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Make or Save Money On 2380+ Models. Information Compiled On Specific Repairs That You Are Likely To Run Into!

The GREEN BOOK OF CB REPAIR was named because of the "Green Stamps" that can be saved or made repairing CB's. Contains repair notes on 2380+ models including PLL IC type, circuit board number (find "sister" units), microphone wiring, where to find schematics, lists RF output & driver transistors, audio output IC's. Fix overmodulation (splatter & distortion) problems & other repair history symptoms & cures.

Revised (2nd) edition is now available! order it now!! $25.00 + P&H

Tech Tip finding shorts: You can save a lot of fuses when testing CB's that blow fuses by putting a FTB-14 (fuse style pilot light $1.40) in place of the normal (typically 2 Amp) fuse in the power cord! {When the FTB-14 lights up brightly--you have a short; if it lights dimly--you have removed the short.} Disconnect the following parts (one at a time) to locate the shorted part: The Polarity Protection Diode (usually near the power cord connections to the circuit board); The Final Transistor, Driver Transistor, Audio IC, and Voltage Regulators & Modulation Pass Transistors (these parts have metal back-tabs that usually attach to a heatsink such as the metal frame of the CB). Using this technique can save you the couple of hundred dollars that it would cost to get a "current regulated" power supply to trouble-shoot these problems!

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