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Warning: Surveillance & recording equipment use may be restricted by local, state, & federal laws
Video Surveillance Cameras & Monitor
ARM-B380 $83.92
ARM-C380BC Color Bullet 380 line resolution Camera $115.00
ARM-C420MDBLK Color 420 line resolution Dome Camera 105.42
Dome cameras include wide angle lens
ARM-C420 Color Professional 420 line resolution camera $133.58
ARM-VL358AI 3.5-8MM VariFocal Auto-Iris Lens for Professional Camera $46.67
Auto-Iris makes Professional Camera much more sensitive under dim lighting
MCM6 Black Metal Universal Indoor Camera Mount $15.84
ARM-VL550AI 5-50MM VariFocal Auto-Iris Lens for Professional Camera $98.59
ARM-OCH2 Outdoor Camera Housing; 24VAC heater & fan $46.84
ARM-OCHWMT Mount Bracket for Outdoor Camera Housing $24.17
ARM-C14M Color 14" monitor with 520 line resolution $277.50

Tech Tip: The quality is cheap (low resolution/poor quality) on Surveillance cameras that use RJ11 "telephone" connectors. Medium quality units use RCA connecors for the video & Better units use BNC connectors for the video signals. When you are unhappy with stuff from the "cheap club" store--remember: "we told you not to waste your money" on throw-away products!

Digital Security Recorder for Security Systems
DVR16500CD120 ARM 500GB Security Recorder; 16 camera input, Internet control, CDR/W $1750.00
TTP111VEL Video Balun: video signal on Cat 5 or Cat 6 balanced line; adapt to BNC male $26.00
PH42-210 Security Camera Adaptor Cable: RCA jack to size-2155 coaxial power plug $2,82
PH42-257 Security Camera Adaptor Cable RCA jack to size-2155 coaxial power socket $2,82
PH42-467 Security Camera Adaptor Kit [42-210 +42-257 +(2)RCA double female couplers] $6,54
above adapters for using stereo audio cables to extend power to security cameras

Tech Tip: Horizontal Interference Lines (often moving up the picture) in a display from a security system--displayed on a flat-screen TV--can be caused by a ground loop problem. The ground loop occurs because Cable TV and DVD and VCR's etc have grounds that are not at exactly the same potential! (different lengths of cords and in different rooms and not everything plugged into the same AC electrical outlet).
If the TV is connected to Cable TV--the first thing to try is to disconnect the Cable TV wire to see if the interference disappears--if it disappears--then add a CR75-504 RF ground loop isolation transformer to the Cable TV coax.
If the interference only occurs with the security camera connected--A solution is to add a baseband video ground loop isolator on the security camera output; these are expensive and most suppliers don't keep these in stock!
An alternative (cheap) solution is use an individual power supply (not the central power supply for the security system) to power the offending camera AND to plug the power supply for that camera into a grounded-to-ungrounded (3-prong to 2-prong) adaptor (ground wire not connected). If the camera is mounted on a metal polebarn building--it may also be necessary to mount the camera on plastic or wood to isolate the camera housing from the metal of the building.

Click here for plug paks to power security cameras

Bug (record) your own phone line
AR-100 phone line portable cassette tape recorder controller
requires "mic" microphone jack with "rem" remote jack on recorder
Public Address System Amplifiers
(stock numbers) descriptions for 12 Volt amplifiers $???.??
(stock numbers) descriptions for 117VAC amplifiers $???.??
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