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Small CB Radio, Portable Radio, Police Scanner, Walkie Talkie Replacement Speakers:
CR20-224A round thin weather resistant 1 inch speaker $8,40
CR20-225 square 1-1/2 inch speaker $4,05
U105 round 1-1/2" speaker =CR20-225R =ICC-S150RA $3,30
PH-TS19 round 1-1/2 inch paper cone 8 ohm .1W button magnet speaker $6,27
very thin 30MM =1-3/16" speaker Uniden Bearcat 3000XLT scanner--order from Uniden sorry!
very thin 35MM =1-3/8" speaker FRS & Scanner--order from Uniden for SC150 or SC180 sorry!
CR20-174 plastic frame 10MM thin, 40MM diameter weather resistant speaker cordless phone$7,00
S175A Intervox =U108 Speco =SM45 Speco round 1-3/4 inch =45mm 8 ohm speaker ($5.00)
U108S Speco square 1-3/4 inch 8 ohm impedance speaker ($5.00)
R2SP8 =CR20-226 round 2 inch paper cone .2W 8 ohm speaker $3,60
PH-TS20 round 2 inch paper cone 8 ohm .2W button magnet speaker $6,06
S920A =G23AF5 Oval 2 by 3 inch 8 ohm CB radio replacement speaker ($6.90)
U261S square 2-1/4 inch speaker $4.90
RR2.5SP4 Round 2-1/2 inch button magnet 4 ohm .3W Robyn SB520D CB Replacement speaker ($5.00)
RR2.5SP8 replaces CR20-228 & U265 & S250RA round 2-1/2 inch 8 ohm .5W Robyn CB replacment speaker ($4.00)
CR20-229 round 2-3/4 inch speaker $4,50
R2.75SP button magnet round Robyn 2-3/4" 1W 8 ohm CB replacement speaker ($4,00)
WEP-RA300 =S300RA thin profile 3" round CB replacement speaker $3,32
SA300 thin profile 3" square CB replacement speaker 3,32
CR20-301 =B0300M-45 square 3" weather resistant 45 ohm speaker entry door intercom US$9.00
R3.5SPS (9P10S) button magnet Robyn 3-1/2" square CB replacement speaker Cobra 148 $3,00
R3.5S3W16 thin 3W button magnet 3-1/2 inch square 16 ohm replacement speaker Nutone entry door intercom ($5.00)
R305 thin profile 3-1/2" round CB replacement speaker $5,10
SA350 =S305 =S350SA =20-232 thin square 3-1/2" CB replacement speaker Cobra 148 $4,35
PH-TS35 square 3-1/2 inch 8 ohm 1W thin profile speaker $7,59
A3.5CA3 tab mount 3-1/2" autosound 70's GM, '98 Kenworth $9,00
SA400 thin profile 8 ohm 1W RMS 4" square speaker $4,35
PH-TS29 square 4 inch 8 ohm 1W replacement speaker fits Cobra 25 & 29 $7,77
WEP-QF-35 replacement 3x5 8 ohm speaker 2W-RMS (5W peak) 1.7 ounce magnet
PH-TS40 square 4" large 1.7oz magnet 8 ohm 5W speaker $5,46
PH-TS50 nearly round 5" large 1.7oz magnet 4 ohm 6W speaker $6,09
PH-TS50 & A5CF3: mount centers=3-1/4" (4-3/4" diagonal) fit '67 VW Beetle
PH-SP800 round 8" 20-Watt 8 ohm 10oz magnet PA music speaker $22,71
Popular CB Extension Speakers:
CR20-215 $47.90
CR20-244 outdoor 5W RMS 5" paging horn tilt mount$17,25
CR20-310 $27.80
WEP-711 sq "4 inch" 5W RMS extension speaker; tilt $11,88
WEP-712 extension speaker with "noise filter" switch $14,61
WEP-714 ext spkr with "noise filter" & "talkback" $16,28
WEP-715 amplified 6W RMS ext spkr; on/bypass sw; tilt $17,40
WEP-717 =VA-SPB8 mini tilt bracket ext spkr 2W RMS mylar cone $12,63
WEP-719 mini "visor" extension spkr 2W RMS mylar cone $11,25
WEP-K15 fancy looking extension speaker $12,47
WEP-K16 Commercial extension spkr weather resistant tilt mount $13,86
WEP-LM12V Loud Mouth 12 VDC 6W RMS audio amp use with ext spkr$10,08
PA horn711 speaker712 speaker714 speaker715 speaker
Plugs for CB Extension Speakers
P-35X Mono (2-cond) 3.5MM (1/8") CB extension speaker plug $0,78
PP-9X metal handle mono 3.5MM speaker plug $1,17
SPW-35X right angle 3.5MM speaker plug molded 6" wire $1,62
SPW-6P Common 3.5MM (=1/8") speaker plug molded 6-ft wire $1,89
Earphones, Headphones & Headsets (microphone/headphone combination)
EP20 small white into-the-ear earphone with P35 plug $2.68
EP35G small gray Sony style in-the-ear earphone, P35 plug $2.20
EPD-1 hangs-over-the-ear earphone; 48" wire with P35 plug $7.74
PH-Z3003 flesh colored earphone, wire earloop, P25 plug 6-ft cord $2.50
PH-748 High Impedance Crystal Earphone; 7-ft cord $5.52
use PH-748 with 1N34 diode for signal powered AM Crystal Radio
HF-24RS Race Style Scanner Headphone dual volume control P35 plug $21.54
CR15-144 Headset: 32 ohm headphone, 300 ohm dynamic microphone $33.00
Minature Buzzers
CT-BZ-1 Solid State Minature Buzzer; operates on 1.1 to 2VDC
GC-J4-812 Solid State Minature Buzzer; operates on 12VDC
GC-J4-814 Solid State Minature Buzzer; operates on 3VDC
GC-J4-816 Solid State Minature Buzzer; operates on 6 to 9VDC
PH-B812 Small DC buzzer operates on 12VDC $6,30
PH-B814 Small DC buzzer operates on 3VDC $5,97
PH-B817 Piezo Sounder; requires external oscillator
PH-B822 Small DC buzzer operates on 9VDC $5,97
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