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Cigar Liter Plugs & Sockets, Multi-outlet Cigar lighter adaptors
SP-6 USA-made good quality 8 Amp cigar liter plug $1,89
VA-P12L Cigar Lighter Plug, indicator light, Screw-apart assembly $4,80
VA-P12R Dual Ground Cigar Lighter Plug, Screw-apart assembly $3,40
VA-P12V =VE766 =ICCA-LP252 import 6 Amp Lighter Plug short wires $4,07
VA=P12X import lighter plug; crimp terminals for wires $2,61
6-820 Lighter Plug with 8 ft of 20-ga black wire $4.95
CR90-611 =VA-P12A =AR46-505 Dual Gnd 5A Fuse Screw-apart Liter Plug $4,25
CR90-612 Dual Ground Screw-apart Lighter Plug Assembly $3,00
CR90-613 Fused (5A) Lighter Plug take-apart assembly $4,05
CR90-614 Fused (5A) Lighter Plug, power indicator LED $4,95
CR90-615 Dual Ground Screw-apart Lighter Plug assembly $1,95
PH-TC600 Cigar Lighter style Inline Accessory Socket $2,58
VA-P212 Cigar Lighter Outlet Y-cord 1 liter plug to 2 sockets $7,07
VA-P312 Three Way Cigar Lighter Outlet Y-Cord 1 liter plug to 3 sockets $8,27
WEP1-23 mountable Triple cigar liter outlet; liter plug in $12,60
DC-4 Extra Heavy Duty 2 pin 80A power disconnect accepts 4 ga wire $13.20
DC-6 Heavy Duty 2 pin 60A power disconnect accepts 6 ga wire $9.50
DC-4 and DC-6 mate to similar Anderson Power Products brand connectors
VA-BT-38 =BT-38 side terminal 2-piece Connector for car battery $3,30
J123APC Johnson 123A DC cord bakelite 2A fuseholder 3/16" female blade $5.98
DC-ACT-LP Regency ACT-Scanner DC Liter Plug Power Cord: red=pushfit blade; black=spadelug $9.98
FH-20 Inline bayonet fuseholder use optional 3AG-2A fuse 20ga wire click here for fuse webpage
DC-4 Power DisconnectDC-6 Power DisconnectBT-38 FH-20
Two Pin DC CB Radio & Ham Radio & Police Scanner Power Cords
CBH2BP cigar liter plug light duty molded 2 pin power cord $5,07
CBH2BP is opposite polarity compared to Robyn-Royce-Wards CB's
R2PPC Robyn Royce & Wards 2 pin take-apart power cord, 2A fuseholder $2,83
R2PPC-LP Robyn 2-pin take-apart DC power cord; lighter plug, 2A fuseholder $7.72
71-053 black take-apart 7x13mm DC power plug with 7mm=center fits round pins $1,35
DC-AR3300-30 power cord 16ga 5-ft 6A fuse =Robyn polarity $12,89
DC-AR3500-100 power cord 12ga 6-ft 15A fuse =Robyn polarity $15,89
MK-2 Two-pin Power Disconnect 1/4" flat blade male & female check polarity $3,47
DC2SEARS power cord 3-ft 2A fuseholder Sears CB's flat T-position pins $9.30
DC2MAGNUM power cord 6-ft 12Ga 10A Magnum Delta Force flat T-position pins $14,54
DC150GTLDX Cobra 150GTL-DX power cord 6-ft 12ga 10A flat T-position pins $14.54
DC200GTLDX Cobra 200GTL-DX power cord 6-ft 12ga 15A flat T-position pins $14.54
IC2000 VHF-rig Heavy Duty 2-pin power cord flat T-position pins, dual 20A fuses $11,79
IC2000 fits Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, Maxon, Radio Shack, Yaesu 2-Meter & 440 VHF Rigs
IC-CONN pair male/female T-shape housings +male/female 1/4" flat push-fit blade connector $3,50
CB-UNIDEN red/black powercord 4-ft 20ga; inline fuseholder F2A; molded strain relief $1,95
STF-1M2 pair male blade crimp plugs (specify width) '98-'07 International 9200i & 9400i
CBH2BP & CBH2WCBJ2B jackR2PPC with plug detail      MK-2 andIC2000STF-1M2
CBH2B, CBH2W, R2PPC viewed from cord end of plug--like looking into jack on back of radio.
CBH2C ancient GE & RCA CB's power cord molded 2-pin rounded corners $3,57
CB2A ancient Gemtronics CB's 2-pin power cord molded rounded corners $3,72
CBJ2C ancient GE, RCA & Gemtronics CB's small 2-pin snap-in power jack $3,33
CBH2W 2-Pin 2A CB & R2000 power cord has take-apart plug to reverse polarity $4,88
DC2SSB-MID Midland 13-893 & 13-895 DC 2-Pin 3 Amp Power Cord $5,33
R2PWPP Robyn 2 Pin White Power Plug connector only of CBH2W $1,50
CBJ2B popular 2-pin DC power jack Robyn & many other CB's $2,16
DC-RJ3200 Panasonic RJ3200 etc 3-ft DC power cord 2A fuse $12,13
HD-RJ6166 Ham & Marine Radio DC power cord CBC2 plug 6-ft 16ga wire 6A fuse $14,84
CB2A or CBH2CGE & RCA Power Cord  Gemtronics Power Cord  DC-RJ3200 & HD-RJ6166
More Two-Pin CB & Ham Radio Power Cords
JM2MH-FP Johnson & Motorola CB's 2-pin 3ft power cord 2 Amp fuseholder $11,05
JM2MH-FP fits Viking 230, 260, 270, 430, 4120, 4125, 4135, 4140, 4145, 4170, 4175, 4230
JM2MH-FPLP Johnson & Motorola CB's 2-pin Lighter Plug Power cord $12,94
DC-IC230 Icom 230 power cord similar JM2MH-FP but 6-ft 16ga 5A fuseholder $13,76
DC-RCI6500 Ranger 6500 marine radio power cord similar JM2MH-FP; 5-ft 14ga 10A fuse $13,76
V-703 old Royce, Kraco, Montgomery Wards CB's hook/lock 2 pin power cord $5,22
TP16 =DM-900B =Vecor 759 Trailer Bullet disconnect 2-pin 16ga wire handles 7 Amps $1,89
TP18 =32-1018 Trailer 2-pin bullet disconnect leads 12" 18-ga wire $1,62
TP10-1 =32-1010 Heavy Duty 2-pin bullet disconnect leads 12" 10-ga wire $2,55
TP10-2 H.D. Bullet Disconnect; 24" Red/Black 10 ga wire Motorola Radius GM300--add fuse $3,96
TP10-4 Heavy Duty Bullet Disconnect, 4ft Red/Black 10 ga wire handles 30 Amps $4,80
DC-8010 power cord for Sharp; Pace 8010, 8015, 8041 etc.
12V-KOOL Coleman, Igloo etc portable cooler Cold/Warm power cord; lighter plug, 6A fuse $15.70
          JM2MH-FP powercord  V-703 (Royce CB's) TP16 & TP10-seriesDC-8010
Two-Pin Business and Ham Radio Power Cords
KW-KCT-6 Kenwood 705/730/805/830 business double-D housing, round pins E30-2078-15 $16.50
KW-NEW Kenwood 790/880/890/7150 business radio rectangular pin cord E30-3339-05 $17.50
CB2510 Uniden HR2510, Lincoln, & HR2600 Heavy Duty 2 pin cord one round & one D-pin $9,54
KW-KCT-6  KW-NEW  CB2510    DC-IC3200Apower cord
Three Pin DC power cords & connectors for CB & Amateur Ham Radios
CB3-XS Cobra 19XS CB Two wire power cord with Three D-shaped pins $9.30
CB3-XS-P Cobra 19XS Three D-shaped Pin power cord with lighter plug $11.19
CBH3A Cobra, Midland, Uniden AM CB's Standard 3-pin CB power cord; 2A fuse $3,57
DC3SSB-MID Midland 13-892 DC 3-Pin 3-Amp Power Cord $5,49
CB3A Cobra, Midland, Uniden SSB CB Heavy Duty power cord; 4A fuse $5,04
CB3AXX Extra Heavy Duty 12 Ga Ham Radio power cord, dual fuseholders-black/red $6,32
CBH3AP =CB3P standard 3-pin CB power cord; 2A fuseholder plus liter-plug $5,64
CBH3C 3-Wire (memory) version of CBH3A electronic tuned CB's: 25+, 29 Plus, 40+ $6,19
CBH3D =CB33B Three D-shaped Pins memory-wire electronic tuned CB's $6,30
CBH316 Cobra, Uniden & Export SSB CB units power cord 16ga 5ft 4A fuse $5,54
USHM-66 Unimetrics Sea Hawk Mini-66 marine vhf radio power cord $6.05
PWR2950 RCI2950 etc Power cord 5ft 16ga 7A fuseholder $6,11
More Three Pin CB Radio and Marine Radio DC power cords & connectors
CBJ3B Cobra/Midland/Uniden etc stronger popular 3-pin DC power jack $3,18
DC-TRC30A Realistic Navaho TRC30A etc Power cord 3-pin DC 2A fuseholder $13,81
Polaris3FH-MP Regency Marine Radio DC Power cord 3-pin 5-ft 16ga 7A fuseholder $14,27
RELM256PC RELM-RH256NB DC Power Cord opposite polarity to Polaris3FH-MP $15,87
P3D884 Midland 13-884, Western Auto DC4760 & MCC4760A67 DC Power Cord 3-Pin 2A $11.23
P3D884LP Midland 13-884 etc. Three Pin 2A DC power cord with lighter plug $13.47
CBJ3BDC-TRC30APolaris3FH-MP powercordP3D884
Four Pin CB & Ham & Marine Radio & Police Scanner Power Cords & connectors
DC-Pro2001 Custom DC Power cord Realistic Pro2001 etc. Police Scanner $13,81
EW-Robyn-1000 Power pinout for Early Robyn Scanners with White 4-round-pin plug disc-nla
SCAN-4P-AC Bearcat, Regency, Robyn Scanner 4-Flat-Pin "Cinch-Jones" AC Power Cord $13.83
SCAN-4P-AC also fits Realistic TRC-48 and Robyn BB123
DC-TRC48 Realistic TRC-48 DC powercord 6ft 16ga 5A fuse "jones plug" $17.48
DC-Scan-4P-Robyn Robyn HL8+8 with 4-flat-pin power connector 12VDC cord $14.31
DC-BB123-Robyn Robyn BB123 base CB 12VDC cord $14.31
DC-US-Scanner Bearcat III & IV, Regency TME/TMR-series 12VDC power cord $14.51
DC-IC27 Icom IC25A, IC27A, IC27H, IC255A power cord Red/Black wire 8A fuse $14,51
DC-MC625 Uniden MC625, MC1010, LTD715 etc Marine Radio 4-pin DC power cord $16,61
KW2004 Kenwood 480,Icom IC200, Yaesu FT450 4-square-pin Male Housing; rect Female pins $5.66
DC-Pro2001  SCAN-4P-AC  EW-Robyn-1000DC-IC27 powercordDC-MC625 power cord
Six Pin Amateur Ham Radio DC Power Cords & connectors
RCI2970/KW2000 Alinco DX-70, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu HF KW2000A +KW2000B DC Cord $19.80
KW2000A male 6-pin plug housing with female pins mate to KW2000C $5.66
KW2000B male 6-pin plug housing with female pins see picture below $5.66
KW2000C replacement female panel mount receptacle with male pins mate to KW2000A $5.66
MK-6 Six pin autosound power connector; male & female housings $5,96
Spade Lugs, Ring Terminals, Push-Fit Connectors, Bullet Connectors
click here for crimp connector webpage
BL-1 Male BullitPush-Fit Male BladePush-Fit Female
MK-series (autosound etc) power disconnect cord assemblies
MK-3 Three pin power disconnect with male & female housings$4,24
MK-4 Four pin power disconnect with male & female housings $4,80
MK-4L large 4 pin power disconnect with male & female housings $3,84
MK-9 Nine pin autosound power & speaker connector male & female housings os-nla
Coaxial Power cords for 12 Volt Mobile Electronic Equipment
DC-SCAN10-4Mobile 1A Power Cord Pace Scan 10-4 bakelite fuseholder $11.13
CB-WT-12VDC Mobile Size-2155 Power Cord 2A fits many CB Walkie Talkies $11.13
DC-B12TV-LP Positive Ground 6-ft Auto Liter Plug Power Cord Bentley 100A & 100C TV $13.02
AC-B12TV 117VAC Plug Pak 12VDC power supply Bentley 100A & 100C 5" TV $23,49

Click Here for More Coaxial Power Connectors used on portable stuff

Visit our Transformers page for 2-pin coaxial power plugs for plug paks

Tech Tip: SCAN-AC powercord fits many 1970's base CB radios including the Midland 13-895B & 13-898B, Realistic TRC-30 & many other CB's with a 2474J style 2 pin AC power jack with contacts for automatic switchover from DC to AC power when the AC powercord is plugged in.
The LC-6 power cord fits Pace CB113, CB162, & 1000B; and many portable tape recorders, boomboxes etc. In some cases--the SCAN-AC and LC-6 powercords can be used interchangably.

2-Pin NEMA 1-15P CB Base, Police Scanner, Boom Box, Tape Recorder AC Cords
CR45-811 adaptor roundpin 230VAC Europe socket to flatpin NEMA 1-15P USA 115VAC plug $1,95
DP-89 Daiwa type IEC 60320-C1 AC power cord has flatpin NEMA 1-15P USA 117VAC plug $5.00
IEC 60320-C1IEC 60320-C2
12-938 =A-CH-1UL non-polarized TV cheater cord, 5/16" centers, fits .109" pins $4,99
WEP-P4-2 Polarized AC Input Jack .093" & .139" pins TV's & Scanners $2,99
VA-LC1 =Phino PHS-205 =Kawasaki KS-18B "Panasonic" 7A 125V 16x9MM, 7MM spacing $3,75
PH-8466 replacement AC receptacle similar "portable radio" end of LC-1 $1.32
SCAN-AC Rectangular, Tokuden TS-031 16x8MM, 8MM=.310" center spacing, .108" holes $4,50
SCAN-AC fits 1950's non-polarized TV cheater cord sockets; old Heath SB-301 & SB-401
VA-LC3 Rectangular "Panasonic" plug 15x9MM, 7MM spacing .090" holes $3,93
VA-LC1 cordVA-LC1 DetailScan-ACVA-LC3 cordVA-LC3 Detail
2P-ACT AC 2-pin; 3/8" pin centers. Regency ACT Scanners, Tram Titan II, early D201A $6.98
CR45-822 =VA-LC4 =PH-2464P =Phino PHS-205A 16x8MM Panasonic/Technics/Sanyo $5,46
CR45-822 is International Standard Size non-polarized IEC60320-C7 "figure 8" power cord
PH-8465 non-polarized IEC60320-C7 "figure-8" 8x16mm AC power plug 8.5mm hole centers $1,83
AP-1 Kintron 2-pin AC cord 1950's-1960's rectangle 1x9/16" connector, 1/2" center .130" holes $11.12
CR45-822 =VA-LC4IEC60320-C7CR45-822 cordCR45-822 DetailKintron AP-1
VA-LC5 AC cord rectangle, keyway bump, 12.5x6.5MM, 7MM hole centers, .087" holes disc-nla
VA-LC6 =Phino PHS-202 "Sony AC cord" Base CB's; 13x7MM, 7MM spacing, .093" holes $3,96
PH-8464 replacement 7x13mm AC power connector with 7mm=center fits round pins $1.32
CR45-823 =KKDK KKS-18W =Phino PHS-205D wide D-shape sides flat/rounded use CR45-824
CR45-824 Phino PHS-205V "Sony/Toshiba" D-shape +round polarized 6-ft IEC 60320-C7 $3,30
Kawasaki KS-15W: Kenwood E30-2071-05 for Kenwood R-5000, =CR45-824
VA-LC5 DetailVA-LC6 cordVA-LC6 DetailCR45-823 CR45-824
Replacement NEMA 1-15P AC 2-Pin cords, power plugs & receptacles
PH-1051B NEMA 1-15P non-polarized AC power plug brown $2.32
PH-6092S round Heavy Duty NEMA 1-15P non-polarized AC power plug $2.10
PH-8400 Cube Tap Adaptor non-grounded 2-pin AC style $2.70
PH-8901 jiffy AC plug for SPT-1 lampcord $2.28
PH-30018 squeeze-together to install NEMA 1-15P AC plug for lampcord $2,00
RB-LCD5 Black 5-1/2 foot NEMA 1-15P Molded AC Plug, SPT-1 18-ga lampcord wire $2,83
RW-LCD5 White 5-1/2 foot NEMA 1-15P AC Cord, Molded Plug, SPT-1 18ga lampcord $2,83
PH-SPT1182-6WH White SPT-1 type molded 7Amp 18ga AC cord 6 foot long $3,15
PH-2474J panel mount 2-pin AC inlet jack with SPDT switching mate =LC-6 $3.76
VA-CBJ2B popular 2-pin AC or DC power inlet jack (no switching) $2,16
PH-R118J =ACR-2 Bolt Panel Mount NEMA 1-15R AC auxillary power Receptacle $3,57
GC-L3-757 female 2-prong AC 15A extension cord socket 1-1/4x3/4" $3,66
PWC-178 Hosa two-conductor NEMA 1-15P to NEMA 1-15R non-polarized power cord
PH-R118J =ACR-2       TEAC-AC-INPUT     NEMA 1-15P INPUT     IEC 60320-C9     IEC 60320-C10  
Three Pin Grounded NEMA 5-15 AC Power & Surge Supressors & Adaptors
VA-NSS-1 noise & surge supressor block 3-prong AC style $6,36
RCA-SCP40 6-outlet AC (+ telephone) Surge Protector with 4-ft cord $12.98
PH-PT6030 6 outlet AC Power Strip Surge Supressor with 4-ft cord
CR95-794 Triple tap 3-prong outlet adaptor $4.30
CR95-795 3-prong socket to 2-prong plug AC adaptor $2,10
PH-SJT163-6 Black 6-ft 3-conductor NEMA 5-15P 13 Amp 16ga AC power cord $5.88
PH-8535B NEMA 5-15R AC receptacle, 1/4" blade connects, snaps into 1" x 7/8" hole $2,65
PH-8540B NEMA 5-15R receptacle, punch-down connect; snap-in 1-3/16" x 15/16" hole $3,08
PH-8545B NEMA 5-15R receptacle, has 6" 16ga wires; snap-into 1-3/16" x 15/16" hole $3,24
PH8535B =Zing Ear ZE-3B
PH-8522 straight IEC-320-C13 female receptacle computer 10-Amp AC cord end $3,63
PH-8523 straight IEC-320-C14 computer 10-Amp shrouded male AC cord end $5,25
PH-8527 Snap-in Panel Mount IEC60320-C14 male AC computer power inlet $2,10
PH-8529 =ACR-4 bolt-mount male AC computer power inlet IEC60320-C14 $2,37
PH-8922 right angle IEC-320-C13 computer female receptacle 10-Amp cord end $4,53
PH-8923 right angle IEC-320-C14 shrouded male inline 10-Amp cord end $5,97
PH-C250 NEMA 5-15P plug to IEC320-C13 socket Computer 6-ft 18-ga Power Cord $6,30
PH-C250 replaces CR55-782-6 and CT-PSC-7X computer power cord
CR55-783 =PH70-254 IEC320-C13/14 6-ft 18-ga computer power extension cord $4,95
PH8522PH8922PH8523PH8923PH8527 PH8529
CR55-782-6 cord
Three-wire Appliance AC Power Cords
AC-3G socket no longer made (install PH-8529 socket to use CR55-782-6 cord)
17952 Belden-Volex SVT18-3C 8ft; 3 round holes; outer pins = 5/8" centers $12.36
17952 cord mates with AC-3G socket (1960-70's Appliances & Test Equipment)
17952 cord fits late (Mexico-built) Tram D201A
PH-2466PB 3-pin cloverleaf IEC60320-C5 Laptop Power Supply: AC-cord; DirecTV $5,94
60320-C6 is mating socket for "cloverleaf" "mickey mouse" style DirectTV cord
AC-3G Socket17952 cordIEC 60320-C5IEC 60320-C6
More AC Power Cords for Radios & TV's
CRST-AC two hole AC power cord .110" pins spread 3/8" AC pins Hitachi-5 & Sears-6 $6,50
CRST-AC also fits Bearcat BC210, Regency ACT-C-4HLU, Tram Titan II & D201
SEARS-5DC custom two-pin DC power cord to fit DC pins of Hitachi-5 & Sears-6 $10.65
SEARS-5DC-LP lighter plug 2-pin cord to fit DC pins of Hitachi-5 & Sears-6 $12.54
61-6142 Sears DC power cord with 5-pin plug to Lighter Plug for Hitachi-5 units $14.95

click here for Computer Accessory connector plugs & cords

click here for IDC plugs, Inline Circuit Board Connectors, and Euro Mag DePluggable Terminal Blocks

Mini-Molex style connectors 5-Amp/pin contacts fit .062 holes
80-1PRT =B5120 round 1-pin Mini-Molex .062 plug & socket pair $1,77
PH61-402 =80-2PRT =B5122 Mini-Molex Flat 2-pin Male & Female connector pair $1,77
PH61-403 =80-3PRT Mini-Molex Flat 3-pin Male & Female connectors pair $2,13
PH61-403 fits Heath IM41 freq counter for 12VDC powercord
PH61-404 =80-4PRT =B5123 Mini-Molex Flat 4-pin Male & Female connectorspair $2,70
B5124 square 4-pin Mini-Molex .062 plug & socket pair $2,94
PH61-405 =80-5PRT =B5125 Mini-Molex Flat 5-pin Male & Female connectors pair $2,94
PH61-405 fits Alinco DX-70 accessory connector
PH61-406 =80-6PRT =B5126 rectangle 6-pin Mini-Molex plug & socket pair $3,36
B5127 inline 8-pin Mini-Molex .062 plug & socket pair $3,87
PH61-409 =80-9PRT =B5128 square 9-pin Mini-Molex plug & socketpair $3,87
61-409 fits accessory & speaker connector of Lincoln/HR2510/HR2600
PH61-412 =80-12PRT =B5129 rectangle 12-pin Mini-Molex plug & socketpair $4,98
80-15PRT =B5130 (pair) rectangle 15-pin Mini-Molex .062 plug & socket
PH61-180 =80-60S metal female/socket .062 crimp connector length =11/16" 25/pak $3,48
PH61-190 =80-60P metal male/pin .062 crimp connectors length=5/8" 25/pak $3,48
PH61-406PH61-409PH61-41280-15PRTPH61-180 & PH61-190
Molex style connectors 12-Amp/pin contacts fit .093 holes
PH61-501 =CR80-1619PRT round 1-pin molex .093 plug & socket pair $1,65
PH61-202 (Two) flat 2-pin Molex-style inline female housing with male pins $2,22
PH61-222 (Two) 2-pin panel mount female housing with male pins $2,22
PH61-242 (Two) 2-pin inline male housing with female pins $2,22
PH61-262 (Two) 2-pin panel mount male housing with female pins $2,22
PH61-502. Molex Flat 2-pin male & female connector housings with pins pair $2,22
PH61-203 (Two) flat 3-pin Molex-style inline female housing with male pins $2,73
PH61-223 (Two) flat 3-pin panel mount female housing with male pins $2,73
PH61-243 (Two) flat 3-pin inline Molex-style male housing with female pins $2,73
PH61-263 (Two) flat panel mount 3 pin male housing with female pins $2,73
PH61-503 Molex Flat 3-pin .093 male & female connector housings with pins pair $2,73
80-90 pin/socket80-1619PRT80-1545PRT 80-1396PRT
PH61-204 (Two) flat 4-pin Molex-style inline female housing with male pins $2,97
PH61-244 (Two) 4-pin inline male housing with female pins $2,22
PH61-504 Molex Flat 4-pin male & female connector housings with pins pair $2,97
PH61-504 =80-1490PRT
PH61-225 (Two) 5-pin panel mount female housing with male pins $3,42
PH61-245 (Two) 5-pin inline male housing with female pins $3,42
PH61-265 (Two) 5-pin panel mount male housing with female pins $3,42
PH61-505 =80-1653 =P5108 Molex Flat 5-pin male & female housings with pins pair $3,42
PH61-246 (Two) 6-pin inline male housing with female pins $3,87
PH61-266 (Two) 6-pin panel mount male housing with female pins $3,87
PH61-506 =80-1261PRT Molex rectangle 6-pin male & female housings with pins pair $3,87
PH61-229 (Two) 9-pin panel mount female housing with male pins $4,98
PH61-249 (Two) 9-pin inline male housing with female pins $4,98
PH61-269 (Two) 9-pin panel mount male housing with female pins $4,98
PH61-509 =80-1292PRT Molex square 9-pin male & female housings with pins pair $4,98
PH61-512 =80-1360PRT male & female 12-pin .093 male & female housings with pins pair $5,76
PH61-515 =80-1375PRT male & female 15-pin .093 connector housings with pins pair $6,57
PH61-280 crimp 12-Amp .093 metal male connector pin mate to 61-290 25/pak $3,48
PH61-290 crimp 12-Amp .093 female/socket fit 61-502, 61-503, 61-504 etc 25/pak $3,48
"CPC" Style Circular Plastic Connectors; contacts snap into .093" hole
40-101 =Amp 66592-1 metal crimp socket; 13/16" long 18-22ga 25/pak $8.80
40-102 =Amp 66591-1 metal male/pin 1-1/16" long; contact=.060x5/16" 18-22ga 25/pak $8.30
40-103 =Amp 66590-1 metal crimp socket; 13/16" long 16-18ga 25/pak $9.80
40-104 =Amp 66589-1 metal male/pin 1-1/16" long; contact=.060x5/16" 16-18 ga 25/pak $9.40
Amp MATE-N-LOK style connectors contacts snap into .093" holes
CT40-201 =Amp 60619-1 female 11/16" long 15-amp socket contacts 25/pak $8,25
CT40-202 =Amp 60620-1 male length=13/16" .058"x5/16" contact area, 15-amp pins 25/pak $8,25
CT40-203 panel mountable 3-pin connectors pair $4,47
CT40-204 panel mountable 4-pin connectors pair $5,37
CT40-206 panel mountable 6-pin connectors pair $6,48
CT40-222 inline free-hanging 2-pin connectors pair $3,27
CT40-223 inline free-hanging 3-pin connectors pair $4,17
CT40-224 inline 4-pin inline AT/ATX peripheral power pair $5,07
CT40-226 inline free-hanging 6-pin connectors pair $6,54
CT40-627-1 =Amp 350550-1 universal 3/4" long socket contacts 14-20ga (10/pak) $3,57
CT40-628-1 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-1 single pin square connectors pair $2,97
CT40-628-2 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-2 Two-pin D-shape connectors TenTec Argonaut pair $3,57
CT40-628-3 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-3 Three-pin D-shape outer, round center, panel pair $3,87
CT40-628-6 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-6, pair of 6-pin D-shape & round panel mountable $5,67
CT40-628-9 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-9 Nine-pin D-shape & round panel mountable pair $7,26
CT40-628-12 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-12 Twelve-pin D-shape & round panel mount pair $8,04
CT40-628-15 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-15 Fifteen-pin D-shape & round panel mount pair $9,90
Custom AC Power Cords for Vintage Tube CB Radios
AC-T123B AC power cord 8-pin Octal wired for Robyn T123B tube base $11.89
AC-T240D AC power cord 8-pin Octal wired for Robyn T240D tube base $10.89
AC-T240D Power Cord
AC-23Plus Aircastle 23, Courier 23, 23 Plus, Ranger 23, Royale, Echo Excellenz 9-pin cord $16.89
AC-25A35 Gemtronics GTX2300. GTX5000, Lafayette Comstat 25A, 25B, 35 8-pin AC cord $10.89
AC-PSBC23 Pearce Simpson Bearcat 23 & Bearcat 23B 8-pin AC power cord $10.89
AC-8898 Cobra Cam 88, Cobra 98 tube base CB's 11-pin Octal AC power cord $16.89
AC-TeaberryT Teaberry T (23&4011) tube base CB's 8-pin Octal AC Power Cord $9.89
AC-Viking Johnson Viking Messenger I, Messenger II tube CB's 9-pin AC power cord $16.89
DC-T123B Robyn T123B tube CB 12VDC 8-pin Octal Power cord 4-ft, fuseholder $13.63
AC-23PlusAC-25A35AC-8898AC-TeaberryTAC-Viking Cinch 5AB2
Power Connectors used on Old Vintage Ancient Electronic Equipment
5AB2 Cinch Drake R4C accesory "universal car stereo" cord disc/nla
78S5 Round 5-pin female "tube socket" connector for old radios $5.00
86P5 Round 5-pin male panel connector for old Tube Radios disc-nla
86RCS6 flange chassis mount antique 6-pin female tube socket $5.00
86P6 Round 6-pin male panel connector for old Tube Radios disc-nla
78S7 Round 7-pin female "antique tube socket" $5.00
86P7 Round 7-pin male inline connector for old Tube Radios disc-nla
78S8-SALV Octal "tube socket" 8-pin inline female connector--old Tube CBs $4.00
86P8 Octal 8-pin round male inline connector for old Tube CBs see 86RCP8
86RCP8 Octal 8-pin male connector--molded-on chassis mount flange $3.00
78S9 "Octal 9-pin" round female connector for old Tube CBs disc-nla
86P9 "Octal 9-pin" round male panel connector for old Tube CBs disc/nla
78S11 "Octal 11-pin" female socket--Tube CB's, Relays $6.00
86P11-SALV "Octal 11-pin" round male connector for old Tube CBs $4.00
78S-RT retainer clip for chassis mounting 78S & 86P connectors $0.75
78S-CFM flange mount for chassis mounting 78S & 86P connectors $1,50
61-61 recessed chassis mounting flange for 78S & 86P series disc/nla
8PF747 Robyn SS-747 & SS-747B AC or DC Power connector 8-Pin Female $6.00
86RCP586PM461-6178S8 +78S-RT86RCP88PF747
3-13 Rear Grommet cover for 78S & 86P series inline connectors use 3-RPC
3-RPC (plastic version of 3-13) Rear-hole Plastic Cover 78S & 86P series $1.00
3-17 Side Grommet cover for 78S & 86P series inline connectors use 3-RPC
3-24 Cable Clamp cover 78S & 86P series inline connectors $3.00
3-8583-133-173-24GRAP-9 Plug 78RCS8
CJ-P302CCT-L male 2-pin plug with cover & locking ring $4.99
CJ-S302CCT-L female panel mount socket mate to CJ-P302CCT-L $4.99
CJ-PC-3 male plug; remove center pin use as Pioneer Speaker Plug $7.44
S304CCT Four-Pin Cinch-Jones female connector with cover use JCJ4F
P304CCT Four-Pin Cinch-Jones male connector with cover use JCJ4M
JCJ4F Tocon Japan Copy of Jones 4 pin Female connector compare to S304CCT $5.94
CJ-4M Male 4 Pin Cinch-Jones male chassis--old police scanners $3.00
JCJ4M Tocon Japan Copy of Jones 4-pin Male connector compare to P304CCT $5.94
AC-FT225 AC powercord Yaesu FT-225R 4-pin "jones" plug $13.83
DC-FT225 DC powercord Yaesu FT-225R 6ft 16ga 10A fuse "jones" $17.48
P308-AB Male Panel Mount Eight Pin Cinch Jones connector mate S308CCT $7.56
S308CCT Eight Pin Cinch Jones female socket/cover ancient Tube CBs $7.56
JCJ12F Japan Copy Jones 12-pin Female connector compare S312CCT (nla-out)
S304CCT & JCJ4FS308CCTP308CCT (nla)S312CCT (nla)S318CCT
S304 pinoutJCJ4F pinoutJCJ12F pinoutS312CCT pinout
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