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Numbers shown in brackets are to help locate comparable parts {=EVG number} (=Pfanstiehl number) (=Walco number).
Tech Tip"D" or "S" in a part number indicate "Diamond" or "Sapphire" type needle. Sapphire needles should be replaced after 80-100 hours of play; Diamond needles after 600-1000 hours of play.

Universal replacement 16/33/45+78 cartridge fits most STD-1/2" mount applications
PF-P226-DS73 .5V output ceramic stereo cartridge includes flipover Uses PF864-DS73 (white=LP/78=red) needle $34.38 includes STD 1/2" mount Bracket shown plus (4) push-on clips to solder your wires onto. Wire right & left channels together in parallel for mono sound.

PF-P226-DS73Replacement Cartridgefits Tonearm above replaces old Std 1/2" Mount Cartridge

Finding a replacement phonograph cartridge: Giving us adequate information speeds up our finding a replacement cartridge. Please include the folowing information:
1=Make & Model of the phono cartridge that you are trying to replace? (you may need to remove the cartridge from the tone arm to find the hidden cartridge number)?
2=Make & Model number of record player and aproximate year of manufacture?
3=Style and approximate price range of record player? (Such as childs cheap portable? Or Mid-Range Record Changer? Or High-End Stereo Component System--see magnetic phono cartridge webpage?)
4=Does the whole cartridge flip over? If it flips over--does it have a turn-knob on the end of the tone arm?
5=Type of Cartridge--is the cartridge Ceramic/Crystal (used on low to Mid-Range record players) or Magnetic (used on High-End record players ?
6=Mounting Style--does the cartridge fasten to the tone arm with two screws/bolts in the STD.1/2" configuration? See Phono Cartridge Mounting Notes below for explanation.

Phono Cartridge Mounting notes:
STD.1/2" Standard One-Half-Inch Universal Mounting Centers is the most common phono cartridge mounting method: two screws up into the tonearm.

Garrard Vintage Headshellinside Garrard Headshell

Arista AR- Phonograph Cartridges:
[1] AR-2228 stereo Telefunken cartridge, =Astatic 1024, =EVG 5147,

Astatic AST- Phono Cartridges
[sub Pfanstiehl 911-D7] AST-13t (wire right & left channels in parallel to get equal sound on both speakers of a stereo record player). See Tech Tip aboout Califone record players in the above paragraph. (Wiring the right and left channels together "out of phase" may result in removing the "vocals" from some records when they are played in this manner?) Stereo "power point" cartridge =Arista 40-1528, Astatic 13AT, 13ATX, 13TX, Columbia A19-SDS. Duotone 812D/S, 870D/S, Emerson 96.326, EVG 13, 13DS. Fidelitone AC-256D1, GE RS1651S, RS2616, 671C32T-7, Jensen 44, 44SD, 44X, 44XSD, A44X, A44XSD, Miller A2-4073DS, Motorola 59B642691, Phanstiehl 910-DS73, Recoton 508SD, Sylvania 916-0012, 916-0013, Walco W-204-STDS Zenith 142-103, 142-106, 142-119, 142-120
AST-40tb see flipover cartridge webpage
{1} AST-50-1
[sold] AST-51-2 =EV-38 $23.95
[1] AST-53-2J mono cartridge =Astatic 53-2M, =EV-36, Sonotone W7590LB, 1P-LB-2S
[use PF-P51-2] Astatic 60-2 =EV40 ancient aluminum housing cartridge with 2-mil setscrew needle
AST 60-2
AST-62TY see fipoover cartridge webpage
AST-64TS =EV-88 see flipover cartridges
AST-66ty see flipover cartridge webpage
AST-66TS see flipover cartridge webpage
AST-70d see flipover cartridge webpage
AST-78 see flipover cartridge webpage
AST-80TS see flipover cartridge webpage
[see Pfanstiehl 911-D7] AST-81tx diamond/sapphire "power point" mono cartridge, =Duotone 712D/S, =EV-81DS, 81D, Fidelitone AC242D1, Pfanstiehl 911-DS13, RCA RK223, Recoton 491SD, V-M 16633, Walco W-207DS, Webster V3D
[1] AST-83-1 mono "power point" =RCA 105836, EV 83-1, 83, Jensen 42, RCA 83-1, 973054, 105837, 108536 see PF-911-D7 mono cartridge
[see Pfanstiehl 911-D7] AST-89-1 mono "power point" =EV-81, =RCA 108555, 973088-3
{1} AST-91T mono "white case power point" =EV-76, EV 76S, Webcor A1919, 21P491, Duotone 698, Jensen 37, Pfanstiehl 942-SS13, Walco W-202TPS, Webster Electric V2, V82
[4] AST-93t mono cartridge $16.89 Admiral 409B28, 409C15, Airline 60-48, Duotone 708, =EV-56, Fidelitone AC-227, Jensen 36, Pfanstiehl 940-SS13, Walco W-201TPS, Webster V1, V8-1, Zenith 142-80, 142-87
{1} AST-95 =EV-116
{1} AST-99-1d =EV-109D
{1} AST-99-1s =EV-109
{1} AST-99-2 =EV-110
[1] AST-101 mono =Duotone 697, EV 3505, =EV-111, Fidelitone AC-300, Jensen Z-59, Zenith 142-77
{1} AST-101D =EV-111D
[1] AST-103 =Admiral 98C98-97, Columbia E5-S2MS, EV 61, =EV-66D Fidelitone AA-246, Jensen E-47X, =Pfanstiehl 941-SS77
{1} AST-105 =EV-66D
[sold] AST-107 type 13t stereo powerpoint cartridge with flip-over holder included, =EV-13
[1] AST-109 =EV 101, =EV-106, Pfanstiehl 943-SS77
[1] AST-111 =EV-106, Fidelitone AC-307, Jensen 87, Pfanstiehl 943-SS73, Philco 325-8063, Webcor 21X721, Zenith 142-108
[4] AST-111d =EV-106D
[3] AST-115 =EV-108
AST-120 see flipover cartridge webpage
AST-124 see flipover cartridge webpage
[sold] AST-133 stereo cartridge-flipover needle =Pfanstiehl P-152: Admiral 409,A36, B32, B33-1, B33-1-1, C43, C48, Airline Arivin 95929-20 EV 26, 128, 132, =EV-5595, Motorola 59C61496A01, Panasonic EPC-35TTC, Philco 325-8036, 8047, 8073, 8074, Sears 33-299-0, 300-0, 304-0, 311-0, 331-0, 341-0, 88825, Varco TN-02H, V-M 19922, 21688, 23960, 24041, Webcor 21P, 573, 737, 748, 21X740-2, Zenith 142-92, 142-118, 142-144
[sold] AST-135da stereo cartridge--flipover needle: Admiral 409C56-1, Clairtone 13-57-01, =EV-186D, Fleetwood 79F061-1, GE C400, EA80X152, RS6295, Marconi A515-774
{1} AST-145
[4] AST-167 mono cartridge, =EV-198, Sears Roebuck 33-423-0, 57-8893
[sold] AST-167d mono cartridge: =EV-198D, Sears Roebuck 33-422-0
[3] AST-169 =EV-198D
[1] AST-181d $29.95 stereo cartridge--flipover needle: =EV-5562D, Sylvania 11-14702-1, Astatic 281D
[1] AST-199d stereo cartridge--flipover needle, =EV-175D, Magnavox 560384-1
[1] AST-217D stereo cartridge--flipover needle, Sylvania 11-14161-1, Garrard 70492, =EV-149DF
[1] {1} AST-271d stereo cartridge--flipover needle, =EV-5005, 5170-5863, 5170-5864, Sears 33-448-0, 33-449-0, 33-460-0, 33-461-0, 33-466-0, 57-8878, 57-8886
[1] AST-275d stereo cartridge--flipover needle, =EV5170
AST-310-7 see flipover cartridge webpage
AST-310T see flipover cartrodge webpage
AST-310ts see flipover cartridge webpage
{1} AST-314ts =EV-68
AST-316TS see flipover cartridge webpage
{1} AST-322
[2] AST-323d stereo cartridge--flipover needle: RCA 133499
{1} AST-327d =EV-5224D
[sold] AST-340 mono cartridge single screw mount, =EV-5246, Symphonic, Vaco SN-55, Westinghouse 671V004H09, 690V021H51
[1] {1} AST-349d =EV-238D
[2] AST-355 stereo cartridge--flipover needle =RCA 115302, 117330, =EV-5189
{1} AST-402
[sold] AST-414-1 mono cartridge =American XIII (B, C), EV 14, =EV-5550, (-S, -S4), Calrad CX309, Philco 325-8009, 35-2754 (-1), RCA 973013-1, 1401767, A-14067-1, Ronette RA-284-OV, RA-284-OS, RA-283-T, RA-284-T, RA-284-US, RA-395 (-1, -1S), Shield PC-14, V-M 3370, 3500 9930
[1] AST-415 stereo cartridge in shroud--flipover needle: =EV-5574D, =BSR SC7M-3 $29.98
{1} AST-424
{2} AST-426ts =EV-82
{1} AST-428
[2] AST-430 mono cartridge, uses "D" needle
[1] AST-436 see flipover cartridge webpage
[sold} AST-447 mono cartridge--flipover needle =EV-37, Sears Roebuck 33-235-0, 720091, 720126, Sonotone 2T-LB, 2T-LB-S
[1] AST-463 mono cartridge--flipover needle: =EV-126, Magnavox 560216-1, 560216-2, 560218-1, 560218-2, 560228-1, 560229-2
AST-470 see flipover cartridge webpage
[2] {1} AST-479D stereo flipover needle cartridge includes SVS-1 mounting clip, {use 2122DS needle} =Zenith 142-128, 142-138
{1} AST-487 =EV-195
[1] {1} AST-602 mono cartridge, uses N76-7S needle: =RCA 118187, 202C, =EV-5192
[2] AST-604 see flipover cartridge webpage
{1} AST-613 =EV-5191
{1} AST-614 =EV-5146
[3] AST-665 stereo SVS-1 cartridge, =EV-5189, =RCA 126316 {use 2130DS needle}
[2] AST-665d stereo cartridge--flipover needle =RCA 126317, =EV-5189D
{2} AST-669 stereo cartridge in shroud--flipover needle: BSR SC7M, SC7H, SC8H4, =EV-5545
[2] AST-669d =EV-5545D
[1] AST-671 mono cartridge--flipover needle: Arista 1829d, =EV-5076, Sears 8868-S, 88653, 88683, 33-470-0
[2] AST-673d mono cartridge--flipover needle =EV-5012D, 5027d, 5036d, V-M 39437-(F, H, J), 39949-H, Curtis Mathes 11A047-020
[1] AST-677d cartridge in shroud--flipover needle =Airline 40177-(A, B), Arista EV22, EV24, =EV-5050D, 5051D, 5056D, V-M 43630-(A, B, D)
[1] AST-679d cartridge in shroud--flipover needle =Airline 45037-B, Arista EV22, EV24, EV 5053D, =EV-5083D, 5084D, 5085D, V-M 43630-C, 45037-(A, B, C)
{2} AST-691d =PF-P-178D =EV-5088D
[1] AST-695d cartridge--flipover needle: =EV-5081, 5082D, Sears 8868-D, 88363, 88571, 88573, 88661, 88655, 33-484-0, 33-487-0, 33-492-0
{1} AST-699d =EV-5444
[1] AST-714 stereo cartridge--flipover needle: Arvin 95929-15, Euphonics U-88, =EV-154, V-M 21965-G [1] AST-714D =EV-154D
[1] AST-727d =EV-186D
[2] AST-728 mono cartridge--flipover needle: Admiral 409C68-2, 78C228-2, =EV-229, Euphonics U-12-5, V-M 33701-(B, C), Westinghouse 671V028A01
[sold] AST-729D stereo cartridge--flipover needle: Euphonics U-13-13, U-13-14, Westinghouse 671V028B02
[1] AST-735d mono cartridge--flipover needle: Emerson 820097, 820098, 820100, 820101, Euphonics U19-14, U19-16, =EV-5003
[1] AST-738d stereo cartridge in shroud--flipover needle: Euphonics U19-11, Emerson 965909
[sold] AST-753 mono cartridge: Astatic 455, =EV-72, Philco 35-2765, RCA 103422, Sears 57825, Sonotone 3T-S, V-M 14456
[1] AST-758d flipover stereo =EV-104D, Duotone 858D/S, EV 104D, Fidelitone AC-251D1, Jensen S10XSD, Pfanstiehl 980-DS73, Recoton 530SD, Sonotone 10T2-LB-SD, Walco W-206STDS
{1} AST-771 =EV-37
{1} AST-P1012d
{1} AST-2028 magnetic =EV-6317D
[1] Astatic Kit No 2 Mount Bracket for 13T etc
[2] AST-Kit#11 knobs for flipover cartridges Astatic 62TY, 66TY, 70D, 70TS, 74TS, 76TSB, 80D, 80TS, 86D, 86TSB, 118, 120, 310TS, 312TS, 314TS, 316TS, 318, 405, 420, 456
[2] AST-Kit#12 knobs for V.M. flipover cartridge Astatic types 70TS, 70D, 80TS, 80D, 118, 120 etc.

BSR many "Low-priced" BSR record changers use Tetrad cartridges & needles.

Califone Record Players: Tech Tip
Three types of phono cartridges fit all the different Califone models that exist. The Califone 1030AV and other "-AV" models (1410, 1420K, 1450K, 1470) used in schools use the Pfanstiehl 911-D7 "Power Point" cartridge/needle. These were factory equipped with various part numbers including Astatic 13T, 81T, N81, 89T, or N89; all are mono record players. These cartridge/needles plug into "Kit #2" or "Kit #3" listed at the end of the Astatic paragraph below. Models that had a stereo cartridge/needle were wired with the right & left channels in parallel for mono sound--no change is necessary when you plug in a Pfanstiehl 911-D7 replacement. Some "consumer" Califone models including the 1115K, 1130K, 1155K, and 1620 use Tetrad cartridges--those models can use a Pfansthiehl P409D cartridge or Pfansthiehl M854-DS77 or M854-DS73 needle. The remaining "consumer" Califone models used an Astatic 133 or Varco/Vaco TN4A or TN4B which is replaced by Pfanstiehl P226D.

Empire Phono CartridgesAudio Empire Part Numbers not shown may be special orderable?
The universal replacement cartridge to replace this brand of magnetic cartridge is the Audio Technica AT-3482U (See Magnetic Phono Cartridge webpage)

ElectroVoice EV EVGame Phono Cartridges
[1] EV-11 =Astatic 11T7 =PF-910-SS73
[1] EV-11D =Astatic 11T7D =PF-910-DS73
[1] EV-36 =Astatic 53-2
[1] EV-37 =Sonotone 2T-LB-S
[1] EV-37D =Sonotone 2T-LB-SD
[use PF-P51-2] EV-40 =Astatic 60-2 ancient aluminum housing cartridge with setscrew 2-mil needle
[3] EV-42 =Sonotone 1P-LB-1S
[1] EV-44 =Astatic 64-TS
[1] EV-47 =Sonotone 3T-LB-S
[1] EV-48 =Astatic 66-TS, Astatic 406
[1] EV-50 =Astatic 106
[4] EV-51 =Astatic 93T1
[1] EV-52 =Astatic 93T2
[1] EV-54 =RCA 110021
[2] EV-54D =AST-475 =RCA 110023
[1] EV-55 =Ronette BF40
[4] EV-56 =Astatic 93T
[1] Astatic 93T =EV-56
[2] EV-56D =Astatic 93TX
[2] EV-57 =Webster B200 & B300
[2] EV-58 =Astatic 310-1
[1] EV-64 =Astatic 312-2
[1] EV-65 =Astatic 312-T
[2] EV-66 =Jensen E-46X =PF-941-SS73
[1] EV-66D =Astatic 105D =PF-941-DS73
[1] EV-68 =Astatic 314TS
[1] Astatic 314TS =EV-68
[2] EV-69 =Astatic 316-TS
[3] EV-76 =Astatic 91T mono powerpoint type cartridge =Admiral 98C98-89, Airline 60-55, Columbia E-6TPS, Duotone 698, 729, Fidelitone AC-260, Jensen 37, E-37, Walco W-202TPS, Webcor 21P491, A1919, Webster V2, V8-2, Pfanstiehl 942-SS73
[1] EV-76D =Astatic 91TX =PF-942-DS73
[3] EV-77 =Astatic 414-1
[1] EV-78 =Astatic 414-2
[1] Astatic 414-2 =EV-78
[1] EV-79 =Astatic 416-2
[use PF-911-D7] EV-83 Cartridge =AST-83-1, =EV-83-1, RCA 83-1, 105837, 108536, 973054 =PF-911-SS73
[3] EV-84 =Astatic 424-TS
[1] EV-85 =Astatic 426-TS
[2] EV-87 =Astatic 124-TS
[2] EV-89tb (LP/LP) =PF-911-DS77
[2] EV-91 =Astatic 118-TS
[1] EV-93 mono STD.1/2" mount cartridge = Ronette MT-67-2 =AST-414-2
[2] EV-94 =Ronnette MT-67-OV
[1] EV-96 =AST-76tsb, AST-142 =Ronnette 106 & 208
[1] EV-99 =Ronnette RA-284-OV & RA-284-P
[2] EV-100 =Ronnette RA-395-1 & RA-395-S1
[1] EV-101 =PF-943-SS73
[1] EV-101D =Astatic 109D =PF-943-DS73
[1] EV-102 =Ronette RA-395-2
[1] EV-104 =Sonotone N10T2-S =PF-980-SS73
[1] EV-104D =Sonotone N10T2-SD =PF-980-DS73
[1] EV-105 =Astatic 28
[1] EV-106 =Webcor 21P721 =Zenith 142-108 =PF-943-SS73
[1] EV-106D =Philco 35-2848-2 =Webcor 21P725 =PF-943-DS73
{1} EV-108
[1] EV-109 =Zenith 142-71
[1] EV-110 =EV3502
[1] EV-111
[1] EV-113 =Zenith 15222 =PF-990-S1
[1] EV-115 =EV Z51-1
[3] EV-116 =Astatic 95 =Zenith 142-87
[1] Astatic 95 =EV-116
[3] EV-119 =BSR TC8M
[3] EV-120 =BSR TC8H
[1] EV-124 =Sonotone 3P-LB-1S
[1] EV-125 =Sonotone 3P-LB-3S
[1] EV-130 =Piezo MS-8
[1] Astatic 434 =EV-130 =Piezo MS-8
[1] EV-134D =Webcor F22-1
[1] EV-135 =Ronette SCW-395-1
[1] Astatic 448 =EV-135-2 =Ronette SCW-395-2
[1] EV-137 =Elac KST-102
[3] EV-139 =Elac KST-104 $30.00
[1] EV-143 =Astatic 70TS stereo turnover knob cartridge =AST-70TS, Airline 60-70, 60-91, Arvin 46507-14, GE RS3109, Jensen 143, Motorola 59060918A01, Philco 35-2827-1, 325-9052, Phonola 14266, 15850, Sears 5818S, Sylvania 11-10328-3, 911-10328-7, 916-0027, 916-0033, 916-0040, V-M 21400-A, Zenith 142-124; uses 3002 & 3009 needles
[2] EV-145 =Astatic 80TS
[2] EV-188D
[1] EV-192 =Piezo FXG 700
[2] EV-194 =Motorola 59C63211A01-0
[3] EV-195 stereo cartridge, =AST-487, =RCA 11519s; uses EVG 2907 needle
[1] EV-235D =Euphonics U13-14
[1] EV-237D =GE C600
[1] EV-238D
[2] EV-248D =Astatic 479 =Zenith 142-128, 142-138
[1] EV-250 =Perpetuum-Ebner PE-188
[1] EV-251 =Dual CDS-3
[1] EV-252 =Dual CDS-320/3
[1] EV-253 =Dual CDS-420/4
[1] EV-254 =Dual CDS-520/3
[1] EV-255 =Dual CDS-620/4/45
[1] EV-277 =Admiral 490C74-3
[1] EV-282 =Admiral 409C74-1
[2] EV-295 =Astatic 124
[1] EV-297 =Ronette DC-400-0V/1
[1] EV-5001D stereo flipover needle STD.1/2" mount cartridge, =AST-653d
[1] EV-5003 =VM3947A
[2] EV-5003D =VM3947B
[1] EV-5005 =Sears 33-449-0
[1] EV-5014 fits BSR changers made for Western Auto
[1] EV-5050D =VM 43530-A
[1] EV-5095D =Astatic 177D stereo 3-lead flipover needle cartridge = Magnavox 560338-1, V-M 45122-B, uses EV 2644DS needle

Click to Flipover Phono Cartridge webpage

[1] EV-5102 Click to Tetrad webpage
[2] EV-5104D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5106D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5107D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5108D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5109 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5109D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5111D Click to Tetrad webpage
[2] EV-5112 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5113 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5115D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5116D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5117 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5119D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5120D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5121D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5122 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5147 =Telefunken T200/2
[1] EV-5148 =Telefunken T22/2
[1] EV-5168 =Magnavox 560360-1
[1] EV-5170 =Sears 33-461-0
[1] EV-5171 =Magnavox 560363-1
[1] EV-5181 =Philco 325-8024
[1] EV-5182D =Magnavox 560313-1
[3] EV-5184 =Astatic 601 =Singer PU-1058
[1] Astatic 601 =EV-5184
[1] EV-5201 =Varco TOH-46X
[4] EV-5206 =Varco TO-55, TOH-44 Flipover Cartridge
[2] EV-5213 =Varco ST-2
[1] EV-5216 =Varco ST-4
[1] EV-5225D mono flipover needle cartridge =RCA 135273, =AST-327D, uses 2917D needle
[2] EV-5227 =PF-P-140 =Varco ST-2V
[1] EV-5228 =PF-P-142 =Varco ST-4V
[1] EV-5241 =PF-P-201 =Varco CN-65
[1] EV-5242 =PF-P-200 =Varco CN-62
[1] EV-5246 =Varco SN-H44
[1] EV-5252D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5257D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5258 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5260D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5261D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5262D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5263 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5265D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5266D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5267D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5268D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5275D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5276D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5277D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5279 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5279D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5280D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5281D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5282D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5284D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5285D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5286D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5287D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5288D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5299D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5311D Click to Tetrad webpage
[2] EV-5312D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5315D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5317D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5321D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5322D Click to Tetrad webpage
[2] EV-5332 Apollo
[5] EV-5334 $19.89 =Panasonic EPC-70LTSS mono cartridge =Game Industries 9019C, =Astatic 631
[2] EV-5350 Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5354D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5359D Click to Tetrad webpage
[2] EV-5372 mono cartridge, Channel Master, =Game 9002C, Magnavox, Nicol, Singer 60-22, 67-22, 484-023, 002, =AST-659
[1] EV-5383D Click to Tetrad webpage
[4] EV-5388D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5397D Click to Tetrad webpage
[2] EV-5401D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5434D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5442 Imports
[1] EV-5444 Imports
[2] EV-5446 Imports
[3] EV-5447 stereo cartridge =Game 9044C, for Toshiba
[1] EV-5448 Imports
[2] EV-5450 Click to Tetrad webpage
[2] EV-5451 mono cartridge =Game 9048C for Hitachi, Marlin, Starfire

[1] EV-5461 =Delmonico EG1725
[3] EV-5465 mono cartridge, =Astatic 643, =Delmonico EG8813 =Game 9039C
[1] EV-5525D Click to Tetrad webpage
[1] EV-5543D =Magnavox 560353-1
[1] EV-5563D =Astatic 211
[2] EV-6000D stereo STD.1/2" mount magnetic cartridge E-V part #86454 Stereo-V cartridge for Landmark 100, Masterwork M7070, =AST-2250, =Audio Technica AT-3400 uses EV 2660D stylus
[2] EV-6009D
[1] EV-PT-2
[1] EV-PT-3
[1] EV-PT-4
[1] EV-PT-5
[1] EV-PT-6
[1] EV-PT-8
[2] EV-PT-11
[1] EV-PFT-1
[1] EV-PFT-3

General Electric Phono Cartridges:
[1] 4G-050 cartridge {use 2733D needle}

Jensen Phono Cartridges
[1] K =Astatic 40-2, 416-2

Pfanstiehl PF Phono Cartridges
[1] PF-AM2 Astatic Mounting Kit #2. STD.1/2" mount bracket for mono & stereo power point cartridges$17,00
[6] {6} AST-Kit#2 =PF-AM2: STD.1/2" mount flipover holder for powerpoint cartridge Astatic 13TX $9.38
[39] AST-Kit#3 =PF-AM3 mounting kit for mono powerpoint cartridges 81T, 81TX, 89T, 89TX $9.38
[5] PF-911-D7 (red) mono power point diamond LP cartridge 16/33/45 RPM, replaces 911-DS77 and 911-DS73 $16.89 replaces Astatic 81TX, 81D, AC242D1, P-81T-DS, A41SD, A2-213DS, P-16, 491SD, =(W-207DS)
[2] PF-911-S3 (green) $16.89 mono power point ceramic cartridge for use on 78RPM records only. slides into AM3 flipover bracket for Std 1/2" mounting
PF-AM3-911-S3 Std 1/2" mount (AM3) plus 78RPM (911-S3) cartridge to replace ancient 78RPM crystal and ceramic cartridges $26.27
{6} PF-911-DS77 mono power point cartridge =81TX, 712DS, 81D, 89/89D, AC242D1, P-81T-DS, A41SD, A2-213DS, P-16, 491SD, W-207DS, 10070225, =Astatic 81TX, ElectroVoice 81D, RCA 105836, W207TPS, 712, =RCA 105836 use 911-D7
PF-AM3-911-D7 replaces mono cartridges with STD-1/2" Mount has 33/45 rpm LP tip. $26.27
PF-AM3-911-DS73 replaces monaural cartridges; includes STD-1/2" Mount has LP & 78 rpm tips. $34.95

PF-AM2 for 13T & 911--    PF-911S313TX Cartridge
AM3-911-D7 in tonearmAM3-911-D7
PF-AM3-911-D7 Compact Replacement Monaural Cartridge for Standard 1/2" Mounting (see both pictures)

PF-HS-1B HeadShell fits pre-1983 JEIA tonearms (see picture on Magnetic Phono cartridge webpage)

[2] AST-601 =PF-P-1, =EV-5184 =Qualitone Q-C1

[5] AR-1402 =40-1880 =PF-P2 monaural 3.5V crystal Sapphire =General Electric RT-1045, 1660 (Show & Tell). =Astatic 434, =EVG 5178
[4] AR-1405 =40-1405 =PF-P2 LC-5, monaural 2.5V crystal Sapphire, Channel Master, Delmonico, General Electric, Juliette, Lloyd, Philco-Ford, RCA, Toshiba. =Astatic 608, =EVG 5331, 5531
[use AR-1402] PF-P-2 =EV-5178 19.95, uses PF-700-S1 needle

[2] EV-5327 =PF-P-3 mono cartridge with flipover needle; =Arista LC-3, Game Industries 9003C, Mastercraft, =Astatic 611

[2] AST-608 mono cartridge =EV-5331, =PF-P5 =Piezo Y-190, Realtone A5300170
[1] AST-624 mono cartridge uses N8-1S needle, =PF-P5
[3] EV-5331 Channel Master, Delmonico =PF-P-5
[2, see also Qualitone Q-C5S] {2} EV-5463 =PF-P-5S =Astatic 609, Imports

[see Qualitone Q-C7] PF-P-7 Mono cartridge with flipover needle =Astatic 611, Belair, Viscount
[1] EV-5328 Belair, Viscount =PF-P-7

[2] AST-609 mono cartridge, =EV-5333, =PF-P8, =Qualitone Q-C8 =Magnavox 560313-(3, 5), Peerless-Telerad, Piezo Y800
[3] AR-1408 =PF-P8 mono Arvin, Channel Master, General Electric, Magnavox, Philco-Ford, RCA, Singer, Symphonic, Toshiba, Webcor =Astatic 609, =EVG 5333
[3] PF-P-8S =EV-5456 ($19.95)
[5] EV-5333 mono cartridge =Magnavox 560313-5; uses EVG 3000 needle, =PF-P-8 =Astatic 609
[see also Q-C8] =EV-5333 =Ast-633 =Ast-609 =PF-P8

[4] AST-603 =PF-P10, =EV-5183 =Q-C10 stereo cartridge, flipover needle
[1] AST-647 stereo cartridge--flipover needle =PF-P10 =EV-5455, =Delmonico CS1004, CS1007, EG1725, PU3012A, used in Crown 51P81F
[1] AST-651 stereo cartridge used in Singer HE-2220, =PF-P10 =EV5183
[2, see also Q-C10] EV-5183 stereo cartridge with flipover LP/78 needle, =Astatic 603, Singer PU-1299, PF-P10

[2] EV-5337 [see also Q-C10A] =PF-P-10A =Ast-611 stereo cartridge. flipover LP/78 needle; =Qualitone Q-C10A replaces Game Industries 9015C, North American, Nuvox

[3] PF-P11 =Astatic 609, =EV-5329, ($19.95) =Qualitone Q-C11
[3] EV-5329 Takt, Viscount =PF-P-11

[4] EV-246 mono cartridge, =AST-609, =EV246 =Qualitone Q-C12, replaces Lloyd PH-42, PF-P12

[2] EV-5338 =PF-P12A ($19.95) =Qualitone Q-C12A mono cartridge; replaces Crown, Game Industries 9013C, Takt, AST-633

[4] EV-5185 mono cartridge; =AST-633. fits Truetone 4DC6820 phonograph, =PF-P12S =Qualitone Q-C12S

[custom rebuild $29.95 exchange] RCA 45EY2 & 45EY3 45RPM record players RCA cartridge 76318, RTD274-404, 128-5; 5/8" mounting centers. =PF-P14 =EV159:

[1] EV-5180 =General Electric 119B5431-1 =PF-P-16

[2] AST-631 mono cartridge ($19.89) =PF-P-17 =Panasonic EPC-70LTCS, Viscount EPC-70LTCS, Bradford 55285, 57224, =EV-5334

[sold] EV-5175D =Euphonics U15-2 =PF-P-18
[1] EV-5377D =PF-P18 =Astatic 133D

[1] AST-641 =PF-P20 mono cartridge--flipover needle =EV-5325, Panasonic EPC-27WTGS5
[1] EV5325 flipover mono cartridge, =AST-641, Game Industries 9013C, Panasonic EPC-27WTGS5, uses EV needles 3000 & 3002, PF-P20

PF-P24 =EV5374 =Qualitone Q-C24

[2] EV-265 mono cartridge =AST-639, replaces Crown TPA-106, TRP-105, Foster CP-12-1, PF-P25
[3] EV-265 =Crown TPA-106 & TRP-105 =PF-P-25

[see Q-C27] AST-137d =PF-P27 =Astatic 139, =EV-186D, =EC-5341, Motorola 59C62432A01-0, Sonotone 24T-SD, 27T-SD, 31TA-SD, V-M 19922
[sold] AST-157d =PF-P27 stereo cartridge--flipover needle, Admiral 409C63-1 (2, 3, 4), Airline 60-126, Arvin 95929-13, =EV-186D, Jensen R3CSD49B, Philco 35-2860-1, 35-2865-2, 35-0129, Phonola 17938, Sears 33-410-0, 88975D, 57-8897D, Sylvania 11-14716-1, 11-1825-1 (-2), V-M 27271B, EV 158, 158D
{1} AST-139d =Pfanstiehl P-27 =EV-5595D
[1] EV-158 =Sears 33-411-0 =PF-P-27
[sold] EV-158D stereo flipover needle cartridge, includes spring clip for STD.1/2" mount, Pfanstiehl P-27, =AST-157D
[3] EV-186 =Philco 35-2865-1 =PF-P-27
[sold] EV-5341 =PF-P-27 stereo cartridge with flipover needle =AST-139, =Panasonic EPC-35TTA, EPC-35TTB, EPC-35TTAD, EPC-35TTBD, Penncrest 1312, 1780, 4911 $29.98

[1] EV-5196 mono cartridge; =AST-645, replaces Game 9028C; fits Channel Master, Sanyo, PF-P-28 fits imports

[1] PF-P-29 =EV-5345 ($19.95)

[2] AST-637 =PF-P30 mono cartridge =EV-245, used in Lloyds PH41, 7F95B, DJ, Truetone 4DC6610
[2] EV-245 mono cartridge, =AST-637, replaces Lloyd PH-41, PF-P30

[1] AST-635 =PF-P-31 mono cartridge =GE RT3424 =EV-5333
[2] EV-5376 mono cartridge; =General Electric RT3424, Game 9031C, Arrow, Four Star, herigage, Takt, Tayo, Toshiba, PF-P-31 =AST-135

[2] AST-659 =PF-P-33 =EV-5329

PF-P-35 mono cartridge =EV5443 =Qualitone Q-C35

[3] EV-5445 =PF-P-40 mono cartridge; =General Electric TR-4240, Game 9042C, =Astatic 661

[1] EV-5446 =PF-P41 mono cartridge; =AST-659, Arista 1441, LC-41, Game 9043C, Takt

[2] EV-5449 =PF-P-45 =Astatic 608, Imports

[1] Pfanstiehl P51-1 $23.95, small Monaural 45/LP cartridge glued onto EV-A (Tetrad) bracket) for Std 1/2" mounting; uses PF-700S1 or PF-700D7 needle
[1] Pfansthehl P51-2 small Monaural cartridge on EV-A (Tetrad) bracket for Std 1/2" mounting; "universal play" 2-mil needle replaces Astatic 60-2 & EV-40
[2] Pfanstiehl P51-3 $23.95 "Universal 78-only replacement" Monaural ceramic cartridge on EV-A (Tetrad) bracket for Std 1/2" mounting uses PF-700S3 needle
PF-P51-3 Mono 78 cartridge

[2] EV-121 =BSR TC8S =PF-P-121

[1] EV-268 =BSR X1H =PF-P-126
[4] EV-5369 =BSR X3H =PF-P-126
[sold] EV-5370 =BSR X4H =PF-P-126 ($29.98)

[1] EV-267 =BSR X1M =PF-P-127

[2] PF-P-128 =EV-271 ($19.95)

[4] PF-P129 =EV-5344 stereo cartridge with STD1/2" mounting clip: BSR SX6H ($19.95)
[2] EV-272 stereo flipover needle cartridge includes plastic mount clip for STD.1/2" or SVS-1 mounting; =BSR SX1H, PF-P-129 =AST-612

[1] Pfanstiehl P-132D ($28.89) =EV-5126D stereo flipover needle cartridge includes snap-in clip for STD.1/2" mount, =Admiral 78A249-2, Arista 2313D, Arvin 95929-30, Astatic 17, 153, EV149, EV-5126D, Morse Electrophonic 221F, Varco TN-4AD, replaces GE C400; uses PF-864-DS77 needle
[1] AR-2313 =40-2313 =PF-P132 stereo .5V twin Sapphire =Astatic 155, =EVG 5126, 5208, Vaco TN-4A, TN-4B, Varco TN-4A. TN-4B
[sold] AST-483 stereo cartridge-flipover needle =Pfanstiehl P-132D, =EV-149, 150, Sears 33-393-0, 57-5823-S, Sonotone 21T-S, Webcor 21P750-1
[sold] EV-149 stereo flipover needle cartridge includes spring clip for STD.1/2" mount =Admiral409C-51-1, 409C55-1, 409C56, 409C59, 409C59-1, 409C59-2, AST-17A, AST-153, AST-763, ElectroVoice 132, Motorola 89C42266A01, Sonotone 22T, 22T-S, 22T-S77, 23T, 23T-S, 23T-S77, Pfanstiehl P-132D
[2] EV-31D =Astatic 45D =PF-P-132D


[sold] AST-197d =PF-P134D stereo cartridge =EV-275D =EV-5097D, uses N410-7d needle, Magnavox 560-346-1, 560347-1

[see Q-C291] PF-P-136 ($19.95) =EV-38 mono cartridge =Arista 2167, Astatic 445, Sonotone 1P, 2T, 3T, 3T-S, use needlle 800-SS77 [P-137 is stereo cartridge similar to mono P-136]
[sold] AST-445d mono cartridge--flipover needle =Pfanstiehl P-136: =EV-38D, Philco 35-2795, 325-8034, Sears 5780F, Sonotone 2T-SD
[1] AST-455 mono cartridge--flipover needle; ($19.95) =Q-C290 =Sonotone 2TA-S; similar Pfanstiehl P-136, =EV-72, Philco 325-8016 (-1), 325-8066, 35-2765, RCA 103422, V-M 14456
[2] AST-491 mono cartridge, =EV-89B, =PF-P-136 =Admiral 409B27, 409B27-2, Magnavox 560207-1, 560207-2, 560214-1, 560214-2, 560215-2, 560192-1, Shure PC6, WC6
[1] AST-493 =Pfanstiehl P-136, =EV-38
[sold] EV-38 =PF-P136 mono cartridge =Admiral 98A54-1, 409A11, 409B20, 409B21, 409B21-1, 409B21-2, 409B24, Astatic 55T, 57T, 409, 445, =AST-751, ElectroVoice 47, Sonotone 9980, 9980-S, W-7580-S 2T-S, VM 6394, 7316, 7477, 9138, 9138-E, 14432, 14843-H. Alternate replacement: PF-AM2-911-D7 to fit STD.1/2" mounting holes on tone arm
[1] EV-20 =Astatic 40-1 =PF-P-136
[2] EV-23 =Astatic 40-2
[1] EV-30 =Astatic 51-1 =PF-P-136
[sold] EV-72 =Sonotone 3T-S =PF-P-136
[1] EV-73 =Astatic 407 =PF-P-136
[1] EV-122 =Sonotone 3P-1S =PF-P-136
[1] EV-123 =Sonotone 3P-3S =PF-P-136

[sold] AST-754 cartridge =PF-P-137 =8TA4-S =Admiral 409C34-1, Airline 60-65, 60-71, Arvin 46507-6, CBS 360, =EV-266, Motorola 59C645700, 59C645701, 59K642982, Phonola 13376, Sears 33-314-0, 5726S, Sonotone 8D, 8T, 8TA, 8TA4-S, 8T4-S Sylvania 916-0030, V-M 16708-A/C/F/H/L Webcor 21P588, 21P700-1/3 [P-137 stereo cartridge is similar to mono P-136] {P-226D or P-226DS73 can be used to replace P-137}
[1] EV-266 =PF=P-137, =AST-754

EV-21 =PF-P138 stereo 3-wire cartridge includes spring clip for STD.1/2" mount; replaces Electrovoice 12S, Admiral 409A36/-1/-2, Astatic 15, AST-133, Jensen 283, Lesa S
[sold] EV-228 =Euphonics U8RB =PF-P-138 stereo 4-wire cartridge includes spring mounting clip for std 1/2" mount

[1] EV-126 =Magnavox 560275-2 =PF-P-139D

[1] AST-140 =PF-P140 stereo cartridge--flipover needle, =EV-5547, uses N60 needle
[1] EV-131D =Motorola 56P732-2 =PF-P-140D
[1] EV-146 =Astatic 86TSB =PF-P-140

[1] AST-41T =PF-P-142 =EV-38
[1] PF-P-142 =EV-5548 ($19.95) =Airline 60-112, 60-114, 60-118, Arista 1548, Arvin 95929-9, 95929-17, GE RS6518, EA80X-214, EA80X-316, Zenith 142-148. Uses Pfanstiehl 164-SS77 flipover needle
[1] EV-142 =Astatic 76TSB =PF-P-142
[1] EV-148 stereo flipover needle cartridge; includes spring clip for STD.1/2" mount =AST-142, EV-131, Voice of Music 29286-C, =PF-P142
[3] EV-5219 =Varco ST-4X =PF-P-142
[1] EV-5228 stereo turnover knob cartridge; replaces Varco ST-4V, ST-5V, AST-142, =PF-P142
[1] EV-164 =Astatic 474 =Vaco ST-4X =PF-P-142 ($19.95)

[1] PF-P145D =EV-249D ($26.95)
[sold] AST-351d =PF-P145D stereo cartridge--flipover needle =EV-239D, GE C-650, EA1013, EA80X234; Pfanstiehl P-150D is single-sided needle version

[sold] AST-192 =PF-P146 mono cartridge--flipover needle, =EV-5549, Phonola 19691, Sears 88833
[sold] EV-18 =PF-P146 =AST-146 ancient STD.1/2" mono cartridge =Airline 60H39, AST-18, Acos GP-13, GP-16, GP-17, American CR4, CR4A, CR8, PNM, PNMA, X108, X109, Argonne AR-77, Calrad C10, ISC-2, Fuji PC3H, 5S(SP), Jensen 3S, 266, Orion C-3, C-4, C19, Philmore SC2, SC5, Primo C-21, Rystl MR, PS-1, PS-2, Shield XC-50, Turner A, Vaco/Varco M50, Shure W78, Webster F8P, F10P, F17P-1, F17P-2, F17P-3, N7P-4
[sold] EV-19 cartridge =PF-P146 =Airline 60H12, AST-26, 32, 34, L-46-A, L-50-A, L-72=A, L-72-AS, L-72-S, L-82-A, L-92-V, L-92, L-92-A, Webcor 21P238, WebsterN10P-5
[1] EV-12 Mono Cartridge with flipover needle; snaps into STD 1/2" mount bracket =Astatic 4 & Astatic 24 =PF-P-146
[1] Astatic 414-1 =EV-14 =PF-P-146
[1] EV-15 =Astatic 12 =PF-P=146
[1] EV-16 =Astatic 12U =PF-P-146
[1] EV-17 =Astatic 16 & Astatic 22 =PF-P-146
[1] EV-18 =Astatic 18 =PF-P-146
EV-40 =Astatic 60-2 =PF-P-146
[1] EV-62 =Astatic 310D =Ronette DT-60 =PF-P-146
[1] Astatic 310D =EV-62 =PF-P-146
[3] EV-80 =Astatic 420 =PF-P-146
[1] Astatic 420 =EV-80 =PF-P-146
[2] EV-260 ($26.95) =Astatic 146 =PF-P-146
[1] EV-298 =Ronette MT-67-1 =PF-P-146

[1] AST-148-7 =PF-P-148 mono cartridge EV 5205, =EV-5551, Major
[1] AST-422 =PF-P148 see flipover cartridge webpage, =EV-82
[2] EV-29 =Astatic 41-TB =PF-P-148
[1] EV-67 =PF-P148 mono turnover knob Cartridge =AST-312-TS, Jensen 12
[1] EV-82 =Astatic 422 =PF-P-148
[1] EV-259 =Astatic 148 =PF-P-148
[1] EV-296 =Ronette DC-400-0V/5360 =PF-P-148
[1] EV-5248 =PF-P148 turnover knob mono STD.1/2" mount cartridge; =AST-468, Varco TO-35X
[2] EV-259D =Astatic 148 =PF-P-148D
[1] EV-5248 =PF-P-148 =Varco TO-35X

[8] PF-P-149 =EV-5363 stereo cartridge =BSR SC5H, SC5M, replaces Admiral78A265-1, 78A265-2, Airline 60-160, 60-165, Arista 1664, 1665, Arvin 2005039-16. Astatic 667, EV-5540, Sears 57-88531, 88533, Truetone 4DC5135, Westinghouse 671VO42B02. uses 273-SS77 needle ($19.95)
[1] AST-667 stereo cartridge--flipover needle =PF-P-149 Airline 60-160, BSR SC5H, C1, c1ST3, SC5M, Sears 57-88531, Westinghouse 670v025h87, EV 274, =EV-5363, 5540, Webcor CH-480A, Lloyds 9M19
[see Q-C517] PF-P-150D =EV-5546D stereo cartridge; package does not include spring mounting clip, =General Electric C-660, Astatic 357D, GE EA80X431, EA2223, uses 511-D7 needle. ($29.95)
[1] AST-357d =PF-P150D stereo cartridge--flipover needle =EV-5546D, General Electric C-660, GE EA2223, EA89X431; also Arista equivalent?
[1] Empire 5546D =EV5546D =PF-P-150D

[1] EV-5553 =Sonotone 9TA-S =PF-P-151
[1] PF-P-151D ($26.95) =EV-5553D see also Q-C293
[sold] AST-499D =PF-P151D stereo cartridge--flipover needle =EV 169D, =EV-5553D, Sonotone 9TAF, 9TAF-HC, 916TAS(SD)
[sold] AST-760 =PF-P151D stereo--flipover needle Admiral 409C43-1, 409C48-1, Astatic 497d, Emerson 820065, GE RS3476, Motorola 59D60872A01, Sears 5811S, Sonotone 16T-S, 16T-AS, 16TAF-S, 916TA-S, 916TAF-S, V-M 25292-A, Webcor 21P740-2, Westinghouse 671V012H04, 671V013H03, 671V020H03, =EV-5553
{2} AST-760d =PF-P-151D =EV-5553D
[1] EV-169D stereo flipover needle cartridge, includes spring clip for STD.1/2" mount; replaces Jensen 169, Sonotone 9T, 9T-S, 9T-SD, 9T-S77, 9TA-S, 9TA-S77, 9TAF-S, 9TAF-S77 Pfanstiehl P-151D, =AST-756D

[sold] AST-133d =PF-P152 stereo cartridge-flipover needle Admiral 409, 833-2-1, C39, C43, C44, C48, C52, Airline 60- 86, 87, 88, Arvin 95929-27, EV 26D, 128D, 132D, =EV-5595D, Motorola 59C61496A02, Philco 325-8075, Sears 33-378-0, 349-0, 5707, 5786, 5811F, Varco TN-02ND, TN8Ud, Webcor 21P748, Zenith 142-93, 142-117, 142-145
[sold] PF-P-152 =EV-5595 ($19.95)

[1] EV-129 =Magnavox 560259-2 =PF-P-156D $19.98
[1] EV-257 =Magnavox 560310-1 =PF-P-156D
[1] EV-258 =Magnavox 560340-1 =PF-P-156D


[1] AST-653d =PF-P158D mono cartridge--flipover needle =Airline 60-136, =EV-5000D, 5001d, Phonola 21373, V-M 39437-Cd
[1] EV-5000 =VM3947-C =PF-P-158D

[1] EV-5015 =PF-P-159 fits Garrard & Plessy record changers
[2] EV-5015D =PF-P-159D fits Garrard & Plessy record changers
[2] EV-5026D =PF-P-159D
{1} AST-655d =PF-P-159D =EV-5015D =EV-5026D

[2] {1} AST-675d mono cartridge--flipover needle =PF-P-160D =EV-5080D, Garrard X10, X11

[1] EV-133D =RCA 106770-A =PF-P-162D

[1] PF-P-163 =EV-54 ($19.95)

[1] PF-P-164 =EV-263 $19.95?
[8] {2} AST-346 =PF-P164 mono RCA 115058, =EV-263
[2] EV-263 =RCA 115058 =PF-P-164

{1} AST-348 stereo =PF-P165, =EV-264, RCA 115059
[2] EV-264D =RCA 115059 =PF-P-165D

Pfanstiehl P-166 use Edit--Find to locate equal cartridge elsewhere on page ($29.98)

[2] PF-P168D ($29.98) =EV-5371D, =Zenith 142-163 =AR40-2363 =AST-605d =EVG-5371 stereo turn-T-needle ceramic .25V cartridge, replaces Zenith 142-150, 142-151, 142-163, 142-166
[1] EV-5371D stereo turn-T-needle cartridge, =Pfanstiehl P-168D, =Arista 40-2363, =AST-605, 605D, Fentone FC-912D, Zenith 142-150, 142-151, 142-163, 142-166 $54.07

[1] PF-P-169 ($29.98) =EV-5573D
[1] EV-5613D =BSR SC10H2 =PF-P-169
Pfanstiehl P-170D use Edit--Find to locate equal cartridge elsewhere on page ($29.98)

[4] PF-P-171D ($29.98) stereo cartridge {uses 899-D7 =2132DS needle} =Zenith 142-182
[1] AR-2369D =40-2369 =PF-P171 stereo .25V ceramic Diamond, replaces Astatic 599, EVG 5636, 5636D, Zenith 142-169, 142-182

[1] EV-247D =PF-P174D stereo cartridge =Astatic 481, Zenith 142-126, 142-127, 142-136, 142-137

{1} AST-345 =PF-P175D stereo cartridge--flipover needle, =EV-249D, Zenith 142-140, 142-142X

Pfanstiehl P-176D =Arista 40-2367D, stereo .35V ceramic Diamond/Sapphire, =Astatic 595D, =EVG 5188D, =Zenith 142-167 (F-167). use P-168D =EV-5371D (cobble/wire different connector/plug)
[7] PF-P-177D cartridge =Zenith 142-168, Astatic 597D, EV 5195D $29.98
[1] AR-2368D =PF-P177D =Astatic 1199D, EVG 5195D, =Zenith 142-168

[2] PF-P-178D ($29.98)

[1] PF-P-180D ($21.95)

[2] PF-P-181D ($29.98)
[4] EV-5199 =PF-P-181 =Zenith 142-176
[2] EV-5506D =Tetrad 3-T3MD-BSR44 =PF-P-181D

[2] AR-1674 =40-1674 =PF-P182 $26.98 stereo .8V ceramic twin Sapphire, =Astatic 431, BSR SC12H1, EVG 5625, Qualitone Q-C521
[1] AST-411 =PF-P182D stereo cartridge--flipover needle =EV-5572D, =BSR SC7M-1
{1} EV-5572D =PF-P182 =AST-417d
[5] EV-5625D =PF-P182 =AST-431D


[1] EV-5615D =PF-P183 =AST-139D
[1] EV-5616 =PF-P183 =AST-772D

[sold] PF-P184D
[1] PF-P187D $28.89 stereo cartridge includes spring clip for STD.1/2" mount, =Chuo Denshi CZ-680, Sears 89381, Wards, similar TN-4B except single tip needle

[1] PF-P188D $19.98 current Economy Replacement Ceramic Cartridge =Chuo Denshi CZ-800, Electrophonic .4V output, includes PF-793-D7 needle for 16/33/45 speeds; wire right & left channels together for mono sound. 3-5 grams tracking force

[2] PF-P190 $19.98 General Purpose Economy Replacement Ceramic Cartridge for Std 1/2" mount .4V output, includes PF-793-S7 needle for 16/33/45 speeds; wire right & left channels together for mono sound. 3-5 grams tracking force


PF-P202 mono cartridge =EV154 =Varco CN-72 =Qualitone Q-C509

[2] EV-154 =VM 29286-A =PF-P-203
PF-P-203 discontinued Mono cartridge--looks like P226D; use P226D (stereo), wire right & left channels together in parallel for mono sound

[3] EV-5200 =PF-P-204 =Varco SN-45 =Jensen 5200

[1] AST-350 mono, =PF-P206 uses N8-7 needle: =GE RS6720, Vaco SN-H45, =EV-5246

Universal replacement cartridge fits most STD-1/2" mount applications
[2] Pfanstiehl P226-DS73 $36.02 .9V output ceramic stereo cartridge includes flipover PF864-DS73 (white=LP & 78=red) needle includes STD 1/2" mount Bracket shown plus (4) push-on clips to solder your wires onto. Wire right & left channels together in parallel for monaural sound.
[3] Pfanstiehl P226D $28.89 .5V output ceramic stereo cartridge includes PF864-DS77 flipover LP/LP needle includes STD 1/2" Mount Bracket. direct replacement for: Airline 60-154, Arista 2313, Arvin 95929-13, =EV-5126, EV 5208, Olympic PXD70015, PXG70002, Phonola 24389, Sears 89032, Singer 484-023-013, Vaco/Varco TN-4A, TN-4B(D). Can use Astatic N756, N756-sd, EVG 3332, 3332DS, Walco W-353STDS needles. Similar needles: Astatic N752, N754, Duotone 988D/S, 989D/S, EVG 3331, Fidelitone AC532DS, AC533DS, Pfanstiehl 863-DS73, Walco W318STDS
[sold] EV-5208D cartridge =Varco TN-4BD, =AST-155D, (used in BSR & V-M changers) , uses EV 3332DS needle =PF-P226

PF-P226D universal replacement STD-1/2" mount

[2] EV-95 =Ronette 105 =PF-P-300

[1] EV-261 =Acos GP81-1 =PF-P-304

[disc-nla] PF-P-315 =EV-82 Mono flipover cartridge for STD.1/2" mount; =Astatic 468, Ronette DC400-P/5360, TO-284P, Vaco/Varco TO-35X. Substitution suggestions: EV96 & EV5201 are similar Mono cartridges. Astatic 76tsb, EV5461, & Pfanstiehl P-121 are similar stereo cartridges. P226 fits most applications using P-315 style.

[1] EV-5222 =Varco TO-45VL =PF-P-324

PF-P315 Flipover Cartridge; use P-226D to replace in many applications

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PF-P402D see Tetrad webpage
[1] AST-1107d =PF-P-402D Tetrad =EV-5306D
PF-P404D (see Tetrad webpage) $28.47 =AST-1150D =EV-5271D Std 1/2" mount
{1} AST-1250d =PF-P-407D Tetrad =EV-5254D
PF-P407D see Tetrad webpage for price; Snap-In mount
{1} AST-1261d =PF-P-409D Tetrad =EV-5509
PF-P409D (see Tetrad webpage) $26.94 universal adhesive mount
PF-P411D see Tetrad webpage; universal mount
[4] EV-5629D =PF-P411D Tetrad =AST-1325D
PF-P414D see Zenith 142-175 on Tetrad webpage =AST-1150D =EV-5271D; Std 1/2" mount
PF-P420D see Tetrad webpage; universal mount
[1] AST-1145d =PF-P-420D Tetrad =EV-5381D
PF-P422D see EV-5302D on Tetrad webpage =AST-1199D; Std 1/2" mount
PF-P426D see Tetrad webpage; universal mount
PF-P431D see =EV-5104D on Tetrad webpage =AST-1175D; Snap-In mount
PF-P432D see Tetrad Webpage; cartridge in shroud
{1} AST-389D =PF-P-432D =EV-5117D
[1] AST-1160d =PF-P-432D Tetrad =EV-5117D
PF-P434D see Tetrad webpage; universal mount
{1} AST-1284d =PF-P-435D Tetrad =EV-5539D
PF-P435D see Tetrad webpage; universal mount
PF-P-440D (see Tetrad webpage) on Universal Inline Bracket

Click Here for Tetrad Phonograph Cartridges

[1] PF-SA-10 Record Inserts for 45 RPM records 10/pak $5,07

Qualitone Phono Cartridges
[1] Q-C1 =PF-P1
[5] Q-C5S =EV-6464 =PF-P5S
[5] Q-C7 =EV-5328 =Ast-611 =PF-P7
[4] Q-C8 =EV-5333 =Ast-633 =Ast-609 =PF-P8
[6] Q-C10 =EV-5183 =Ast-603 flipover LP/78 needle =PF-P10
[2] Q-C10A =EV-5337 =Ast-611 stereo. flipover LP/78 needle =PF-P10A
[4] Q-C11 =EV-5329 =Ast-609 small mono cartridge $19.95 =PF-P11
[6] Q-C12 =EV-246 =Ast-609 =PF-P12
[1] Q-C12A =EV-5338 =PF-P12A
[9] Q-C12S =EV-5185 =Ast-633 mono cartridge, =PF-P12S
[1] Q-C14T flipover mono cartridge =Ronette DC500 LP & 78 needles
[2] Q-C16 =EV-5180 =Ast-604 flipover mono cartridge
[2] Q-C17 =EV-5334 =Ast-631 =PF-P17
[1] Q-C18 =EV-5377 stereo flipover LP/78 needle
[5] Q-C19 =EV-5373 =PF-P19?
[4] Q-C20 =EV-5325 =Ast-641 Flipover mono cartridge 314TS LP & 78 needles
[1] Q-C23 =EV-5460 flipover mono cartridge LP & 78 needles
[1] Q-C24 =EV-5374 stereo cartridge, =PF-P24
[sold] Q-C27 =EV-5341 =Ast-139 stereo 29.95; flipover LP/78 needle =PF-P27
[2] Q-C28 =EV-5182 =Ast-645 stereo (PF-P28)
[3] Q-C35 =EV-5443 =PF-P35 mono cartridge
[1] Q-C183 stereo, flipover LP/78 needle =N50; snap-in mount similar TN4B
[1] Q-C220 stereo flipover cartridge LP & 78 needles =Euphonics U1
[2] Q-C290 mono flipover LP/78 needle =Sonotone 2TA-S =Astatic 455 & 751
[1] Q-C291 mono flipover LP/78 needle =Sonotone 3T-S =PF-P136
[14] Q-C293 Sonotone 9TAF-S stereo cartrodge, flipover LP/78 needle; =PF-P151D
[2] Q-C500 =Ast-13T $26.30 stereo power point cartridge
[2] Q-C509 =EV-154 stereo flipover LP/78 needle =PF-P202 =Varco CN-72
[16] Q-C517 stereo cartridge =PF-P150D
[3] Q-C521 stereo cartridge, =PF-P182 flipover LP/78 needle=ST16 (made by BSR)
[1] Q-C534 Tetrad orange, flipover LP/78 needle, on UIB mount
[3] Q-C535 =Thompson STC1000D stereo
[1] Q-TC8H0 Blue Tetrad, std-1/2" mount bracket, flipover PL/LP needle

[sold] 208 5360 =EV-96 flipover stereo cartridge $29,95

[sold] 1P-LB-2S cartridge, =AST-53-2, =EV-36, similar PF-P-136
[1] 12THR-S stereo flipover needle cartridge, =AST-759, =EV-148, similar PF-P142

Vaco/Varco Phono Cartridges
CN75 mono cartridge with flipover needle =PF-P203; use PF-P226 with right & left channels wired together in parallel for mono sound
[sold] ST2X stereo flipover cartridge: =AST-472 & AST-140, =EV-5215 =PF-P140; use PF-P226 as replacement for this
TN-4B second most popular phono cartridge ever made; =Arista 40-2313, AST-155d, EVG 5126D, =EV-5208. see P226 in Pfanstiehl paragraph

Zenith Phono Cartridges:
(see also Tetrad cartridges for Zenith model numbers not shown here)
[1] 247D EV replaces Zenith 142-126, 142-127, 142-136, 142-137, Astatic 481, turn T-needle style cartridge
[1] 2368D Arista replaces Zenith 142-168. Astatic 1199D, EVG 5195D, turn T-needle style cartridge
[1] 2369D Arista replaces Zenith 142-182, EVG 5636D, half-T needle style cartridge
[see PF-P168D] 5371D-EV replaces P-168D, replaces 142-163 Zenith turn T-needle cartridge
[sold] 142-124 cartridge =AST-70ts {use 3009D needle} =EV-143
[?] 142-136 Zenith T-needle style cartridge uses S62648 needle
[1] 142-137 stereo turn T needle cartridge =AST-343d =EV-247D {use 3452DS needle} made by electrovoice =PF-P-174D
[1] 142-138 Zenith turn T-needle style cartridge =AST-479d {use 3452DS needle} =EV-248D
[1] 142-142 Zenith turn T-needls style cartridge
[2] 142-143 Zenith turn T-needle style cartridge =AST-345d {use 3452DS needle} =PF-P-175D =EV-249D
[sold] 142-149 cartridge {use 2123DS needle} =AST-146 =PF-P-146 =EV-5549
[1] 142-166 Zenith turn T-needle style cartridge
[3] P-168D =Zenith 142-150 (half-T needle style) cartridge
[4] P-171D replaces Zenith 142-182 (half-T needle style cartridge
[7] P-177D replaces Zenith 142-168 turn T-needle style cartridge, uses 897-DS77 needle

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