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Good News: "ECG" is now a division of NTE so we can supply many more products you may need

Numerical pricelist for NTE & ECG semiconductors
HVD3 hi-volt div/focus 12.13
HVD12 hi-volt div/focus 16.66
TP0001 TO3 5-thermopad 1.59
TP0002 TO66 5-thermopad 1.38
TP0003 DO4 5-thermopad .96
TP0004 TO126 5-thermopad .82
TP0005 TIP36 5-thermopad 1.62
TP0006 TO220 5-thermopad 1.19
TP0007 DO5 5-thermopad 1.35
TP0008 TO3P 5-thermopad 1.47
TP0009 TO36 5-thermopad 1.47
TP0010 TO3PML 5-thermopad disc-nla
NTE-1V020 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 20Vrms 1.5 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V025 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 25Vrms 1.7 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V030 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 30Vrms 2.3 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V035 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 35Vrms 2.3 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V095 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 95Vrms 7 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V130 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 135Vrms 10 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V-series Metal Oxide Varistors are disc-shape; approximately 8MM diameter
NTE-1V150 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 160Vrms 10 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V250 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 240Vrms 20 Joules $1.70
NTE-2V014 Metal Oxode Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 14Vrms 4 Joules$1.82
NTE-2V025 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 25Vrms 7 Joules$1.82
NTE-2V030 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 30Vrms 8.5 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V035 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 35Vrms 10 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V040 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 43Vrms 13 Joules $2.40
NTE-2V130 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Suppressor 14N221K 135Vrms 39 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V-series Metal Oxide Varistors are disc-shape; approximately 14MM diameter
NTE-2V150 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 160Vrms 40 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V250 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Supressor 240Vrms 70 Joules $2.54
NTE-2V480 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Supressor 480Vrms $5.38
NTE-10 NPN UHF low noise amplifier transistor $1.46
NTE-11 NPN high current (complement=NTE12) transistor $1.34
NTE-12 PNP 5A .75W TO92 transistor $1.96
NTE-13 NPN .6W output amplifier transistor $1.20
NTE-15 NPN high transition frequency vhf mixer & oscillator uhf transistor $1.60
NTE-16 NPN .3W low noise transistor ($1.16)
NTE-17 PNP transistor $1.15
NTE-18 NPN.7A 1W driver transistor ($2.12)
NTE-19 PNP.7A 1W driver transistor ($2.10)
NTE-20 NPN 2A 1W output transistor $1.96
NTE-21 PNP audio output transistor ($2.32)
NTE-22 NPN 1A.9W pwr amp transistor ($1.96)
NTE-23 NPN UHF/VHF transistor $1.46
NTE-24 transistor $1.10
NTE-25 PNP switching transistor $1.28
NTE-26 transistor $0.84
NTE-30 PNP 50A 300W switch transistor $20.00
NTE-31 NPN 1A.9W ver/aud transistor $2.16
NTE-32 A1145 PNP 1A.9W ver/aud transistor $2.24
SPD-33 2SC2921 2SD845 NPN 15A150W transistor ($20.86)
NTE-34 2SA1215 2SB755 PNP 15A150W transistor ($8.29)
NTE-35 NPN horiz out sw transistor ($8.40)
NTE-36 2SC2581 NPN12A100W 2SC2665 transistor $5.74
NTE-36MP transistor $12.36
NTE-37 2SA1106/2SB754 PNP transistor $5.32
NTE-37MCP matched 36 & 37 pair transistorz $13.74
NTE-38 PNP transistor complement 175 $8.00
NTE-39 PNP .5A20W sw reg transistor $2.84
NTE-41 PNP differential amp transistors $3.08
SPD-42 NPN differential amp transistors ($1.84)
NTE-43 PNP differential amp transistors (2SA798) $1.40
NTE-45 PNP dual bias amp transistors $1.40
NTE-46 NPN darlington transistor $1.38
NTE-47 NPN lo-noise transistor $1.16
NTE-48 NPN darlington transistor $1.22
NTE-50 PNP hi voltage gen purp transistor $4.00
NTE-51 NPN 4A 75W transistor $2.88
NTE-53SPD53 NPN 15A 175W transistor 11.06
NTE-54 2SC2334 NPN 8A 50W transistor $3.00
NTE-55 PNP 8A 50W transistor $3.60
NTE-55MCP transistor $8.78
NTE-56 NPN hi gain sw/pass reg transistor $2.46
SPD-57 NPN 6A40W sw reg transistor ($7.46)
NTE-58 NPN 17A200W AF Pwr transistor 10.80
NTE-59 PNP 17A200W AFPw transistor 13.60
NTE-63SPD63 NPN microwave transistor 3.54
NTE-64 NPN microwave transistor 3.32
NTE-65 NPN MATV/CATV transistor 2.98
NTE-66 N-chan power MOSFET transistor $6.44
NTE-67 N-chan power MOSFET transistor $7.08
NTE-68 PNP audio transistor (compl=388) 10.44
NTE-69 NPN UHF/VHF osc mixer transistor 1.40
NTE-74C00 Quad 2-in Pos NAND gate 1.68
NTE-74C02 CMOS 2 input NOR $28.40
NTE-74C04 CMOS hex inverter 1.08
NTE-74C14 Hex Schmitt Trigger $1.74
NTE-74C20 dual 4-input NAND gate $1.04
NTE-74C32 quad 2-input OR ($1.98)
NTE-74C74 dual D ... flip flop $5.56
NTE-74C90 decade counter /2 & /5 $5.60
NTE-74C154 4-16line decoder/dempx $7.60
NTE-74C157 Quad 2-1 line data sel $5.38
NTE-74C164 8-bit parallel serial $7.00
NTE-74C221 dual monostbl multivib $5.50
NTE-74C244 Octal buffer/line driver/receiver $3.58
NTE-74F04 ($5.00)
NTE-74HC00Quad 2-Input Positive NAND Gate $1.00
NTE-74HC04 $1.00
NTE-74HC08 $1.00
NTE-74HC125 CMOS quad buffer 1.16
NTE-74HC244 1.54
74HC245 CMOS Octal Bus transceiver 20 pin with non-inverted 3-state outputs $0.88
NTE-74HC374 1.60
NTE-74HC377 1.68
NTE-74LS00 Shottky quad 2-in NAND $0.96
NTE-74LS02 Shottky quad 2-in NOR $0.84
NTE-74LS03 Shottky quad 2-in NAND $0.84
NTE-74LS04 Shottky Hex Inverter $1.00
NTE-74LS05 Shottky Hex Inverter $0.88
NTE-74LS07 Shottky Hex Buffer/Driver ($5.00)
NTE-74LS08 Shottky 2-in pos AND $1.04
NTE-74LS09 Shottky Quad 2-in AND $0.84
NTE-74LS10 Shottky Trip 3-in NAND $0.84
NTE-74LS13 Shottky dual 4-in NAND $2.20
NTE-74LS14 Shottky Hex Schmitt Tr 1.66
NTE-74LS20 Schottky 4 input NAND .96
NTE-74LS32 Shottky Quad 2-in OR .94
NTE-74LS38 Schottky Quad NAND 1.08
NTE-74LS42 Shott BCD-decimal dec $1.40
NTE-74LS47 BCD to 7segment decod $1.32
NTE-74LS48 BCD to 7 segment driver ($2.50)
NTE-74LS49 BCD to 7 segment decoder $8.40
NTE-74LS51 ic-ttl dual gate $1.05
NTE-74LS54 Shotky AND/OR inverter $0.84
NTE-74LS63 Shottky Hex Cur Sens $3.00
NTE-74LS73 Shottky dual J-K flipf $2.60
NTE-74LS74A Dual D flip-flop $0.92
NTE-74LS76A schottky JK flipflop $1.48
NTE-74LS78 dual J-K flip-flop $1.24
NTE-74LS86 Shottky quad OR $1.28
NTE-74LS90 decade count /2 & /5 $1.34
NTE-74LS92 Schottky divide by 12 $1.68
NTE-74LS93 binary count /2 & /8 $1.44
NTE-74LS113 dual J-K flip-Flop $0.88
NTE-74LS114 DualJ-K Flip Flop $0.96
NTE-74LS122 MonosMultvb $1.14
NTE-74LS123 MonostableMultivibrat $1.64
NTE-74LS124 Dual VCO $5.20
NTE-74LS125A QuadBuffer $0.88
NTE-74LS132 Quad2inNAND $2.14
NTE-74LS138 TTL 3-of-8 Decoder DeMultiplexer $1.54
NTE-74LS139 Schottky low power dual 2 to 4 line $1.06
NTE-74LS145 TTL BCD to Decimal Decoder Driver $1.98
NTE-74LS147 Schottky low power 10 line decimal to 4 line encoder ($1.98)
NTE-74LS148 Schottky low power 8 line to 3 line encoder $2.54
NTE-74LS151 Low Power Schottky 1-of-8 Data Selector $0.92
NTE-74LS156 2-to-4 Decoder $0.96
NTE-74LS158 2-to-1 Selector $0.96
74LS164 8-bit shift register DM74LS164 14-pin DIP 3.40
NTE-74LS165 8-Bit Shift Register $1.36
NTE-74LS175 Schottky quadFlipFlop $3.92
NTE-74LS190 Syncronous Up/Down Counter ($2.28)
NTE-74LS192 Schottky dual clock/clear0 $3.20
NTE-74LS193 BinaryCount $2.24
NTE-74LS194 ShiftRegist $5.40
NTE-74LS195A ShiftRegst $1.52
NTE-74LS196 DecadCountr $2.80
NTE-74LS197 BinaryCount $10.00
NTE-74LS221 DualMonoMvb $2.66
NTE-74LS244 OctalBuffer $2.80
NTE-74LS245 Octal Tran $1.70
NTE-74LS247 BCD-7Segment $1.58
NTE-74LS248 BCD-7Segment $2.80
NTE-74LS251 DataSelect $1.16
NTE-74LS259 Schottky low power 8-bit addressable latch $4.40
NTE-74LS273 Schottky OctalflipFlop $1.20
NTE-74LS290 DecadeCounter $1.14
NTE-74LS293 BinaryCounter $1.52
NTE-74LS365A HexBusDriver $0.92
NTE-74LS367 HexBuffDriver $0.92
NTE-74LS373 Schottky Octal D latch $2.06
NTE-74LS374 Schottky OctalFlipFlop $1.88
NTE-74LS386 Quad 2inp OR $1.00
NTE-74LS541 Schottky Octal Buffer $1.72
NTE-74LS624 VoltContrOsc 4.00
NTE-74S00Quad 2 input NAND $0.88
NTE-74S05 H S Hex Inverter $1.00
NTE-74S86 H S Quad 2in OR $1.16
NTE-74S132 Quad 2in NAND 1.92
NTE-74S260 2.08
NTE-74S288 IM5610 ($13.20)
NTE-78 TO202 CB RF driver transistor $4.20
NTE-79 TO202 CB RF output transistor $4.36
NTE-80 2SC1810 NPN HiV Sw transistor disc-nla
NTE-81 NPN dual amp Royce 32310 transistors $22.00
NTE-82 PNP dual high speed switch transistor DC to VHF ($5.00)
NTE-83SPD83 NPN dual gen purp transistor ($3.29)
NTE-85 NPN RF/IF/Audio transistor 1.02
NTE-86SPD86 NPN hi gain 5A 60W transistor ($7.47)
NTE-87 2SD180 NPN 10A 200W transistor $7.84
NTE-88 PNP 10A200W sw/reg transistor $7.50
NTE-89 transistor 2SD869/-1173/-1175 $9.34
NTE-90 NPN higain hivolt transistor($1.48)
NTE-91 PNP higain hivolt transistor ($1.40)
NTE-92 NPN 15A 150W AFPwr transistor $11.20
NTE-93 PNP 15A 150W AFPwr transistor $12.54
NTE-94 NPN 100W 5A dc reg transistor 5.06
NTE-97 NPN darl 10A 150W transistor $13.00
NTE-98 NPN darl 20A 175W transistor $23.72
NTE-100 PNP Ge osc/mixer transistor $5.24
NTE-101 NPN Ge osc/mixer transistor $8.60
NTE-102 PNP Ge .15W AF transistor $5.30
NTE-102A/WEP405 PNP Ge AF transistor (use 2SB77) $5.30
NTE-103 NPN Ge .15W AF transistor $9.40
NTE-103A NPN Ge .65W AF pwr transistor $6.46
NTE-104 PNP Ge 10A 100W transistor $28.00
NTE-105 PNP GE 15A 150W transistor (2N4048) 2N4048
NTE-106 PNP FM osc/mixer transistor $1.26
NTE-107 NPN UHF tuner osc transistor $1.10
NTE-108 NPN RF/IF/osc transistor $1.22
NTE-108-1 NPN RF/IF/osc transistor $0.80
NTE-109 100V Ge diode $1.44
NTE-110MP (2) 30V Ge diode $1.80
NTE-112 UHF mixer diode $1.62
NTE-113A dual commonK diode ($1.56)
NTE-115 dual common-A diode ($1.35)
NTE-116 600 Volt 1 Amp diode 1N4001 1N4002 1N4003 1N4004 1N4005 $0.79
NTE-117 600V 1A rectifier diode $1.16
NTE-118 HV focus rectifier $2.96
NTE-119 WEP TV damper diode ($2.50)
NTE-119W WEP120 800V damper ($5.00)
NTE-120 TV convergence diode $1.28
NTE-121 PNP Ge 10A 90W 2SB216A 2SB471 HEP232 SK3009 SK3717 $19.48
NTE-121 replaces 2N3611 DTG110 Z9006 121-270 121-271 121-398
NTE-123 NPN AF/Video/Sync transistor$0.90
NTE-123A NPN gen purpose transistor$0.98
NTE-123AP NPN gen purpose transistor$0.78
NTE-123AP-10 transistors$4.62
NTE-124 NPN 300V AFpower transistor$3.10
NTE-NTE125 1000V 2.5A rectifier diode 1N4006 1N4007 M2.5A PTC205 R170 RE51 SK3033$0.87
NTE-125-100 diodes $32.88
NTE-126 PNP Ge RF/IF/TV transistor $9.06
NTE-127 PNP Ge 10A 56W transistor $39.00
NTE-128 NPN Gen Purp 1A transistor $1.44
NTE-128P s NPN Gen Purp transistor $2.06
[5] NTE-129 PNP General Purpose 1 Amp TO-5 transistor (03/16) $3,90
NTE-129P PNP plastic gen purp transistor $1.32
NTE-129W WEP851 PNP GenPurp transistor ($2.10)
NTE-130 NPN 15A 115W transistor $2.54
NTE-130MP matched pair transistors $6.66
NTE-131 : PNP Ge 1A 6W transistor $5.74
NTE-132 N ch Field Effect Transistor RF applications $1.20
NTE-132W WEP803 N chan Field Effect Transistor ($2.00)
NTE-133 N ch J-FET IR-FE100 AF transistor $1.00
NTE-134A 1N4729A zener 3.6V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-135A 1N4733A zener 5.1V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-136A 1N4634A zener 5.6V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-137A zener diode 6.2V 1W 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-138A 1N4737A zener 7.5V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-139A 1N4739A zener 9.1V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-140A 1N4740A zener 10V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-141A zener 11.5V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-142A WEP1212 1N4742A 12V zener diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-143A 1N4743A 13V 1W zemer diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-144A zener 14V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.60
NTE-145A 1N4744A 15V 1W zener 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-146A 1N4750A zener 27V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-147A zener 33V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-148A zener 55V 1W 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-149A zener 62V 1W 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-150A zener 82V 1W 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-151A zener 110V 1W 2/pak=$1.92
NTE-152 : NPN 7A50W AF/Vertical transistor $1.64
NTE-153 : PNP 7A50W AF/Vertical transistor $2.02
NTE-154/WEP713 NPN hi-voltage video transistor$2.60