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Electricians often ask for "Contactors" but Electronic Technicians call them "Relays." Please look at all the pictures on this page: then--if you are not sure of which relay you need--please tell us what make/model of unit the relay is for as well as all the numbers from the relay and a good/complete description similar to the following: Unit this relay is for is a ROBYN SX401 CB radio made about 1977. Relay cover has "ITT" and "Made in England" on it. Inside the relay the number "240XDW" and "185 ohms" appear on the wrapping around the coil. It has 8 small pin terminals that solder directly to the circuit board without any socket, however there is 3/8 of an inch extra room above the relay so a socket could be added. The pins are 3/16 of an inch long and 1/16 inch wide with two rows of 3 contact pins across at one end with two pins for the coil at the other end, one at each corner. The cover on the relay is 1-5/16 inch high and 1-1/8 inch long and 7/8 of an inch wide

Relay Replacement Information for CB Radios & Linears & Televisions etc.

Stock Number description, replaces original types
term = solder terminals; also fits socket.    pcb = narrow pins--circuit board
Single Pole Relays
RIM-IDC5 I/O Module $15.40
RIM-ODC5 I/O Module $14.40
RS1-1D4-21 pcb Solid State input 3-24VDC; controls 4A at 24-280VAC $16.60
RS3-1D10-51 panel mount Solid State input 3-32VDC; controls 10A at 24-330VAC $30.40
RS3-1D40-21 panel mount Solid State input 3-32VDC; controls 40A at 24-330VAC (#46) $46.48
RS1 & RS3-series Solid State Relays are triacs; use to control AC loads (not DC loads)
RIM seriesRS2-1D4-21RS3-1D series
"TV5" style 16 Amp relay measurements: 29mm long X 12mm wide X 20mm high
R22-1D16-5/6 SPST-NO (4 pins) PC-board TV5 style 16A contact 5V or 6V relay $6.24
R22-1D16-12 SPST-NO (4 pins) PC-board TV5 style 16A television 12VDC relay $6.24
R22-1D16-24 SPST-NO (4 pins) PC-board TV5 style 16A television 24VDC relay $6.24
R22-1D16-48 SPST-NO (4 pins) TV5 style 16A television 48VDC relay $6.54
R22-5D16-12 SPDT (5 pins) PC-board TV5 style television 12VDC 270ohm 16A contacts $6.24
R24-5D10-12FP SPDT flatpak-pcb 12VDC 330ohm 10A relay $6.46
Body of R24-5D10-12FP relay about 28mm X 24mm X 10mm
R24-5D10-12V SPDT vertical-pcb 12VDC 230ohm 10A relay $7.18
Body of R24-5D10-12V relay about 28mm X 11mm X 25mm
R46-5D12-12 SPDT pcb 12VDC 400ohm 12A contact relay $3.94
R46-5D12-24 SPDT pcb 24VDC 1600ohm 12A contact relay garage door opener $3.94
body size of R46-5D3-series relay is about 20mm X 16mm X 17mm
R46-5D12-6 SPDT 12A contact relay #26 $3.50
R46-5D12-12 SPDT 12A contact relay $3.50
body of PH86-series relays (below) approximately 19mm X 15mm X 15mm
PH86-103 Good Sky RW-SS-103D SPDT pcb mount coil=3VDC-120ma; 10A contactor $9,70
PH86-105 Good Sky RW-SS-105D SPDT pcb mount coil=5VDC-73ma; 10A contactor $9,70
PH86-106 Good Sky RW-SS-106D SPDT pcb mount coil=6VDC-60ma; 10A contactor $9,70
PH86-109 Good Sky RW-SS-109D SPDT coil=9VDC-40ma; 10A =DEG SVUDH-S-109L $9,70
PH86-112 Good Sky RW-SS-112D SPDT pcb mount coil=12VDC-30ma; 10A contactor $9,70
PH86-112 fits Toyota power window up/down applications
PH86-118 Good Sky RW-SS-118D SPDT pcb mount coil=18VDC-20ma; 10A contactor $9,70
PH86-118 replaces Omron G5LE121-18VDC in Bradford White water heaters
PH86-124 RW-SS-124D SPDT coil=24VDC-15ma; 10A $9,70
PH86-124 replaces Song Chuan 24VDC relay on Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener control board
PH86-124 replaces G4S-114P-US-24VDC & G2U-113P-US-DC24 in HVAC applications
PH12-605 two circuit boards for PH86-1xx series relays $4.18
PH12-605 accepts one PH-TB132 & one PH-TB133 terminal block--below
PH-TB132 two pin terminal block fits PH12-605 relay board 6-pak =$6,15
PH-TB133 three pin terminal block fits PH12-605 relay board 6/pak =$8,10
R45-1D30-24 SPST-NO relay 30A contacts, 24VDC=coil, furnace & air conditioning $13.32
R45-1D30-24 fits on Maytag Neptune Washing Machine control board
R45-5D20-24 SPDT relay 20A contacts, 24VDC=coil, furnace & air conditioning $11.73
R48-5D10-12 SPDT pcb 12VDC 600 ohm coil, 10A contactor relay$7.98
Body of R48-series relays about 31mm X 19mm X 29mm
R51-5D40-12F automotive SPDT 40A contactor relay #3 $7.98
CM6331 =VA-Bosch-1 =VA-RELAY: SPDT automotive relay 30A contactor $3,60
R95-160 printed circuit board socket for R51-series relay #1 $1.60
R51-5D40-12FCM6331R51 diagram
R57-5D.25-12 SPDT dip relay 12VDC 500ohm .25A contacts $9.36
Body of R57-series relay about 18mm X 8mm X 6mm
R56 & R57-series
R70-5D1-12 SPDT mini-pcb 12VDC 960ohm 1A contacts $2.90
Body of R70-series relay about 12mm X 6mm X 9mm
R71-1D20-12 SPST-NO 12VDC coil, 20A contactor relay =Omron G4A-1A-E-DC12V $11.28
Body of R71-series relay about 29mm X 19mm X 21mm
R73-5D10-12 12VDC coil, SPDT 10A contactor relay #29 $3.54
Body of R73-series relay about 21mm X 17mm X 13mm
RLY-3424 SPST-N.O. 24VDC coil 5A contacts $6.36
Body of RLY-3424 about 16mm X 6mm X 12mm
CR40-674 SPDT pcb mount 6VDC-60ma 100ohm 3A contacts $8.50
CR40-675 SPDT pcb mount 12VDC-34ma 350ohm 3A contacts $9.50
Body of CR40-674 & -675 about 17mm X 15mm X 22mm
CR40-678 SPDT pcb mount 12VDC-1.5ma 5000ohm 500Ma contacts $6,00
Body of CR40-678 relay about 20mm X 15mm X 23mm
MZ-12 Takamizawa SPDT pcb 12VDC Robyn 140010
R53-1D30-24 SPST-NO relay; 30A contacts, 24VDC coil HVAC-Furnace $5.09
Zettler AZ2110-1A-24DF: use R53-1D30-24 (cut off extra common pin between coil pins)
40-674 & 40-67540-678MZ-12R53-series
R53-5D20-24 SPDT; 20A contacts, 24VDC coil HVAC furnace control $5.27
RLY3920 ECG SPDT 5VDC coil 2A contacts $19.50
Body of RLY3920 relay about 27mm X 13mm X 12mm
D1-970 SPDT 6VAC coil 3A contacts
MR312C SPDT 12VDC-57ma pcb 210ohm
DSE-S7120 SPDT pcb 12VDC 350ohm
RL-042 SPST Reed Switch Original 700ohm 441-036-9-001 cordless phone
DSE-S1946 replacement SPST Reed Switch $2.50
204954 SPST 12VDC automotive relay
35-0753 replacement SPDT Reed Switch $2.76
PH30-17154B =GC35-0753 SPDT bulk small reed switch $5.10
DSE-S7112 SPDT pcb 12VDC
211NC-D005-M20 SPDT
T73S5D24-12B 12VDC P&B SPDT
G2E Omron SPDT pcb 12VDC
CT-R10-12 SPDT pcb 12VDC 1350ohm, CDE 653-12K-12VDC 5A contacts $8.28
CT-R10-24 SPDT pcb 24VDC 5400ohm, 2A contacts $9,54
CT-R13-12 SPDT pcb 12VDC 600ohm CDE 613-12R-12VDC 10A contacts $8.55
Double Pole Relays Contactors
R02-11A10-6 DPDT Octal 6VAC KRP11AG-6 $13.50
R02-11A10-24 DPDT Octal 24VAC coil 10A contactor #51 $13.50
R02-11A10-120 DPDT Octal 120VAC KAP22AY120 & KRP-11AG-120 $15.80
R02-11D10-12 DPDT Octal Plug-in 12VDC coil 10A contactor $14.34
R02-11D10-24 DPDT Octal PLug-in 24VDC coil 10A contactor #25 $15.46
R02-11D10-110 DPDT Octal plugin =Deltrol 20114-84 $16.16
RL-15 DPDT Octal relay Courier use R02-11D10-12
RL-18 DPDT Octal relay Courier specify coil voltage
R95-101 eight pin octal socket R02--SPDT & DPDT screw terminal #15 $5.40
R95-113 eight pin octal socket R02--SPDT & DPDT screw terminal #2$5.44
R95-118 eight pin octal solder lug socket R02-series-DPDT #50 $2.80
R04-11A30-120 (#34) DPDT 120VAC coil 30A contactor $25.16
R06-11A10-24 DPDT open frame 24VAC coil 10A contactor $20.02
R06-11A10-120 DPDT open frame 120VAC coil 10A contactor $23.10
R06-11D10-12 DPDT open frame 12VDC 10A KA11DG-12V, R16-12 $23.10
CDE-302A10-12VAC DPDT open frame, threaded lug mount
250-2CX DPDT open frame 12VDC 10A Courier RL-5
R10-11A10-24F DPDT 24VAC coil, 10A contactor $12.00
R10-11A10-120F DPDT 120VAC coil, 10A contactor $12.20
R10-11A10-240 DPDT 240VAC coil, 10A contactor $15.10
R10-11D10-12F DPDT 120 ohm 12VDC coil, 10A contactor 11.36
R10-11A10-24R10-DPDT diagramR12-DPDT diagram
R12-11D5-24 (#91) DPDT 24VDC coil =Omron MY2-DC24 $9.96
R14-11A10-12 DPDT solder terminal 12VAC coil 10A contactor relay #54 $10.62
R14-11A10-24 DPDT solder terminal 24VAC coil 10A contactor relay #35 $10.78
R14-11A10-120 DPDT solder terminal 120VAC coil 10A contactor relay #14 $11.12
R14-11D10-12 DPDT solder terminal 12VDC coil 10A contactor relay $10.38
R14-11D10-12P DPDT pc-board 12VDC 10A relay $10.42
R14-11D10-24 DPDT solder terminal 24VDC contactor relay $10.52
Body of R14-series relay about 26mm X 20mm X 34mm
R95-110 eight pin screw terminal socket R14-series-DPDT #16 $9.86
R95-111 eight pin solderlug socket R14-series-DPDT #90 $2.36
R95-120 eight pin PC-board socket R14-series-DPDT #57 $1.78
R95-121 eight pin screw terminal socket R14-series DPDT #8 $6.98
R16-11D3-12 DPDT socket/solder terminal pins, mount-lug, 12VDC 3A R10-DPDT-Term $15.60
R16-11D3-12 replaces P&B R10E series DPDT 12VDC solder terminal relays in linears
Body of R16-series relay about 22mm X 18mm X 28mm
R95-102 DPDT PC board socket accepts R16-11D3-12 relay =P&B 27E128 $2.72
R95-103 DPDT solder terminal socket accepts R16-11D3-12 relay =P&B 27E125 $3.64
R16-11D3-12P standup DPDT relay. narrow PC board pins, 12VDC 185 ohm, 3A contacts $12.52
R16-11D3-12P replaces ITT240XDW, Aromat K2T12V-9, P&B R10E series DPDT-PC Board relays in many linears Silver 50, Texas Star DX100 & 250
R16-11D3-24 DPDT, 24VDC coil replaces Aromat K2-24V-9 in elevators $12.52
RLY-3942 flatpak PC board DPDT relay Palomar 300A tube linear $23.20
RLY-3942 replaces P&B R50-E2-Y2-12VDC; American Zetler AC531-09-1; Sigma 60HE2-12
R16-seriesR16-DPDT diagram
R20-11D6-12 DPDT pc-board 12VDC 170 ohm 8A ($15.60)
R20-series relay is 29mm X 13mm X 26mm
R25-11D10-12 DPDT PC board relay 12VDC 270ohm =621ND012 $6.86
R25-11D10-24 DPDT PC board relay 24VDC coil HVAC furnace control $6.86
R25-series relays are 28mm X 13mm X 23mm
R40-11D2-5/6 DPDT small pc-board 5-6VDC 167ohm CR40-760, RKT-5 $5.32
R40-11D2-12 DPDT small 12VDC 960ohm CR40-761, G5V-2-DC12, MR62-5UKSRY, RKT-12, RKTS-12G, RY12W $5.32
R40-11D2-24 DPDT small pc-board 24VDC 2880ohm CR40-762, RKT-24 $5.32
R40-series relays are 20mm X 9mm X 11mm
TECK-TT6 DPDT pcb 6VDC 125 ohm Robyn 4000 scanner $6.00
JAICO-DPDT-24VDC small open frame relay for Demon 50SS $6.00
AMF Potter & Brumfield PR-4182 12VDC DPDT has 1/4" PF blade connectors
R60-11AD10-12 DPDT (on-action time delay .1 second - 2 hrs) octal 10A s.o.
R61-11AD10-12 DPDT (off-action time delay .1 second - 2 hrs) 11-pin octal 10A $
R72-11D1-5C DPDT PC dual coil latching relay 5V 125 ohm =Aromat DF2E-L2-DC5V Astatic ETS-9 Microphone discontinued
R72-11D1-12 DPDT pc-board relay 12VDC 720ohm, 1A contacts fits NTE409 socket $6.74
CR40-677 DPDT solder terminal with socket 12VDC 250ohm 5A, threaded lug $12.20
DSE-S7130 DPDT term 12VDC 300ohm (similar 40-677, no threaded lug)
DP50 DPDT term 12VDC (similar 40-677, no threaded lug) MQR207
275-206-12VDC DPDT
G5V-2-H-12VDC Omron DPDT
T82S11D111-12 AMF/P&B DPDT
RKT-12K Taiko DPDT
DS2-M-DC12V Matsushita DPDT
DS2E-ML2-DC24V Aromat DPDT
JW2SN-DC5V Nais DPDT pcb relay, 5A contacts
RL-9 DPST Open Frame 12VDC 160ohm Courier
NS2-P-DC12V DPDT pcb 12VDC
MTS2-12VDC DPDT pcb 12VDC Pace IP32-0004
RKTS-12G DPDT small pc-board 12VDC
W88-KDX-2 DPDT 12VDC 100 ohm Varmit Linears R06-11D10-12
Triple Pole Double Throw Relays
R02-14D10-12 11-pin octal 12VDC MK3EP-UA-DC12, R22-12 $18.50
C-11357 Comar 3PDT 12VDC 11-pin Octal Plug-in fits Demon linears =R02-14D10-12
KA4453-2 Potter & Brumfield 3PDT 12VDC 11 pin Octal Plug-in fits Demon linears =R02-14D10-12
MK3EP-UA-DC12 12VDC 11-pin octal 10A Demon 150/250/500/750 =R02-14D10-12
CT-R22-12 3PDT 12VDC 110 ohm 11-pin octal, 10A contacts $24.90
R02-14D10-110 11-pin octal 110VDC 10A $18.70
KA-4453-1 Potter & Brumfield have about 60, location T-BR or NBR
R95-114 eleven pin octal screw terminal socket R02--3PDT #22 $7.08
R95-119 eleven pin octal solder lug socket R02-series 3PDT =Caltronics RS11 $3.00
R06-14D10-12 open frame 12VDC 10A R18-12, W88X-11, P&B KA-3712-1 $23.10
303D10-3PDT-12VDC CDE open frame fits D&A linears use R06-14D10-12
R06-14D10-110 open frame 110VDC 10A KA14DY-110, KRP14DG-110, 240017 $23.30
240017 open frame 100VDC 10A Gemtronics, Lafayette, Robyn, Teaberry
tube CB's; D&A & other tube-base linears
R10-14A10-24 3PDT 24VAC coil 10 Amp contactor #83 $13.66
R10-14D10-12F 12VDC 120ohm coil 3PDT 11 Amp contactor =KUP14D55-12V $14.66
R10-14D10-12FR10-3PDT diagramR12-3PDT diagram
60.43 Finder 12VDC 3PDT
MX3P-12VDC 12V relay fits UPD858C SSB CB's sorry-nla
Omron 3P-S pcb Socket for MX3P-series Omron relay
Four Pole Double Throw Relays
R12-17A3-24 4PDT 24VAC coil, solder term 5A contactor #97fits R95-117 $12.70
R12-17A3-24P for pc board 24VAC coil 5A contact ITT-4BZ-CR-24VAC $12.64
R12-17A3-120 solder terminal 120VAC coil 5A contacts $15.18
R12-17A3-120P pcb 120VAC 5ACDE-114AO-120V $12.64
R12-17D3-12 term 12VDC 5A = 104CMEWB, 104DO-12V, FRL263-DO12/04CS,
KHU4D12, MAT4B/BR, MY4-DC12, Q22.1936, CT-R14-12
R12-17D3-12 replaces Midtex/Aemco 156-14B100 in Dentron MLA2500
R12-17D3-12P pcb 12VDC 5A =MY4-02-DC12 in Palomar 250; =FRL-263D01204CS01 in FT-101ZD $12.70
R12-17D3-24 solder terminal 24VDC 5A contactor RY4S-UL-DC24 & KH4703-1 $14.10
the body of R12-17-series relays is 26mm X 20mm X 35mm
R12-seriesR12-4PDT diagram
R16-17D5-12 solder terminal 12VDC 185ohm coil 5A contacts $32.80
R16-17D5-12 replaces P&B R10E-series 4PDT relays with solder terminals
CT-R14-12 term 12VDC 160ohm coil, threaded lug 3A contacts $14.72
R16-17D5-12P PC board terminal 12VDC 185ohm coil 5A contacts $32.80
R16-17D5-12P replaces P&B R10E-series 4PDT relays with PC board terminals
R16-17D3-24 4PDT 24VDC coil replaces Aromat K4-24V-9 in elevators $18.60
R16-17D5-24 solder terminal 24VDC coil 5A contacts $17.36
the body of R16-17-series relays is 27mm X 17mm X 29mm
R95-108 PC Board socket for R16-series 4PDT relays =P&B 27E129 $5.24
R95-109 solder terminal socket for R16-series 4PDT relays =P&B 27E126 $4.20
R16-4PDT diagram
R95-107 =RS14PC =P&B 27E129 fourteen pin PCB socket R12-series-4PDT #30 $1.64
RS14PC =59-134 pcb socket fits R14-12 etc 4PDT relays =R95-107
R95-117 fourteen pin R12-series 4PDT screw terminal #18 $8.94
R95-122 =RS14C fourteen pin solder lug socket R12-series-4PDT #98 $1.54
CT-RS14C =59-144 solder terminal socket for 4PDT relays =R95-122
R10-E1-X4-V700-24VDC AMF-P&B 4PDT
W57RCSX-6 5VDC Magnecraft 4PDT
25A04C20C STC 4PDT
114A0-120V pcb 120VAC
W77-CXS-5 Browning Mark 3--can use KH-4805-1 with RS-14C socket
F.BV.153-b31/103 12VDC solder lug socket terminals 401013
401013-S term 12VDC replace MH4P-12VDC in T599D, TS520S, TS820 $18,00
MH4P-12VDC-300 ohm Omron Kenwood T599D, TS820 S51-4031-05, use 401013-S
MH4P-12VDC-385 ohm Omron Kenwood TS-520S RL2 S51-4017-15 use 401013-S
AE3244 250-3800 4PDT 12VDC relay in Henry Tempo One & FT901DM use 401013-S
401044 Omron PM14-0 pcb socket for MH4P-series relays; accepts 401013 relay $1.50
MH4ZP-DC-Z12V Omron 4PDT
F.BV.154BM-31/141 pcb 12VDC Courier 8000-00006-095
KH-4805-1 solder term; coil=110VDC/10,000ohm Demco Star
MHE405PG-UA-DC6 Omron solder term; 6VDC
W67CSX-6 Magnecraft 52 ohm coil, same pinout as MHE405PG-IA-6V
MH4ZP-DC12V narrow pcb terminal
MHS4P-DC12V wide terminal fits socket =401013
MHU4ZP-DC12V (185 ohm) narrow pcb pins Teaberry Stalker One--use 401013 relay & 401044 socket
MY4-02-DC12 in Palomar 250 use R12-17D3-12P
MY4-UA-DC12V pcb 12VDC 160ohm MAT4B-BRT-12VDC
MAT4B-BRT-12VDC pcb 12VDC MY4-UA-DC12V use R12-17D3-12P
VP4/PCB-CAB12 Clare 12VDC pcb 185ohm
NS4-P-DC6V 6VDC-135ma pcb $10.00
40-679 (+socket) 6VDC-75Ma 80 ohm term (limited stock) $9.00
NS4-P-DC12V 12VDC pcb use 401013-S
Q22.1936 term 12VDC with threaded lug Johnson
TBPD-CC-CC-12VDC 12VDC 185ohm Courier RL-13
011000601 open 110VDC Citifone SS
20210-81 Deltrol open frame 12VDC 5A
Six Pole Double Throw Relays
R16-23D5-12 =RLY2572 6PDT 12VDC 90 ohm Gould Allied TF154-3C-3C-12VDC $23.94
R16-23D5-24 6PDT blade-pins, 24VDC coil replaces Aromat K6-24V-9 in elevators $35.00
the body of R16-23-series relays is 35mm X 17mm X 29mm
RLY9135 pcb socket for 6PDT blade-pin relays $3.90
RLY9135 can replace Tram part number 210024 (relay socket in Tram D201/A)
RLY9172 pcb socket for 6PDT blade-pin relays $2.70
Tram D201/A relay: use R16-23D5-12 by rewiring coil source as 12VDC instead of 110VDC
TF154-3C-3C-12VDC Gould Allied Control 6PDT
R16-23D5-12RLY9135RLY9172R16-6PDT diagram
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