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Meters available from KEN'S:
Replacement S/RF Meters specs, height, width
130004 S/RF 250uA, Robyn DG130D, 22x37MM face, 40x40MM body $10,00
130004 can be used in Realistic DX150 series Short Wave Receivers
140003 S/RF 150uA, Robyn SX007, 22x37MM face, 40x40MM body $10,00
140003 can be used in Cobra 90 base CB
401016 S/RF 150uA, Robyn SX101, 21x37MM face, 40x40MM body $10,00
G14-TR123D S/RF 300uA, Robyn TR-123D, 22x37MM face, 40x40MM body $10,00
410008 SWR meter Robyn GT410D, 22x37MM face, 40x40MM body $10,00
R-SWR meter for Robyn SWR/wattmeter 150uA, 22x37MM face, 40x40MM body $10.00

Above five meters suitable for: Courier Centurion, Craig, General Electric 3-5871B, Midland 13-863 & 13-879B, Realistic TRC448, Robyn DG130D, GT410D, SX101, SX007, TR123D, Royce 1-670, Teaberry T Control. Please tell Ken about other CB models you use them in.

RFM "RF Output" meter--fits Texas Star linears? $10,00
Band-M SWR/Watt/Mod 100uA 65MM x 80MM face, fits 55MM round hole $10.00
MT701RM Robyn Watt/Mod/SWR 200uA meter, 65MMx86MM face, fits 45mm round hole $15.00
MT701RM meter can be used as replacement in Mohawk 10 linears
Band-M Watt/SWR/Mod meterRobyn MT701RMRebuilt 2000 S/RF Rebuilt 2000 SWR
240038 S/RF Robyn tube CB's 500uA for 26x45MM hole, 44x49MM body$12.00
520032 SWR 250uA Robyn AM500D/SB520D fits 24x43MM hole, 45x49MM body out of stock
GAL-1 S/RF Meter fits DX-99V & many Galaxy & Northstar,fits 24x42MM hole; 44x48MM body $9,00
240038 S/RF Meter520032 SWR MeterGAL-1 S/RF Meter
110011 S/RF Robyn WV110, 250uA, fits 14x35MM hole, curved face, body up $9.00
TR-S100 S/RF 200uA Robyn flat 14x35MM face, body-down (substitute for Cobra 148) $9.00
123C-M17 S/RF 250uA chrome scale 14x35MM face, body even 23 channel Cobra 29 use R-123C, swap scale
R-123C S/RF meter Robyn TR123C black scale curved 14x35MM face, body even $9.00
R-123C can be used in Hygain 488; (add series resistor or adjust calibration to prevent meter from pegging
WV23-M1 S/RF 250uA Robyn WV23A; curved 14X35MM face, body up $9.00
110011 meterTR-S100 meterR-123C meterWV23-M1 meter
COB25SRF S/RF OrigStyle=Cobra25LTD 14X35MM face, body up =Robyn 510032 $9.97
COB29SRFSWR S/RF/SWR exact original style (40 channel) Cobra 29GTL & 29LTD 14X35MM face, body up $9.97
EX03N4005 S/RF/SWR 148GTL, Grant, Jackson, PC77 14X35MM face, body down use COB29SRFSWR
COB25SRF meterCOB29SRFSWR meterEX03N4005 for 148GTL
Replacement Information for popular units
Cobra 2000 meters: Sorry--no longer available
Cobra 135 & 1000 meters: (same as Cobra 2000 meters) Sorry--no longer available
Tram D300 meters: (same as Cobra 2000 meters) Sorry--no longer available
23 channel Cobra 21 & 25 & 29: sub 123C-M17; swap scale from old meter
Cobra 25GTL/LTD & 29GTL/LTD: sub WV23-M1; cut right-tab, swap scale from old meter
Cobra 89 & 139 & 142: use 520032; transplant scale & round-face from old
Super S Demco Super Satelite receive meter Cobra 2000 (exchange scale) OUT no longer available
Dwight D; Madison; Washington; Zachary T: use 520032; transplant scale & face from original OUT no longer available
Realistic TRC490: use 520032; transplant scale from old meter
Robyn 520031 S/RF for Robyn AM500D & SB520D: use 520032; transplant scale
Teaberry Stalker XX: use 520032; transplant scale from old meter
AX-44 & AR-711 sub WV23-M1; cut right-tab, transplant scale from old meter
Jackson & Grant & 148GTL & PC-77: exact =EX03N4005
Superstar 360FM & 3900: exact =EX03N40005
Texas Star 250/667V etc (500uA): substitute 240038; exchange scale from old meter
Madison meters (rebuilt using 520032)Super SSuper RF
Panel Mount Volt & Amp Meters
23-310 DC-1Ma meter, fits 38MM round hole, 60 x 46MM face, fits D&A $18.00
CR60-118 DC 1-Ma meter, fits 38MM round hole, 60MM by 46MM face
CR60-130 DC 100-uA meter, fits 38MM round hole, 60MM by 46MM face
CR60-134 DC 1-Ma Meter, fits 45MM round hole, 86 by 65MM face
CR60-152 DC 15-Volt Meter, fits 38MM round hole, 44MM square face
CR60-158 DC 1-Ma, fits 38MM round hole, 44MM square face S/RF Tube CB's $15.84
CR60-163 DC 500-Ma meter, fits 38MM round hole, 44MM square face
CR60-165 "sensor bias" 50uA DC 38MM round hole, 44MM square face $15.84
CR60-166 meter 100uA DC fits 38MM round hole, 44MM square face $15.84
CR60-167 meter 200uA DC fits 38MM round hole, 44MM square face $15.84
CR60-168 meter 500uA DC fits 38MM round hole, 44MM square face $15.84
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