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The RED BOOK OF CB MODIFICATION & REPAIR *Third Edition* was named because FCC officials "see red" when they hear about CB Radio modifications! This book was written to assist in de-modifying "Butchered" CB's & includes many voltage charts to aid in troubleshooting CB problems. Understanding the information presented in this book is necessary to change CB radios to the Ten Meter ham band.

Excerpt--frequency synthesis: "When two oscillator circuits are fed into a mixer circuit four resulting frequencies are present: two original frequencies & the sum of the two original frequencies & the difference between the original frequencies. Tuned circuits select the desired sum or difference as needed."

Excerpt--Receiver troubleshooting: "A weak receiver is often much harder to fix than dead receive. A common cause for weak receive ia a "peak & tune" job by a CB Butcher in a Chop Shop. Often the receive coils get screwed up when someone tries to get more transmit watts! (If the AMC circuit is butchered you should check the alignment of coils designated L1/T1 & L2/T2)."

Contents (partial)
2 Power Supplies & Voltage Regulator Circuits
4 Special Hookups (Positive Ground & 24 V vehicles)
5 Zener Test Circuit (build)
6 LED Channel Indicator replacement
7 Audio & Modulation Circuitry
8 Pin function & voltages for (100+) audio IC's
15 Automatic Modulation Control
15 Talkback
16 Noise Toys
17 Frequency Synthesis & crystal charts
23 PLL mixer crystal guide
25 PLL & VCO Troubleshooting
26 Pin function & voltages for (100+) PLL & VCO IC's
44 Binary input & ROM PLL notes
45 Clarifier to Slider modifications
48 Troubleshooting CB Receiver Problems
53 Troubleshooting CB Transmitter Problems
56 Super Mods

Third Edition is now available! order it now!! $25.00 + P&H
Tech Tip: Talkback is a circuit modification that allows you to hear what the audio sounds like when you are transmitting so you know what your mic or noise toy sounds like! An adjustable talkback can be added to most electronic switching CB radios by soldering a 100 ohm pot in series with a 27 ohm resistor between the "Ext Spkr" jack ground terminal & the "PA Spkr" jack ground terminal.

Copyright © 1997 Fernando R. de Lezica, revised January 2006, All rights reserved.