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Enameled Magnet Wire
PH12-1216 enameled 16 ga .051 magnet wire 62 ft roll $21.82
PH12-1218 enameled 18 ga .041" magnet wire 101 ft roll $23.94
PH12-1220 enameled 20 ga .033" magnet wire 160 ft roll $23.54
PH12-1222 enameled 22 ga magnet wire 251 ft roll $27.22
PH12-1224 enameled 24 ga .020" magnet wire 408 ft roll $24.50
PH12-1226 enameled 26 ga magnet wire 650 ft roll $30.40
PH12-1228 enameled 28 ga magnet wire 1032 ft roll $34.14
PH12-1230 enameled 30 ga magnet wire 1640 ft roll $40.36
PH12-1232 enameled 32 ga .007" magnet wire 2510 ft roll $33.90
PH12-1234 enameled 34 ga magnet wire 4050 ft roll $70.62
PH12-5600 Fyberoid Fish Paper Insulation 10 x 26" .010" thick $8.22
Tech Tip: Solid bare copper wire has the following measurements:
4-AWG = .2043"6-AWG = .162"8-AWG = .1285"10-AWG = .1019"
12-AWG = .0808"14-AWG = .0641"16-AWG = .0508"18-AWG = .0403"
20-AWG = .032"21-AWG = .0285"22-AWG = .0253"23-AWG = .0226"
24-AWG = .0201"25-AWG = .0179"26-AWG = .0159"28-AWG = .0126"
30-AWG = .010"32-AWG = .008"34-AWG = .0063"36-AWG = .005"
Hookup Wire
PH12-2276 PVC insulated 300V 25ft ea black/white/red/green/yellow 22ga solid hookup wire $16.90
DSE-W2221 insulated 21-ga 7-strands black hookup wire $9.00/100ft
ABC302006 PVC insulated 1000V 14-ga 42-strands white/red hookup wire $0.15/ft
ABC302010 PVC insulated 1000V 20ga 9-strands white/green hookup wire $0.10/ft
Clear Insulation Speaker Wire
SPW12-50 speaker wire 12 guage 50 ft roll$0.70/ft
SPW14-50 speaker wire 14 guage 50 ft roll $0.50/ft
SWE16-50 speaker wire 16 guage 50 ft roll
SWE18-50 speaker wire 18 guage 50 ft roll
SPW24-100 speaker wire 24 guage 100 ft roll $0.16/ft
JSC24-75 white speaker wire 24 guage 75 ft roll ($6.00)
PH48-250 black (/white stripe) 2-conductor 24ga power wire $64.18/500 $0.20/ft
Red & Black Mobile Power Cord Wire
BaronXLP-AWM Black Power Cable multistrand 120`C 10AWG $0.42/ft
10RB100 Red/Black 10ga 100 ft power wire 25-35 Amps $0.84/ft $70.05=100 ft
12RB100 Red/Black 12ga 100 ft power wire 15-20 Amps $0.52/ft $43.30=100 ft
14RB100 Red/Black 14ga 100 ft power wire 10-15 Amps $0.38/ft $31.54=100 ft
CBH16-100 =16RB100 Red/Black 16 ga 100 ft mobile 4-10Amp powercord wire $0.43/ft $35.83=100 ft
CBH18-100 Red/Black 18ga 100 ft mobile powercord wire 3-6 Amps $0.30/ft
CBH20-100 Red/Black 20ga 100 ft mobile power wire 2-3 Amps $0.25/ft
WEP-LC25-BR Brown 25-ft type SPT-1 18 gauge zipcord lampcord (no ends) ($5.00)
WEP-LC25-WH White 25-ft type SPT-1 18 gauge zipcord lampcord (no ends) ($5.00)
14RB100 Power Cord Wire
Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing for insulating wires & splices
PH12-960 black Assortment pak 8 sizes 1/16" to 1" Heat Shrink Tubing 50% shrink $4.92
PH12-916 black 10/pak 1/16x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $4,53
PH12-918 black 10/pak 1/8x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,28
PH12-982 multi-color 10/pak 1/8x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,25
PH12-920 black 10/pak 3/16x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,67
HS-3/16C clear 7/pak 3/16x6" heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $3,93
PH12-984 multi-color 10/pak 3/16x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,25
PH12-922 black 8/pak 1/4x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,67
NTE-HS-ASST-7 Seven Colors 1/4x6" Heat Shrink Tubing 10/pak 50% $4,08
ST14-BK4 4-Foot length 1/4" black heatshrink tubing 50% $2,76
NTE-47-25206-BK 6/pak 1/4x6" double wall adhesive seal shrinks 66% $5,40
PH12-924 black 8/pak 3/8x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,67
ST38-BK4 4-Foot length 3/8" black heatshrink tubing 50% $3,12
PH12-926 black 6/pak 1/2x6 inches heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,28
NTE-47-20806-CL clear 12/pak 1/2x6" heatshrink tubing shrinks 50% $5,40
ST12-BK4 4-Foot length 1/2" black heatshrink tubing 50% $3,45
NTE-47-25506-BK 3/pak 3/4x6" double wall adhesive seal shrinks 66% $5,40
ST34-BK4 4-Foot length 3/4" black heatshrink tubing 50% $4,80
ST1-BK4 4-Foot length 1" black heatshrink tubing 50% $6,57
ST2-BK4 4-Foot length 2" black heatshrink tubing 50% $8.80
ST4-BK4 4-Foot length 4" black heatshrink tubing 50%
Shielded Audio and Multimedia wire
PH70-1100 roll 100ft gray shielded flexible single 26ga audio cable $0.27/ft $13.34/100ft
PH70-2100 roll 100ft gray shielded flexible two conductor 26ga multimedia cable $0.32/ft $15.92/100ft
PH70-3100 individually shielded gray flexible 26ga siamese-stereo audio cable $0.56/ft $27.90/100ft
PROCO-2697 black thin two conductors inside shield ultraflexible for lapel mics $0.94/ft
CR10-44 shielded flexible black microphone wire 30 ft for Hi-Z mics $20.00
CR10-95 balanced line flexible black microphone wire for Lo-Z PA mics $0,72/ft $48.00/100ft
8737 Belden gray jacket audio wire: has Black & Red inside braid/shield $0,36/ft
EatonPO Belden gray jacket foil shielded Shield/White/Red/Black audio wire $0,45/ft
Bulk Coaxial Cable & Antenna Wire
RG58A/U "50 ohm" stranded-center coax $0.20/ft
Clear-8X low-loss Mini-8 coaxial cable 16-AWG center conductor $71,61/100ft
RG-174/U very flexible Miniature 50 ohm Coax Cable 26-AWG guage center conductor $0.40/ft
RG-188/U Miniature 50 ohm teflon coax cable $0.60/ft
RG8/U lo-loss "50 ohm" 97% shield coax 13-AWG guage center conductor $0.93/ft
RG59/U "75 ohm" 95% copper shield coax 22-AWG guage center conductor $0.40/ft
RG6/U "75 ohm" lo-loss foil shield coax 18-AWG guage center conductor $0.26/ft
see TV Antenna webpage for RG6 and RG59 coax cable assemblies with connector plugs on each end
PH15-625 bare aluminum ground wire 9-AWG Guage 50 feet $19.36
PH15-630 multi-strand Hard Drawn Copper antenna wire 14-AWG Guage 50 feet $14.04
PH15-635 multi-strand Hard Drawn Copper antenna wire 14-AWG Guage 100 feet $27.22
Bulk Rotor to Control Box Wire
3-CRW TV Antenna Rotor to Control Box 3 conductor 22-AWG Guage Wire $0,24/ft
W-1 telephone line "Cat 3" 4-conductor 50 ft (sold-out)
Television Antenna Wire
300 ohm Twinlead flat TV antenna wire $0.40/ft
6656 100-ft pkg flat 300 ohm twinlead TV antenna wire ($19.98)
UL-5 Lightning Arrestor for Twinlead ($3,50)
Galvanized Steel Guy Wire (50 feet=$7,98)
Vinyl Covered insulated weather resistant HD Guy Wire (1000 feet per box) (50 feet=$9,98)
RG59 coax 75 ohm
CR55-798 Flat Window feedthru wire $4,89
See TV Antenna webpage & Audio/Video webpages for assembled coax jumpers with "F" ends
Auto Radio Coax Cables
AEL-24 auto antenna extens lead 2 ft motorola plug to socket $4,47
AEL-36 auto antenna extension lead 3 ft motorola plug to socket $6,75
75-452 auto antenna extension lead 4 ft motorola plug to socket $4,50
AEL-72 auto antenna extension lead 6 ft motorola plug to socket $5,25
AEL-120 auto antenna extenion lead 10 ft motorola plug to socket $5,91
AEL-180 auto antenna extension lead 15 ft motorola plug to socket $8,31
GM-6 =AADP-4 adapter cable General Motors Antenna Socket to Motorola Plug $10,80
GM-7 =AADP-3 adapter cable Motorola Socket to General Motors Antenna Plug $10,80
CB & Amateur Radio Coax Assemblies with connectors solder-installed
CA-898 RG58-AU coax cable 6 ft PL259 Plug to BNC male plug $14,10
70-5802 RG58-AU coax cable 6 ft BNC male plug to BNC male plug $12,15
15F59PL-BNC Video Coax assembly 15 ft RG59 with PL259 plug to BNC plug $14.15
RB-17F-PL-RA RG58 Coax 17 ft with straight PL259 to right angle PL259 plug $11.32
CEA-CPH-18PPP Co-Phase Harness dual 18ft RG59, (3)PL259's for CB antennas 9 feet apart $23.59
CEA-PL1MX adapter cord PL259 to Motorola female factory Semi-Tractor CB antenna $14.15
CEA-Single-Peterbilt Mini-UHF female socket 1-ft coax to PL259 $15.34
3F-8X-PP premium grade Mini-8 coax 3-ft has PL259 Plugs on both ends $8,46
6F-8X-PP premium grade Mini-8 coax 6 ft has PL259 Plugs on both ends $11,25
9F-8X-PP premium grade Mini-8 coax 9 ft has PL259 Plugs on both ends $13.80
12F-8X-PP premium grade Mini-8 coax 12ft has PL259 Plugs on both ends $16,17
18F-8X-PP premium grade Mini-8 coax 18 foot PL259 Plugs both ends $21,45
25F-8X-PP premium grade Mini-8 coax 25 foot PL259 Plugs both ends $30,30
50F-8X-PP premium grade Mini-8 coax 50ft PL259's both ends $46,47
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