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Small Silver Mica Capacitors
1PF50VSM Silver Mica 1pF 50V capacitor $0.50
33PF50VSM Silver Mica 33pF 50V capacitor $0.50
39PF50VSM Silver Mica 39pF 50V capacitor $0.50
51PF50VSM Silver Mica 51pF 50V capacitor $0.50
68PF50VSM Silver Mica 68pF 50V capacitor $0.50
75PF50VSM Silver Mica 75pF 50V capacitor $0.50
130PF50VSM Silver Mica 130pF 50V capacitor $0.50
100pF to 1000pF 200V to 500V Silver Mica capacitors $0.90
SM460pF-500V Silver Mica 3% tolerance capacitor $0.90
SM982pF-500V Silver Mica $0.90

Small Ceramic Disk Capacitors
bulk prices apply to specific values (we do not sell assortment-bags)
1P50CD Ceramic Disk 1pF 50V capacitor $0.66
90010 NTE ceramic disk 10pF 1000V capacitor $0.80
39P50CD Ceramic Disk 39pF 50V capacitor $0.66
47P50CD Ceramic Disk 47pF 50V capacitor $0.66
47P200CD Ceramic Disk 47pF 200V capacitor $0.80
68P50CD Ceramic Disk 68pF 50V capacitor $0.66
68P50NPO Ceramic Disk 68pF 50V temperature compensating $0.75
100P50CD Ceramic Disk 100pF 50V capacitor $0.66
100P200CD Ceramic Disk 100pF 200V capacitor $0.80
100P500CD Ceramic Disk 100pF 500V capacitor $1.00
bulk 50V Ceramic Disk 1pF to 680pF capacitors $0.66
bulk 50V Ceramic Disk 820pF to 8200pF capacitors $0.72
bulk 50V Ceramic Disk .01F to .047F capacitors $0.80
bulk 50V Ceramic Disk .068F to .1F capacitors $0.98
bulk 1000V Ceramic Disk 100pF to 820pF capacitors $0.80
bulk 1000V Ceramic Disk .001F to .01F capacitors $0.98
bulk 1000V Ceramic Disk .015F capacitors $1.24
bulk 1000V Ceramic Disk .02F to .022F capacitors $1.50
bulk 1000V Ceramic Disk .03F to .033F capacitors $1.78
bulk 1000V Ceramic Disk .036F to .047F capacitors$2.04
.002F 50V ICC Ceramic Disk $0.72 each
.02U50CD Ceramic Disk .02F 50V capacitor $0.72
.05U50CD Ceramic Disk .05F 50V capacitor $0.80
QC1-125 Sprague .005F 1000V disk $0.75 each
HY540 Sprague .068F 25V disk $0.72
.1F-100V ceramic disk capacitor $0.75 each

Free Technical Repair Tip: reading the value of small (disk) capacitors. Older USA style capacitors were labeled directly in picofarads or microfarads. Sizes under 1000pF were labeled 10 for 10pF or 470 for 470pF etc. Sizes starting with a decimal were labeled directly in microfarads so a .001 means .001F! A capacitor labeled .047 would be .047F or .1 would be .1F!
Modern small value capacitors between 100pF and .1F are labeled using the "first two digits" plus a "multiplier" ! Therefore a capacitor labeled 101J or 101K would be 1-0 plus the "multiplier" adding "1-zero" which is 100pF. A capacitor labeled 103 would be 1-0 plus the "multiplier" adding "3-zeros" or a value of 10,000pF (the same as .01F). A capacitor labeled 473 would be 4-7 + 3 zeros to follow = 47,000pF (the same as .047F). A capacitor labeled 104 would be 100,000pF (the same as .1F)! The J or K or other letter after the number on modern capacitors is a tolerance code.

"101" = 100 pF (100 picoFarad)
"471" = 470 pF = .47 nF
"102" = .001 F (.001 microFarad) = 1000 pF (1000 picoFarad) = 1 nF (1 nanoFarad)
"472" =.0047 F =4,700 pF =4.7nF
"103" = .01 F = 10,000 pF = 10 nF
"473" = .047 F = 47nF
"104" = .1 F =100,000 pF = 100 nF
"474" = .47 F =470nF

High Voltage RF Coupling Capacitors
.001F-3KV high voltage 1000pF =.001F 3KV ceramic disk capacitor $2.95
RMC.0022MZ5U5KV high voltage 2200pF =.0022F 5KV ceramic disk $2.95
DD30-332 Centralab (ABC) high voltage 3300pF =.0033F 3KV ceramic disk $2,95
.0047F-3KV high voltage 4700pF 3KV ceramic disk capacitor use DD30-502
DD30-502 Centralab (ABC) high voltage .005F =5000pF 3000V disk $2.95

Free Technical Repair Tip: random noise or static: Tube units made before 1970 contain paper bypass & coupling capacitors which can be identified by a wax coating. When these get old they cause noises which may be hard to identify by freeze spray. Professional restorers of antique & vintage tube radio equipment make it a practice to replace all old paper capacitors to eliminate shorts, static, and imminent additional repairs.

Tubular Capacitors replace paper: Vintage Antique Tube Radio Restoration
6PS-D10 .001F 100V-DC ($0.48)
[12] .001ufd 600V Sprague (radial) ($0,78)
[1] PTS-421 .001ufd 600V Mallory (radial) ($0,78)
NTE-MLR102K630 Mylar Polyester Film .001F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,96
[3] .0011ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78
[6] .0013ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
[20] 181P15206 .0015ufd 600V Sprague ($0,99)
NTE-MLR152K630 Mylar Polyester Film .0015F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,99
16PS-D15 .0015F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
[2] 6TM-D2 .002ufd 600V Sprague ($1,02)
QCP6116-01 Sprague .002F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
QF1-27 Sprague .0022F 100V-DC capacitor ($0.48)
PVC4222 Mallory .0022F 400V-DC capacitor ($0,57)
NTE-MLR222K630 Mylar Polyester Film .0022F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $1,02
16PS-D22 .0022F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
[24] SX224 .0024ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
[8] 6TM-D25 .0025ufd 600V Sprague ($0,78
[39] GEM-6225 .0025ufd 600V axial Mallory ($0,78)
GEM-16225 Mallory .0025F 1600V-DC axial capacitor ($3.00)
3000pF Mial 33VDC Polystyrene Capacitor ($0.88)
[33] SX230 .003ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
PVC623 Mallory .003F 600V-DC capacitor ($0,78)
.003F 1000V ($0.87)
ACE6233 Mallory .0033F 600V-DC radial lead capacitor ($0,78)
PVC6233 Mallory .0033F 600V-DC capacitor ($0,78)
NTE-MLR332K630 Mylar Polyester Film .0033F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,78
[4] SX236 .0036ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
MP16233 Mallory .0039F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
MP6239 Mallory .0039F 600V-DC capacitor ($0,78)
MP16329 Mallory .0039F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
PVC1624 Mallory .004F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
[15] SX243 .0043ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
QF1-57 Sprague .0047F 100V-DC capacitor ($0.48)
PTS-4247 Mallory .0047F 400V-DC radial capacitor ($0,57)
[4] GEM-6247 .0047ufd 600V axial Mallory ($0,78)
[10] .0047ufd 600V Sprague (radial) ($,72)
ACE-6247 Mallory .0047F 600V-DC radial capacitor ($0,78)
33M Sangamo .0047F 600V-DC axial capacitor ($0,78)
6TM--D47 Sprague .0047F 600V-DC capacitor ($0,78)
NTE-MLR472K630 Mylar Polyester Film .0047F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,78
.0047F 1200V-DC capacitor ($2.50)
.005F 200V-DC capacitor ($0.54)
[3] GEM-625 .005ufd 600V axial Mallory ($0,78)
[23] SX250 .005ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
PVC1625 Mallory .005F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
[18] SX251 .0051ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
[2] GEM-626 .006ufd 600V axail Mallory ($0,78)
[5] 6TM-D6 .006ufd 600V Sprague ($0,78)
[4] M626 .006ufd 600V Mallory ($0,78)
PVC1626 Mallory .006F 1600V-DC vibrator buffer capacitor '51/'52 Delco Chevy/Pontiac radio ($3.00)

Free Technical Repair Tip: Vibrator going bad in vintage mobile tube-type radios: The Wax-coated paper BUFFER capacitor (under the vibrator socket) is there to reduce arcing across the vibrator contact points; when it goes bad--the Vibrator "spot welds" itself together! The replacement BUFFER capacitor should be 1000V or higher with a capacitance range of -25% to +50% of the original value. most buffer capacitors are between .005 and .015F at 1200 to 1600 Volt.

[23] SX262 .0062ufd 600V Sprague polystyrene ($0,78)
QF1-73 Sprague .0068F 100V-DC capacitor ($0.48)
[5] 6TM-D68 .0068ufd 600V Sprague ($0,78)
NTE-MLR682K630 Mylar Polyester Film .0068F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,78
PVC1627 Mallory .007F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
[23] SX275 .0075ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
PVC16275 Mallory .0075F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
[5] 6TM-D8 .008ufd 600V Sprague ($0,78)
[15] GEM-628 .008ufd 600V axial Mallory ($0,78)
NTE-MLR802K630 Mylar Polyester Film .008F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,78
PVC1628 Mallory .008F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
16PS-D80 .008F 1600V-DC capacitor ($3.00)
[18] SX291 .0091ufd 600V Mallory polystyrene ($0,78)
V161-420 Aerovox .01F 600V-DC axial lead capacitor $0.66
NTE-MLR103K630 Mylar Polyester Film .01F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,66
.01ufd-1KV disk .01F 1000 Volt ceramic disk capacitor $0.49
PVC1611 Mallory .01F 1600V-DC Vibrator Buffer ($3,00)
JEA.01F 1600V-DC Critical Safety Cap =Zenith 800860 ($3,00)
[1] GEM-6112 .012ufd 600V axial Mallory ($0,68)
JEA.0185F 1600V-DC Critical Safety Cap =Magnavox 250663-17 ($3,00)
JEA.0235F 1600V-DC Critical Safety Cap =Magnavox 250663-20 ($3,00)
NTE-MLR153K630 Mylar Polyester Film .015F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,69
NTE-MLR223K630 Mylar Polyester Film .022F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,57
EWF1A133 Mallory .033F 100V-DC ($0,50)
PVC2133 Mallory .033F 200V-DC ($0,72)
NTE-MLR333K630 Mylar Polyester Film .033F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,75
NTE-MLR393K630 Mylar Polyester Film .039F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,75
PVC214 Mallory .04F 200V-DC capacitor ($0,72)
PVC614 Mallory .04F 600V-DC capacitor ($0,75)
.047F-400V-900 for antique tube radios ($0,70)
[3] 6TM-S47 .047ufd 600V Sprague ($0,75)
NTE-MLR473K630 Mylar Polyester Film .047F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,75
NTE-MLR503K630 Mylar Polyester Film .05F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,75
NTE-MLR563K630 Mylar Polyester Film .056F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,87
NTE-MLR683K630 Mylar Polyester Film .068F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,87
NTE-MLR823K630 Mylar Polyester Film .082F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $0,87
.1F 100V-DC "greencap" film =QCP-6238-01 Sprague capacitor ($0,57)
PVC101Mallory .1F 100V-DC capacitor ($0,57)
[33] Mallory .1ufd 200V EPM-10% ($0,66)
[3] 6TM-P10 .1ufd 600V Sprague ($1,08)
.1M600V Atlas axial .1F 600V-DC (for vintage tube radios) $0.87
NTE-MLR104K630 Mylar Polyester Film .1F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $1,08
QF1-231 Sprague .15F 100V-DC capacitor ($0,63)
PM-2P15 CDE .15F 200V-DC capacitor ($0,63)
PVC2015 Mallory .15F 200V-DC capacitor ($0,63)
QF1-253 Sprague .22F 100V-DC capacitor ($0,87)
NTE-MLR224K630 Mylar Polyester Film .22F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $1,38
2PS-P25 Sprague .25F 200V-DC capacitor ($0,93)
MLR254K630 Polyester Film Mylar .25F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $1,95
MLR274K630 Polyester Film Mylar .27F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $1,95
QCP-6259-1 Sprague .33F 100V-DC capacitor ($1,14)
PVC2033 Mallory .33F 200V-DC capacitor ($1,14)
NTE-MLR334K630 Mylar Polyester Film .33F 630 Volt antique tube radio restoration $2,04
3-100 Belmoor .47F 50V-DC capacitor $1,29
NTE-MLR474K630 Mylar Polyester Film .47F 630 Volt Model T spark coil $2,67
.82F 100V-DC CDE capacitor ($1,56)
PVC21 Mallory 1F 200V-DC capacitor ($1,89)
1F 250V-DC capacitor ($1,89)
MM11P75 Mallory 1.75F 100V-DC capacitor ($2,67)

Electrolytic Capacitors for Power Supply Filter & Coupling or Bypass
"Radial Lead" =two leads on one end for circuit board mounting
"Axial Lead" =leads on each end for point to point wiring
RI-SME50V-.47 radial lead 85C 0.47F 50VDC electrolytic capacitor ($0,72)
AV-HTR50V-.47 high temperature radial lead 105C 0.47F 50VDC capacitor $0,54*
235VTT radial lead 63V-.47F electrolytic capacitor ($0.81)
VTLR.47 Mallory radial lead 100V-.47F electrolytic capacitor ($0.81)
AV-HTR100V-.47 radial lead 105C 0.47F 100VDC electrolytic capacitor $0,45
GTR160-.47 =RI-CRE2325 radial lead 85C 100V-.47F electrolytic ($0,90)
AV-HTR160-.47 radial lead 105C 0.47F 160VDC electrolytic capacitor $1,28
AV-HTR250V-.47 radial lead 105C 0.47F 250VDC electrolytic capacitor $1,35*
GER350V-.47 radial lead 85C .47F 350VDC electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR350V-.47 =RI-KME350VBR47 radial 105C 0.47F 350VDC electrolytic $1,35
SR-HER400V-.47 radial lead 105C 0.47F 400VDC electrolytic capacitor $1,36
GER450V-.47 radial lead 85C .47F 450VDC electrolytic capacitor
TE1050 Sprague axial lead 3V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.64)
TT25X1 axial lead 25V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.64)
ICC1M50V =RI-CRE2207 radial 85C 50V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.56)
RI-CRE1207 axial lead 85C 50V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.80)
TC31/A Mallory axial lead 50V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.72)
VTT Mallory radial lead 85C 63V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.72)
RI-CRE2247 radial lead 85C 63V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0,72)
AV-HTR50V-1 radial lead 105C 1F 50VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,80
RI-SME100V1M =RI-CRE2327 =GTR100-1 radial 85C 100V-1F electrolytic capacitor $0.54
MTV1CB100 Mallory radial lead 100V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.72)
MTA1D100 Mallory axial lead 100V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($0.80)
GEA100-1 axial lead 85C 100V-1F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR100V-1 radial lead 105C 1F 100VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,60
RI-SME160V1M =RI-CRE2367 =GTR160-1 radial 85C 160V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($1.03)
AV-HTR160V-1 RI-KME160V1M radial 105C 1F 160VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,28
Westake-150 axial 250V-1F mylar capacitor quantity price available ($0,96)
RI-CRE2447 radial 85C 250V-1F electrolytic capacitor ($1.03)
GER350-1 radial lead 85C 350V-1F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE2527 radial lead 85C 350V-1F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR250V-1 =RI-KME250V1M radial 105C 1F 250VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,35*
AV-HTR350V-1 radial lead 105C 1F 350VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,35
AV-HTR400V-1 radial lead 105C 1F 400VDC 10x12.5mm electrolytic capacitor $3,00*
GER450-1 radial lead 85C 450V-1F electrolytic capacitor
1R5M50V radial lead 85C 50V-1.5F electrolytic capacitor
TC302A Mallory axial lead 50V-2F electrolytic capacitor
MPY2W2 CDE axial lead 200V-2F tubular capacitor ($1.00)
TC595 Mallory axial lead 350V-2F electrolytic capacitor
ME203 radial lead 85C 50V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE2209 radial lead 85C 50V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE2249 radial lead 85C 50V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR50V-2.2 radial lead 105C 2.2F 50VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,57*
GEA100-2.2 axial lead 85C 100V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR100V-2.2 radial lead 105C 2.2F 100VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,60
VTL2R2S100 Mallory radial lead 85C 100V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
RI-SME100VB2R2 radial lead 85C 100V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE2329 radial lead 85C 100V-2.2F capacitor
RI-CRE2369 radial lead 85C 160V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
RI-SME160VB2R2 radial lead 85C 160V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR160V-2.2 =RI-KME2R2I60V radial lead 105C 2.2F 160VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,05
AV-HTR250V-2.2 radial lead high temperature 105C 2.2F 250VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,48
GER350-2.2 radial lead 85C 350V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR350V-2.2 radial lead high temperature 105C 2.2F 350VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,35
AV-HTR400V-2.2 radial lead high temperature 105C 2.2F 400VDC 8x11.5mm electrolytic capacitor $3,00*
GER450-2.2 radial lead 85C 450V-2.2F electrolytic capacitor
JEA-50UT3R3 radial 50V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE2210 radial 85C 50V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR50V-3.3 radial lead high temperature 105C 3.3F 50VDC 5x11mm capacitor $0,80
RI-CRE2250 radial 85C 63V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE1330 radial 85C 100V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
GEA100-3.3 axial lead 85C 100V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR100V-3.3 radial lead high temperature 105C 3.3F 100VDC 5x11mm electrolytic $0,57
RI-CRE2370 radial 85C 160V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR160V-3.3 radial lead high temperature 105C 3.3F 160VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic $1,28
RI-CRE2450 radial 85C 250V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR250V-3.3 radial lead high temperature 105C 3.3F 250VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic $1,65*
AV-HTR350V-3.3 radial lead high temperature 105C 3.3F 350VDC 8x11.5mm electrolytic $1,44
AV-HTR400V-3.3 radial lead high temperature 105C 3.3F 400VDC 10x12.5mm electrolytic $3,00
GER450-3.3 radial lead 85C 450V-3.3F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE2211 radial 85C 50V-4.7F electrolytic capacitor
JEA50UT4R7 radial 85C 50V-4.7F electrolytic capacitor
ICC-4R7M50V radial 50V-4.7F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR50V-4.7 radial lead high temperature 105C 4.7F 50VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,57*
RI-CRE2251 radial 85C 63V-4.7F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR63V-4.7 radial lead 105C 4.7F 63VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,54
RI-CRE2210 =SME100VB4R7 radial 85C 63V-4.7F electrolytic capacitor
RI-SME160VB4R7 radial 85C 160V-4.7F electrolytic capacitor
RI-CRE2371 radial 85C 160V-4.7F electrolytic
AV-HTR160V-4.7 radial lead 105C 4.7F 160VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,05
RI-CRE2451 radial 85C 250V-4.7F electrolytic capacitor
AV-HTR250V-4.7 radial lead 105C 4.7F 250VDC 8x11.5mm electrolytic capacitor $1,65
GER350-4.7 radial lead 85C 350V-4.7F capacitor
AV-HTR400V-4.7 radial lead 105C 4.7F 400VDC 10x12.5mm electrolytic capacitor $3,75
NEHH4.7M450DD-NTE bulk axial lead 450V-4.7F electrolytic $2,73
BP-5M15V axial 15V-5F electrolytic
AV-HTR35V-6.8 radial lead 6.8F 35VDC electrolytic capacitor 4x7mm $0.60
BP-10M15V axial 15V-10F electrolytic
GER25-10 radial lead 85C 25V-10F capacitor
AV-HTR25V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 25VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,39
CRE-2173 axial lead 85C 35V-10F 5x13mm capacitor
GER35-10 radial lead 85C 35V-10F 5x12mm capacitor
GTR35-10 radial lead 85C 25V-10F 5x12mm capacitor
GTA50-10 axial lead 85C 50V-10F 6x13mm capacitor
GTR50-10 radial lead 85C 50V-10F 5x12mm capacitor
50V-10ufd Rubycon radial lead 85C 50V-10F 8x10mm capacitor
AV-HTR50V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 50VDC 5x11mm capacitor $0,57*
TVA-1304 Sprague axial lead 85C 50V-10F 8x17mm capacitor
NEH10M50BA-NTE axial lead 85C 50V-10F 6x13mm capacitor $0.82
AV-HTR63V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 63VDC 5x11mm capacitor $0,54
GER63-10 Mallory radial lead 85C 63V-10F 5x12mm electrolytic capacitor
10ufd-63V radial lead 85C 63V-10F 5x12mm capacitor
GTA100-10 axial lead 85C 100V-10F 6x13mm capacitor
10ufd-100V NASA axial lead 85C 100V-10F 6x16mm capacitor
100VB10R Jamicon radial lead 85C 100V-10F 6x12mm capacitor
AV-HTR100V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 100VDC 5x11mm capacitor $0,90
GER100-10 radial lead 85C 100V-10F 6x12mm capacitor
MTA10E100 Mallory axial lead 85C 100V-10F 9x27mm capacitor
10ufd-150V axial lead 150V-10F electrolytic capacitor
GER160-10 =SME160VB10R Teapo radial lead 85C 160V-10F 7x11mm capacitor ($1,03)
AV-HTR160V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 160VDC 10x19mm capacitor $1,05
CRE-2373 radial lead 85C 160V-10F 8x12mm capacitor $0,80
10ufd-200V radial lead 105C 200V-10F capacitor
GTR250-10 radial lead 85C 250V-10F 9x16mm capacitor
AV-HTR250V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 250VDC 10x16mm capacitor $1,65
GER350-10 =CRE-2453 radial lead 85C 350V-10F 10x18mm capacitor $1,20
AV-HTR350V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 350VDC 10x21mm capacitor $2,79
AV-HTR400V-10 Jamicon radial lead 105C 10F 400VDC 12.5x20mm capacitor $4,05
AV-HTR450V-10 radial lead 105C 10F 450VDC 12.5x20mm capacitor $3.00
AV-HTR100V-15 radial lead 105C 15F 100VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,05
BR20-250 CDE Beaver Made in USA axial lead 250V-20F electrolytic capacitor ($3.00)
TC65B Mallory axial lead 350V-20F electrolytic capacitor ($3.00)
GER25-22 radial lead 85C 25V-22F capacitor
AV-HTR25V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 25VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,42
AV-HTR50V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 50VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,57
AV-HTR63V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 63VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,69
AV-HTR100V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 100VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,90
AV-HTR160V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 160VDC 10x20mm electrolytic capacitor $1,05
AV-HTR250V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 250VDC 13x25mm electrolytic capacitor $2,25
AV-HTR350V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 350VDC 13x20mm electrolytic capacitor $3.00*
AV-HTR450V-22 radial lead 105C 22F 450VDC 16x30mm electrolytic capacitor $5.00
BP-25M15V axial 15V-25F electrolytic
GER16-33 radial lead 85C 16V-33F capacitor
AV-HTR16V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 16VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,90
AV-HTR25V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 25VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,42
AV-HTR50V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 50VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0.57
GER63-33 radial lead 85C 63V-33F capacitor
AV-HTR63V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 63VDC 6.3x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,69
SME100V33 radial lead 85C 100V-33F capacitor 10x13mm ($0.80)
AV-HTR100V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 100VDC 8x12mm electrolytic capacitor $0,90
AV-HTR160V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 160VDC 10x20mm electrolytic capacitor $1,65
AV-HTR250V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 250VDC 12.5x20mm electrolytic capacitor $2,64
AV-HTR350V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 350VDC 16x25mm electrolytic capacitor $3.50
AV-HTR400V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 400VDC 16x31mm electrolytic capacitor $4.50
NEHH33M450FG-NTE bulk axial 450V-33F electrolytic capacitor $6.58
AV-HTR450V-33 radial lead 105C 33F 450VDC 13x35mm capacitor $6.00
AV-HTR100V-39 radial lead 7x12mm electrolytic capacitor $1,50
MTV040DJ75 Mallory radial 75V-40F electrolytic capacitor ($0,72)
MTV040DN100 Mallory radial 100V-40F electrolytic capacitor ($1,11)
102344 axial dual 140V-40F vintage All American Five restoration rf1208 ($5.04)

Free Technical Repair Tip: Recent (1990 & newer) CHINA-BUILT STUFF (Computers, Televisions, Computer & Video Monitors, Boomboxes & Stereos, CD & DVD Players, VCR's etc.) use Switch-Mode Power Supplies to reduce the cost, weight, & size of STUFF.
Switch-Mode Power Supplies use High Temperature 105C capacitors (usually 47F to 4700F) with inadequate voltage ratings to make them very FAILURE-PRONE! Look at these capacitors carefully--you will see some have metal tops that are bulge-ey or even split/cracked! The bulge shows that they are FRIED--obviously BAD (leakey or shorted)!
You should replace all similar-value capacitors in that area (including capacitors that aren't yet bulge-ey) as they are going to FAIL SOON! Capacitors that hiss, snap, crackle, or pop (when the unit is on) are getting ready to explode! Use the next higher voltage to replace these High Temperature capacitors.
We now live in the "throw-away society" where "Alphabet Soup Appliance" "Big Mart" and "Shifty Takers Department Stores" demand products from manufacturers that are designed to die as the warranty expires! Manufacturers intentionally use inadequately rated capacitors because most consumers waste THOUSANDS of DOLLARS every year throwing stuff away instead of spending $5 to $25 on parts to fix and make STUFF more reliable!

GER16-47 radial lead 85C 16V-47F capacitor
AV-HTR16V-47 high temperature radial lead 105C 47F 16VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,60*
AV-HTR25V-47 high temperature radial lead 105C 47F 25VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,42
AV-HTR35V-47 radial lead 105C 47F 35VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,54
AV-HTR50V-47 radial lead 105C 47F 50VDC 6x12mm capacitor $0,57
GER63-47 radial lead 85C 63V-47F capacitor
AV-HTR63V-47 radial lead 105C 47F 63VDC 6.3x12mm electrolytic capacitor $0,75
GER160V-47 radial lead 85C 160V-47F capacitor ($1.50)
AV-HTR250V-47 radial lead 105C 47F 250VDC 20x15mm capacitor $2.10
AV-HTR350V-47 radial lead 105C 47F 350VDC 16x35mm electrolytic capacitor $4.00
47M350V Elna axial 350V-47F capacitor fits many tube CB's$4,53
AV-HTR400V-47 radial lead 105C 47F 400VDC 18x26mm capacitor $6.50
AV-HTR450V-47 high temperature radial lead 105C 47F 450VDC 12,5x40mm electrolytic capacitor $7.00
BP-50M15V axial 15V-50F electrolytic
SI68M450-NTE bulk snap-in 450V-68F electrolytic $6.60
MTA90E15 Mallory axial 15V-90F electrolytic capacitor ($0.75)
MTV90CP35 Mallory radial 35V-90F electrolytic capacitor ($0.75)
TT6X100A 6V-100F axial electrolytic capacitor ($0.50)
SM6.3V-100F radial 6.3V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.50)
QV1-93 radial 10V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.50)
10V-100ufd radial 100F 10VDC electrolytic capacitor ($0.55)
TE1119.3 Sprague axial 10V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.70)
MTA100E10 Mallory axial 10V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.70)
100ufd 16V radial 16V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.70)
100ufd 20VDC radial 20V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.60)
100ufd 25VDC radial 25V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.76)
100F 25VDC axial 25V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.76)
GER25-100 radial 25V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.76)
AV-HTR25V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 25VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,75*
100ufd 35VDC radial 35V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.60)
GTR35-100 =GER35-100 radial 35V-100F electrolytic ($0.65)
MTA100F35 Mallory axial 35V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.70)
AV-HTR35V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 35VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,75
100ufd 50VDC Rubycon 50V-100F radial 85C electrolytic capacitor ($0.60)
MTV200DN50 Mallory radial 50V-100f electrolytic capacitor ($0.60)
BR100-50 CDE axial 50V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($0.70)
TVA-1310 Sprague 50V-100F axial capacitor ($0.70)
GEA50-100 axial lead 85C 50V-100F capacitor
100ufd 50VDC Teapo 50V-100F radial lead capacitor ($0.89)
AV-HTR50V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 50VDC 8x12mm electrolytic capacitor $0,90*
GER63-100 radial lead 85C 63V-100F capacitor
502D radial lead 63V-100F capacitor ($0.64)
NEV100M63DE-NTE radial lead 63V-100F capacitor $0.64
AV-HTR63V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 63VDC 5x11mm electrolytic capacitor $0,84
AV-HTR100V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 100VDC 10x21mm electrolytic capacitor$1,74
GTR100-100 =CRE2339 radial 100V-100F electrolytic capacitor ($1.60)
AV-HTR160V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 160VDC 13x25mm electrolytic capacitor $3.40
AV-HTR250V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 250VDC 16x32mm electrolytic capacitor $4.00
NEHH100M450JB-NTE bulk axial 450V-100F (7/8" x 2") tube-type linears $12.96
AV-HTR450V-100 radial lead 105C 100F 450VDC 22x40mm capacitor $8.00
CE-50XI radial 9V-120F electrolytic capacitor
MTV120CF15 radial 15V-120F electrolytic capacitor
M39018 axial 350V-120F electrolytic capacitor ($3.00)
MTA125E6 axial 6V-125F electrolytic capacitor ( )
125ufd 16VDC axial 16V-125F electrolytic capacitor ( )
MTA125F35 axial 35V-125F electrolytic capacitor ( )
FP155A Mallory can style 450V-125F electrolytic capacitor ( )
MTV140DE25 radial 25V-140F electrolytic capacitor ( )
MTV150CD3 radial 3V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
MTV150CD6 radial 6V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
MTA150E6 axial 6V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
NLH150-12 axial 12V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
TT15X150A axial 15V-150F electrolytic capacitor
TC25015 Mallory axial 25V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
MTV150DE35 radial 35V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
TC50015 Mallory axial 50V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
TVA150CD3 Sprague axial 50V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
TC10151 Mallory axial 100V-150F electrolytic capacitor ( )
SI150M200-NTE Snap-In 200V-150F electrolytic capacitor $7.36
AV-HTR450V-150 radial lead 105C 150F 450VDC 22x50mm capacitor $10.50
MTA175E3 Mallory axial 3V-175F electrolytic capacitor ( )
MTA175F25 Mallory axial 25V-175F electrolytic capacitor ( )
TC304A Mallory axial 3V-200F electrolytic
MTV200CF3 Mallory radial 3V-200F electrolytic
MTV200DB10 Mallory radial 10V-200F electrolytic
MTA200E10 Mallory axial 10V-200F electrolytic
QE1-477 Sprague axial 12V-200F electrolytic
TC1502B Mallory axial 15V-200F electrolytic
MTV200DE15 Mallory radial 15V-200F electrolytic
200ufd 16VDC CDE radial 16V-200F electrolytic capacitor
MTA200F25 Mallory axial 25V-200F electrolytic
MTV200DJ25 or MTV200DE25 Mallory radial 25V-200F electrolytic
MTV200DJ35 Mallory radial 35V-200F electroltic
39D Sprague 50V-200F axial electrolytic capacitor
200ufd 50V radial 50V-200F electrolytic capacitor
TC496A Mallory 150V-200F axial electrolytic capacitor
220ufd 6.3VDC radial lead 85C 6.3V-220F electrolytic ($0.68)
220ufd 10VDC radial lead 85C 10V-220F electrolytic ($0.77)
EPC387 Mallory 220ufd 10VDC radial lead 10V-220F tantalum ($1.00)
CRE2061 axial lead 10V-220F electrolytic ($0.86)
CRE1101 axial lead 16V-220F electrolytic ($0.96)
GER16-220 radial lead 85C 16V-220F capacitor
CRE2101 radial lead 16V-220F electrolytic ($0.86)
220ufd 25VDC Rubycon radial lead 25V-220F electrolytic ($0.94)
QVI-119 Sprague radial 25V-220F electrolytic ($1.33)
CRE2141 radial lead 25V-220F electrolytic ($1.18)
220ufd 25VDC axial lead 25V-220F electrolytic ($1.33)
AV-HTR25V-220 radial lead 105C 220F 25VDC 8x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,20*
220ufd 35V axial lead 35V-220F capacitor ($1.13)
GER35-220 =CRE2181 radial lead 35V-220F capacitor ($1.00)
VTT220-35 Mallory radial lead 35V-220F capacitor ($1.13)
220F 50VDC ICC radial lead 50V-220F electrolytic ($0.96)
CRE2221 radial lead 50V-220F electrolytic ($0.96)
AV-HTR50V-220 radial lead 105C 220F 50VDC 10x13mm capacitor $0,99
CRE2261 radial lead 63V-220F electrolytic ($1.44)
GER63-220 radial lead 85C 63V-220F capacitor
SME63-220 radial lead 63V-220F electrolytic ($1.44)
AV-HTR63V-220 radial lead 105C 220F 63VDC 10x16mm electrolytic capacitor $2,04
220ufd 100VDC Xicon radial lead 100V-220F electrolytic capacitor ($2.10)
SME100VB221 radial lead 100V-220F electrolytic ($2.00)
AV-HTR100V-220 radial lead 105C 220F 100VDC 12.5x25mm electrolytic capacitor $2,40
AV-HTR160V-220 radial lead 105C 220F 160VDC 16x25mm electrolytic capacitor $4.50
NEHH220M160HB-NTE bulk axial 160V-220F capacitor $6.66
220ufd 180VDC axial 180V-220F electrolytic
AV-HTR250V-220 radial lead 105C 220F 160VDC 20x40mm electrolytic capacitor $5.00
VL1063 Sprague radial 3V-250F electrolytic ($.80)
TE1065 Sprague axial 3V-250F electrolytic ($.80)
MTV250CK6 Mallory radial 6V-250F electrolytic ($.85)
MTV250DB10 Mallory radial 10V-250F electrolytic ($.90)
BPC250M15V =250ufd15C Nichicon axial 15V-250F electrolytic ($1.00)
MTA250DF15 Mallory axial 15V-250F electrolytic ($1.00)
MTV250DE15 Mallory radial 15V-250F electrolytic ($1.00)
250ufd16V IEC axial 16V-250F electrolytic ($1.09)
MTA250F20 Mallory axial 20V-250F electrolytic ($1.09)
PC250-25 CDE radial 25V-250F electrolytic ($1.19)
MTV250DJ25 Mallory radial 25V-250F electrolytic ($1.19)
TR50M50A Mallory axial 50V-250F electrolytic ($1.39)
BR250-50 CDE axial 50V-250F electrolytic ($1.39)
TVA1312 Sprague axial 50V-250F electrolytic ($1.39)
VL1067 Sprague radial 3V-290F electrolytic ($1.00)
MTV300CK3 Mallory radial 3V-300F electrolytic ($1.00)
MTV300CK6 Mallory radial 6V-300F electrolytic ($1.10)
MTV300DE10 Mallory radial 10V-300F electrolytic ($1.15)
TE1127 Sprague axial 12V-300F electrolytic ($1.20)
MTA300F13 Mallory axial 15V-300F electrolytic ($1.25)
23C65282A06C Motorola axial 18V-300F electrolytic ($1.29)
300ufd25V axial 25V-300F electrolytic ($1.25)
TC499 Mallory axial 150V-300F electrolytic ($3.00)
330ufd6V axial lead 85C 6V-330F capacitor ($1,00)
330ufd6.3V Rubycon radial 85C 6.3V-330F capacitor ($1,00)
CRE2062 radial 85C 10V-330F electrolytic capacitor ($1,00)
VTT330ufd10V Mallory radial 85C 10V-330F capacitor ($1,00)
VTT330ufd16V Mallory radial 85C 16V-330F capacitor ($1,10)
GER16-330 radial lead 85C 16V-330F capacitor
CRE2102 radial 85C 16V-330F electrolytic capacitor ($1,09)
AV-HTR16V-330 radial lead 105C 330F 16VDC 8x12mm electrolytic capacitor $1,14
330ufd25VDC Rubycon radial 85C 25V-330F capacitor ($1,20)
CRE1062 axial lead 85C 25V-330F electrolytic ($1,35)
CEO4W Nippon radial 85C 25V-330F electrolytic ($1,20)
VTT330ufd25VDC Mallory radial 85C 25V-330F electrolytic ($1,20)
VTL330ufd25V Mallory radial 85C 25V-330F electrolytic ($1,40)
VTT330ufd35VDC Mallory radial 85C 35V-330F electrolytic ($1,20)
330ufd35VDC Rubycon radial 85C 35V-330F capacitor ($1,24)
AV-HTR35V-330 radial lead 105C 330F 35VDC 10x13mm electrolytic capacitor $1,35
VTT330ufd50VDC Mallory radial 85C 50V-330F electrolytic ($1,45)
330ufd50VDC Rubycon radial 85C 50V-330F electrolytic ($1,40)
CRE2222 NSRA radial 85C 50V-330F electrolytic ($1.45)
330ufd50VDC Teapo radial 50V-330F electrolytic ($1.45)
VTL330ufd50VDC Mallory =GER50-330 radial 85C 50V-330F ($1.50)
AV-HTR50V-330 radial lead 105C 50VDC-330F 10x16mm electrolytic capacitor $2,25
CRE2262 radial 85C 63V-330F electrolytic ($1.65)
AV-HTR63V-330 radial lead 105C 63VDC-330F 10x13mm electrolytic capacitor $2,34
AV-HTR100V-330 radial lead 105C 330F 100VDC 16x25mm electrolytic capacitor $3,00
NEVH330M160HA-NTE radial lead 160V-330F capacitor $5.86
AV-HTR160V-330 radial lead 105C 330F 160VDC 18x32mm electrolytic capacitor $5.00
NEHH330M160JB-NTE axial lead 160V-330F capacitor $8.98
AV-HTR250V-330 radial lead 105C 330F 250VDC 25x30mm electrolytic capacitor $6.50
MTA350DF15 Mallory axial 15V-350F electrolytic ($1.35)
MTV400DE6 Mallory radial 6V-400F electrolytic ($1.38)
MTV400DJ10 Mallory radial 10V-400F electrolytic ($1.42)
MTA400DF10 Mallory axial 10V-400F electrolytic ($1.45)
MTV400DJ15 Mallory radial 16V-400F electrolytic ($1.48)
674B10 Nichicon axial 16V-400F electrolytic ($1.60)
MTA450F6 Mallory axial 6V-450F electrolytic ($1.40)
TT50X450 Mallory axial 60V-450F electrolytic ($1.80)
470ufd6.3V axial 6.3V-470F electrolytic ($1.20)
CRE1064 axial 10V-470F electrolytic ($1.25)
AV-HTR10V-470 radial lead 105C 470F 10VDC 6x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,35
470ufd16VDC Transcap radial 16V-470F electrolytic ($1.25)
GER16-470 Teapo radial lead 85C 16V-470F capacitor ($1.25)
470ufd16VDC axial 16V-470F electrolytic ($1.30)
AV-HTR16V-470 radial lead 105C 470F 16VDC 8x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,44
470ufd25VDC Teapo radial 25V-470F electrolytic ($1.50)
470ufd25VDC Rubycon radial 25V-470F electrolytic ($1.40)
AV-HTR25V-470 radial lead 105C 470F 25VDC 10x13mm electrolytic capacitor $1,80*
470ufd25VDC Teapo radial 25V-470F electrolytic ($1.45)
GER35-470 Teapo radial 35V-470F electrolytic ($1.55)
VTT470-35 Mallory radial 35V-470F electrolytic ($1.45)
470ufd35VDC Nichicon radial 35V-470F electrolytic ($1.45)
470ufd35VDC NSRA radial 35V-470F electrolytic ($1.50)
AV-HTR35V-470 radial lead 105C 35V-470F 10x16mm electrolytic capacitor $1,80
VTT470ufd50V Mallory radial 50V-470F electrolytic ($1.65)
470ufd50VDC axial 50V-470F electrolytic ($1.70)
CRE2224 radial 50V-470F electrolytic ($1.75)
AV-HTR50V-470 radial lead 105C 470F 50VDC 10x21mm electrolytic capacitor $2,55
CRE2264 radial 63V-470F electrolytic ($2.25)
GER63-470 radial lead 85C 63V-470F capacitor
GTR63-470 radial 85C 63V-470F electrolytic ($2.25)
AV-HTR63V-470 radial lead 105C 470F 63VDC 13x20mm electrolytic capacitor $3,39
AV-HTR100V-470 radial lead 18x35mm 105C 470F 100VDC 16x25mm capacitor $4,95
NEHH470M160HJ-NTE bulk radial 160V-470F capacitor $11.04
470ufd160 radial 160V-470F electrolytic ($ )
AV-HTR250V-470 radial lead 24x50mm 105C 470F 250VDC 25x50mm capacitor $11.00
TC305 Mallory axial 3V-500F electrolytic ($1.00)
MTV500DJ6 Mallory radial 6V-500F electrolytic ($1.20)
MTA500F6 Mallory axial 6V-500F electrolytic ($1.25
BPC500M15VDC axial 15V-500F electrolytic ($1.35)
MTV500DN15 Mallory radial 15V-500F electrolytic ($1.40)
TC1505A Mallory axial 16V-500F electrolytic ($1.45)
TT25X500 Mallory axial 25V-500F electrolytic ($1.50)
500ufd25VDC radial 25V-500F electrolytic ($1.45)
500ufd35VDC radial 35V-500F electrolytic ($1.50)
BR-500-50 CDE axial 50V-500F electrolytic ($1.80)
TC10501 Mallory axial 100V-500F electrolytic ($2.50)
TT6X560 Mallory axial 6V-560F electrolytic ($1.25)
AV-HTR50V-560 radial lead 105C 560F 50VDC 13x25mm electrolytic capacitor $3,00
MTA600F3 Mallory axial 3V-600F electrolytic ($1.20)
MTV600DN10 Mallory radial 10V-600F electrolytic ($1.30)
TT15X600 Mallory axial 15V-600F electrolytic ($1.35)
T25X600 axial 25V-600F electrolytic ($1.40)
640ufd16VDC axial 16V-640F electrolytic ($1.40)
AV-HTR6.3V-680 radial lead 7x11mm 105C 680F 6.3VDC 8x11mm electrolytic capacitor $1,95*
AV-HTR10V-680 radial lead 105C 680F 10VDC 10x13mm electrolytic capacitor $1,65
AV-HTR16V-680 radial lead 105C 680F 16VDC 10x13mm electrolytic capacitor $1,80
680ufd16VDC axial 16V-680F electrolytic ($1.45)
AV-HTR25V-680 radial lead 10x21mm 105C 680F 25VDC 10x21mm electrolytic capacitor $2,10*
AV-HTR35V-680 radial lead 11x21mm 105C 680F 35VDC 10x21mm electrolytic capacitor $1,95
AV-HTR50V-680 radial lead 13x25mm 105C 680F 50VDC 13x21mm electrolytic capacitor $2,70
SI680M200-NTE bulk Snap-in 200V-680F capacitor $8.20
MTV700DJ3 Mallory radial 3V-700F electrolytic ($1.25)
MTA750F3 Mallory axial 3V-750F electrolytic ($1.30)
MTV750DN6 Mallory radial 6V-750F electrolytic ($1.35)
MTV800DN6 Mallory radial 6V-800F electrolytic ($1.40)
AV-HTR16V-820 radial lead 105C 820F 16VDC 10x16mm electrolytic capacitor $1,95
AV-HTR25V-820 radial lead 13x21mm 105C 820F 25VDC 10x21mm electrolytic capacitor $3,00
AV-HTR35V-820 radial lead 13x25mm 105C 820F 35VDC 13x25mm electrolytic capacitor $4,50
MTA1000F1 Mallory axial 1V-1000F 12x35mm electrolytic
MTV1000DJ3 Mallory radial 3V-1000F 13x37mm electrolytic
TC310B-KK axial 3V-1000F 12x28mm electrolytic ($0.70)
TC310B-WW axial 6V-1000F 12x28mm electrolytic ($0.75)
VTT1000ufd6.3VDC Mallory radial 6.3V-1000F 13x24mm electrolytic ($0.80)
NEV1000M6.3DE-NTE small radial 6.3V-1000F 10x16mm electrolytic $1,17
AV-HTR6.3V-1000 radial lead 105C 1000F 6.3V 8x11mm electrolytic capacitor $2,40
1000ufd10V-IEC radial 10V-1000F 15x30mm electrolytic ($.90)
AV-HTR10V-1000 radial lead 105C 1000F 10VDC 10x13mm electrolytic capacitor $1,65
TVA1133 Sprague axial 12V-1000F 20x45mm electrolytic ($1.00)
BPC15V1000 axial 15V-1000F 14x27mm electrolytic ($1.00)
TC1501A Mallory axial 15V-1000F 19x40mm electrolytic ($1.00)
0601-53D Sprague axial 16V-1000F 22x53mm electrolytic ($1.10)
GER16-1000 radial 85C 16V-1000F 10x20mm electrolytic capacitor ($1.60)
AV-HTR16V-1000 Xicon radial 105C 1000F 16VDC 10x20mm electrolytic capacitor $2,10
TC2510A Mallory axial 25V-1000F 12x38mm electrolytic capacitor
25V1000 Rubycon radial 25V-1000F 16x31mm electrolytic ($1.35)
AV-HTR25V-1000 Xicon radial lead 105C 1000F 25VDC 12x20mm capacitor $2,34
AV-HTR35V-1000 Xicon high temperature radial 105C 1000F 35VDC 13x21mm capacitor $3,00
AV-HTR50V-1000 Xicon radial lead 105C 1000F 50VDC 16x25mm capacitor $3,75
AV-HTR63V-1000 radial 105C 1000F 63VDC 16x25mm electrlytic capacitor $4.00
NEV1000M100HI-NTE bulk radial 100V-1000F 25x40mm capacitor $8.80
NEV1500M10-NTE radial 85C 10V-1500F electrolytic capacitor $2.06
AV-HTR10V-1500 radial 105C 1500F 10VDC 10x20mm electrolytic capacitor $1,65
AV-HTR16V-1500 radial 105C 1500F 16VDC 10x16mm electrolytic capacitor $2,40
TVA1175-2 Sprague axial 16V-1500F electrolytic ($1.45)
TC2515B Mallory axial 25V-1500F electrolytic ($1.60)
AV-HTR25V-1500 radial 105C 1500F 25VDC 10x26mm electrolytic capacitor $3,00
1500ufd35VDC CDE axial 35V-1500F electrolytic ($1.75)
AV-HTR35V-1500 radial 105C 1500F 25VDC 16x25mm electrolytic capacitor $3,60
AV-HTR50V-1500 radial lead 105C 1500F 50VDC 16x25mm capacitor $5,25
AV-HTR6.3V-1800 radial lead 105C 1800F 6.3VDC 8x20mm capacitor $3,00
AV-HTR10V-1800 radial lead 105C 1800F 10VDC 10x20MM capacitor $2,85
AV-HTR16V-1800 radial lead 105C 1800F 16VDC 10x25MM capacitor $2,55
1800ufd16V axial 16V-1800F electrolytic ($1.50)
TC615B axial 6V-2000F electrolytic ($1.50)
TVA1106 Sprague axial 6V-2000F electrolytic ($1.50)
TT10X2000A axial 10V-2000F electrolytic ($1.60)
TT12X2000A axial 12V-2000F electrolytic ($1.70)
BPC10V2000ufd axial 15V-2000F electrolytic ($1.80)
TVA1170 Sprague axial 15V-2000F (16V-2000F) electrolytic($1.70)
TC1520A axial 16V-2000F electrolytic ($1.75)
TVA1213 Sprague axial 25V-2000F electrolytic ($1.90)
301-083-02 Temple axial 25V-2000F electrolytic ($1.80)
VTT2200ufd6.3V Mallory radial 6.3V-2200F electrolytic ($1.30)
AV-HTR10V-2200 radial lead 105C 2200F 10VDC electrolytic 10x21mm capacitor $2,25
2200ufd16V ICC radial 16V-2200F electrolytic ($1.45)
2200ufd16V axial 16V-2200F electrolytic ($1.60)
2200ufd16V Rubycon axial 16V-2200F electrolytic ($1.50)
SREC16VB222-RI short/fat radial 16V-2200F electrolytic ($1.80)
AV-HTR16V-2200 radial lead 105C 2200F 16VDC 13x25mm capacitor $2,40
use AV-HTR16V-2200 to replace 10V 2200F bulgy capacitors: C012 and C114 in Maytag 5000 series washing machine (Whirlpool board # AAWCB-004)
2200ufd25V Rubycon axial 25V-2200F electrolytic ($1.75)
CRE1150 axial 25V-2200F electrolytic ($2.00)
CRE2150 radial 25V-2200F electrolytic ($1.90)
SREC25VB222-RI short/fat radial 25V-2200F electrolytic ($2.20)
HTA25V-2200 High Temp 105C Axial-lead 2200F 25VDC electrolytic ($3.00)
AV-HTR25V-2200 radial lead 105C 2200F 25VDC 13x26mm capacitor $3,24
2200ufd35WV-NRC (SBE) can/bracket 35V-2200F electrolytic ($5.00)
AV-HTR35V-2200 radial lead 105C 2200F 35VDC 15x25mm electrolytic capacitor$3,75
AV-HTR50V-2200 radial lead 105C 2200F 50VDC 16x35mm electrolytic capacitor $4.20
SI2200M50-NTE snap-in 50V-2200F capacitor $6.10
TT10X2400 axial 2400F 10VDC electrolytic ($1.50)
3000ufd16WV radial 16V-3000F electrolytic ($2.25)
TC1530A Mallory axial 15V-3000F electrolytic ($2.60)
TC2530 Mallory axial 25V-3000F electrolytic ($2.95)
TT6X3300 axial 6V-3300F electrolytic ($2.00)
VTT3300ufd6.3V radial 6.3V-3300F electrolytic ($2.00)
AV-HTR10V-3300 radial 3300F 10VDCDC 13x21mm 105C electrolytic $3,00
3300UM16VDC radial 16V-3300F electrolytic ($2.60)
AV-HTR16V-3300 radial lead 105C 3300F 16VDC 13x26mm electrolytic capacitor $3.00
VTL3300ufd25VDC radial 25V-3300F electrolytic ($3.60)
AV-HTR25V-3300 radial lead 105C 3300F 25VDC 16x26mm electrolytic capacitor $3,75
3300M25VDC Tosin pcb 25V-3300F Robyn/Cobra/Uniden SSB base CBs $5.44
3300ufd35VDC-Teapo radial 35V-3300F electrolytic ($5.00)
AV-HTR35V-3300 radial lead 105C 3300F 35VDC 15x26mm capacitor $4.20
50YK3300M-Ruby radial 50V-3300F 18x36mm electrolytic ($5.00)
TC1540 Mallory axial 15V-4000F electrolytic ($3.40)
TVA1214-2 Sprague axial 25V-4000F electrolytic ($3.90)
AV-HTR6.3V-4700 radial lead 105C 4700F 6.3VDC 13x20mm electrolytic capacitor computer motherboard $3.00
AV-HTR16V-4700 radial lead 105C 4700F 16VDC 16x25mm electrolytic capacitor $3.96
TI301 axial 16V-4700F electrolytic ($3.90)
AV-HTR25V-4700 high temperature radial lead 105C 4700F 25VDC 16x32mm capacitor $4.50
AV-HTR35V-4700 high temperature radial lead 105C 4700F 35VDC 18x35mm capacitor $4.70
NEH4700M50JB-NTE bulk axial lead 105C 25V-4700F capacitor $8.94
NEV4700M50HB-NTE bulk pcb 50V-4700F electrolytic capacitor $8,10
SI4700M63-NTE Snap-In pcb 63V-4700F electrolytic capacitor $14.44
TVA1129-5 Mallory axial 10V-5000F electrolytic ($3.90)
TC1550B Mallory axial 15V-5000F electrolytic ($3.95)
AV-HTR25V-6800 radial lead 105C 6800F 25VDC 16x35mm electrolytic capacitor $6,75
NEV6800M25HA radial 105C 25V-6800F electrolytic $5.24
18000ufd7.5VDC Mallory screw term 7.5V-18000F electrolytic ($8.00)
BCZY0127001 memory backup.047 Farad 5.5VDC capacitor Uniden Bearcat police scanner ($15.00)

Free Technical Repair Tip: Hum Tube type Antique, Vintage, and CB Radios & Linear Amplifiers have a "high voltage B+" power supply consisting of a power transformer, rectifier, & filter capacitors; this converts the power from your outlets 117AC line voltage to appropriate DC voltages which power various circuits of the radio. Heat, old age, and chemical leakage make electrolytic capacitors deteriorate; the result is a loud "buzz" or humming sound. Some bad capacitors may show white-ish deposits indicating that they have been leaking or may be bulge-ey! Can-style (multi-section) capacitors are no longer made (Kens Electronics has a few "NOS" in stock); smaller modern electrolytic capacitors can be installed under the chassis (on terminal strips) with the can left in place (disconnected electrically) to maintain the classic-vintage appearance. Caution: beware--tube units have exposed wires & terminals that may be charged with hundreds of volts. Severe Shock & burns will occur if you touch these without discharging--grounding these parts (using a resistor) first. Seek the assistance of a professional electronic technician if you are unsure how to proceed!

Multi-Section NOS Can Electrolytic Capacitors
[20+] 47X47X47X350N Triple can 47+47+47F@350V 1-3/8"x2-1/2" tube CB's ($11,98)
[1] FP312 Mallory triple can 100f@150V +25f@25V + 50f@50V; 1" x 3" high ($11.98)
FP417 Mallory quad can 100F@300V +40F@50V +80f@25V +20f@25V; 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" high ($15.98)
[20] 500714 triple can 20F@150V +20F@200V +20F@200V; 1" x 3" high ($11.98)
[2] FP303 Mallory triple can 20F@150V +250F@15V +100F@15V; 1-1/2" x 2" high ($11.98)
[sold] FP334 Mallory triple can 20F@300V +30F@250V +10F@200V; 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" high ($11.98)
[2] FP471.1 =TVL4818.4 quad can 20F@300V +30F@250V +10F@200V; 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" high ($15.98)
[1] FP428 Mallory quad can 40F@450V +10F@450V +35F@350V +10F@350V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/8" ($15.98)
[14] 658224 IC451 Sangamo triple can 80F@150V +60F@200V +20F@25V; 1-1/2" x 2" ($11.98)
[2] 22-5491 Zenith quad can 80F@350V +80F@200V +4F@150V +100F@50V ($15.98)
[1] 22-5556 Zenith triple can 120F@350V +80F@350V +20F@350V; 1-1/2" x 3" high ($11.98)
[1] TVLU-1340 Sprague single can (100 to) 160F@300V 1" x 3" high ($7.98)
TVLU-1340 replaces: PCL1428, PCL1448, TVL-1424, TVL-1425, TVL-1428, TVL-1429, TVL1430.5, &
TVL-1450, TVL-1470, TVL-1471, TVL-1535, TVL-1538, TVL-1538.5, TVL-1539, TVL-1541.1, TVL-1578
[1] 22-3901 Zenith single can 160F@300V 1" x 3" high ($7.98)
[4] TVL-1541 =CTM-1574 single can 160F@250V 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" high ($7.98)
[2] TVL-1541.1 Sprague single can 160F@250V 1" x 3" high ($7.98)
[2] SP160-3 =FP125.95M Mallory single can 160F@250V 1" x 3" high ($7.98)
[1] 22-5360 Zenith quad can 80F@475V +30F@475V +4F@475V +4F@475V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" high ($15.98)
[2] 22-3899 Zenith quad can 80F@400V +80F@200V +4F@150V +100F@50V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" high ($15.98)
[1] 22-6312 Zenith quad can 10F@350V +4F@350V +4F@350V +200F@35V; 1-1/2" x 2" high ($11.98)
[4] 22-3895 Zenith dual can 160F@250V +80F@475V; 1-1/2" x 4-1/2" high ($9.98)
[1] 22-3863 Zenith triple can 200F@25V +80F@400V +80F@200V; 1-1/2" x 3" high ($11.98)
[1] 22-3898 Zenith triple can 10F@400V +4F@350V +100F@25V; 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" high ($11.98)
[1] FP379 Mallory triple can 10F@475V +100F@200V +40f@50V; 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" high ($11.98)
[1] 30-2590-22 Philco quad can 10F@350V +20F@350V +100F@25V +50F@25V; 1-1/2" x 2" high ($15.98)
[1] FP318.85 Mallory triple can 250F@200V +200F@200V +50f@200V; 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" high ($11.98)
[1] TVL-3651.8 Sprague triple can 80F@400V +80F@200V +200f@25V; 1-1/2" x 3" high ($11.98)
[1] TVL-3757.4 Sprague triple can 50F@450V +80F@450V +250f@50V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" high ($11.98)
[2] 22-5349 Zenith quad can 300F@175V +300F@175V +50F@175V+4F@175V; 1-1/2" x 4" high ($15.98)
[1] 22-7507 Zenith quad can 300F@150V +300F@150V +1000F@85V +50F@35V; 1-1/2" x 4" high ($15.98)
[10] WP065 Mallory Type FP single can 500F 50V; 1-1/2" x 2" high ($7.98)
[2] 22-5360 Zenith quad can 80F@475V +30F@475V +4F@475V +4F@475V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" high ($15.98)
[2] 22-7309 Zenith quad can 400F@150V +400F@150V +500F@35V +30F@250V; 1-1/2" x 5-1/8" high ($15.98)
[3] 22-3872 Zenith triple can 80F@400V +80F@200V +200F@50V; 1-1/2" x 3" high ($15.98)
[1] 22-5491 Zenith quad can 80F@350V +80F@200V +4F@150V +100F@50V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/4" high ($15.98)
[1] 22-5359 Zenith triple can 80F@475V +18F@475V +10F@475V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" high ($11.98)
[1] 22-3137 Zenith triple can 80F@400V +40F@400V +100F@50V; 1-1/2" x 3" high ($11.98)
[2] 022-001-9-901 Mark Products dual can 2000F@50V +100F@50V; 1-1/2" x 2-5/8" high ($9.98)
[1] 22-7436 Zenith/Nichicon quad 500F@35V +400F@150V +400F@150V +10F@300V; 1-1/2" x 5" high ($15.98)
[1] 22-5268 Zenith triple can 150F@350V +100F@350V +200F@25V; 1-1/2" x 4" high ($11.98)
[1] 22-6073 Zenith triple can 80F@350V +80F@350V +15F@350V; 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" ($11.98)
[sold] FP217A Mallory dual can 20F@250V +20F@250V; 1" x 1-2/2" high (sold)
[4] 599P3291 Mallory; single cap; screw terminal; 1500F 50V; 1-3/8" x 3-1/2" ($7.98)
[2] 41-37717-1 GTE single can; 2500F 20V; 1" x 2-3/8" ($7.98)
[2] 36DX Sprague; single cap; screw terminal 160F 450VDC; 1-3/8" x 3-1/4" ($7.98)
[20+] 20-95226 Mallory Type single cap; 340F 200V; 1-3/8" x 3-1/2" ($7.98)
[1] 22-5506 Zenith quad can 300F@175V +200F@150V +200F@150V +10F@250V; 1-1/2" x 5" high ($15.98)
[1] 73B140188-21 EP31X57 triple can 400F@175V +300F@175V +10F@160V; 1-1/2" x 4-1/2" high ($11.98)
[1] 23B542329 Motorola triple can 400F@16V +100F@16V +100F@16V; 1" x 2" high ($11.98)
[1] 500256 240806 dual 40F@150V +20F@150V; 1" x 2" high ($9.98)

Non-Polar or Bi-Polar audio speaker crossover and AC Motor Run & Motor Start Capacitors
NTD.47M50BP Elna axial .47F 50V Bi-Polar capacitor ($0,84)
NTD1M50BP Elna axial 1F 50V Bi-Polar capacitor ($0,84)
BAC-C11H Tantalex 1F 100V non-polar capacitor (1.00)
NP2.2M50V Transcap axial 2.2F 50V non-polar capacitor ($0,90)
NPA2.2M100 Axial Lead 2.2F 100V non-polar capacitor ($0,69)
NTD2.2M50B ICC axial 2.2F 50V non-polar capacitor ($0,90)
CN-44 "tweeter protector" 3F 100V non-polar capacitor ($1,02)
NTD3.3M50BP ICC axial 3.3F 50V Bi-Polar capacitor ($0,90)
NPA3.3M100 NTE axial 3.3F 100V non-polar capacitor $1,02
18-5056-3 axial lead 4F 15V non-polar capacitor ($1,02)
NP-KSC-4Mfd-50V axial lead 4F 50V non-polar capacitor ($1,62)
CRC2131NP RI 4.7F 25V radial lead non-polar capacitor ($1,59)
NPA4.7M50 NTE axial 4.7F 50V non-polar capacitor $1,62
NPA4.7M100 NTE axial 4.7F 100V non-polar capacitor $1,20
MRC370V5 NTE Motor Run Capacitor 5F 370VAC Central Air Conditioning Fan Capacitor $8.02
NPA10M100 NTE axial lead 10F 100V non-polar capacitor $1,44
NTD15M25B Rubycon axial 15F 25V non-polar capacitor $0,81
MRC370V15 motor run capacitor 15F 370VAC $16.42
CRE2135NP RI radial lead 22F 25V non-polar capacitor ($0,66)
NPA22M100 NTE axial 22F 100V non-polar capacitor $1,68
CRE2136NP RI 33F 25V radial lead non-polar capacitor ($0.81)
NPA33M100 NTE axial 33F 100V non-polar capacitor $2,04
NPA47M50 NTE axial 47F 50V non-polar capacitor $1,68
NPR47M50 NTE radial 47F 50V non-polar capacitor $1,08
NPA47M100 NTE axial 47F 100V non-polar capacitor $2,73
VA-A66-100 Vanco axial 66F 100V non-polar capacitor ($2,94)
VA-A80-100 Vanco axial 80F 100V non-polar capacitor ($2,94)
NPR100M50 NTE radial 100F 50V non-polar capacitor $1,35
NPA100M100 NTE axial 100F 100V non-polar capacitor $4,53
MSC125V108 =AM-1113 Motor Start Capacitor 108-130F 125VAC ($7.84)
VA-A125-100 Vanco axial 125F 100V non-polar capacitor ($4,32)
BC-130 Vanguard Motor Start Capacitor 130-156F 125VAC
VA-A199-100 Vanco axial 200F 100V non-polar capacitor ($6,12)
NP1225A Mallory Motor Start Capacitor 200F 125VNP (AC)
NPR220M50 NTE-Nichicon radial 220F 50V non-polar capacitor$2,07
Ceiling Fan Motor Run Capacitors
Note: C22.2 No.190; CBB61; E163532; E215893; T70-1329; are not part numbers
NTE-CFC-1 =CF1 Ceiling Fan Motor Run Capacitor 1F 250VAC $11.67
NTE-CFC-2 =CF2 Ceiling Fan Motor Run Capacitor 2F 250VAC $11.67
NTE-CFC-3 =CF3 Ceiling Fan Motor Run Capacitor 3F 250VAC $11.67
SCF-4.00-CAP =NTE-CFC-4 =CF4 (2-wire) Ceiling Fan Motor Run Capacitor 4F 250VAC $8.90
SCF-4.5-CAP 4.5F (2 wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $8.90
SCF-5.00-CAP =NTE-CFC-5 =CF5 Ceiling Fan Motor Run Capacitor 5F 250VAC $8.90
NTE-CFC-6 =CF6 Ceiling Fan Motor Run Capacitor 6F 250VAC $11.67
SCF-8.00-CAP 8F (2-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $8.90
SCF-10.00-CAP 10F (2-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $8.90
SCF-12523-CAP DOUBLE 1.25F +2.3F (3-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $8.50
SCF-315-CAP DOUBLE 1.5F +3uFd (3-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $8.90
4.5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-315-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
NTE-CFC-3.5/1.5 =CF3.5/1.5 DOUBLE Ceiling Fan Capacitor 3.5F & 1.5F 250VAC$14.50
5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use NTE-CFC-3.5/1.5-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
SCF-24-CAP =NTE-CFC-2/4 DOUBLE 2F +4F 250VAC (3-wire) ceiling fan capacitor $8.90
6MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-24-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
NTE-CFC-2/5.5 =CF2/5.5 DOUBLE Ceiling Fan Capacitor 2F & 5.5F 250VAC $12.92
7.5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use NTE-CFC-2/5.5 with all sections connected in parallel
SCF-55-CAP DOUBLE 5F +5F (4-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $9.40
10MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-55-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
CF5/8.5 DOUBLE Ceiling Fan Capacitor 5F & 8.5F 250VAC $15.50
13.5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use CF-5/8.5 with all sections connected in parallel
SCF-3356-CAP TRIPLE 3F +3.5F +6F (4-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $9.40
12.5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-3356-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
SCF-4555-CAP TRIPLE 4.5F +5F +5F (4-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $9.40
14.5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-4555-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
SCF-4565-CAP TRIPLE 4.5F +6F +5F (5-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $9.40
15.5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-4565-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
SCF-555-CAP TRIPLE 5F +5F +5F (5-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $9.40
15MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-555-CAP with all sections connected in parallel
SCF-4566-CAP TRIPLE 4.5F +6F +6F (5-wire) 250VAC ceiling fan motor run capacitor $9.40
16.5MF 250VAC motor run capacitor: can use SCF-4566-CAP with all sections connected in parallel

Antenna Rotor Capacitors
CM5-12085 Channel Master 130F 40VAC rotor capacitor use VA-A133-100
for Alliance HD73 rotor use A159-100
NTE/ECG U105/CB105 170F 50VAC rotor capacitor use VA-A159-100

Adjustable Ceramic Trimmer and Mica Compression Trimmer Capacitors
E3-12A (NPO3-12) 3-12pF ceramic trimmer capacitor $1,50
TRS4-22BLUE variable 4-22pF trimmer capacitor $1,71
RB8-26VTC variable trimmer capacitor 8-26pF red/black $1,71
TC6-40WY trimmer capacitor 6-40pF white/yellow $1,71
500R8-50G trimmer capacitor 8-50pF green $1,71
PH87-650 ceramic trimmer capacitor 9.1-50pF N1200 brown 50WVDC 3/pak=2,28
TC45-62WT trimmer capacitor 45-62pF white/tan $1,71
DE178488 Trimmer Cap 5.5 to 65pF 150VDC adjust Xtal Freq $1,50
TC6-70JP ceramic trimmer 6-70pF 250V 8MM capacitor 2/pak=$4,95
240008 Robyn T123B & T240D compression trimmer "plate tune" capacitor 3-60pF $3,16
STC50-77 green 50-77pF trimmer capacitor $1.00
240009 Robyn T123B & T240D compression trimmer "load" capacitor 100-360pF $3,16
D&A-302 (=Arco 302) 15-120pF Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor $8.95
Arco 304 use 283008; disassemble & reduce number of plates to match 304
283008 (=Arco 308M) Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor Demon driver load $8.95
Arco-Elmenco 311M 730-1785pF Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor $8.95
Arco 400 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 1-7pF $2.95
Arco 420 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor $2.95
Arco 421 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 2-25pF $2.95
Arco 422 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 7-40pF $2.95
Arco 427 7-60pF Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor $2.95
Arco 460 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 1.5-15pF $2.95
CV-10 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 12-50pF $2.95
Arco 461 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor $2.95
ABC-C15-462 (=Arco 462) Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor $3.00
Arco 463 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 10-180pF $2.95
2004-0746-A15 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 75-400pF $3.00
Arco 464 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 45-280pF $2.95
Arco 465 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 75-380pF $2.95
Arco 466 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 105-480pF $2.95
CV-8 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 60-400pF $2.95
Arco 468 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 75-680pF $2.95
Arco 469 Compression Mica Trimmer Capacitor 215-790pF $3.25
302 & 308M240009240008462 & 469
Air Variable Tuning Capacitors "CB & Ten Meter" Linears
160-104 Johnson nut mount air variable 1.7-8.7pF (9 plates)
ABC-C12-A79 Air Variable tuning capacitor $12.90
ABC-X518 screw mount Air Variable "Tune" capacitor for "500" (17 plates) ($15.00)
HF-15 Nut Mount Air Variable (5 plates)
281000 Nut Mount Air Variable (5 plates; about 20pf) (8MM Robyn Control Pot nuts fit) ($10.00)
286102 Nut Mount Air Variable 4-30pF (looks =D&A-HF35) (9 plates) Demon "Tune" ($12.00)
CT1-D-020G Nut Mount Air Variable (6 plates) Demon "Tune"
CT1-D-D35 Nut Mount Air Variable looks =D&A-HF35 (10 plates) ($12.75)
D&A-HF35 Air Variable "Tune" capacitor fits many D&A models use 286102
D&A-MC35S Air Variable "Tune" capacitor $13.50
CT1-E-042 Screw Mount Air Variable (12 plates)
72111-3 Screw Mount (15 plates)
D&A-A379 Screw Mount Air Variable "Tune" capacitor (15 plates)
100R12 (149-5) Johnson Nut Mount 8.5-102pF Air variable capacitor (19 plates)
D&A-160-130 Air Variable tuning capacitor $11.50
TRW273S Screw Mount Air Variable 4-section tuning capacitor Demon 250 "tune"
19063143A01-A Screw Mount 3-section Air Variable tuning Capacitor Demon Linears
ASP 11-7 Nut Mount Air Variable (40 plates) Demon Linears
5CN2 Screw Mount Air Variable 365pF "Load" Capacitor (27 plates)
D&A-2111 Screw Mount Air Variable 365pF "Load" capacitor (29 plates) $17.00
X361 Screw Mount Air Variable 365pF "Load" capacitor (31 plates)
R/C273 Screw Mount Air Variable 365pF "Load" capacitor (31 plates)
19B61171A01A Dual Section Screw Mount Air Variable Demon 250 "Load"
5060 Dual Section Screw Mount Air Variable Demon Linears "Load"
D&A-2112 Screw Mount Air Variable dual-365pF "Load" capacitor--Phantom $25.85
FT-D35-T123B Robyn fine tuning air variable dual 35pF $9,13
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