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Ken's Electronics has reasonable prices on a great selection of accessories, repair parts, and service manuals for CB, Cordless Phones, Answering Machines, and Police Scanners. Ken has not published a complete catalog since 1977. You can click here to visit to our Specials page.

There are four ways to order these items:
1--Phone (269) 345-4609 {click "CONTACT" button above for store hours}.
2--Tell us what you want under Comments on the Order It! page or Guest Book.
3--Snail-Mail your order & money order to: Ken's Electronics, 2825 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, MI. 49048
Ken has not published a complete catalog since 1977. Use Visa, Mastercard, Discover Cards for fastest order processing. P&H is $4.95 up to 16 oz First Class/Priority Mail in the USA or 12 oz Airmail to Canada. We do not ship via UPS.

Some items available from KEN'S:

*Antennas, Parts & Mount Hardware: for CB Radio antennas, Cordless Phone Antennas, Ham Radio Antennas, Police Scanner Antennas, business radio, & cellular telephones. As an inventor Ken has had several mounts custom made & given many ideas to manufacturers selling them world-wide.

*Belts & Tires: 500 sizes in stock fit Answering Machines, Phonographs, Stereos, Tape Players, & VCR's.

*Books : Sams CB Radio Series Photofacts, original Robyn Factory CB Radio Manuals. Ken has written several books to assist hobbiests & technicians, telephone repair men, police scanner hackers & ham radio operators. Our books contain repair, tuneup, & modification information on CB's, telephone repair, police scanners, & linear schematics.

*Capacitors: popular disc, electrolytic etc. in stock.

*CB Accessories: CB antennas, Extension Speakers, Frequency Counters, CB Wattmeters & SWR meters.

*CB Noise Toys: Roger Beeps, Road Runners, Avon Ding Dongs, Five Tones, Connex Echo boards.

*CB radio parts: CB repairmen & hackers can save time & money by ordering parts they need with schematics & repair manuals from KEN'S.

* CB Crystal List: for CB, Synthesis, PLL, Ham Radio, Police Scanner Crystal Stock List

*IF & RF Coils & Chokes: 500+ varieties for CB radios, cordless phones, & police scanners.

*Meters: many replacement meters from Robyn fit many other brands of Uniden-built CB's.

*Microphones: many un-wired, prewired & custom-wired standard, power, & echo microphones to fit CB radios; Crystal, Ceramic, Dynamic & Electret Mic Cartridges for popular CB microphones.

*Mounts: Console/Hump mounts & brackets in many widths & styles needed for CB installations.

*NTE Semiconductors: 2000+ types; Audio IC's, Diodes, Varicaps, LED's, Opto-isolators, SCR's, Transistors, Triacs, Voltage Regulator IC's for Stereos, Televisions, VCR's, & MRO applications.

*Original Semiconductors: Audio IC's, Channel LEDs, Diodes, Small-Signal & CB RF power Transistors etc.

*Pilot Lights: 100+ types needed for CB radio repair, home & car stereo repairs, Exit Lights etc.

*Plugs & Jacks: 100+ microphone, speaker & power connectors.

*Potentiometers & trim-pots: 300 styles for CB radio repair & cb modifications such as talkback.

*Power Cords: 60+ varieties in stock for CB Radios, Police Scanners, & Radar Detectors.

*Power Supplies: regulated power supplies for "12 Volt" units; 100 varieties of (non-regulated) "wall wart" Plug Paks for handheld police scanners, cordless telephones & phone answering machines.

*RF Connectors/Adaptors: BNC, Coaxial, F, N, PAL, RCA, TNC, Mini-UHF, Motorola, SMA, UHF

*Relays: Relay Information 100+ types for CB's & Linears; NTE relays (including Solid State).

*Resistors: thousands of resistances & wattages in stock.

*Schematics & Manuals: photocopys (for non-copyrighted info on file) for Antenna Rotors, CB Antennas, CB Radio Service Manuals, CB Linears, Cordless Telephones, Police Scanners, Power Supplies, Telephone Answering Machines. Please specify circuit board number & PLL when ordering schematics for CB's (many units were built in several versions) !

*Speakers: CB extension & replacement (2" to 4"); small speakers (3/8" to 2") for cordless phones & radar detectors.

*Switches: CB channel selectors, microswitches, mini-toggle, pushbutton, rotary, slide styles.

*Telephone cords, modular plugs/jacks: popular lengths & colors of coiled & straight cords; phone repair parts for phone technicians & installers.

*Transformers: 100+ power transformers in stock for CB Radios, Cordless Telephones, & Police Scanners. Also 100+ varieties of CB modulation transformers in stock.

*Tubes: over 1000 types stocked. Bargain 1990 prices available on many CB Radio tubes. (Current prices on CB Linear tubes, if available, are usually quadruple 1990 prices!)

*Wire & Coax: hookup, power cord, speaker wire, twinlead; bulk lengths and RG58, RG59, Mini-8, RG8, & RG213 coax assemblies.

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