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CB Mounting Hardware available from KEN'S:
Quick Release and Slide Mounts and Mounting Knob Bolts for CB Radios
CBM-1 CDE "Easy Mount" magnetic cb mounting system Special=$14.98
CBM-1 Magnetic quick release mount
CB Metric Mounting Knobs
KN-3P Metric 3MM Plastic Mount Knobs for side of CBs $0,75 each
KN4 Metric 4MM all Metal Mount Knobs for side of CBs $0,64 each
KN-4P Metric 4MM Plastic Knob mount screws for side of CBs$0,75 each
RTCK-4 Robyn Tube CB Case Knob bolts 4MM Metal $0,75 each
KN5 Metric 5MM all Metal Mount Knobs for side of CBs $0,72 each
KN-5P Metric 5MM Plastic Knob mount bolts Cobra 25/29, Uniden PC66/76$0,75 each
KN6 Metric 6MM all Metal 12mm Mount Knobs for side of CBs $0,80 each
KN-6P Metric 6MM Plastic Knob mount bolts Cobra 19$0,75 each
RMK-6 Robyn 16mm sloted Metal Metric 6MM Knobs--hold CB to bracket $0,75 each
RTMK-6 Robyn "Tube CB" 20mm Metal Metric 6MM Knobs--hold CB to bracket $0,75 each
KN5 Mount KnobKN5P Plastic Mount Knob
WV-110034 gray mount bracket for 5-5/8" wide CBs$4,50
R-WV-A gray adjustable position bracket for 6" wide CBs $4,50
J-123A-MB bracket for Johnson 123A & other 6-1/4" wide CBs $4,50
J-130-MB floor hump bracket 023-3333-001 for Johnson 130 & other 6-1/4" wide CBs $9,00
C-525 bracket for Cobra 25 & other 6-1/4" wide CBs $3,68
TR/C chrome mount bracket for 6-3/8" wide CBs $4,50
C-529 bracket Cobra 29, Uniden PC76, & other 7-1/4" wide CBs $3,96
C29-X long-side heavy duty mount for 7-1/4" wide CBs $6.09
DX-1 bracket 8" wide Cobra 148GTL & Export Radios; use dual KN5P 1-5/8" apart $4,72
510009 bracket 8" wide Cobra 138XLR, Robyn SB510D use dual KN5P 2-3/8" apart $7,50
DXX (5") long sides heavy duty mount bracket for 8" wide radios $7.97
DXXX (9") long sides heavy duty mount for 8" wide radios $11.04
GT/SX-401024 bracket for 8-1/2" wide CB radios $4,50
C29X bracketDXX bracketDX-1 bracketC-525 bracketC-529 bracketDXXX bracket
C-519 Stainless Steel 4-5/8" bracket for small CBs, use with KN6P $4,39
B-BC700 black painted 5-5/16" wide mounting bracket $4,68
S-KUAB Small Kens Universal Adjustable Bracket 3-3/4 to 5" CBs $3,90
KUAB Kens Universal Adjustable Bracket for 5-1/4 to 8-3/4" CBs $4,17
KUSAB Kens Universal Slotted Adjustable Bracket 5-1/4 to 8-3/4" $4,46
240075 Yellow Mounting Bracket or Stand for Tube CB's Robyn T240D $9.95
RTMK-64 Robyn Metric 6MM Metal Knobs--Tube CB's including T123B & T240D set=4/$3,00
RTRF4X10-4 Robyn Tube Rubber Feet with 4x10MM screw set=4/$4,00
T123B-GMBS Green Mounting Bracket Stand 12-1/4" wide Tube CB's Robyn T123B $8.95
KUAB bracketKUSAB bracketC-19 Bracket
Floor--Console--Hump Mounting Brackets
DX1PED Pedestal 6" high mount: Cobra 148 & Galaxy/Export 8" wide radios
C525PED Pedestal 6" high mount: Cobra 25 & Uniden PC66/68 6-1/4" wide radios ($23.85)
C526PED Pedestal 6" high mount with adjustable bracket for 6-8" wide radios
C529PED Pedestal 6" high mount: Cobra 29 & Uniden PC76/78 7-1/4" wide radios
B-2030 black metal 8" wide screw-down swivel floor mount $16.00
WEP-DS-78B 10" wide x 11" long black plastic mount; speaker, coffee/pop holder $18,84
FMB-2 small metal bolt-down floor mounting brackets $3,98
HUM-1 Bolt down metal tilt floor mount bracket $18,86
KSHM =C520 Ken's Sawtooth HumpMount; metal brackets attach to CB, grip carpet $9,54
FMB-2 floor mount bracketsHUM-1 floor mountKSHM Sawtooth Hump Mount

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