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Telephone Parts and Accessories available from KEN'S:

Cordless Phone Antennas
Click Here for antennas to fit Cordless Phones

Cordless Phone Replacement NI-CAD Batteries
ATT-4051 battery pak has (3) 1/2AA size cells with type A plug $
many other batteries stocked: button cells, flared button cells, etc
many other batteries stocked: 1/2AA cells, P450 cells, AA cells, etc

Popular Plug Pak Power Supplies
Click Here for Plug Pak power supplies for Cordless & WiredPhones

Click here for jacks & wallplates for computer network wiring

Antique - Vintage Telephone Accessories
DSPM-1816 Replacement Touch Tone Dial Pad fits WE2500 etc $25.88
TC-TL3 lock to cover touch tone pad Western Electric 2500 etc phones 10.98
TP4 (Ivory) =CBA-Y-2 1960's style 4 hole telephone jack $4.95
PH-TEC32 =A-T1 adaptor plugs into 1960's 4-prong jack; accepts modular plug $9.95
PH-TEC17 =CR70-409 =A-T3 retrofit plug--connect spade lug cord to modular plug disc-nla
CR70-401 =A-T4 =24-1350 RJ-14 cover--convert 1960's screw terminal block to modular $2,25
A-T8 Antique Adaptor Cord 7 ft RJ14 modular plug to 1960's 4-Hole jack $14.90
PH-TEC27S (silver) line cord 7 ft modular plug to spade lugs retrofit antique phones ($6.95)
CR70-428 (Ivory) line cord 14 ft modular plug to spade lugs retrofit antique phones ($6.95)
A-T11 (silver) line cord 25 ft modular plug to spade lugs retrofit antique phones ($6.95)
use CR70-428 or PH-TEC27S or A-T11 to connect ancient phones to modular phone jacks
PH-TEC32PH-TEC17CR70-401A-T8 Adaptor CordPH-TEC27S

Free Technical Repair Tip: Vintage 1950's and 1960's Antique Phone Connections and Party Line Ringer Notes:
PH-TEC27S Green=L1; Red=L2 (Yellow & Black wires not used for single line phones--except lighted dial Princess) on Automatic Electric, ITT, Stromberg Carlson, Western Electric Rotary & Touch Tone Phones.
(Residential Analog) Private Lines apply ringer voltage across L1 & L2--so old phones from private lines don't need any changes to work on current residential phone lines. (Phone companies do not supply enough current to make a large number of old phones ring--if you have more than 4 or 5 phones--some phones may not ring)!
Ringer voltage on old party lines was applied between G & L1 Party One? or G & L2 Party Two? You may be need to add a jumper to make an old party line phone ring on a private line! Experiment by calling your home number from your cell phone while adding a jumper from G to L1 or G to L2 to determine which terminals on the "network" terminal block inside the corner near the line cord need a jumper to make your old phone ring.

Modular Telephone Jacks
A-T5 surface mount or baseboard mount RJ11 phone jack special $1,50
A-T7 wall mount modular RJ11 jack
VA-WP59T wall plate: RJ11 modular phone jack plus TV antenna jack $4,74
VA-MPJ-2 plastic wall plate with RJ11 4-conductor jack
MTJ-4 =24-1349 baseboard style RJ11 4-conductor jack with terminal block
VA-MTJ-6TX baseboard style RJ12 6-conductor jack with doublestick pad
CR70-145 baseboard style RJ11 modular jack, doubstick mount pad
CR70-402 modular baseboard style RJ11 phone jack $3,00
CR70-411 =A-T21 =MCJ-4 circular wall mount modular RJ11 telephone jack $3,69
CR70-413 baseboard style RJ12 6-conductor modular jack $3,38
PH-TEC66 baseboard style RJ12 6-conductor modular jack $4,41
CR70-414 baseboard style RJ45 8-conductor modular jack use PH-TEC-88
CR70-427 =A-T19 =MJP-1 plastic RJ11 jack to hang wall-telephone on $5,63
CR70-487 =A-T18 =MWJ4 modular RJ11 phone jack $2,25
PH-TEC88 baseboard style RJ45 (Computer & PBX) 8-conductor modular jack $5,94
CR70-561 surface mount 6-conductor phone jack $4,50
CR70-565 surface mount phone jack $4,35
PH-TWP62B =A-T20 wall plate with two RJ11 jacks $2,88
A-T5A-T7 70-40270-41170-42770-48770-538
CR70-508 replacement 616PC PC-mount RJ22 handset-size 4-cond jack $1,65
CR70-509 replacement 623PC Printed Circuit RJ45 8-conductor jack $1,65
CR70-510 replacement Printed Circuit mount RJ45 8-conductor jack out/nla
CR70-511 replacement wire lead RJ45 8-conductor jack out/nla
Modular Telephone Plugs
PH-TEC1 =CR70-496 =AR24-1248 modular 4-conduct RJ14 line plug 9.5mm wide for flat wire 10/pak=$2,28
PH-TEC2 =70-495 =MTP-2 RJ22 "handset plug" 7.5mm wide 4-conductor for flat wire 10/pak=$2,28
PH-TEC3B =CR70-499 modular RJ12 plug 9.5mm wide 6-conductor for flat wire 10/pak=$3,09
PH-TEC4(10/pak) =CR70-497(5/pak) modular 8-conductor RJ45 plug 11.5mm wide for flat wire 10/pak=$4,62
PH-TEC5 modular RJ14 4-conductor line plug 9.5mm wide for round wire 10/pak=$3,42
PH-TEC6B modular RJ12 6-conductor line plug 9.5mm wide for round wire 10/pak=$3,84
PH-TEC9(10/pak) modular 8-conductor RJ45 plug 11.5mm wide for round CAT5 & CAT5E & CAT6 wire 10/pak=$5,61
PH-TEC12 modular 6P6C-DEC 9.5mm wide; offset keyway latch; Police computer data cable 10/pak=$7,29

Modular Plug & Jack size
Tech Tip: The "latch release" of modular plugs goes on the "ridge" side of flat phone wire to maintain polarity.
RJ11 (6P2C) 9.5MM wide 6P2C modular plug or jack; center contacts Cat 3 red & green wires =line 1
RJ12 (6P6C) 9.5MM wide 6P6C plug or jack; "line 1" & "line 2 like RJ14; outside blue & white =line 3
RJ14 (6P4C) 9.5MM wide modular plug or jack; Cat 3 center red & green =line 1; outside yellow & black =line 2
RJ22 aka RJ9 or RJ10 four contact 7.5MM wide "handset" size 4P4C modular plug or jack
RJ25 is 50 pin AMP connector old multiline business phones ITT-2564, Western Electric 1A2
RJ31 single line--size like RJ45. Center pins #4 & #5 connect to phone line; outside pins #1 & #8 connect to other phone jacks--this allows an alarm dialer or medical alert system to seize the voice connection and dial the monitoring company when an alarm or medical alert is triggered. RJ31 DSL filters maintain the DSL connection to a computer when the alarm has been triggered.
RJ38 like RJ31 but with jumper connection between pin #2 & #7 to indicate that a plug is inserted
RJ45 eight contact 12MM wide modular 8P8C plug or jack; multiline & digital business phones & computer "local area networks"
RJ45 colors: Line 1 =Blue & Blue/White; Line 2 =Orange & Orange/White; Line 3 =Green & Green/White; Line 4 =Brown & Brown/White
RJ48 same size as RJ45--for T1 Connection: digitally multiplexed 23 phone numbers +CID over two pairs of wires; pin 1=orange/white, pin 2=orange, pin 4=blue, pin 5=blue/white
RJ50 modular 10P10C plug or jack; size like RJ45 but has ten contacts

RJ45, RJ12, RJ14 PlugsCR70-414RJ-45 to Cat-5e or Cat-6 Wire Colors
Telephone Line Cords
Z-3019 short 1-ft cord with 4-conductor RJ14 molular plugs $1.89
CT-MTC7PP-Red "straight" 7-ft 4-conductor RJ14 cord $2,67
CT-MTC7PP-Black "straight" 7-ft 4-conductor RJ14 cord $2,67
PH-CTP210-Black straight 7-ft telephone "line" cord
CR-70-416-BK black 7-ft modular RJ14 "straight" cord =A-T12 =PH-TEC26S $3,30
CR-70-429 modular RJ14 4-conductor 14-ft linecord $3,45
CT-MTC14PP-color =PH-TEC26M straight 14-ft 4-conductor RJ14 cord $3,45
PH-TEC26 =A-T13 =AR24-0315 CR-70-397 straight 25-ft cord RJ14 modular line plug both ends $4,59
CT-MTC25PP-color "straight" 25 ft 4-conductor RJ14 cord $4,59
UL-20251 Ivory 24 ft 4-conductor RJ14 "line" cord 60'C 150V $4,72
PH-TEC46B silver 6 conductor straight 25-ft RJ12 modular cord $7,47
CR-70-440 straight 7-ft 8-conductor RJ31 & RJ45 cord $4,80
CR-70-441 straight 14-ft 8-conductor RJ31 & RJ45 modular cord $5,55
CR-70-479 coiled 25 ft wall to telephone RJ14 cord $4,95
PH-TC100 flat 4-conductor telephone "line" wire $16.32
PH-TC1004B flat bulk black 4-conductor telephone wire $0.30/ft
A-T12 & A-T13
Handset Telephone Cords and Handset Y-Adaptors
CT-MCC6-color coiled 6-ft handset to base cord $2,97
CT-MCC12-color coiled 12-ft handset to base cord $3,87
CT-MCC25-color coiled 25-ft handset to base cord $5,40
CEA-B1FSHC Black 1-ft Straight Handset Cord RJ22 plugs both ends $6.79
CEA-HPRC Handset Polarity Reversal Cord use Panasonic Handset on ATT Phone & vice versa $12.39
CEA-G6FSHC Gray 6-ft Straight Handset Cord RJ22 "handset" plugs both ends $9.92
CEA-IV6FSHC Ivory 6-ft Straight Handset Cord RJ22 Handset" plugs both ends $9.92
CEA-W6FSHC White 6-ft Straight Handset Cord RJ22 "handset" plugs both ends $9.92
CEA-IV6FSL-HC Ivory 6-ft Straight Cord RJ11 "line" plug to RJ22 "handset" plug $9.70
CEA-B10FSHC Black 10-ft Straight Handset Cord RJ22 "handset" plugs both ends $10.49
CEA-B25FSHC Black 25-ft Straight Handset Cord RJ22 plugs both ends $12.99
other colors and lengths of telephone and control cords available upon request
CEA-B30FSHC Black 30-ft Straight Handset Cord RJ22 plugs both ends $14.49
A-T14 ivory coiled 25-ft handset cord RJ22 plugs both ends $5,40
A-T15 beige coiled 25-ft handset cord RJ22 plugs both ends $5,40
CR70-452 =CT-MCC12BK black coiled 12-ft handset to base cord $3,87
CR70-453 ivory coiled 12-ft handset to base cord $3,87
CR70-461 black coiled 25 ft handset to base cord $5,40
CR70-465 ivory coiled 25-ft handset to base cord $5,40
CR70-554 handset phone cord tangle stopper $4.20
CT-NT-4 handset phonecord tangle stopper
HYA2498 RJ22 Splitter Handset Y-adaptor connect 2 headsets to 1 phone $17.70
HYA2498--supervise trainees at Call Centers Plantronics Y Adaptor Trainer
PH70-025 Multimedia Headset Microphone $20,97
adaptor: connect PH70-025 to telephone in place of handset$??.??
A-T14 coiled cords  CR70-554 cord detangler   HYA2498 Handset Y-adaptor
T adaptors, Y-adaptors, and line-1 / line-2 splitters
VA-MA-2 CR70-405 =A-T2 =30-6003 T-adaptor 2-RJ14 4-conductor jacks from RJ14 plug $1,95
CR70-494 =PH-TEC-19 adaptor two RJ14 4-conductor jacks from one RJ14 Jack $4,50
CEA-3WAY-RJ22 adaptor Three Way Telephone RJ22 Handset Size Adapter $12.00
CR70-539 PH-TEC73 line splitter adaptor L1; L2 (RJ11) & L1+L2 (RJ14) from RJ14 plug $5,00
CR70-417 =MA-3A "3 from 1" adaptor three RJ14 4-conductor jacks from RJ14 plug $4,47
CR70-422 telephone junction block for wiring connections up to 4 ways $5,70
CR70-423 modular T-adaptor--get two RJ45 8-conductor jacks from RJ45 plug $4,20
CR70-424 modular T-adaptor--get RJ45 & RJ14 jacks from RJ14 plug $4,50
CR70-425 modular T-adaptor--get two RJ12 6-conductor jacks from RJ12 plug $2,25
CR70-489 modular telephone line separator (combiner): RJ14 plug to L1 & L2 RJ11 jacks $2,55
CR70-489 can be used to combine two individual RJ11 phone cords into one RJ14 plug
CR70-555 Answering Machine Disconnect looks similar to CR-70-405 $7.70
VA-MTE215 modular extension 15-ft RJ14 4-conductor cord to double RJ14 jack $4,26
A-T17 =VA-MTE225 modular RJ14 25 foot telephone extension cord
CR70-493 modular 15-ft cord RJ14 plug to 5-way RJ14 jack $7,35
PH-TEC38 =24-1347 telephone junction box 2-ft cord RJ14 plug to screw terminals 7,92
Z-330TJA RJ11 DSL filter passes voice frequencies to phone; higher DSL signals to computer $11.98
PH75-211 type RJ11 ADSL filter: separates Phone/Fax signals from DSL/Computer $8,82
VA-MA-2 =A-T2CR70-489CR70-417 =MA-3ACR70-539 =PH-TEC73 MTE215 & A-T17CR70-493
Modular Cord Couplers
CR70-498 modular RJ22 handset cord coupler similar TEC34; smaller handset jack $5.60
CEA498-34 adaptor/coupler connect RJ14 line cord to smaller RJ22 handset cord $5.60
PH-TEC34 =CR70-408 =24-1327 =ICC-A-T6 =Zenith 845-352 ivory modular RJ14 4-conductor line coupler $2,67
PH75-725 extra slim black modular RJ14 4-conductor telephone line coupler US$3.12
PH-TEC64 reducing spacer adapts RJ14 "line" jack to accept RJ22 "handset" plug 10/pak $5.00
PH-TEC41B privacy adaptor--prevent eavesdropping from extention having this
PH-TEC55 =CR70-407 voice RJ12 6-conductor cord coupler similar TEC34 $3,42
CR70-407D =PH75-726 Data=Straight Thru RJ12 6-conductor coupler similar TEC34 $3,90
CR70-532 =PH-TEC84 modular voice RJ45 8-conductor coupler similar TEC34 $8,64
PH75-728 =CR70-532D "Ethernet coupler" data RJ45 8-conductor telephone coupler US$6.88
Extension Remote Telephone Ringers
GC-30-7520 extension 90db telephone ringer $?.??
CR-70-512 Calrad extension small mechanical bell ringer $12.50
PH-TEC43 =AR24-1432 ring activated strobe light & electronic ringer $20.97
PH-TEC49 Philmore industrial dual mechanical bell ringer $49.95
Accessories, Tools, Wire-Splices, & other Telephone stuff
VA-AR100 =CR-70-420 interface/control telephone tape recording adaptor $24.40
AR100 connect telephone line to microphone jack of cassette tape recorder
PH-TEC220 record & playback interface plugs into telephone handset jack $13,95
AR-24-1240 pak of clips to hold phone wiring in place
PH-TEC41 over-the earpeice battery powered amplifier $28.32
CR-70-484 =ICC-AT42 plugin handset cord amplifier with volume control $19,90
WEP-96-0212 Phone amplifer 9V battery power loud-speaker with pickup coil
VA-MJP-2 adaptor cord 2-ft long modular plug to 4 prong 1960's jack
GC30-8932 type UY 22-26ga telephone wire butt splices 10/pak=$?.?
CR-70-513 LED telephone line polarity etc tester $8,25
CR-70-516 telephone modular RJ11 & RJ14 plug crimptool $10,65
CR-70-550 modular 8-conductor RJ45 crimptool $21,00
CR-72-239 Plastic punchdown 110 block tool $4,90
PH-WS30 modular 6P6C-DEC offset keyway data connector crimptool discontinued
CR-72-250 bulk cat 5e wire from 1000ft pullbox $0.15/ft
CR-70-392-25 No-Strip B-Wire telephone wire splice Maggot, Roach Rubber 25/pak=$3,30
CR-70-392J-25 No-Strip Gel Filled version of B-wire splice connector 25/pak=$4,20
CR-70-393-25 Type UB gel filled 19-26ga add-a-wire crimp splices 25/pak=$6.50
CR-70-394-25 Type UG gelfilled 19-26ga Jellybean, Chiclet phone wire crimp buttsplice 25/pak=$6.50
AR100 =70-42070-51380-566 pickup coil70-39270-39370-394
PH48-1212 USB charger 5V 1A output, 100-240VAC input: Digital Cameras, Cellphone, MP3, PDA $17.34
PH70-8026 Three-ft USB 2.0 cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male $5,40
PH70-8026 fits PH48-1212 & other USB (5 Volt) cellphone chargers
PH70-8028 Six-ft USB 2.0 cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male $6,90
PH70-8028 fits PH48-1212 & other USB (5 Volt) cellphone chargers
Micro USB-B Male connector (cell phone end): 5-pin (polarized) measures .087" by .270"
Cell Phone Chargers closeout special price; limited quantity
ODSAMCAD077SBEB/STD lighter plug; fits Samsung PH-A460/SPH-N400/SPH-N240/SPH-A500 $9.98
ODSAMTAD077JBEB/STD AC input; fits Samsung SPH-A460/SPH-N400/SPH-N240/SPH-A500 $9.98
PICSAMi330 AC input; fits Samsung i330, SPH-i500, SPH-i600 $9.98
PICSAM370 lighter plug; fits Samsung A310, A530, A600, A610, A620, A650, A690, E105, E715, N370, R225, S300, S307, V200, V205, X105 $9.98
RTCSAM370 AC input; fits Samsung A310, A530, A600, A610, A650, A690, E715, N370, R225, S300, S307, V200, V205, X105 $9.98
PICSAM460 lighter plug; fits Samsung A460, A500, A530, A540, N240, N400, SPH-A680, VM-A680, $9.98
PICSAM700 lighter plug; fits Samsung i500, i600, i700 $9.98
CAD300ABEB/ST lighter plug; fits Samsung a220, N370, E105, E715, N625, P107, R225, R225M, S307, V205, V206, X105, X426, X427$9.98
ODSANTCSY49002 AC input; fits Sanyo 4900, 5300, 8100$9.98
RTCSANYO4000 AC input; fits SCP-5400, SCP-5500/VM4500, SCP-7300/RL7300, PM8200.SCP-8200, RL-4920 $9.98
PICSANYO4000 lighter plug; fits Sanyo SCP-5400, SCP-5500/VM4500, SCP-7300/RL7300, RL-4920, PM8200/SCP-8200$9.98
PICSANYO5000 lighter plug; fits Sanyo 5000, 5150, 6000, 6200, 6400$9.98
RTCSANYO6200 AC input; fits Sanyo 6000, 6200, 6400 $9.98
PICSANYO7200 lighter plug; fits Sanyo SCP-4900, SCP-5300, SCP-5400, SCP-7200, SCP-7300, SCP-8100, SCP-8200, PM8200, RL2000, RL2500, RL7300$9.98
RTCSANYO7200 AC 100-240V input; 4.5 to 9.5V output, fits Sanyo SCP-4900, SCP-5300, SCP-7200, SCP-7300, SCP-8100, SCP-8200, PM8200, RL2000, RL2500, RL7300 $9.98
RET-UNIVERSAL lighter plug; fits Audiovox CDM-8400, 8410, 8450, 8900, 8920; V160. Sanyo RL4920, SCP/RL7300, SCP-5400, SCP-5500, SCP-8100, SCP/PM8200 $9.98
NTN8655 lighter plug; Motorola/Nextel i1000, i2000 series $9.98
PIC-NK6120 lighter plug; output 7.8VDC coiled cord $9.98
RET-NK6120 lighter plug; output 7.8VDC retractible cord $9.98
RTC-NK6120 AC 100-240V input; output 7.8VDC 400Ma $9.98
above NK6120-series fit Nokia 1100, 1221, 2285, 3300, 3560, 3585, 3588, 3595, 3650, 5100, 6010, 6100, 6300, 6610, 7100, 7210, 7250, 8200, 8300

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