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Test Equipment available from KEN'S:
CB SWR & Wattmeters
WEP-SWR-2T Economy metal case CB SWR meter $25,56
HP201S SWR & 5/50/250/1KW wattmeter
230 WEP/Zetagi SWR & 20/200/1000 Jumbo wattmeter $99,98
102 WEP/Zetagi SWR meter for 130-170Mhz ham use
104 WEP/Zetagi SWR meter for 120-500Mhz ham use $32,98
SX144/430 dual needle Watt/reflected pwr 10/100/500W 120-500Mhz $52.98
Zetagi 230Zetagi 102Zetagi 104
Frequency Counters
EF-357 Seven Digit thruline Frequency Counter to 350Mhz $??
Multimeters and VOMs
CR65-266 nicest Digital Multimeter $60.00
CR65-308 three foot test leads Banana Plug to test prods $4,35
CES68-0850 test leads 33" Banana Plug to test prods $3,78
CES-DT-860D basic digital multimeter $11.60
MY61 digital multimeter, test Transistors; Capacitors to 20ufd $29.70
ECG-DM75 Full Function Digital MultiMeter $33.98
MY69 auto-ranging digital multimeter, Transistors; Caps to 200ufd $59.70
PH-467 test leads with IC clips $14.68
PH-SA15 Universal three foot test leads changeable ends 10.80

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