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Ken's Electronics, (Wholesale & Retail Electronic Parts) Kalamazoo, Michigan

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PRICES? Much of this "used stuff" is from Silent Keys; please contact us with reasonable offers.

B&K 415 TV sweep marker generator
B&K 520B Incircuit Transistor Tester
B&K 801 Capacitor Analyst
B&K 2830 digital multimeter
Eico 378 audio signal generator
Eico 944 flyback and yoke tester
Heath 4251 dual trace 50Mhz oscilloscope
Heath AV-2 AC voltmeter; has RMS and Db scales
Heath AV-3 Audio VTVM; has RMS and Db scales
Heath C-3 condenser checker
Heath FMO-1 FM test oscillator
Heath IT-12 signal tracer
Heath S-2 electronic switch
Heath SP2762 adjustable 30VDC 3Amp regulated power supply
Heath TV Alignment generator
Hitachi V422U 40Mhz Oscilloscope sold?
Leader LBO-310HAM oscilloscope
Measurments Model 80 RF signal generator


PRO-54 Desktop 8 channel crystal scanner Low, High, UHF bands

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