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Repair Notes & Parts Sources--150 Models, Microphone Wiring/Repair, Antenna Rotors, Power Supplies, Frequency Counters, Marine & Business Radio Notes, Radar Detector Repairs.

The GRAY BOOK OF EXPORT CB & HAM 10-METER REPAIR was named because many of these "ham radios" were sold on the "Gray Market" to CB'ers wanting more power or additional channels. Has chapters on fixing antenna rotors, business "dot frequency" radios, frequency counters, marine radios, microphone repair & wiring, modulation transformer replacement, power supplies, radar detectors, wattmeters. Troubleshooting guide plus repair notes on 150 models with modification notes & index to competitive "how-to" publications. Where to find repair parts by brand plus generic parts for out-of-business units.

Excerpt from general trouble shooting: "Audio Circuit: no sound on speaker?...try extension speaker.... Check for receive at the volume control with a signal tracer. Check audio IC operation with the hum injection test--a finger on each leg of the audio IC (one at a time) should make a loud hum on the speaker (courtesy of the power company) when the input pin is touched."

From an Antenna Instruction Manual Index, thru Radar Detector Repair Notes to Export Unit repair Notes. Over 20 different subjects covered. Sorry-Out of Print

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