-T ETR-249
CBS201-T ETR-101
CBS202 ETR-248
CBS203 ETR-247 ETR-257 R-257
CBS205 L-1906 1906 3-0034
CBS206-TC ETR-0030 ETR-30 R-30
CBS207-TC ETR-0031 ETR-31 R-31
CBS208-TC L-1504 4-0031
CB209-C L-1512 1512 4-0036
CB219 ETC-1034
CB222-T ETA-22 ETR-0022 ETR-22 R-22
CB303 LC-017 LCCY-017001 LLC017001 TC-71023
CB304 ETC-1037 ETC-1037A ETC-1037B LC-018 LC-081 LCCY-018001 LLCY-18001 NS-1313 TC-71024 2-0041 2-0041A L20=54mHz trap 25LTD, no slug =normal
CB305 ETR-0232 ETR-232 LC-019 LCCY-019001 LLC019001 LLCY-017001 LLCY-019001 TC-71025
CB306 LC-020 LC-074 LCCY-020001 TC-71026
CBS400-4 ETC-1033A 1033A 2-0039A
CBS401-4 LB-011 LPN-5944BM
CBS402-4TC ETC-1033C L-562 TY-10527 1033C 2-0039C
CBS403-4TC ET-118 ETI-102 ETI-18 ETI-18373F ETI-18392X
CBS404-4TC E40104 E401104 LCM-4202A LMC-4202 LMC-4202A LPC-4202A 2-0015 4MC-4202M 4202
CBS405-4TC LMC-4201A LPC-4201A 4201
CBS406-4TC L-3054 LMC-3054 0766
CBS407-4TC ET-17 ET-117 ETI-100 ETI-17 ETI-17373F ETI-17393F 352 352-1-38A3
CBS408-1C ETR-255 R-255 TR-07MB005T
CBS409-1C ETR-125
CBS410-1TC ETR-256 R-256
CBS411-1TC 25AC-2531 85AC2531 85AC2531A
CBS412-7TC L-1786 1786E 4-0043
CBS413-7TC L-1787 1787 4-0051
CBS414-7TC L-1788 1788 4-0047
CBS415-7TC L-1839 4-0050
CBS417-1TC A470
CBS500-4 A086AD A086AT A086AT293P 8000-00004-111 8000-00012-033 8000-0004-P111
CBS501-4TC EIA-146B EIA-146D EIA-146D690S 8000-00012-035
CBS502-4T ETI-41 I-41 1-41
CBS504-4TC A314AT 1440 1440333P 8000-00006-017
CBS505-4TC ETI-33 I-33 I-33203D T-729 XXE-10857 YXE-10857 YXE-10857A YXE-10857-AIA 256/344 4XE10857AIA
CBS506-4TC ETC-15090 02-017 1-334515 2-0050
CBS509-1TC T-71730 T-7173099
CBS510-1TC IF-10 9IF2
CBS514-7TC S082AT
CBS516-7TC S183AT 8000-00011-029
CBS517-7TC S190AT 8000-00011-030
CBS519-7TC S047ZT Z185ZT 8000-00032-019
[2] CBS603-4TCC JW Miller 455kHz Output IF can with ceramic filter ($10.20) Robyn MFH-51T (MTM51), Courier 1040-146 (MF904), EFC-1 EFC-3 MFH-53S MFH-71 MFH-71T MHF-71
CBS604-4TCC M-905 M-911
CBS605-1TC HF505SK1 42K10 8000-00012-032
CBS606-4TC RM-3504
CBS705-C L-1791 1791
CBS706-TC C182Z C182ZT C182Z1 8000-00011-036
CBS707-TC C200Z C200XT 8000-00011-028 CBS708-TC ETC-15061 02-012 2-0045
CBS709-TC ETR-27 R-27
CBS710-TC ETR-43 R-43
CBS712-TC LA028 TKXC-22-19GN TKXC-22109GN TXXC-22109GN, Uniden LLAY-028, Uniden LLAY-028001
CBS715-TC LA080 LA180 TKXC-24112N, Uniden LLAY-080001
CBS720-TC Z188AT 8000-00011-034
CBS721-TC Z189AT 8000-00011-032
CBS722 154AN40562RM
CBS724C C081AT
CBS725-C ETR-44 R-44
CBS727 TKXN-21014AO
CBS728 TKAN-21016AO TKAN-21-16AO
CBS733-T GT-1034 GT-1304 T-1304
CBS734-T GT-1305 T-1305
CBS736-T 063-4
CBS737-T TKXN-21379UH
CBS744-T KXN-2442 KXN-2442D2 KXN-2442F KXN-2442F2 KXN-2442393B 8000-00003-055
CB746 8000-0004-118 8000-0004-P118
CB747 L-2038 2038
CB750 F12730
CB755-T B-34 NY-B34 NY10-B34 033
CBS756 ETC-20106
CBS758 TKXN-34384BM TKXN-34384-8M TKYN-34384BM
CBS759-TC ETC-20107
CBS761-TC 256/089
CBS763-TC C037ZT
CB764-7C 256/073
CBS765-TC ETC-20123
CBS766-TC ETI-65 ETI-66
CBS767-T KXN-6710A
CBS768 ETR-28 R-28 256/203
CBS769 ETR-137
CBS771 S111DT
CBS774 ETC-15089 02-016 2-0049
CBS800 ER-194 ETR-194
CBS801C L-1503 4-0030
CBS802-C L-1640 1640 4-0037
CBS803-C L-1790 1790 1790A 4-0045
CBS804-C L-1840 L-1840A 1840A 4-0052
CBS805-C L-1841 L-1841A 1841A 4-0053
CBS806-C L-2064 2064 2064F 4-0057
CBS807-TC ETRL04122P ETR-104
CBS808-TC ETR-12 R-12 R-12-353Q
CBS809-TC L-1505 1505
CBS810-TC L-1642 L-1642A 1642A 1642N 4-0039
CBS811-TC L-1784 1784 4-0049
CBS812-TC L-1789 L-1789A 1789A
CBS813-TC L-1842 L-1842A 1842A 4-0054
CBS814-TC L-2063 2063F 4-0056
CBS815-TC L-1641 L-1641A 1641 1641A 1641N 4-0038
CBS816-TC L-1785 L-1785A 1785 1785A 4-0044
CBS817C L-1500 4-0032
CBS818 ETR-259 R-259
CBS819 113CN-4143AG 74XN1255 74XN1255AG2 8000-00003-056
CBS822-T L-1643 L-1643A 1643
CBS823-T ETR-260
CBS824-T R-C 2E-450008 2-0016 3E-4500B 3E-45008 3E-450866FN 3E-450866FV 3E-45608
CBS825-T ETR-258 R-258
CB826 ETC-1016
CB826-C L-1511 1511 4-0034
CB827 02-001 2-0035
CB3000 ETC-1038
CB3001 ER-1892 3-0011 3-1011
CB8000 3-0010 3-1010
CBS9000C 4-0004 4-0006
[10] EIF267B (455kHz style pink slug) (can=10x10x13.1mm) HW-D-4 4th row 4th drawer bin 24
[50+] FL-1 Japan Delux (red slug, can=10x10x13.4mm) HW-D-4 3rd row 5th drawer bin 8
KHZ262 DP-171 E011491
KHZ455-PC IF-3 5603-0000-003

Plate Chokes for linears
22-6 Demco RF Choke 24 uhy size similar 1W resistor ($3.98)
[100+] RFC-30uhy choke coils Robyn T-123B L-4 (size similar 3W flameproof resistor) HW-D-4 3rd row 1st drawer ($3.00)
Demco 2 mHy RF Choke (appearance similar to 2.5mHy; 4 winding segments) 60 ohm resistance [11] HW-D4-top rpw 1st drawer 4th bin ($4.98)
RFC-28Demco 2.5mHy Choke

Free Technical Repair Tip: Identifying Epoxy Molded (usually green) RF Chokes
Epoxy Molded RF Chokes have (usually four) color coding bands similar to resistors; often these are about the size of 1/4 Watt or 1/2 Watt resistors. The first two colors are the first two digits of the value (in micro-Henries or uHy) and the third color is the multiplier. The Fourth color band is the tolerance.
Black = 0
Brown = 1
Red = 2
Orange = 3
Yellow = 4
Green = 5
Blue = 6
Violet = 7
Gray = 8
White = 9
Gold (as multiplier = 1/10; as tolerance = 5%)
Silver (as multiplier = 1/100; as tolerance =10%)
Example: Red (2), Violet (7), Silver (Multiply X.01) = .27uHy
Example: Blue (6), Gray (8), Gold (Multiply X.1) = 6.8uHy
Example: Yellow (4), Violet (7), Brown (add one "zero") = 470uHy

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