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Microphone Holders & Clips
V811 Screw On Mic Clip 5/8" Mount HoleCenters $2.00
SOMC Screw On Mic Clip 25MM=1 inch Mounting Hole Centers $2.50
LR-SOMC Large Screw On Mic Clip 32MM=1-1/4" MountHoleCenters $2.75
MH-1 Magnetic Mic Holder $3.49
BH-4 Plastic Buddy Hook to hang over knobs $2.39
MH4B Black Plastic Adhesive Microphone Holder $2.72
MBH-5 Metal Buddy Hook to hang over knobs $2.09
MK-10 replacement aluminum metal hanger button (has bolt-hole) for back of hand microphones $2,40
M3x12 brass 3 X 12MM bolt with nut to use with MK-10 mic hanger button $0.50
MK-10S replacement chrome metal hanger button (2.6mm screw) for back of mics ($1.89)
PH-SM70 Mike Holder for PA microphones 3/4-1-1/4" diameter $6,30
VS-12 Velcro (2) pair of 1 inch x 2 inch strips
CR10-69-BK Black foam Windscreen for 1/4" to 1/2" microphones $2,04
MK-10 mic buttonVS-12 Velcro Strips

Replacement Microphone Cords
TEC-60 standard coiled (.230" thickness) 4-conductor microphone cord $6.30
TEC-70 Extra Long Coiled (.230" thickness) 4-conductor Mic Cord 10ft maximum (16" coil relaxed) $6.08
TEC-80 standard 5-ft coiled (.230" thickness) 6-conductor microphone cord $6.58
BTMC-4 Blue Turner Plus Two microphone cord (.250" thickness) 4-conductor coiled ($10.00)
MWMC-5 Marine White Microphone Cord 5-conductor coiled (.250" thickness) ($10.00)
WEP-MIL-10 long (7-ft) 6-conductor (5 +shield) flexible (.160" thickness) microphone cord fits Astatic $6.48
WEP-MIL7-4 long flexible mic cord with 4-pin Group A plug on one end $9,57
replacement coiled microphone cords
Astatic Microphone replacement Amplifiers & conversion kits
Astatic-41283 Amplifier board with pot for (7 Volt) TMD107, 555, 557, D104M Hand Microphones $14.98
[out] Astatic-41506 complete PC-100 replacement board with potentiometer for TUP9 stand ($24.98)
[out] Astatic-41198-salv Battery Bracket. slide switch, & Volume Pot 51371 for TUG8 stand ($11.98)
[out] Astatic-51371-salv Volume potentiometer for TUG8 or TUG9 Astatic stand ($9.98)
Astatic-02392-salv Three-hole Jack for TUG8, TUP9 etc Astatic stands ($5.98)
Astatic-02393-salv Three-Pin Plug used in D104 head ($10.98)
Astatic-41510 Nylon push rod for TUP9 Astatic mic stands out
[out] Astatic-MC320 Crystal cartridge for head of D-104 microphone (salv=$35)
Special Screw & cap-nut for front & back plates of D104 head out-nla
[6] Astatic-023-800-B-salv Black Grip-Bar Spring for Astatic TUG*, TUG9, TUP9 stands ($5)
Astatic Chrome Slide Clip for grip-bar ($5)
Astatic Cord Strain Relief spring for desk mic stands ($5)
Astatic-41394-salv DPDT leaf Switch for TUG8 & TUG9 stands ($20)
[2] Astatic 415-040-064-salv interior spring for foot pedal push bar in base of TUP9 stands ($10)
salv Astatic Bottom Plate fits G, UG8, TUG8, TUG9, TUP9 stands ($10)
[out] D104-L chrome ceramic or crystal head only--no stand
[sold-out] 10DA-L chrome dynamic head only--no stand
MC612 dynamic cartridge for Buckeye 400 microphone
Astatic-02366 SPDT leaf switch for G-stand $19.98
AST-41557 circuit board with slide pots for 1104C mics ($24.98)
NOS Turner Microphone repair & replacement parts
TURNER-33448 Complete amplifier board with cartridge for M+2 & JM+2
TURNER-66089 Noise cancelling replacement cartridge for RK70/76
TURNER-66067-1 Amplifer Board, slide pot volume control, for RK70/76
TURNER B75255 Switch Modification Kit (for open audio) for +3 Desk Mic ($14.00)
TURNER-C66056 Blue Volume Knob for M+3 hand mic

Electret Condenser Microphone Cartridge Elements
CR-10-83 Electret Condenser 2-pin Microphone Cartridge 10-MM diameter x 10-MM deep
CR-10-84 Electret Condenser 3-pin Microphone Cartridge 10-MM diameter x 10-MM deep
DS-C1160 Electret Mic Cartridge 6MM diameter x 5MM thick discontinued
E-Cobra =EMG-51 Electret Mic Cart 10MM (3/8") diameter x 6.3MM (1/4") thick $4,50
Dynamic Microphone Cartridges--low impedance elements have a clear diaphram with a coil of wire near a magnet.
CDM-43 Dynamic Microphone Cartridge 500 to 600 ohm Noise Cancel 26MM (1") x 13MM (1/2") $9.56
CDM-43 fits CBM74C, Kenwood MC-50, Icom HM-8, Realistic HTX100, Uniden HR2510 mics
CDM-43: fits in Motorola CB mics; Marine VHF-FM mics; +most transistor CB mics
Yaesu MH-31 mic cartridge (1.225" diameter x .830" thick): use NC-Carol
W-Superstar Dynamic Microphone Cartridge 40MM diameter 19MM thick $5,01
W-Superstar fits in Cobra CA-73 and Yaesu FT101E hand microphone
Mic Cartridge X is innards of W-Superstar above
401/410R-DME Dynamic Microphone Cartridge 41mm x 13mm 500 ohm ($10.00)
M-02M-03CDM-43S-Shokai W-SuperstarCartridge X
Ceramic or crystal Microphone Cartridges (High Impedance) have metal foil diaphram attached to "piezo" that generates voltage
CR10-41 Ceramic One Inch Diameter Japan Microphone Cartridge
MCR-T240 Ceramic Cartridge from Robyn T123B or T240 microphone discontinued
MC-J123 Ceramic Cartridge 023-2858-001 from Johnson Mic 1-3/4" x 7/16" discontinued
MC-320 crystal cartridge from D104 "Lollipop" Astatic Microphone discontinued
MC-T355 Ceramic Cartridge from Turner 355C Microphone 1-7/8" x 1/2" discontinued
MC-EUPHONICS Ceramic Cartridge from Euphonics CB Microphone 2" x 5/8" discontinued
MC-EVCB Ceramic Cartridge from ElectroVoice CB Microphone 2" x 1/2" discontinued
MC-564-1 Ceramic Cartridge for Astatic 525 & TMD107; 1-7/8" x 7/16" discontinued
[1] MC-564-3-salv Ceramic Cartridge for old Astatic D104M $35.00
MC-569 Noise Cancelling Ceramic Cartridge for 555 & 557 discontinued
[sold] MC576-1 Ceramic Cartridge 1-1/2" diam =38MM Astatic D104M6 microphone siscontinued
MC576-1 can be used to replace Turner Plus Three desk microphone cartridge
Carbon microphones for aircraft radios and telephones contain carbon granules that change resistance with the voice
TU-WE500MC Carbon Cartridge fits Turner 360-Carbon and Western Electric 500/2500 telephones (used=$10.00)

Microphone momentary Push-To-Talk Switches
R-PTT-2 DPDT switch body=26MM long, plastic plunger=13MM long $2,99
R-PTT-4 DPDT switch body=18MM long, metal plunger=16MM long $2,99
R-PTT-5 4PDT-pcb switch (7 Volt) Turner M+3, M+3B, RK66, RK-76; old (7 Volt) Astatic 575M6 $4,50
R=PTT-5 fits old (7 Volt) Astatic 575M6; (does not fit 9 Volt 575M6 or D104M6B)
R-PTT-7 DPDT switch tab-mount holes 22MM apart, metal plunger=14MM long $2,99
WEP-RKS DPDT switch Astatic 525/531/555/636/TMD107, Turner 350/360/M+2/RK56 $4,44

Batteries and Battery Connectors for CB Power Hand or Desk Microphones
PH-BC9 =VA-BS1 Inline Style snap clip for 9 Volt battery in power desk microphones and garage door openers each $0.69
PH-PC109 T-Style snap clip with wires for 9 Volt battery in power desk microphones and garage door openers 2/pak $1,74

Tubing to reduce cord breakage near mic plug
HS-1/4C6 Clear Heat Shrink 6" Tubing for strain relief $0.69
HS-1/4X6 Black Heat Shrink 6" Tubing for strain relief $0.69

Noise Toys wire inside of radios
Roger Beep "courtesy beep" sound at end of transmission $10.46
Roger 5-Tone adjustable multitone at end of transmission $16.76
LT2D Dual Control Pot "Connex" Echo Board $38,25
Avon Ding DongRoger BeepRoad RunnerRoger KRoger 5-ToneLT-2D echo

WEP Noise Toy wire color/functions: may not apply to other brands
Red: +12V
Black: ground
Blue: Audio (add resistor in series to reduce sound level if needed)
Green: Transmit lead of mic jack
Yellow: connect to wire that formerly was on Transmit pin of the mic jack
Orange: thru switch to ground to inhibit (turn off) noise toy sound
above for electronic switching solid state CB's; Add 12VDC SPDT Relay for Tube CB's

Microphone Wiring Information

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