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Electronics Repair Tools available from KEN'S:
Alignment Tools
CR90-1235 six-size set of plastic hex/square/flat RF & IF alignment tools $1.98
PH63-910 =CR90-804 Ten size set of hex/square/flat plastic RF & IF coil alignment tools $7.02
Soldering and Desoldering Tools
PH-10320 Desoldering Vacuum plunger style replaceable tip $11.50
PH-HSW15 =WEP33-406 Solder Wick 5-Foot pak .080" wide Taiwan desoldering braid $3.00
PH-S530UL soldering pencil iron 30W =CR90-921 $8.34
CR90-922 replacement soldering tip for 90-921 iron $1.50
PH-S4140 temp compensated soldering iron 40W for delicate soldering =CR90-923 $13.56
CR90-924 replacement fine soldering tip for 90-923 $3.00
PH-S100 Soldering Iron Holder Stand with Tip Cleaning Sponge $13.60
PH50-3000 Qualitek RA300 Rosin Core Electrical Solder .5 oz .032" $3.93
PH50-21700 Qualitek LF217 Lead-free Electrical Solder .6 oz .032" $3.54
PH50-30521 Qualitek RA300 Rosin Core Electrical Solder 8 oz .032 $12.78
T1910 soldering iron 12V 30W plugs into cigar liter socket $8.98
PH-S4240R replacement iron for temperature controlled soldering station
Replacement tips for soldering irons & guns--several varieties in stock
GC10-8880 High Voltage Insulating Putty ($8.12)
Pliers, Wire Cutters & Strippers, Adjustable Wrenches
PH-S391 Double Helping Hand aligator clips hold parts while soldering $9.32
24-7730 Automatic wirestripper for hookup wire ?remove if out?
DS-T3620 metal self adjusting wire stripper 9.95
TL760 Saxon adjustable 12ga to 26ga wire stripper $3.06
PH-63-5306 diagonal 6" wire cutter $6.16
24-204P Aim small parts picker grabber tool $5.10
PH-63-5308 Linesman 6" pliers with side cutter $9.26
PH-63-5606 Slip Joint 6" pliers $4.36
PH-63-5708 channel Groove Joint 8" Pliers discontinued
PH-63-5710 channel Groove Joint 10" Pliers $7.72
PH-63-7406 Long Nose serrated jaw 6" plier =$5.66
PH-63-9604 Adjustable 4" wrench $6.16
PH-WS18 wire stripper $7,41
PH-10150 chassis nibbler: make custom holes in sheet metal $15.84
Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
VA-SD-5 set of five flat jewelers screwdrivers
GC12-041 Nutdriver: 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8" Phillips: #1, #2; flat: 1/8, 3/16. 1/4 $5.00
HDC19 universal driver: 4 phillips, 2 flat, 1/4" hex driver$1.98
CR90-806 16 peice driver set $21.90
CR90-846 set of 8 small flat & phillips screwdrivers $16.50
CR90-854 mini Torx driver set sizes T-05 thru T-15 $14.00
CR90-935 Ten drivers: 4-6MM flat, #1-#2 phillips, 10/15/20 torx $6.20
CR90-945 Twenty screwdrivers: flat, phillips, torx, hex $15.10
part number conflict: Calrad changed product supplied for number!
DS-T4060 stubby handle 5/16" wide flat screwdriver
WEP Electronics Technician Tool Kit in leather-style carrying case
Crimping Tools and Coax Cable Stripping Tools
GC12-455 Hex crimper tool for BNC plug to RG58, RG59, RG62
PM-HX696 hex crimper for F connectors for RG6 & RG59 wire
AR58-5910 economy crimptool for F-connectors on RG59 coax
CT-CT59 economy crimptool for F59 connectors
CR75-560 better quality round crimptool for F connectors $9.50
VA-FT1 better quality round crimptool for F connectors
CR75-569 hex crimptool rachet type for F connectors $31.90
CR75-599A Crimping Tool for waterproof coaxial connectors $58.25
CR90-928-8 long reach F connector removal & tightening tool
PM-ST-1P Tru Spec F-connector removal & tightening tool
CR90-945 dual blade rotary coax stripper RG58/59/62 & RG6$15.10
SR-TO-COAX wire stripper for coax cable/td>
CR-HT-302A rotary stripper for RG6, RG59, RG62 coax cable
UT-5800 rotary coax cable stripper for RG58 coax $19.98
VA-WC1 crimp tool for spade lugs, ring terminals, butt connectors
PH-WS18 Dial-A-Wire cutter & stripper 12-24ga $7,41
PH-WS25 Hex crimper for RG59 & RG6 connectors $25.56
PH-WS26 crimp tool D-Sub connector pins & jacks $17,58
PH-WS27 hex crimper for RG58 & RG59 connector & center pin $23.40
PH-WS29 hex crimper for RG11 connectors $36.60
PH-WS145 stripper RG6, RG58, RG59, RG62 coax cable $19.48
PH63-505 Economy crimp tool compression F-59 and F-56 connectors $32.74
PH-63-508 compression crimp tool F connectors $76.94
PH63-514 Adjustable crimp tool compression F, RCA, & BNC connectors $39.78
PH63-603 Crimp tool for small terminals High Density D-Sub & locking connectors $19.92
Telephone Crimping Tools
CR70-516 =AR24-1481 plastic crimptool RJ22-handset & RJ11/RJ14-line plug $7.10
CR70-551 =AR24-7746 =HT209 metal crimptool for RJ11, RJ12, RJ14 modular plug $16.50
PH-WS24 =CR70-550 =HT210N metal crimptool RJ45 8 conductor modular plugs$25.74
CR72-239 wire insertion punchdown tool for keystone RJ45 jacks
Pin removal extraction tools for Molex, Amp, Berg, Cisco, Tyco, and similar connectors
GC12-650 pin extractor for .062 pins in Amp, Berg, Molex nylon connectors
PH61-390 Molex Pin removal tool fits Amp, Berg, Tyco .093" Male & Female pins; .125" O.D. $16.50
PH61-392 mini-Molex pin removal tool for .062 Male & female pins; .079" O.D. $19.22
PH61-395 CPC & Cisco V-35 female Pin removal tool, has .100" O.D. $18.68
PH61-395 fits female (.078" to .084") CPC & Cisco V-35 HVAC furnace & air conditioning
PH61-396 CPC & Cisco V-35 Male Pin removal tool; has .099" O.D. $18.68
CT-P38-EXTHD Extraction & Insertion tool for Hi Density D-Sub crimp pins
Miscellanous items
GC12-2015 Technicians aid to remove & install small springs $4.82
24-7379P Aim Chassis Nibbler Tool to cut odd shape holes in sheet metal
WEP33-123 Nylon Fuse puller & insertion aid for 3AG and Blade Fuses
PH12-3402 self fusing silicone rubber sealing insulating (non-adhesive) tape 0-500 degrees $6.99
PH-PT2 vinyl plastic adhesive UL listed electrical insulating tape 66 ft x 3/4 inch roll $3,90
CR90-928-8 Wrench for turning F connectors in tight areas $11.90
CR99-3812 Long Drillbit 3/8" by 12" for installing RG6 wire thru walls $23.75.
PH63-640 =WS40 strain relief tool for Heyco-type strain-relief cord bushings
WEP-IC Insertion tool for plugging 14/16 pin IC's into sockets
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