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Note: all items shown with prices are stock items not special order numbers!
Good News: "ECG" is now a division of NTE so we can supply many more products you may need

Numerical pricelist for NTE & ECG semiconductors
HVD3 hi-volt div/focus (12.13)
HVD12 hi-volt div/focus (16.66)
TP0001 TO3 5-thermopad (1.59)
TP0002 TO66 5-thermopad (1.38)
TP0003 DO4 5-thermopad (.96)
TP0004 TO126 5-thermopad (.82)
TP0005 TIP36 5-thermopad (1.62)
TP0006 TO220 5-thermopad (1.19)
TP0007 DO5 5-thermopad (1.35)
TP0008 TO3P 5-thermopad (1.47)
TP0009 TO36 5-thermopad out-nla
TP0010 TO3PML 5-thermopad disc-nla
NTE-1V020 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 20Vrms 1.5 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V025 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 25Vrms 1.7 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V030 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 30Vrms 2.3 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V035 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 35Vrms 2.3 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V095 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 95Vrms 7 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V130 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 135Vrms 10 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V-series Metal Oxide Varistors are disc-shape; approximately 8MM diameter
NTE-1V150 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 160Vrms 10 Joules $1.32
NTE-1V250 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 240Vrms 20 Joules $1.70
NTE-2V014 Metal Oxode Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 14Vrms 4 Joules$1.82
NTE-2V025 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 25Vrms 7 Joules$1.82
NTE-2V030 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 30Vrms 8.5 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V035 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 35Vrms 10 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V040 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 43Vrms 13 Joules $2.40
NTE-2V130 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Suppressor 14N221K 135Vrms 39 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V-series Metal Oxide Varistors are disc-shape; approximately 14MM diameter
NTE-2V150 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 160Vrms 40 Joules $1.82
NTE-2V250 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Supressor 240Vrms 70 Joules $2.54
NTE-2V480 Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Supressor 480Vrms $5.38
NTE-10 NPN UHF low noise amplifier transistor $1.46
NTE-11 NPN high current (complement=NTE12) transistor $1.34
NTE-12 PNP 5A .75W TO92 transistor $1.96
NTE-13 NPN .6W output amplifier transistor $1.20
NTE-15 NPN high transition frequency vhf mixer & oscillator uhf transistor $1.60
NTE-16 NPN .3W low noise transistor ($1.16)
NTE-17 PNP transistor $1.15
NTE-18 NPN.7A 1W driver transistor ($2.12)
NTE-19 PNP.7A 1W driver transistor ($2.10)
NTE-20 NPN 2A 1W output transistor $1.96
NTE-21 PNP audio output transistor ($2.32)
NTE-22 NPN 1A.9W pwr amp transistor ($1.96)
NTE-23 NPN UHF/VHF transistor $1.46
NTE-24 transistor $1.10
NTE-25 PNP switching transistor $1.28
NTE-26 transistor $0.84
NTE-30 PNP 50A 300W switch transistor $20.00
NTE-31 NPN 1A.9W ver/aud transistor $2.16
NTE-32 2SA1145 PNP 1A.9W ver/aud transistor (out of stock)
SPD-33 2SC2921 2SD845 NPN 15A150W transistor (20.86)
NTE-34 2SA1215 2SB755 PNP 15A150W transistor (out of stock)
NTE-35 NPN horiz out sw transistor (out of stock)
NTE-36 2SC2581 NPN12A100W 2SC2665 transistor $5.74
NTE-36MP transistor $12.36
NTE-37 2SA1106 2SB754 PNP transistor out
NTE-37MCP matched 36 & 37 pair transistorz out
NTE-38 PNP transistor complement 175 out
NTE-39 PNP .5A20W sw reg transistor $2.84
NTE-41 PNP differential amp transistors $3.08
SPD-42 NPN differential amp transistors (out of stock)
NTE-43 PNP differential amp transistors (2SA798) (out of stock)
NTE-45 PNP dual bias amp transistors $1.40
NTE-46 NPN darlington transistor (see cross reference MPSA-13) $1.38
NTE-47 NPN lo-noise transistor (out of stock)
NTE-48 NPN darlington transistor $1.22
NTE-50 PNP hi voltage gen purp transistor $4.00
NTE-51 NPN 4A 75W transistor $2.88
NTE-53SPD53 NPN 15A 175W transistor 11.06
NTE-54 2SC2334 NPN 8A 50W transistor $3.00
NTE-55 PNP 8A 50W transistor $3.60
NTE-55MCP transistor $8.78
NTE-56 NPN hi gain sw/pass reg transistor $2.46
SPD-57 NPN 6A40W sw reg transistor (out of stock)
NTE-58 NPN 17A200W AF Pwr transistor (out of stock)
NTE-59 PNP 17A200W AFPw transistor 13.60
NTE-63SPD63 NPN microwave transistor 3.54
NTE-64 NPN microwave transistor 3.32
NTE-65 NPN MATV/CATV transistor 2.98
NTE-66 N-chan power MOSFET transistor $6.44
NTE-67 N-chan power MOSFET transistor $7.08
NTE-68 PNP audio transistor (compl=388) 10.44
NTE-69 NPN UHF/VHF osc mixer transistor 1.40
NTE-74C00 Quad 2-in Pos NAND gate 1.68
NTE-74C02 CMOS 2 input NOR $28.40
NTE-74C04 CMOS hex inverter 1.08
NTE-74C14 Hex Schmitt Trigger $1.74
NTE-74C20 dual 4-input NAND gate $1.04
NTE-74C32 quad 2-input OR ($1.98)
NTE-74C74 dual D ... flip flop $5.56
NTE-74C90 decade counter /2 & /5 $5.60
NTE-74C154 4-16line decoder/dempx $7.60
NTE-74C157 Quad 2-1 line data sel $5.38
NTE-74C164 8-bit parallel serial $7.00
NTE-74C221 dual monostbl multivib $5.50
NTE-74C244 Octal buffer/line driver/receiver $3.58
NTE-74F04 (out of stock)
NTE-74HC00Quad 2-Input Positive NAND Gate $1.00
NTE-74HC04 $1.00
NTE-74HC08 $1.00
NTE-74HC125 CMOS quad buffer (out of stock)
NTE-74HC244 1.54
74HC245 CMOS Octal Bus transceiver 20 pin with non-inverted 3-state outputs $0.88
NTE-74HC374 1.60
NTE-74HC377 1.68
NTE-74LS00 Shottky quad 2-in NAND $0.96
NTE-74LS02 Shottky quad 2-in NOR $0.84
NTE-74LS03 Shottky quad 2-in NAND $0.84
NTE-74LS04 Shottky Hex Inverter $1.00
NTE-74LS05 Shottky Hex Inverter $0.88
NTE-74LS07 Shottky Hex Buffer/Driver ($5.00)
NTE-74LS08 Shottky 2-in pos AND $1.04
NTE-74LS09 Shottky Quad 2-in AND $0.84
NTE-74LS10 Shottky Trip 3-in NAND $0.84
NTE-74LS13 Shottky dual 4-in NAND $2.20
NTE-74LS14 Shottky Hex Schmitt Tr 1.66
NTE-74LS20 Schottky 4 input NAND .96
NTE-74LS32 Shottky Quad 2-in OR .94
NTE-74LS38 Schottky Quad NAND 1.08
NTE-74LS42 Shott BCD-decimal dec $1.40
NTE-74LS47 BCD to 7segment decod $1.32
NTE-74LS48 BCD to 7 segment driver ($2.50)
NTE-74LS49 BCD to 7 segment decoder $8.40
NTE-74LS51 ic-ttl dual gate $1.05
NTE-74LS54 Shotky AND/OR inverter $0.84
NTE-74LS63 Shottky Hex Cur Sens $3.00
NTE-74LS73 Shottky dual J-K flipf $2.60
NTE-74LS74A Dual D flip-flop $0.92
NTE-74LS76A schottky JK flipflop $1.48
NTE-74LS78 dual J-K flip-flop $1.24
NTE-74LS86 Shottky quad OR $1.28
NTE-74LS90 decade count /2 & /5 $1.34
NTE-74LS92 Schottky divide by 12 $1.68
NTE-74LS93 binary count /2 & /8 $1.44
NTE-74LS113 dual J-K flip-Flop $0.88
NTE-74LS114 DualJ-K Flip Flop $0.96
NTE-74LS122 MonosMultvb $1.14
NTE-74LS123 MonostableMultivibrat $1.64
NTE-74LS124 Dual VCO $5.20
NTE-74LS125A QuadBuffer $0.88
NTE-74LS132 Quad2inNAND $2.14
NTE-74LS138 TTL 3-of-8 Decoder DeMultiplexer $1.54
NTE-74LS139 Schottky low power dual 2 to 4 line $1.06
NTE-74LS145 TTL BCD to Decimal Decoder Driver $1.98
NTE-74LS147 Schottky low power 10 line decimal to 4 line encoder ($1.98)
NTE-74LS148 Schottky low power 8 line to 3 line encoder $2.54
NTE-74LS151 Low Power Schottky 1-of-8 Data Selector $0.92
NTE-74LS156 2-to-4 Decoder $0.96
NTE-74LS158 2-to-1 Selector $0.96
74LS164 8-bit shift register DM74LS164 14-pin DIP 3.40
NTE-74LS165 8-Bit Shift Register out
NTE-74LS175 Schottky quadFlipFlop $3.92
NTE-74LS190 Syncronous Up/Down Counter ($2.28)
NTE-74LS192 Schottky dual clock/clear0 $3.20
NTE-74LS193 BinaryCount $2.24
NTE-74LS194 ShiftRegist $5.40
NTE-74LS195A ShiftRegst $1.52
NTE-74LS196 DecadCountr $2.80
NTE-74LS197 BinaryCount $10.00
NTE-74LS221 DualMonoMvb $2.66
NTE-74LS244 OctalBuffer $2.80
NTE-74LS245 Octal Tran $1.70
NTE-74LS247 BCD-7Segment $1.58
NTE-74LS248 BCD-7Segment $2.80
NTE-74LS251 DataSelect $1.16
NTE-74LS259 Schottky low power 8-bit addressable latch $4.40
NTE-74LS273 Schottky OctalflipFlop $1.20
NTE-74LS290 DecadeCounter $1.14
NTE-74LS293 BinaryCounter $1.52
NTE-74LS365A HexBusDriver $0.92
NTE-74LS367 HexBuffDriver $0.92
NTE-74LS373 Schottky Octal D latch $2.06
NTE-74LS374 Schottky OctalFlipFlop $1.88
NTE-74LS386 Quad 2inp OR $1.00
NTE-74LS541 Schottky Octal Buffer $1.72
NTE-74LS624 VoltContrOsc 4.00
NTE-74S00Quad 2 input NAND $0.88
NTE-74S05 H S Hex Inverter $1.00
NTE-74S86 H S Quad 2in OR $1.16
NTE-74S132 Quad 2in NAND 1.92
NTE-74S260 2.08
NTE-74S288 IM5610 ($13.20)
NTE-78 TO202 CB RF driver transistor (out of stock)
NTE-79 TO202 CB RF output transistor $4.36
NTE-80 2SC1810 NPN HiV Sw transistor disc-nla
NTE-81 NPN dual amp Royce 32310 transistors $22.00
NTE-82 PNP dual high speed switch transistor DC to VHF ($5.00)
NTE-83SPD83 NPN dual gen purp transistor ($3.29)
NTE-85 NPN RF/IF/Audio transistor 1.02
NTE-86SPD86 NPN hi gain 5A 60W transistor ($7.47)
NTE-87 2SD180 NPN 10A 200W transistor $7.84
NTE-88 PNP 10A200W sw/reg transistor $7.50
NTE-89 transistor 2SD869/-1173/-1175 $9.34
NTE-90 NPN higain hivolt transistor($1.48)
NTE-91 PNP higain hivolt transistor (out)
NTE-92 NPN 15A 150W AFPwr transistor $11.20
NTE-93 PNP 15A 150W AFPwr transistor $12.54
NTE-94 NPN 100W 5A dc reg transistor 5.06
NTE-97 NPN darl 10A 150W transistor $13.00
NTE-98 NPN darl 20A 175W transistor $23.72
NTE-100 PNP Ge osc/mixer transistor $5.24
NTE-101 NPN Ge osc/mixer transistor $8.60
NTE-102 PNP Ge .15W AF transistor $5.30
NTE-102A/WEP405 PNP Ge AF transistor (use 2SB77) $5.30
NTE-103 NPN Ge .15W AF transistor $9.40
NTE-103A NPN Ge .65W AF pwr transistor $6.46
NTE-104 PNP Ge 10A 100W transistor $28.00
NTE-105 PNP GE 15A 150W transistor (2N4048) 2N4048
NTE-106 PNP FM osc/mixer transistor $1.26
NTE-107 NPN UHF tuner osc transistor $1.10
NTE-108 NPN RF/IF/osc transistor $1.22
NTE-108-1 NPN RF/IF/osc transistor $0.80
NTE-109 100V Ge diode $1.44
NTE-110MP (2) 30V Ge diode $1.80
NTE-112 UHF mixer diode out
NTE-113A dual commonK diode ($1.56)
NTE-115 dual common-A diode ($1.35)
NTE-116 600 Volt 1 Amp diode 1N4001 1N4002 1N4003 1N4004 1N4005 $0.79
NTE-117 600V 1A rectifier diode (out of stock)
NTE-118 HV focus rectifier $2.96
NTE-119 WEP TV damper diode ($2.50)
NTE-119W WEP120 800V damper ($5.00)
NTE-120 TV convergence diode $1.28
NTE-121 PNP Ge 10A 90W 2SB216A 2SB471 HEP232 SK3009 SK3717 $19.48
NTE-121 replaces 2N3611 DTG110 Z9006 121-270 121-271 121-398
NTE-123 NPN AF/Video/Sync transistor$0.90
NTE-123A NPN gen purpose transistor$0.98
NTE-123AP NPN gen purpose transistor$0.78
NTE-123AP-10 transistors$4.62
NTE-124 NPN 300V AFpower transistor$3.10
NTE-NTE125 1000V 2.5A rectifier diode 1N4006 1N4007 M2.5A PTC205 R170 RE51 SK3033$0.87
NTE-125-100 diodes $32.88
NTE-126 PNP Ge RF/IF/TV transistor $9.06
NTE-127 PNP Ge 10A 56W transistor $39.00
NTE-128 NPN Gen Purp 1A transistor $1.44
NTE-128P s NPN Gen Purp transistor $2.06
[5] NTE-129 PNP General Purpose 1 Amp TO-5 transistor (03/16) $3,90
NTE-129P PNP plastic gen purp transistor $1.32
NTE-129W WEP851 PNP GenPurp transistor ($2.10)
NTE-130 NPN 15A 115W transistor $2.54
NTE-130MP matched pair transistors $6.66
NTE-131 : PNP Ge 1A 6W transistor $5.74
NTE-132 N ch Field Effect Transistor RF applications $1.20
NTE-132W WEP803 N chan Field Effect Transistor ($2.00)
NTE-133 N chan JFET IR-FE100 AF transistor (see 2SK19)
NTE-134A 1N4729A zener 3.6V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-135A 1N4733A zener 5.1V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-136A 1N4634A zener 5.6V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-137A zener diode 6.2V 1W 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-138A 1N4737A zener 7.5V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-139A 1N4739A zener 9.1V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-140A 1N4740A zener 10V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-141A zener 11.5V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-142A WEP1212 1N4742A 12V zener diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-143A 1N4743A 13V 1W zener diode 2/pak=$1.44
NTE-144A zener 14V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.60
NTE-145A 1N4744A 15V 1W zener 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-146A 1N4750A zener 27V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-147A zener 33V 1W diode 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-148A zener 55V 1W 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-149A zener 62V 1W 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-150A zener 82V 1W 2/pak=$1.12
NTE-151A zener 110V 1W 2/pak=$1.92
NTE-152 : NPN 7A50W AF/Vertical transistor $1.64
NTE-153 : PNP 7A50W AF/Vertical transistor $2.02
NTE-154/WEP713 NPN hi-voltage video transistor$2.60
NTE-155 : NPN Ge 1A 6W transistor $3.99
NTE-156 : rectifier diode 3A 1KV $0.78
NTE-156A rectifier diode 3.5A1KV$0.64
NTE-157 s NPN .5A20W switching regulator transistor $1.72
NTE-158 2SC415 PNP GeAF 1A 1.4W transistor$5.00
NTE-158W/WEP238 PNP GE AF TO5 transistor ($6.56)
NTE-159/WEP717 PNP gen purp transistor $1.06
NTE-159M metal PNP gen pur transistor .84
NTE-160 : PNP Ge RF/IF/Mix transistor $4.96
NTE-161 : NPN VHF/UHF/Mixer transistor$1.90
NTE-162 : NPN Ver Defl 100W transistor out
NTE-163A : NPN HorDefl 100W transistor $6.62
NTE-164 : NPN Ver Defl 50W transistor $7.30
NTE-165 NPN Hor Defl 50W transistor $5.70
EQV166W =WEP1050 PH86-1100 =BR805D 50V 2A Bridge Rectifier 3N253 2KBP005M ($3.00)
NTE-166 100V 2A bridge Rectifier 3N254 2KBP01M BR81D sold-out
NTE-167/WEP1052 200V 2A Bridge Rectifier 3N255 2KBP02M KBP02G $4.60
NTE-168 400V 2A Bridge Rectifier 3N256 2KBP04M out--see 169
NTE-169 600V2A Bridge Rectifier 3N257 2KBP06M $4.92
NTE-170 1KV 2A Bridge Rectifier 3N259 2KBP10M $5.00
<-- $0.88 cx2=9/09 sold to BE/discontinued by NTE -->
NTE-171 NPN Si 75Mhz TO202 transistor $1.66
NTE-172A NPN darlington 60Mhz transistor $0.58
NTE-173BP TV SI Damper Diodes ($16.37)
NTE-174 TV Ger Damper Diode $4.50
NTE-175 NPN Si 15Mhz TO66 transistor $3.44
NTE-176 PNP AF Ger TO39 transistor $5.90
NTE-177 MC301 200V sw/detec diode $0.40
NTE-178MP =WEP1060MP Si 50V diodes $2.00
NTE-179 s 25A PNP TO3 pwr transistor $33.40
NTE-180 30A PNP TO3 pwr trans volunteer fireman siren out
NTE-181 s 30A NPN TO3 pwr transistor $6.80
NTE-182 NPN 10A2MhzTO127 transistor $31.98
NTE-183 PNP 10A2MhzTO127 transistor $20.00
NTE-184 =WEP701 NPN 4A TO126 transistor $1.66
NTE-185 ns PNP 4A 2Mhz TO126 transistor $1.74
NTE-186 NPN 3A 50Mhz TO202 transistor $8.34
NTE-186A =WEP1096 NPN TO202M transistor $1.72
NTE-187 PNP 3A 50Mhz TO202 transistor $1.92
NTE-187A PNP 3A 50MhzTO202M transistor $2.40
NTE-188 (4.00)
NTE-189 PNP 2A TO202N transistor $32.20
NTE-190 =WEP749 NPN 100Mhz transistor $13.98
NTE-192 NPN 120Mhz TO92HS transistor $1.58
NTE-192A NPN 120Mhz T16HS transistor $1.70
NTE-193 PNP 120Mhz TO92HS transistor $1.64
NTE-193A =WEP754 PNP T16HS transistor $1.80
NTE-194 HV 100Mhz NPN TO92 transistor out
NTE-195A TO39 CB RF Driver transistor 3.68
NTE-196 s NPN 7A 4Mhz TO220 transistor $2.24
NTE-197 s PNP 7A 4Mhz TO220 transistor $2.20
NTE-198 ns HV NPN 20Mhz TO220 transistor $2.34
NTE-199 =WEP634 NPN 90Mhz Si transistor $0.68
NTE-199W WEP644 higher gain transistor $1.06
NTE-209 (2)TO3 tran sockets transistor $5.40
NTE-210 s NPN 200Mhz TO202 transistor $5.60
NTE-213 s PNP Ger 30A TO36 transistor $58.80
NTE-218 PNP 3Mhz TO66 transistor $4.16
NTE-219 ns PNP 15A 3Mhz TO3 transistor $3.86
NTE-220 HEPF2005 d-g Mosfet transistor ($6.36)
NTE-221 N-chan d-g Mosfet transistor $13.38
NTE-222 3SK45 d g Mosfet transistor $13.40
NTE-224 =WEP224 CB RFpwr10W transistor $6.60
NTE-225 NPN HV 15Mhz 1A sw transistor $30.00
NTE-226 2SB474 IRTR94 PNP AF Pwr Germanium disc--see alternatives
NTE-228A NPN af/Vid TO202M transistor ($3.51)
NTE-229 600Mhz TO92 transistor $1.54
NTE-230 s HorDeflSCR TO66 transistor disc-nla
NTE-231 s HorDeflSCR TO66 transistor ($13.61)
NTE-232/WEP67 PNP darl TO92 transistor $0.72
NTE-233 NPN Video IF TO92 transistor $0.84
NTE-234 s PNP lo nois AFpre transistor out
NTE-235 CB AM RF out 12W transistor use 2SC original numbers
-C1237 -C1306 -C1678 -C1816 -C1909 -C1964 -C1974 -C1975 -C2020 -C2029 -C2075 -C2078 -C2092 -C2166
NTE-236 CB SSB 25W RF out; replaces 2SC1307, 2SC1969, 2SC2312 out
NTE-237 2SC1239 CB AM RF transistor $5.40
NTE-238 TV Horiz out TO3 transistor $8.00
NTE-239 TV Vert SiContSwitch $72.00
NTE-240 transistor complement 191 $5.00
NTE-241 NPN Si 60W 2Mhz transistor $1.24
NTE-242 PNP Si 60W 2Mhz transistor $1.40
NTE-243 NPN TO3 darlington transistor $3.10
NTE-244 PNP TO3 darlington transistor $3.62
NTE-245 NPN darl 80V 10A transistor $5.10
NTE-246 PNP darl 80V 10A transistor $6.40
NTE-247 NPN darl 100V 12A transistor $5.42
NTE-248 PNP darl 100V 12A transistor $6.00
NTE-249 NPN darl 100V 16A transistor $8.38
NTE-250 PNP darl 100V 16A transistor $8.50
NTE-251 s NPN darl 100V 20A transistor $8.38
NTE-252 s PNP darl 100V 20A transistor $9.34
NTE-253 ns NPN darling TO126 transistor $1.40
NTE-254 PNP darling TO126 transistor $1.98
NTE-257 NPN darling TO127 transistor disc-nla
NTE-258 PNP darli TO127 transistor ($11.99)
NTE-259 NPN darli TO127 transistor disc-nla
NTE-260 PNP darlington TO127 transistor disc-nla
NTE-261 NPN darlington transistor TO220; TIP120, TIP121, TIP122 $2.58
NTE-262 s PNP darlington TO220 transistor$2.38
NTE-263 NPN darlington TO220 transistor $2.70
NTE-264 PNP darlington TO220 transistor $3.02
NTE-265 NPN darling TO202 transistor $4.00
NTE-266 NPN darling TO202 transistor $5.86
NTE-267 NPN darling TO202 transistor $2.60
NTE-268 NPN darling TO202 transistor ($2.61)
NTE-269 PNP darling TO202 transistor $3.80
NTE-270 NPN darling TO218 transistor $4.80
NTE-271 PNP darling TO218 transistor $4.92
NTE-272 s NPN darlin TO202N transistor $35.80
NTE-273 PNP darlin TO202N transistor ($4.90)
NTE-274 NPN darling TO66 transistor $3.50
NTE-276 SG613 TV Horz SCR transistor $16.40
NTE-277 s NPN TV Horizontal transistor ($7.50)
NTE-278 =WEP767 CATV broadband transistor $5.16
NTE-280 spd 2SD469 NPN12A 6Mhz TO3 transistor $5.70
NTE-280MP matched pair transistors $13.30
NTE-281 PNP 12A 6Mhz TO3 transistor $11.20
NTE-282 2SC756/4005 RFpwr transistor ($8.90)
NTE-283 NPN TV HorizOut transistor $10.26
NTE-284 ns NPN 16A 6Mhz TO3 transistor $13.36
NTE-284MP transistors $32.04
NTE-285 s PNP 16A 6MhzTO3 transistor $14.80
NTE-285MP transistors $35.52
NTE-286 (disc) transistor
NTE-287 NPN HV amp TO92 transistor $0.88
NTE-288 PNP HV amp TO92 transistor $0.74
NTE-289 NPN 100Mhz TO92 transistor $1.36
NTE-289A NPN 120Mhz TO92 transistor $1.24
NTE-290 PNP 100Mhz TO92 transistor $1.18
NTE-290A PNP 120Mhz TO92 transistor 2SA733 $1.38
NTE-291/WEP780 NPN 4A To220transistor replaces 2SD358 $1.98
NTE-292 s PNP 4A TO220 4Mhz transistor$2.10
NTE-293 2SC1973 NPN 200Mhz GiTO92 transistor$1.60
NTE-294 PNP 200Mhz GiTO92 transistor $1.46
NTE-295 =WEP913, 2SC495, 2SC1957 2SC2314 RF driver transistor $2.04
NTE-297 NPN 120Mhz GiTO92 transistor$1.64
NTE-297MP matched pair transistors $3.58
NTE-298 s PNP 120Mhz GiTO92 transistor $1.70
NTE-299 s NPN 200Mhz TO202 transistor $2.32
NTE-300 : NPN 70Mhz TO202 transistor $2.36
NTE-302 : CB8W RFdri TO202J transistor$3.00
NTE-303A syringe thermal heatsink compound$7.80
NTE-306/WEP771 CB RF driver transistor$2.72
NTE-308P : horiz Thyris/rect$18.40
NTE-309K 5V 1A Pos regulator$9.40
NTE-310 TV Thyrist/rectifier$19.70
NTE-310P : Thyrist/rectifier($8.70)
NTE-311 : HEPS3014 NPN TO39 transistor$4.60
NTE-312 2SK23 2SK55 N chan JFET transistor (2SK19GR turned around) $2.55
NTE-313/WEP921 400Mhz RF15 transistor$1.70
NTE-314 12.5A 400V SCR transistor$8.84
NTE-315 CB RF driv 3/4Watt transistor$2.48
NTE-316/WEP923 1400Mhz TO72 transistor$3.52
NTE-317 70W 30Mhz RF POWER 1/2" ceramic, flange mount ($60.56)
NTE-318 50W 30Mhz RF POWER 1/2" ceramic, flange mount $66.00
NTE-319/WEP924 NPN TV IF transistor$1.66
NTE-319P 300Mhz NPN TV IF transistor$1.04
NTE-320 HEPS3009 40W stud transistor$109.20
NTE-321 : NPN horiz defl transistor ($12.55)
NTE-322 NPN CB RF out 2SC2074 transistor $3.96
NTE-323 : PNP 20Mhz TO39 transistor $3.32
NTE-324 s NPN 20Mhz TO39 transistor $3.96
NTE-326 P chan JFET AF TO92 transistor $1.30
NTE-327 : 25A40MhzNPN TO3 transistor $20.04
NTE-328 : 15A60MhzNPN TO3 transistor $9.00
NTE-329 NPN TO39 CB RF out transistor $2.40
NTE-330 2N278 transistor Delco-70 car radio $38.02
NTE-331 : NPN TO220 15A AF transistor $2.92
NTE-332 : PNP TO220 15A AF transistor $2.92
NTE-333 60W 30Mhz RF POWER transistor 3/8" ceramic, flange mount $102.20
NTE-334 60W 30Mhz RF POWER transistor 3/8" ceramic, stud mount $44.00
NTE-335 80W 30Mhz RF POWER transistor 1/2" ceramic, flange mount $115.60
NTE-336 80W 30Mhz RF POWER transistor 1/2" ceramic, stud mount $100.00
NTE-340 : 2SC2086 .6WrfDriv transistor$3.98
NTE-341 RF power 175mHz 4W transistor special order $25.00
NTE-342 2SC1971 RF power transistor 175Mhz 7W $21.70
NTE-343 2SC1972 xmit driver TS2000 ham radio. TK-690 Low Band Commercial Radio, 175Mhz 14W (out of stock
NTE-344 RF pwr 175Mhz 30W transistor($29.73)
NTE-345 RF pwr 175Mhz 30W transistor$59.98
NTE-346 RF dri 175Mhz 1W transistor$3.20
NTE-348 RFpwr 175Mhz 4W transistor $64.00
NTE-349 HEPS3006 10W 175Mhz transistor $60.40
NTE-350 RF POWER 175Mhz 15W transistor $49.00
NTE-351 RF POWER 175Mhz 25W transistor $50.96
NTE-355 PNP-RF POWER 175Mhz 25W transistor($25.85)
NTE-363 RF pwr 512Mhz 15W transistor($20.90)
NTE-369 s NPN VertDeflSwitch transistor$11.40
NTE-373spd/2SC1846 NPN20WAF TO126 transistor$1.54
NTE-374 s PNP 20W AF TO126 transistor$1.58
NTE-375 s NPN VertDef TO220 transistor$2.02
NTE-376 : NPN PwrSup/AF out transistor$2.86
NTE-377 s NPN 10A TO-220 transistor HD replacement for 2SD1135$2.54
NTE-378 s PNP 10A TO-220 transistor HD replacement for 2SA1012$2.50
NTE-379 s NPN HiVolt TO-220 transistor$9.22
NTE-382 s NPN 140Mhz R245 transistorout of stock
NTE-383 PNP 140Mhz R245 transistor$1.46
NTE-384 NPN 7A 45W TO66 transistor$5.22
NTE-385 NPN 10A 150W TO3 transistor$10.44
NTE-386 NPN 20A175W TO3 transistor$19.60
NTE-388 NPN 16A 250W TO3 transistor$11.82
NTE-389 TV Horiz out TO3 transistor$6.72
NTE-390 NPN 80W AF TO218 transistor$3.48
NTE-391 PNP 80W AF TO218 transistor$2.56
NTE-392 TIP3055 & TIP35C NPN 125W AF TO218 transistor$5.12
NTE-393 TIP2955 PNP 125W AF TO218 transistor$5.40
NTE-396 : NPN HV 1W TO39 transistor$2.46
NTE-397 : PNP HV 1W TO39 transistor$2.82
NTE-398 s PNP VertDef TO220 transistor$2.08
NTE-399 2SC2229 NPN HV Vid GiTO92 transistor$2.54
NTE-400 (2)TO5/39 heatsinks$10.56
NTE-401 (2)TO5/39 heatsinks$12.44
NTE-402 (2) heatsink plas pwr$1.84
NTE-403 (2) heatsink plas pwr$1.24
NTE-404 TO66 2 partHeatsink$3.60
NTE-405 TO3 2 part Heatsink$3.20
NTE-406 pushon heatsink TO202$`1.38
NTE-407 round 8 pin IC socket($2.20)
NTE-408 round 10 pin IC socket($5.68)
NTE-409 (2) 14 pin DIP IC socket$1.24
NTE-410 (2) TO1 heatsinks$0.62
NTE-411 (2) TO5 heatsinks$1.96
NTE-413 TO3 insulator kit $1.24
NTE-414 TO36 insulator kit $1.24
NTE-415 TO66 insulator kit $1.20
NTE-416 (2) 16 pin DIP sckt $1.24
NTE-417 socket 3 pin TO18 $2.40
NTE-418 4 pin TO18 socket disc-nla
NTE-422 TO220 mounting kit $1.22
NTE-423 (2) 8 pin DIP IC socket $1.00
NTE-426 3MM hardware pckge $0.82
NTE-428 (2) 24 pin DIP IC socket $1.50
NTE-429 (2) 28 pin DIP IC socket $1.20
NTE-430 40 pin DIP IC socket $0.84
NTE-432 adapt 3/8-24 to 1/2-20 $7.56
NTE-435K64 64 pin IC socket (HR2510) $2.12
NTE-435P6 (2) 6 pin DIP IC socket $1.50
NTE-435P18 (2) 18 pin DIP IC socket $0.80
NTE-435P20 (2) 20 pin DIP IC socket $1.00
NTE-435P22 (2) 22 pin DIP IC socket $1.06
NTE-438 mount hdwe DO4/TO64 $0.48
NTE-439 mount hdwe DO5/TO48 $0.50
NTE-451 2SK33/2SK49, MPF102, 2N5484 N chan JFET $1.26
NTE-452 N chan JFET 400Mhz $8.60
NTE-453 2SK19 N chan JFET 100Mhz use 2SK19
NTE-454 replaces 3SK22Y dual gate MOSFET nla
NTE-455 dual gate MOSFET 900Mhz ($2.98)
NTE-456 N chan JFET TO72 $4.00
NTE-457 N chan JFET TO92 $1.20
NTE-458 : N chan JFET ?see 2SK19?
NTE-459 : N chan JFET AF/sw $6.60
NTE-461 : matched N chan JFET $9.10
NTE-462 N chan MOSFET ($8.88)
NTE-466 N chan JFET TO18 $3.54
NTE-467 N chan JFET TO92 $1.10
NTE-470 RFpwr 100W 30Mhz $98.90
NTE-472 RFpwr 1.8W 175Mhz $6.00
NTE-473 RFpwr 1.8W 175Mhz $6.04
NTE-478 RFpwr 100W 175Mhz $128.00
NTE-488 RF Pwr 4W 175Mhz $11.98
NTE-490 N Chan MOSFET 15V 500mA 830mW $0.98
NTE-491 N Chan MOSFET 60V 200mA 350mW $0.50
NTE-502 TV 12KV rectifier ($3.30)
NTE-504 19.8KV rectifier $4.04
NTE-505 TV 22KV rectifier $6.00
NTE-506 diode 1400V 1A $1.46
NTE-507 50V 1/4A rectifier $0.86
NTE-508 =1B3 1G3 1K3 1J3 2CN3 3A3 3AW3 3B3 3CA3 3CN3 3CU3($12.42)
NTE-509 3AT2 3AW2 3BL2 3BM2 3BN2 $10.20
NTE-511 replaces tubes 1V2 2AV2 $9.80
NTE-512 tubes 6BA3/CK3/CL3/DW3 $12.64
NTE-513 45KV RectifierStick discontinued-nla
NTE-514 replace tubes 3DR3 3DS3 ($10.36)
NTE-515 Hi Volt Diode/SCR ($8.36)
NTE-517 Microwave Oven wire lead rectifier $5.34
NTE-518 10KV TV HV rectifier $5.76
NTE-519 switching diode 1N914/1N4148 1.18
NTE-522 TV Hi Voltage Tripler $27.32
NTE-523 TV Hi Voltage Tripler $27.32
NTE-524V13 135Vrms Metal Oxide Varistor Surge Suppressor 72 Joules replace ZNR20K201U $2.30
NTE-524V-series Metal Oxide Varistors are disc-shape; approximately 20MM diameter
NTE-524V15 160Vrms Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 80 Joules $2.30
NTE-524V25 240Vrms Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 129 Joules $2.80
NTE-524V25 replaces ZNR 20E241K Surge Suppressor MOV in Xbox
NTE-524V27 260Vrms Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 135 Joules $3.08
NTE-524V30ECG Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Supressor $3.08
NTE-524V42 440Vrms Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor 160 Joules $4.64
NTE-524V48 480Vrms Metal Oxide Varistor Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor $5.46
NTE-525 2000V1A damper diode $2.58
NTE-526A TV HiVoltage Tripler $31.96
NTE-527 high voltage rectifier 30KV (can replace 505) ($5.00)
NTE-528 TV Hi Voltage Tripler $33.06 -special order
NTE-529 TV Hi Voltage Tripler $29.00
NTE-530 $27.00
NTE-536A TV Hi Voltage Tripler $53.40
NTE-539 TV Hi Voltage Tripler $27.32
NTE-542 Microwave Oven Rectifier $9.10
NTE-548 Microwave Oven Rectifier $11.15
NTE-551 1500V 1A rectifier $2.18
NTE-552 600V 1A fast rec diode 1.59
NTE-553 UHF switching PIN diode $0.98
NTE-555 35V UHF pin diode $2.20
NTE-556 $37.50
NTE-558 1500V 1A rectifier $1.70
NTE-568A $24.40
NTE-570 control avalanche diode $1.58
NTE-571 $0.96
NTE-572 $1.12
NTE-573 $1.64
NTE-574 $0.62
NTE-576 diode super fast switch $1.70
NTE-577 rectifier diode 1000V 5A $3.28
NTE-578 barrier rectifier 90V 1A $1.38
NTE-579 out
NTE-580 600V 3A rectifier $2.76
NTE-581 general purpose rectifier 400V 8A $2.78
NTE-583 Schottky Barrier Diode (receive upgrade Galaxy 949) $1.62
NTE-584 schottky RF switch diode $0.55
NTE-585 Schottky Barrier Diode $0.94
NTE-586 Schottky Barrier Diode $1.52
NTE-587 200V 1A ultrafast diode $0.76
NTE-588 ultrafast switch diode $1.14
NTE-589 R-SI Gen purp,fast recovery $1.40
NTE592 surface mount transistor $1.86
NTE-593 switching diode $1.84
NTE-595 dual com K diode $1.34
NTE-597 rectifier 8A $1.68
NTE-598 rectifier 600V 8A $2.28
NTE-599ECGRectifier Ultra fast, 600volt, 8amp $3.58
NTE-600 temp comp varistor $0.68
WEP601 =NTE-601 MV1Y MV3 temp compensat varistor (MV1Y $3.00
NTE-604 temperature compensating varistor ($2.55)
NTE-606 voltage compensating varistor ($3.68)
NTE-607 voltage compensating varistor $2.32
NTE-610 MV2201 MV2201 varicap 6.8pf (16pf on Tech 1) $1.22
NTE-611 MV2203 vaircap 10pf (28pf on Tech 1) ($4.10)
NTE-612 MV2104 MV2105 varicap 12pf@4V (29pf on Tech 1) $1.34
NTE-613 MV2107 MV2207 varicap 22pf @4V (52pf on Tech 1) $0.94
NTE-614 MV209 MV2109 MV2111 MV2209 varicap 33pf @4V (82pf on Tech 1) $1.34
NTE-615P UPC574 $1.26
NTE-617 varicap 3 leg for FM tuners (80pf both sides on Tech 1)disc-nla
NTE-618 varicap for AM broadcast (796pf on Tech 1) ($4.15) disc-nla
NTE-631 surface mount diode $0.36
NTE-703A LM703/UA703/UPC555C $5.76
NTE-704 HA1103 HA1104 HA1113 M5113 TA7028M TA7038M $4.06
NTE-705A UA737 chroma demod $9.96
NTE-706ECG ($7.98)
NTE-707 MC1328G/TA7053M chrom ($7.75)
NTE-708 MC1357 TA6620 ULN2211A 301-576-3 scanner/tv/fm sound if amp $7.98
NTE-709 ULN2113A FM IF Detector Limiter$3.92
NTE-711 TA7050M auto fine tun $6.06
NTE-712 AN221 AN240P CA3065 HA1124 HA1125 HA1128 HA1141 HA1154 LA1363
LA1364 LA1365 LA1383 LA11107 M5143 M5144 MC1358 TA7071 TA7176AP ULN2165
NTE-713 ULN2228 $7.84
NTE-714ULN2124 tv chroma $5.84
NTE-715 CA3017 LM3071 MC1371 uA781 $5.58
EQV-717 ULN2127 ($9.75)
NTE-718 FM stereo demodulator MC1304 out of stock
NTE-719 SN76131 stereo process$8.22
NTE-720 stereo multiplex decoder($7.15)
NTE-721 Q-TVCM13 MFC8040 PA239 dual audio preamplifiersold/out
NTE-722 LM1307 MC1307P ULN2128 UPC767$4.12
NTE-723 CA3075 ULN2129 FM IF $4.92
NTE-724 TA7045 RF/IF diff amp $11.72
NTE-726 CA3011 CA3012 HA1101 HA1102 TA7027M WEP927 ($6.00)
NTE-727 CA3048 CA3052 LA3148 $6.42
NTE-728 TV chroma sig process ($8.05)
NTE-729 TV chroma demodulator ($7.30)
NTE-730 BA501 HA1133 Video IF $8.40
NTE-731 =LM1845 ULN2125A VidSignalProc $6.40
NTE-734 FM IF gain block $3.90
NTE-736 uA736 ULN2208 ULN2209 $5.90
NTE-737 LM1841 FM IF limiter detect $6.40
NTE-738 LA1368 M5190P ULN2298 $5.90
NTE-739 TA7103 ULN2224 ULN2226 $5.90
NTE-740A 301-576-14 LM380N ULN2280P 2 Watt AudioIC$4.26
NTE-742 ULN2211 TV sound 2W AF $9.32
NTE-743 LM1800N ULN2244 st dem $5.10
NTE-744 CA3123 HA1139A LM1820 ULN2137 $6.30
NTE-745 : MC1306 1/2W AF power $10.00
NTE-746 MC1350P TV-FM soundIF $2.56
NTE-747 M5169 M5176 MC1330 TDA1330 ($4.93)
NTE-748 LM1351 TA7072 TA7073 $15.00
NTE-749 AN158 AN238 HA1139 M5183 TA7074P TDA1352P UPC1355C $5.48
NTE-750ECGIC-linear 4 stage fm/if ampifer,limiter $5.76
NTE-752 o MFC4000B Turner SSK disc-nla
NTE-754 MFC4040 toggleFlipFlop $1.58
NTE-755ECG MFC4050 audio amp IC ($4.80)
NTE-756 MFC4060 8-35V regulat disc-nla
NTE-760 FM IF Amplifier $2.93
NTE-761 MFC6020 dual FlipFlop disc-nla
NTE-766ECG ()
NTE-766AECG ()
NTE-769ECG ()
NTE-772AECG ()
NTE-775 ()
NTE-778A AN1458 AN4558 AN6558 AN6252 AN6558D AN6552 AN6553 AN6572
BA4558 LM1458 MB3607 MC1458 MC4558 UPC4558 XR4558
(NTE-778A=8pinDIP; 778S=8pinSIP; NTE1529=9pinSIP)
NTE-778S M5218L inline dual opamp $3.14
NTE-779A MC1344P TV sig process disc-nla
NTE-780 TV automatic finetune $3.88
NTE-781 higain wideband op amp ($8.15)
NTE-783 ULN2264 TV AutoFineTune($3.52)
NTE-784 CA3020/A HA1302 WB amp disc-nla
NTE-785 ultra higain wideband disc-nla
NTE-786/WEP2061 FM IF det prea ($5.35)
NTE-787 CA3088E AM rec subsys $28.00
NTE-788 AN377 CA3089 HA1137 LA1230P LM3089$4.94
TDA1200 ULN2289 FM IF 6.90
NTE-789 ster multiplex decode$10.24
NTE-790ECG $10.20
NTE-791 ULN2269 chroma demod $5.88
NTE-795 MC1349P IF amplifier ($9.56)
NTE-796 ($7.98)
NTE-797 ULN2262A ULN3362A chrma ($9.05)
NTE-798 chroma demodulator ($9.30)
NTE-801NTE HA1150 HA1156 LM1310N M5153P MC1310 TA7156 ULN2210 ULN3810 XR1310 8.10
NTE-804 LM378 ULN2278 dual 2W AF 8.10
NTE-805 FM IF Gain/Volt Regulator 7.63
NTE-812 SN76007N 1W AF pwrdisc-nla
NTE-815 ULN2291M TV Horiz Proc 3.21
NTE-817 MC1550 MSC5282 regency (on pkg)
NTE-818 ULN2261 TV Luminance Proc 4.70
NTE-821 LM1848 TV chroma demodulat 5.36
NTE-822 TV Chroma Processor 9.70
NTE-823 LM386N 1W AF Turner SSK 2.31
NTE-824 LM387N lo-nois st pre 3.67
NTE-825 LM390N 1W AF pwr ampl 3.80
NTE-826 LM1808 s.o.
NTE-828 LM388N8 1.5W AF power 5.05
NTE-829 MC3340 electronic atten disc-nla
NTE-832 BA567 BA1604 LM567CN NE567 IR3N05 XR567CP tone detector 4.08
NTE-834 AN1339 AN6912 DM87 HA17339 HA17901P LA6339 LM239 LM339 LM2901N MB4204 MC3302 UPC177 UPC339C QuadComparator2.88
NTE-836 MC1394P TV horiz proc 2.92
NTE-843 : Video IF autofinetune 8.10
NTE-844 : TV chroma/luminance 14.87
NTE-845 13.90
NTE-846 : LM1889N TV Video mod 5.40
NTE-849 TV hor/ver digit sync 13.90
NTE-852 ns vert/horiz process sy 9.95
NTE-853 BA4112 IR3N06 MC3357 TK10420 NB FM IF squelch 5.30
NTE-856ECG 5.30
NTE-857M o LF351 TL071 JFET op Amp 4.08
NTE-858M o LF353 TL072 dual opAmp 3.63
NTE-859 ; LF347 TL074 QuadOpAmp 3.98
NTE-860 MC3359 ULN2281B ULN3859 5.35
NTE-862 LM348N 5W audio power 3.80
NTE-863 s op amp comparator 4.05
NTE-864ECG ICL8038 waveform generator 7.58
NTE-869ECG 4.10
NTE-870ECG 2.87
NTE-873=Zenith 21.45
NTE-874 CA3236 12.92
NTE-875 LM1823N 12.55
NTE-876ECG LM3909N LEDflasherOsc 11.31
NTE-880ECG =Zenith 221-261 7.48
NTE-887MECG 1.36
NTE-889M =TL062CP 1.92
NTE-891M $1.90
NTE-900 CA3000 13.61
NTE-901 CA3001 HA1110 TA7031M 10.15
NTE-902 o CA3080 transcond ampl 3.34
903ECG CA3010 16.28
NTE-904 CA3018A LA3018A TA7047M out-nla
NTE-905 CA3019 obsolete--not available
NTE-906NTE CA3049T LA3026 LA3049 5.75
NTE-907 CA3039 disc--not available
NTE-908 CA3030 CA30388A disc-not available
NTE-909 op amp 9.05
NTE-909D :LM709CN 14 pin op amp 1.44
NTE-910 : voltage comparator 3.62
NTE-910DECG 2.72
NTE-911D s HA17711 dualVoltComp 2.08
NTE-912 CA3046 CA3086 HA1127 LA3045 LA3046
LA3086 LM3046N LM3086N TrArray 5.18
NTE-914 CA3059 (9.85)
NTE-916 CA3081 out
NTE-917NTE M5109 dual differ amp 4.30
NTE-918 LM318H hi speed opAmp 5.25
NTE-918M LM318DP LM318P opamp 4.50
NTE-919 LM319H dual comparatr 6.30
NTE-919D LM319N 4.54
NTE-921 MC1468L disc-nla
NTE-922 voltage comparator 2.89
NTE-922M AN1311 LM311N8 UPC271C UPC311C volt compar2.46
NTE-923 NE550L precision voltage regulator 4.16
NTE-923D HA17723 LM723CN MB3752 MC1723CP TDA7231.50
NTE-924 LM310 17.92
NTE-926 quad timer 3.31
NTE-927 MC1733CG diff vid amp 9.13
NTE-927D 14 pin differ vid amp 2.30
NTE-928 dual 8 pin can op amp 2.93
NTE-928M AN1358 AN6562 LA6358 LM358N LM359N LM2904N $3.13
LM2904N TA7535 UPC358 Bearcat AF IC 3.13
NTE-928S AN6561 NJM2904L TA7358 dual op amp 9 pin inline 2.10
NTE-929 NPN transistor array 1.71
NTE-930 BiMOS op amp 8pin can 5.82
NTE-931 LM323 MC7805CK 5V3A 12.83
NTE-933 Volt Reg 12V 5A positive 32.38
NTE-934 Volt Reg 13.8V 5A positive disc-nla
NTE-935 LM338 adjustable pos Voltage Regulator 15.40
NTE-937 JFET op amp 4.85
NTE-937M LF355DP JFET input Op Amp2.99
NTE-938 precision op amp 2.85
NTE-938M LM308N precision OpAmp 10.86
NTE-941 HA17741 MC1741CG OpAmp 6.26
NTE-941D MB3603 FreqComp OpAmp 2.86
NTE-941M LM741CN MB3609 MC1741CP 1.07
NTE-942 LM381N 10.37
NTE-943M LA6393D LM393N UPC393C 3.88
NTE-944 LM4250CN 5.16
NTE-944M NE566 3.10
NTE-947 MC1747 dual Op Amp 8.45
NTE-947D LM747CN MB3608 4.16
NTE-NTE948 LM348N quad op amp 3.59
NTE-949 dual op amp 8 pin can 8.60
NTE-950 pos 100Ma reg LM78L12 UPC78L122.24
NTE-951 positive voltage regulator 15V 100Ma 79L15 2.26
NTE-953 positive 4 terminal adjustable voltage regulator 9.97
NTE-955M BA555 LM555 MC1455 NE555 =86-1069 timer IC1.86
NTE-955MC CMOS timer TL555CP 1.44
NTE-955S 1.90
NTE-956 LM317T adjustable positive Voltage Regulator 1.5Amp 3.22
NTE-957 LM337MT adjustable negative Voltage Regulator 3.79
NTE-958 positive regulator 18V 1 Amp HA17818P LM7818 MC7818 4.39
NTE-959 negative voltage regulator AN7918 18 Volt 4.09
NTE-960 positive voltage regulator 5 volts 1 Amp HA17805 LM340T5 LM7805 3.73
NTE-961 negative 5 Volt 1 amp regulator AN7905T LM7905 MC7905 4.80
NTE-962 positive 6 volt 1 Amp regulator LM340T6 =LM7806 3.89
NTE-963 negative 6 volt 1 amp regulator AN7906 4.75
NTE-964 positive 8 volt 1 amp regulator LM340T8 MC7808 3.55
NTE-965 negative 8V 1A voltage regulator AN7908 3.56
NTE-966 positive 12 volt 1Amp regulator AN7812 LM7812 LM340T12 3.93
NTE-967 negative 12 volt 1Amp regulator AN7912 LM7912 MC7912 5.38
NTE-968 positive 15 volt 1 amp regulator HA17815P LM7815 MC7815 3.85
NTE-969 negative 15 volt 1 amp regulator AN7915 LM7915 5.15
NTE-970 LM317KC LM350K adjustable positive 1.5A voltage regulator 12.52
NTE-971 negative 24 volt 1 amp regulator AN7924 4.95
NTE-972 positive 24 volt 1 amp regulator HA17824P MC7824CT 3.73
NTE-973 MC1496G metal can bal mod discontinued-nla
NTE-973D LM1496 MC1496P BalModula 6.88
NTE-974 MC3044P phase/freq detec 7.15
NTE-975 LM301 LM748 UPC157C UPC301 2.58
NTE-976 LM307 op amp 2.82
NTE-977 MC78L05 positive 5 volt 100mA regulator 1.77
NTE-978 LM556 NE556 Dual Timer 2.78
980ECG 2.35
NTE-981 positive voltage regulator 8V 100Ma 2.10
NTE-982NTE 3.25
NTE-985 TV luminance processor 16.08
NTE-986 TV chroma procesor 10.20
NTE-987 BA1324 BA10324 HA17902P KIA75902 LM324 LM2902N TA75902 UPC324 Quad Op Amp2.48
NTE-988 pos 6.2V 100Ma regulator 1.71
NTE-989 LM565CN gen purpose PLL 3.63
NTE-990 LM1877, LM377N dual 2W AF power 6.29
NTE-991 SC42502P Johnson CB PLL 12.65
NTE-992 LM2900 LM3301N LM3401N LM3900N quad op amp 2.95
NTE-993 2.17
NTE-994M LM566CN volt control osc 3.25
NTE-995 LM2917N freq to volt 4.42
NTE-995M LM2917N8 freq to volt 3.88
NTE-996 LM3080N transcond op amp 1.43
NTE-997 TL075 quad op amp 3.75
NTE-999 TL431C volt refer TO92 1.14
NTE-999M TL431CP DIP volt refer 1.46
NTE-1002 LA1111P FM sound IF 8.80
NTE-1003 LA1200 LA1201 LA1260 7.97
NTE-1004 HA1126 LA1364 M5135 TA7070P TV AFT 8.80
NTE-1005 LA3300 FM ster demodulat 9.06
NTE-1006 LA3301 FM ster demodulat9.06
NTE-1009 LA4030 1W AF power 6.73
NTE-1010 LA4031 2W AF power 7.15
NTE-1011SPD LA4032P 3W AF power 8.95
NTE-1012 LD1020 CB osc AM IF 3.80
NTE-1013 LD1041 AM IF/AF preamp 3.58
NTE-1016 LD3001 audio preamp/driv 6.73
NTE-1019 LD3120 equalizer amplif 6.26
1020ECG replaces LD3141 disc-nla
NTE-1021SPD LD3150 equalizer amp 7.81
NTE-1022 TA7117P 4 channel decod 7.25
NTE-1024 STK011 8W AF power 19.51
NTE-1025SPD STK020 10W AF power 21.79
NTE-1027 STK015 13W AF power 21.22
NTE-1029 HA1306W 3.5W AF power 10.70
ECG-1030 HA1308 HA1309 5W AF power[1]($20.00) discontinued
NTE-1032 HA1311 1W AF power 8.55
NTE-1036 HA1316 .7W AF power disc-nla
NTE-1037 HA1322 5.5W AF power
NTE-1038 HA1318P 3.5W AF power 10.40
NTE-1040 HA1211 FM IF amplifier 4.80
NTE-1041 HA1202 FM IF amplifier 6.70
NTE-1043 HA1319 1W AF power 8.25
NTE-1045 UPC16C TV sound IF 4.92
NTE-1046 UPC23C TV auto fine tune 7.80
NTE-1047 UPC17C FM IF detect prea 5.59
NTE-1049 UPC30C RF amp & AM tuner 6.95
NTE-1050 M5191 UPC262 UPC562C 7.65
NTE-1052 BA302 UPC566 AF preamp 4.45
NTE-1054 AN203 AM/FM IF amplif 7.61
NTE-1055 AN210 AM/FM IF AMconvert 6.26
NTE-1056 AN211 FM Ster demodulat 7.00
NTE-1058 AN214Q 4.4W AF power 8.54
NTE-1060 AN217 AM RF Mix Osc IF 6.57
NTE-1061 TA7050P TV auto fine tun 7.56
NTE-1062 AN225 TA7103P (739?) 11.02
NTE-1070ECG AN328 Video Sig Proc $9.05 (1987)
NTE-1072 AN253 AM/FM IF AF pream 7.50
NTE-1073 AN277 RF MixOsc AM/FM IF 6.68
NTE-1075A UPC20C UPC81 1W AF 11.15
NTE-1079 UPC561 TV Vertical 8.55
NTE-1080 HA1140 HA1353 LA1353 TA7075 TV Vid Sig Proc 8.80
NTE-1081A UPC563H UPC1025 AF amp 12.20
NTE-1082 MB3202 UPC577 AF preamp 4.85
NTE-1085 TA7122BP audio preamp 4.80
NTE-1087 TA7120 TA7220 preamp 4.80
NTE-1089 replaces UPC29C UPC29C2 UPC29C3 13.05
NTE-1090 STK025 STK032 25W AFpwr disc-nla
NTE-1092 UPC555H 150Mhz RF or IF 4.66
NTE-1093 UPC41C 1W AF power 1.54
NTE-1094 HA1158 LA1373 Chroma 13.40
NTE-1095ECG M5101P 1W AF power
NTE-1096 M5131 M5134 TV AFT 6.00
NTE-1097 M5106 1W AF power 10.82
NTE-1098 15.63
NTE-1100 BA402 TA7061 FM IF 4.61
NTE-1101 TA7069 DC-100Mhz amplif 4.61
NTE-1102/WEP942 TA7062P audio pre 4.61
NTE-1103 TA7063 audio preamp 4.81
NTE-1104 BA401 TA7060P FM IF 3.83
NTE-1106 TA7054P FM stereo demod 6.95
NTE-1107 TA7092 4.8W AF power 14.25
NTE-1108 TA7046P AM/FM IF/AFpream 8.60
NTE-1110 M5115 2W AFpreamp/power 15.10
NTE-1113 TAA611A TAA611B12 2.1W AF
NTE-1114 TBA641 4.5W AF power
NTE-1115 7W hole in taps AF pwr 8.59
NTE-1115A TBA810 TCA830S 7W AFpwr 8.59
NTE-1117 TBA820L 14pin 2W AFpower disc-nla
NTE-1118 TAA611C11 Bearcat Scan AF
NTE-1122 13.30
NTE-1123 AN236 TV subcarrier proc 9.78
NTE-1124 UPC27C AM/FM IF amp 8.50
NTE-1126 M5155P 1W AF power 10.15
NTE-1127 UPC1001H 4.5W af power 10.20
NTE-1128 TA7124P TV Video IF 5.83
NTE-1129 TA7153P TV Vert Deflection
NTE-1130 TA7150P chroma demodul 8.75
NTE-1131 TA7148P chroma process
NTE-1132 TA7149P chroma subcarrier
NTE-1133 TA7146P sound IF detect 7.70
NTE-1134 TA7145P video sig proces 7.75
NTE-1135 BA301 hi gain preamp 4.50
NTE-1137 AN274 1.3W AF power 8.07
NTE-1139 STK018 13W AF power 19.77
NTE-1140 UPC575C2 2W AF power 9.45
NTE-1142 UPC554 FM ster multiplex 7.70
NTE-1150 LA4050P LA4051P 2.5W AF 8.60
NTE-1153 TA7200 TA7204 4.2W AF 11.60
NTE-1154 TA7203 dual 2W AF power 12.58
NTE-1155 TA7205AP 5.8W AF power 13.14
NTE-1156 M5115P 2W AF power 12.48
NTE-1158 LA1366N LA7620 ChromPro 10.30
NTE-1159 LA1367 LA7620 ChromProc 10.30
NTE-1160 UPC1020 5.2W AF power 9.57
NTE-1161 AN239Q Video/Sound IF 13.63
NTE-1162 AN241P Sound IF & Preamp 5.12
NTE-1164 AN245 AN246 VidSigProc 10.53
NTE-1165 BA511A 4.5W AF power 9.16
NTE-1166 BA521 5.8W AF power 10.19
NTE-1167 MC145109 PLL02A SM5109 TC9100 CB-PLL 21.37
NTE-1168 AN331 Video Signal Proc
NTE-1169SPD HA1339A 5.5W AF pwr disc-nla
NTE-1170NTE BA328MR LA3160 M5152L dual audio preamp 7.55
NTE1170(18Vmax)opposite pinout NTE1458(18Vmax)&NTE1659(16Vmax)
NTE-1171 LM101 LM201 LM301 UPC15 UPC157A(975) af preamp 9.34
NTE-1172 UPC1008C phase/freq det 12.89
NTE-1173ECG AN247P M51247 disc-nla
NTE-1174 TV automatic fine tuning 4.35
NTE-1175 sound IF/det/AFpreamp 6.68
NTE-1178ECG LA1369 chroma demodul 8.75
NTE-1179 LA3201 af preamp3.57
NTE-1180 LA4100 LA4101 1.5W AF pwr 6.42
NTE-1181 AN271 FM stereo demodul 5.85
NTE-1183 M5192P chroma demodulat
NTE-1184 UPC573C AF preamp 5.85
NTE-1185 UPC576 3.5W Audio power 6.50
NTE-1186 LA1353 UPC595C Video IF 6.16
NTE-1187 LA1354 UPC596 Video AGC 5.95
NTE-1188 TA7028 Sound IF AFpreamp 6.37
NTE-1189ECG HA11112 TV Chroma Proc
NTE-1192 AN103 TA7310 UPC3001 VCO 8.38
NTE-1193 LA4400 4.5W AF Power 8.33
NTE-1194 MB3710 UPC1156 5.8W AFp disc-nla
NTE-1195 UPC592 af preamp4.45
NTE-1196 HA1158 HA1177 HA11580 UPC580 UPC1380 chroma 16.25
NTE-1197 TC5082 CMOS freq divid 7.04
NTE-1198 UPD858C CB PLL IC 22.40
NTE-1199 UPD857C CB PLL IC21.68
NTE-1200 TA7167 TV Chroma Proces 15.01
NTE-1201 UHIC001 VoltControlOsc 18.85
NTE-1202 UHIC003 VoltControlOsc 18.85
NTE-1203 UHIC004 VoltControlOsc 18.85
NTE-1204 UHIC005A VoltControlOsc 18.85
NTE-1206 TA7157P FM stereo demod 7.66
NTE-1207 TC5080P program-ble div disc-nla
NTE-1208 TC5081 phase freq detect 5.85
NTE-1209ECG TD3505 4bitbinarycount
NTE-1210 BA313 TA7137 AF preamp 3.52
NTE-1211 LA4400Y LA4410Y LA4420
LA4430 5.5W AF power 7.06
NTE-1212 STK013 dual 9.5W audio 19.90
NTE-1213 HA1144 HA11228 Video IF 6.70
NTE-1214 HA1197 LA1240 AM tuner 7.97
NTE-1215 LA3155 Stereo preamp 4.35
NTE-1216 LA1390 TV chroma 18.73
NTE-1217 BA1330 LA3330 LA3350 7.61
NTE-1218 STK413 STK415 STK433 STK435 STK4332
STK4352 STK4362 (ECG1220) 17.96
NTE-1219 STK437 STK439 dual 15W 20.86
NTE-1220ECG see NTE1218
NTE-1221 LA3101 Stereo preamp 7.66
NTE-1223 AN360 audio preamp 3.05
NTE-1224 AN374 1.2W audio power 6.35
NTE-1225ECG LA3331 stereo demodul
NTE-1226 AN115 BA1310 HA12003 MC1309 UPC587 UPC1026C ster demod 5.07
NTE-1227 LA1222 FM IF amplifier 3.83
NTE-1228 LA4102 2.1W AF power 5.18
NTE-1229 HA1148 TV Vert 10.35
NTE-1230 LA1310 LA3310 FMsterDem 11.54
NTE-1231 TDA1190Z TV sound IF IC (tabs heatsink) 5.74
NTE-1231A HA1364 TDA1190P TDA3190 TV sound IF (pin heatsinks)5.74
NTE-1232 LM383T TDA2002 ULN3701Z UPC2002 8W AF power6.45
NTE-1233 PLL02AG 6V CB PLL IC 24.45
NTE-1234 AN5215 AN5730 AN5732 TA7130P UPC1028H FM IF3.62
NTE-1235 TA7064P squelch 5.30
NTE-1236 TA7176AP FM sound IF 7.10
NTE-1237 HA1151 AM receive subsys 3.80
NTE-1238 HA1325 2W Audio Power
NTE-1239 HA1342A 5.5W Audio Power 8.55
NTE-1240 AN315 5.5W Audio Power 8.60
NTE-1241 BA318 meter driver 3.57
NTE-1242 AN366P AM FM IF amplif 5.75
NTE-1243 TA7159P FM ster demodul 10.35
NTE-1245 LA1385 UPC1031 Vertical 5.80
NTE-1246 UPC1353 sound IF & AF 6.21
NTE-1248 AN362 BA1320 HA12026 LA3361 UPC1197 PLL FM Multiplex7.81
NTE-1249 AN612 bal mod/demodulat 6.57
NTE-1250 AN326 auto fine tun circ7.25
NTE-1251 adjustable voltage regulator 10.51
NTE-1252 STK013 STK014 out-nla
NTE-1254 UPD861C CB PLL IC 15.89
NTE-1255 MC145104 SM5104 MN6040A MN6043 CB PLL ICdisc-nla
NTE-1256 M51513L 5.8W AF power $8.12
NTE-1257 KC583 FM IF & 2W Audio 8.80
NTE-1258 TV Vert Osc Driver 18.87
NTE-1259 TA7202P 6.5W Audio Power disc-nla
NTE-1260 HA1366 5.5W Audio Power disc-nla
NTE-1261 HA1366R 5.5W Audio Power
NTE-1262 UHIC007 UHIC070 CB VCO disc-nla
NTE-1263 AN262 VCR rec/playback 7.14
NTE-1264 AN302 VCR luminance 9.12
NTE-1265 AN303 VCR noise supress 10.56
NTE-1266 AN305 VCR chroma 8.45
NTE-1267 AN316 VCR dropout Comp 7.56
NTE-1268 AN318 VCR DC servo Cont12.37
NTE-1269 AN377 VCR Color Process21.94
NTE-1271 MB3756 Voltage Control Regulator 16.00
NTE-1272 PLL03A CB PLL IC disc-nla
NTE-1273 TA7214 dual 15W audio 7.14
NTE-1275ECG UPC1152H 5.8W audio
NTE-1278 TA7222 5.8W audio power 6.48
NTE-1280ECG STK0039N 35W AF pwr disc-nla
NTE-1281 STK0050 50W AF power disc-nla
NTE-1282 STK0039P 35W AF power disc-nla
NTE-1283 HA1368 5.3W audio power 4.95
NTE-1284 HA1368R 5.3W audio power disc-nla
NTE-1285 UPC1181 5.8W AF power 10.66
NTE-1286 UPC1182H 5.8W AF power 11.79
NTE-1287 TDA2020 20W Audio Power 9.99
NTE-1288 SP500 TDA2003 10W AFpwr 7.49
NTE-1289 TDA1170N TV Vert Deflec11.63
NTE-1290 HA1199 AM receiver 5.02
NTE-1291 M51515BL dual 5.5W Audio 6.99
NTE-1293 UPC1185 dual 7W Audio 13.55
NTE-NTE1294 TBA820M & KA2201 8 pin 2W Audio IC4.45
NTE-1295 AN5435 TV signal process 3.57
NTE-1296 HA11247 TV chroma proc 8.75
NTE-1299 AN5411 (1417) TV signal 10.88
NTE-1300 CX065 M51725L TVremoteCn5.59
NTE-1301 CX075 M5117 M51171L IF 7.50
NTE-1308 CX095 TV Sound IF 9.42
NTE-1312 CX157 TV Vert Osc Ampli27.96
NTE-1313 CX158 TV Horiz osc 12.21
NTE-1314 AN6362 VCR color AFC see NTE15010
NTE-1315 STK4161II 22.98
NTE-1316 STK4171-II STK4181-II STK4191-II (18 pin)20.17
NTE-1317 STK4171-V STK4181-V STK4191-V (18 pin)20.58
NTE-1318ECG STK5322 12.06
NTE-1319ECG STK4020 STK4021 15W AF
NTE-1320 STK0025 STK0029N 25W AF disc-nla
NTE-1321 STK0049 STK0059 STK449 55W
NTE-1322 STK0080 80W AF power 22.13
NTE-1323 STK016 15W AF power 38.28
NTE-1324 STK040 STK0401 dual 10W disc-nla
NTE-1325 STK041 STK043 dual 20W disc-nla
NTE-1326 STK077 STK078 STK177 24w (use 1327)
NTE-1327 STK080 STK082 35W AF30.86
NTE-1328 STK083 STK084 50W AF special order-expensive
NTE-1329 STK441 dual 20W audio 27.53
NTE-1330 STK457 STK459 dual 15W 24.04
NTE-1331 STK461 STK463 dual 25W 26.02
NTE-1333 STK0030 STK0040 40W AF $18.07
NTE-1334ECG STK0060II 60W audio
NTE-1336ECG STK050 STK070 70W AF75.50
NTE-1337 STK085 STK086 70W AF spec.order
NTE-1338 50W voltage amplifier14.32
NTE-1339 STK3082 12.05-special order
NTE-1340 24W AF uses +/-supply 15.30
NTE-1341ECG STK071 15W uses +/-supply
NTE-1342ECG STK0100 STK0105 100W +-supply
NTE-1343 STK430 dual 10W audio 11.90
NTE-1344 STK443 dual 25W audio 24.21
NTE-1345 STK465 dual 30W audio 23.90
NTE-1346 STK0060-II 60W audio 34.05
NTE-1347 STK460 dual 20W audio 24.69
NTE-1348ECG 20W audio
NTE-1356 STK2025 STK2029 dual25Wdiscontinued-nla
NTE-1357 STK1030 STK1040 40W AF discontinued-nla
NTE-1359 STK430-II dual 22W AF 17.34
NTE-1360ECG STK1060 60W +/- supply
NTE-1361 M51516L dual/bridge aud discontinued-nla
NTE-1362 M51103L 5.5W audio 6.05
NTE-1363 AN7130 4.2W audio 4.95
NTE-1364 M51517L dual 5.5W audio 7.14
NTE-1365 AN7131 AN7140 5W Audio 6.88
NTE-1366 M51514AL 5.5W audio pwr 4.40
NTE-1367 AN7146 dual 2.3W audio 7.19
NTE-1368 MB3722 dual 5.8W audio 8.54
NTE-1369 AN7154 5.5W audio 7.50
NTE-1370 KIA7205 KIA7217 TA7217 6.78
NTE-1371 AN7151 AN7156 dual 5.3W 7.05
NTE-1372 TA7229 dual 3.9W audio 11.75
NTE-1373 AN7158 AN7166 dual 7.5W 9.99
NTE-1374 TDA2008 12W audio pwr disc-nla
NTE-1375 BA532 5.8W audio powerdisc/nla
NTE-1376 TDA2040 22W audio power 14.53
NTE-1377 LA4440 dual 6W audio pwr 9.06
NTE-1378 TDA2006 UPC1238 10W A F 10.19
NTE-1379 TA7215P dual 5.5W audio 7.30
NTE-1380 TDA2030 14W audio power 14.26
NTE-1381 AN7115 2.1W audio power 5.50
NTE-1382 LA4125 LA4126T dual 2.4W 10.92
NTE-1383 AN7145 dual 2.4W audio 6.52
NTE-1384 LA4220 (LA4420/LA4430=ECG1211)
3.5W audio amplifier 4.97
NTE-1385 TA7212 3.8W audio power 4.60
NTE-1386 LA4230 LA4250 LA4520 8W disc-nla
NTE-1387 TA7230P dual 2.4W audio 8.24
NTE-1388 LA4422 5.8W audio power 6.62
NTE-1389 UPC1230H dual 20W AF pwr 8.86
NTE-1390 LA4460 12W audio power 7.23
NTE-1391 LA4461 12W audio power 7.23
NTE-1392 HA1389 7W audio power 10.85
NTE-1393 HA1389R 7W audio power 5.25
NTE-1394 M51102 TA7227 dual 5.8W 8.95
NTE-1395 AN7168 AN7169 HA13108 HA1398 (1398 switch couple of leads)8.02
NTE-1396 DM133 SP600 SP800 TDA2005 20 Watt autosound audio9.82
NTE-1397 HA1374A dual 3.5W audio 6.11
NTE-1398 AN7148 HA1377 dual 5.8W (similar 1395--switch couple of leads)10.59
NTE-1399 HA1388 18W audio powerdisc--nla
NTE-1400 AN304 FM limiter ic 8.33
NTE-1401 AN5340 HA11401 TV Video 15.16
NTE-1402 AN5010 elect chan select 8.75
NTE-1404 AN5250 Sound IF amp 5.69
NTE-1406 AN5510 TV Vert Deflect disc-nla
NTE-1407spd MB3705 4.4W AF pwr 7.22
NTE-1408 ECG 15.42
NTE-1409 UPC1363 elect chan selec 8.38
NTE-1410 AN5310 AN5311 UPC1372 24.98
1411ECG M5185 TV Video IF/AGC
NTE-1412 AN6300 Video Signal Proc 10.87
NTE-1413 M51368P TA7611 TDA2540 10.14
NTE-1415 AN5320 AN53230 ColorComp 7.04
NTE-1416 TDA3570 UPC1352C UPC1372 Chroma Video Sig Proc 11.39
NTE-1417 AN5410 AN5411 UPC1367 Deflection Sig Proces 9.00
NTE-1419 AN6320 AN6330 VCR amp 7.25
NTE-1420 UPC1358 TV Vert output obs-nla
NTE-1421 AN6811 VCR freq divid 4.24
NTE-1422 AN6331 AN6332 VidSigPr 12.16
NTE-1423 MB3712 5.7W AF power disc-nla
NTE-1424 MB3713 5.7W AF power disc-nla
NTE-1425 AN6341 VCR Servo Contrl 10.87
NTE-1426 UPC1368 TV Vertical disc-nla
NTE-1427 AN6342 VCR Freq Divid 6.21
NTE-1428 AN6340 AN6344 VCRservo 15.63
NTE-1429 HA1385 Vert Output 16.04
NTE-1431 BA302 Audio Driver IC sold-out
NTE-1433 BA312 Audio preamp IC sold-out
NTE-1435 AN7310 AN7311 dual af preamp 3.42
NTE-1436 M51172P FM stereo IF 6.00
NTE-1437 AN5530 M51389P VIRProc 15.73
NTE-1438 M51144 Audio Prog Selec 8.95
NTE-1439 AN829 LA2600 dual atten 8.69
NTE-1440 AN5111 Video IFamp AGC 11.20
NTE-1441 LA1231 FM IF system 4.92
NTE-1442 AN610 balance modulator 4.30
NTE-1444 AN313 dual 3W AF power ($10.00)
NTE-1445 LA1460 LA1461 LA7800 LA7801 LA7820 TV Deflec Cirdisc-nla
NTE-1446 AN301 VCR Servo Control 9.63
NTE-1447 LA2100 LA2101 FMnoiseCa7.76
NTE-1448 AN278 FM IF Amp 4.32
NTE-1449 LA3130 equalizer amplif 2.36
NTE-1450 AN272 5W AF power disc-nla
NTE-1451 LA3133 2channel Equaliz 3.73
NTE-1452ECG 1W audio
NTE-1453 LA3115 2channel Equaliz 5.80
NTE-1454 AN340 sound IF amp det disc not avail
NTE-1455 LA3122 2 chan equal 3.93
NTE-1457 LA3120 equalizer amp 2.44
NTE-1458 (18Vmax) UPC1186H preamp 3.60
{NTE-1170 (18Vmax) opposite pinout; 1659 (16Vmax) same pinout as 1458}
NTE-1459 LA3150 equalizer amp 3.52
NTE-1460 UPC1173 ster demodulator 4.97
NTE-1461 LA3370 stereo demodulator 6.21
NTE-1462 TA7129AP preamp 5.81
NTE-1463 AN7120 LA4112 2.3W audio 4.76
NTE-1464spd TA7136 audio preamp disc-nla
NTE-1465 AN7112 HA12013 LA4140 HA4142 TA7313 1/2W audio 2.38
NTE-1466 BA333 LA3210 TA7137 2.28
NTE-1467 M51182 1/2W audio pwr 4.92
NTE-1468 TA7066P TA7140P preamp 4.04
NTE-1469 HA11215 video IF 14.85
NTE-1470 LA4201 2.5W AF pwr 5.59
NTE-1471 HA11423 Sync separ 7.86
NTE-1472 LA4110 1W AF power 4.97
NTE-1473 HA11434 color vid sig pr 13.10
NTE-1474 TA7302P FM IF Amp 5.02
NTE-1475 LC7131 Cmos CB PLL 9.57
NTE-1476 TA7208P 1.4W Audio power 6.41
NTE-1477 LA4170 2 ch Headphone amp 5.07
NTE-1478 TA7226 solenoid sig sens 6.57
NTE-1480spd HA1452W dual preamp 5.49
NTE-1481 LA4175 dual record amp 5.46
NTE-1482 HA11223 stereo demodul 7.14
NTE-1483 LA1357NA UPC1356C TV-IF 18.83
NTE-1484 HA1196 stereo demodul 5.95
NTE-1485 AN5520 Vert Defl out 7.78
NTE-1486 HA11211 AM/FM IF/det 7.40
NTE-1487 AN259 AM RF Convert IF 4.45
NTE-1488 HA11225 M51173P TA7066 UPC1167C FM-IFamp/det/meter/AFpreamp/mute 6.99
NTE-1489 UPC1161 ster demodulator 10.04
NTE-1490 HA11251 FM/AM Tuner IC 5.43
NTE-1491 UPC1171 AM/FM IF amp 5.18
NTE-1492 HA11221 TV Video IF amp 7.35
NTE-1493 UPC1187 FM ster demodul 5.07
NTE-1494 HA1138 AM rec system 6.56
NTE-1495 UPC1191 AM RF Mix IF amp 9.26
NTE-1496 TA7609 Vert/Horiz osc 8.53
NTE-1497 UPC1158H AF preamp ALC 3.31
NTE-1498 TA7318P dual meter driv 3.93
NTE-1500 AN6878 log 7 dot driver 3.91
NTE-1501 AN6877 lin 7 dot driver 4.14
NTE-1502 AN6876 lin 5 dot driver 3.38
NTE-1503 AN6875 log 5 dot driver 3.88
NTE-1507 adjustable analog level detector 7.93
NTE-1508 LM3914 10step bar driv 8.18
NTE-1509 LM3915 log bar driver 7.76
NTE-1510 M51903 10 step lev det 4.45
NTE-1512 LB1416 5step level det 5.02
NTE-1513 LB1409 9step level det 7.35
NTE-1514 LB1415 5step level det 5.28
NTE-1515 LB1405 5step level det 4.55
NTE-1516 UPC1212C UPC1213 1.8W AF 5.43
NTE-1517 M51544 dual audio preamp 4.97
NTE-1519 TA7612 10step level det 6.57
NTE-1521 TA7314 sound IF amp/det 7.19
NTE-1522 UPC1366 B/W video IF 6.72
NTE-1523 TA7312P dual AF preamp 4.45
NTE-1525 BA404 TA7303 3 stage IF 4.50
NTE-1527 HA11123 FM IF meter driv 6.52
NTE-1528 UPD2816 CB PLL IC not available
NTE-1529 AN6551 BA715 LA6458S NJM4558S TA75558S
. 9 pin SIP dual op amp 3.05
NTE-1530 UPC1350 .45W AF pwr ALC 5.90
NTE-1531 LA5700 ElectTunSystem VR 6.83
NTE-1532 TA7608 video chroma amp 22.15
NTE-1533 LA1130 AM tuner system 5.12
NTE-1535ECG TV Sync, H/V osc/driv 6.83
NTE-1536 LC7120 CMOS CB PLL 14.90
NTE-1537 LC7250 digital freq indi 15.78
NTE-1538 LA7800 TV H/V osc driv 6.16
NTE-1539 LA7802 TV sync deflect 6.57
NTE-1540 LA7806 TV sync deflect 5.80
NTE-1541 BA403 LA1150 FM IF detect 2.79
NTE-1542 LA7506 LA7507 TV video IF 11.33
NTE-1543 HA11219 FM noise Supr 5.90
NTE-1545 M51358P TA7607 vid IF 11.68
NTE-1546 STR381/A TV volt regulator 18.26
NTE-1547 KA2153 TA7644 chroma H/V 15.22
NTE-1548 STR380 TV volt regulator 19.61
NTE-1549 LM3916 volt lev indicat 4.66
NTE-1550 HA11235 TV sync proces 7.42
NTE-1551 AN5132 TV video IF amp 5.95
NTE-1553 STR385 TV voltage regulator 19.89
NTE-1554 HA11715 motor driver 8.64
NTE-1556 LB1332 VIR signal proc 7.25
NTE-1557 BA4220 HA12413 KA2243 FM/AM IF system6.00
NTE-1558 BA5102 LA7040 VCR audio 5.80
NTE-1559 HA12412 FM IF amplifier 5.80
NTE-1560 AN7410 FM ster demodulat 3.98
NTE-1561 BA6124 LB1403 KA2284 VU 3.00
NTE-1563 AN7218 UPC1018 AM/FM IF 3.78
NTE-1564 ECG LB1500AC TV/FM chan sel
NTE-1565 HA11227 PLL demodulator 4.71
NTE-1566 TDA2611A 4.95
NTE-1567 TDA3651 TDA3653 Vert out 6.66
NTE-1568 AN6345 VCR speed contr 6.11
NTE-1569 AN287 Video Amp Blanker 3.62
NTE-1571 TA7658 dual preamp ALC 4.50
NTE-1572 KA2914A TA7680 FM-IF 7.75
NTE-1573 ECG sound IF limiter det
NTE-1576 TA7630 dual vol/bal cont 5.64
NTE-1577 DM138 lo noise af preamp 6.37
NTE-1579 HA12411 FM IF AFC 3.93
NTE-1580 ECG TV/FM IF/detect 1.97
NTE-1581 M58478 VCR freq divid 6.83
NTE-1583 ECG HA11702 VCR FM demod
NTE-1585 HA11701 Video Sync AGC 7.50
NTE-1591 HA11711 VCR capatan cntr 32.19
NTE-1596 CX135 Demod/Video Chr 24.89
NTE-1597 HA11706 Chroma VCO Buf 7.14
NTE-1600 HA11714 VCR speed cont 6.78
NTE-1602 HA1393 19W audio pwr 13.25
NTE-1604 BA4110 LA1140 FM IFdet 2.85
NTE-1606 HA1392 dual 7W AF pwr 6.05
NTE-1608 LA1245 AM RF/Osc/IF 3.26
NTE-1609 BA222 VCR Timer 2.85
NTE-1610 AN5722 Video Det/AGC 5.59
NTE-1611 AN5722 UPC1057C carr-osc 7.25
NTE-1612 BA526 audio .7W power 2.69
NTE-1613 AN6677 =RCA148729 13.62
NTE-1615 AN5700 TunerBandSwitch 2.60
NTE-1616 UPC1382 TV sound IF 5.59
NTE-1618 AN5712 Video IF AGC 4.35
NTE-1619 BA536 BA5402A dual 4.5W 6.21
NTE-1620 AN5710 video IF AGC 2.40
NTE-1621 AN6310 VCR Video proc 7.92
NTE-1624 HA12402 TDA1083 3.21
NTE-1625 AN5703 TunerBandSwitch 3.93
NTE-1626 UPC1277 dual 4.2W AF 13.25
NTE-1627 BA546 AF power 1/2Watt 1.99
NTE-1628 VCR motor driver 4.66
NTE-1629 AN5752 AN5753 Sync/Hor 3.39
NTE-1630 AN6387 VCR MotorDrive 12.78
NTE-1631 ECG FM stereo demodul 2.95
NTE-1632 TDA2577 9.04
NTE-1634 LA3220 dual AF preamp 3.05
NTE-1636 BA847 VCR Still Contrl 3.48
NTE-1637 LA4185 dual Audio power 7.04
NTE-1638 ECG audio 6.5Watt
NTE-1639 MN3101 clock for BBD echodisc-nla
NTE-1640 MN3001 AF BBD sig delay disc-nla
NTE-1641 MN3007 AF BBD sig delay 9.68
NTE-1647 ECG LA7823. TV V/H osc/driv disc-nla
NTE-1648 KA2410N TA31001 PhoneRing 2.66
NTE-1649 TA31002 Phone Ringer 2.66
NTE-1650 HA11436 HA11446 HA11480 14.99
NTE-1651 TA7668 dual preamp ALC 2.90
NTE-1652 ECG TDA2791P TV audio
NTE-1653 ECG M51355P TV VIF/SIF audio disc item
NTE-1654 TA7614 AM/FM IFosc Det 3.42
NTE-1655 LM1884N TVsterDecod 4 41
NTE-1656 M51356 TV VIF/SIF det $12.35
NTE-1657 AN7240N KA2263 TA7343AP 1.70
NTE-1658 LA7910 TV TunerBandSel 2.85
NTE-1659 BA328 LA3161 M51521L dual af preamp (16Vmax)1.95
Note:NTE-1170 (18Vmax) opposite pinout & 1458 (18Vmax) same pinout
NTE-1660 HA1406 audio preamp 2.15
NTE-1661 UPC1379C TVvert/HorizP 5.60
NTE-1662 LB1515 ChanSelectContr 4.10
NTE-1663 AN5255 TV soundIF det AF 12.56
NTE-1664 UPC1377 Sync/Hor/VerOs 6.79
NTE-1666 ECG lo noise audio preamp
NTE-1667 LA4190 LA4192 dual 2.3W 3.85
NTE-1668 ECG TV sound IF detect 2.80
ECG-1670 tachometer driver IC disc-nla
NTE-1671 TA7670P VidChrHorVert 12.89
NTE-1672 TDA1060A pwr supply contr 4.65
NTE-1673 LA7601 LA7830 LA7832 LA7833 ChromaVideoAmp 9.10
NTE-1674 AN5512 TA7664 VertDefl 3.79
NTE-1675 LA4505 dual 8.5W aud pwr 9.26
NTE-1676 UPC1378 vert deflect disc-nla
NTE-1677 TD6350P 12.08
NTE-1678 UPC1394 TV switch regulator 4.81
NTE-1679 BA6304 VCR D-A convert 5.72
NTE-1682 AN5020 TA11167 InfraRed 4.07
NTE-1683 AN5416 Horiz Vert Proc 11.23
NTE-1684 AN5515 TV vert deflec 5.10
NTE-1685 LA4260 LA4261 dual 3.5W audio 4.96
NTE-1686 ECG HA11749 VCR speed control
NTE-1687 LM2896P1 dual 7.8W AF 5.65
NTE-1688 ECG TV tuner band switch 3.86
NTE-1689 ECG VCR head amp/limit 7.29
NTE-1690 LR4089 MK5089 UM95089 T-T 7.69
NTE-1691 LR40992 MK50992 pulsedial 3.28
NTE-1692 LR40993 MK50993 pulse/tone dial 18 pin, redial 3.39
NTE-1693 LR40981 pulse dial 16pin 4.75
NTE-1700 AN6343 VCR speed cont 6.88
NTE-1701 AN6350 VCR servo con 15.42
NTE-1702 AN6360 ColorSigProc 8.13
NTE-1703 AN6361 ColorSigProc 7.93
NTE-1704 AN7110 AF 1.2W power 3.55
NTE-1705 ECG HallSwitch VCRsensor 5.90
NTE-1706 ECG HA11747 VCR servo control
NTE-1707 LA4445 dual 5.5W AF 5.17
NTE-1708 TV tuner bandswitch 2.87
NTE-1709 ECG dual bal modulator 6.40
NTE-1711 ECG VCR record amp 4.62
NTE-1712 VCR record sig process 9.31
NTE-1714M UPC1373 Remote Contr Amp 5.32
NTE-1714S Remote control preamp 3.65
NTE-1715 ECG flouresc disp driver 4.65
NTE-1716 ECG BA6209 VCR motor driver 5.59
NTE-1717 BA6122A dual sw regulator 6.38
NTE-1718 ECG VCR dual comparator 3.10
NTE-1719 STR383 TV Voltage Regulator 19.09
NTE-1720 HA17524 LM3524N UC3524 XR3524 pulse width regulator 4.94
NTE-1721 Pulse Width Mod regulator IC 5.72
NTE-1724 HA1370 UPC1188 20W AF disc-not available
NTE-1725 HA11440 Video IF AGC 6.79
NTE-1727 AN5436 TV Sig Process 4.50
NTE-1728 LA7520 10.04
NTE-1729 HA17494 MB3759 4.46
NTE-1730 TA7325P dual AF preamplifier 1.84
NTE-1731 LR4173 MK5173 pulse dial 16pin 10 memory10.03
NTE-1732 STK561 STK563F STK583F 4W audio & volt regulator disc-nla
NTE-1733 STK5431 Voltage Regulator 4 output 14.29
NTE-1734 STK5441 VCR Voltage Regulator 13.97
NTE-1735 STK5451 VCR Volt Regulator 13.08
NTE-1736 STK6981B STK6982 Mot Driv 15.42
NTE-1737 STK7563F Voltage Regulator 2 output 19.47
NTE-1740 STR3015 STR3115 (15018) fixed TV Voltage Regulator 12.16
NTE-1741 STR3125 (15020) TV Voltage Regulator 13.53
NTE-1742 STR3030 STR3130 (15019) 13.53
NTE-1743 STR3035 STR3135 (15012) 13.53
NTE-1744 AN6291 dbxSterNoisReduct 8.15
NTE-1745 M54459 VCR Freq Divider 6.01
NTE-1748 STK6962 motor driver 5.59
NTE-1749 ECG =LM18293 dual bidirec motor driver 15.40
1750-ECG Dual Solenoid/Motor Driver IC $12.20
NTE-1751 TV SCR driver 6.87
NTE-1752 TDA2546A sound IF 9.91
NTE-1754 TDA3652 TDA3654Q=bentLeg 11.94
ECG1756 18-pin 15-Command remote control receiver [3]-tray
NTE-1757 ECG prog remotecntrl rec 14.53
NTE-1759 UPD1987 RemoteContRec 6.11
NTE-1765 $7.40
NTE-1766 BA6219 motor driver 5.76
NTE-1767 UPC1498 5.60
NTE-1771 LA7621 chroma deflection 8.26
NTE-1773 LA7830 LA7832 LA7833 TV vertical deflection 3.14
NTE-1774 LB1649 (15006) MotorDriv 4.39
NTE-1776 11.90
NTE-1777 STR30130 (15032) Voltage Regulator 14.03
NTE-1778 STR30134 STR30135(15033) 11.73
NTE-1780 AN5836 2-chan tone/bal/vol 7.94
NTE-1782 AN5521 TV vert drive/out 5.25
NTE-1784 TV horiz processor 4.68
NTE-1785 TDA2541 Vid IF AGC 7.58
NTE-1787 TA7361A UPC1513H (15005) 3.86
NTE-1788 TDA8172 TV vert defl out 6.18
NTE-1790 TA7777P 21.99
NTE-1792 ECG dual attenuator 3.98
NTE-1793 UPC1401C UPC1402 (15016) 12.97
NTE-1796 STR54041 16.93
NTE-1797 LA7831 Vert DeflectOutput 6.34
NTE-1798 LA4270 dual 6W/chan AFpwr 5.77
NTE-1802 ECG TDA1516Q dual 6W Audio 11.38
NTE-1804 VertDeflecLgScreen 9.01
NTE-1813 AN6366 VCR ColorSig proc 13.53
NTE-1815 STK4020II STK4024II 20W 11.52
NTE-1816 ecg STK4101II (NTE1874) 16.01
NTE-1817 STK4112-II STK4122-II STK4131-II STK4132-II 18.80
NTE-1818 STK4141-II STK4142-II dual 25W audio 20.04
NTE-1819 STK4151II STK4152II dual 30 Watt audio $23.71
NTE-1820 STK4773 STK4793 STK4803 STK4813 STK4833 STK4843 30W/ch disc-nla
NTE-1821 STK5466 STR53043 V.R. 11.21
NTE-1822 STK5471 Voltage Regulator 3 output 10.71
NTE-1823 STK5481 Voltage Regulator 4 output 17.89
NTE-1824 STK6940 STK6941 STK6942 Pulse motor driver for VCR 7.50
NTE-1825 STK6970 STK6971 STK6972 dual motor driver 10.29
NTE-1830 TA7270P dual 5.8w Audio 5.85
NTE-1831 TA7271 dual 5.8w Audio 6.01
NTE-1832 TA7274P TA8201 audio output amp 4.76
NTE-1835 TV character/pattern signal process $7.40
NTE-1837 LA7911 TV tuner controller 2.50
NTE-1838 =LA7626 s.o.
NTE-1839 STR30120 (15040) TV Voltage Regulator 11.16
NTE-1840 STR53041 voltage regulator 41.8V 2A 14.44
NTE-1842 TA7640 FM/AM IF system 5.47
NTE-1843 TA7358P FM front end 3.72
NTE-1845 =LA7620 TV video/chroma/deflection 8.55
NTE-1849 TV tuning system IC 10.96
NTE-1850 TDA1521 dual 12W audio 8.19
NTE-1851 TDA1515A 24W audio output 9.45
NTE-1852 5.26
NTE-1855 LA7835 TV vert out 3.40
NTE-1856 =LA7625 Video Chroma Deflect IC 7.47
NTE-1857 stepper motor driver 11.61
NTE-1858 =TDA8174 5.75
NTE-1860 CX20112 TVaudio multiplx 9.28
NTE-1862 TDA1670A TDA1675 vert def 5.07
NTE-1863 LA7644 LA7650K LA7655N TVsigProc 14.70
NTE-1864 =LM1870N s.o.
NTE-1866 BA6144 VU level driver 2.14
NTE-1870 STK7308 STK7309 TV sw Regulator 10.42
NTE-1871 STK4162-II STK4172-II STK4182-II STK4192-II dual 50W AF special order 24.00
NTE-1872 STK5482 Voltage Regulator 4 output 6.98
NTE-1873 TA7347P (15045) VCRswitch 2.41
NTE-1874 STK4101-II STK4111-II STK4121-II dual 15W audio 13.78
NTE-1876 STK5436 voltage regulator 4 output 10.47
NTE-1877 STK4301 STK4311 dual 28W 18.40
NTE-1879 STK4273 (15031) dual 15W 14.32
NTE-1880 STK5332 dual 30W audio 6.71
NTE-1882 STK4044V audio 100W out 20.02
NTE-1883 STK5372 VCR 3 out Voltage Regulator 6.06
NTE-1884 STK5479 VCR 3 out Voltage Regulator 19.05
NTE-1885 STK6920H STK6921H STK6922H motor driver 16.05
NTE-1890 TDA3564 TV NTSC decoder 10.17
NTE-1891 M54548L motor driver 15.03
NTE-1892 M54549L motor driver 9.02
NTE-1893 HA13403 motor driver 8.24
NTE-1894 STR50041A TV voltage regulator 13.55
NTE-1895 STR51041 TV voltage regulator 13.76
NTE-1896 STR30115 TV voltage regulator 9.89
NTE-1897 STR30125 (15041) TV Voltage regulator 8.84
NTE-1898 TA7280P dual 5.8W audio 6.13
NTE-1899 TA7281P dual 5.8W audio 6.43
NTE-1900 voltage regulator positive adjustable 100Ma 1.88
NTE-1901 voltage regulator negative adjustable 100M 2.25
NTE-1902 regulator positive 9 Volt 100Ma 1.85
NTE-1903 negative voltage regulator 12V 100mA 1.90
NTE-1906 positive voltage regulator 18 volts 100Ma 1.73
NTE-1907 negative voltage regulator 18 volts 100Ma 1.90
NTE-1908 positive voltage regulator 24 volts 100Ma 1.73
NTE-1909 negative voltage regulator 24 volts 100Ma 1.90
NTE-1910 MC7809 regulator +9V 1A 1.69
NTE-1911 adjustable 1.5A negative voltage regulator 7.92
NTE-1912 regulator +12Volt 3A 25.75
NTE-1913 negative voltage regulator 5 volts 1.5 Amp 7.91
NTE-1916 MC7815CK 1.5A 15V positive voltage regulator 5.75
NTE-1917 negative voltage regulator 79L05 5 Volts 100mA 3.35
NTE-1918 positive voltage regulator 15 volts 3 Amp
NTE-1919 negative 15V 1.5A regulator 6.12
NTE-1924 L7824CT LAS1524 24V 1.5A pos regulator 6.10
NTE-1925 LAS1824 24V 1.5A negative regulator 7.49
NTE-1928 adjustable positive 45mA regulator 5.41
NTE-1929 LM350T positive adjustable 3A voltage regulator 2.73
NTE-1932 L4810 LM7810 +10 Volt 1A regulator 4.42
NTE-1934 SI3052P +5V 2A regulator 7.41
NTE-1934X positive voltage regulator 5 volts 2A
NTE-1936 SI3122P +12V 2A regulator 6.45
NTE-1938 positive voltage regulator 15 volts 2A 6.45
NTE-1940 positive voltage regulator 24 volts 2A
NTE-1941 positive adjustable voltage regulator 2A
NTE-1942 adjustable positive 2A voltage regulator 4.29
NTE-1951 LM330T-5.0 LM2940CT-5.0 +5V 1A regul works down to 6.25V in $4.76
NTE-1954 pos 12V 1A regulator 2.54
NTE-1960 pos 5V regulator isolated tab 3.26
NTE-1962 pos 6V regulator isolated tab 3.44
NTE-1966 positive voltage regulatorisolated tab 9V 1A 3.54
NTE-1976 pos 24V 1A regulator isolated tab 3.61
NTE-2000 HA11226 Dolby Circuit 11.45
NTE-2001 NE545B Dolby Circuit 11.05
NTE-2003 LM1011 Dolby Circuit 7.65
NTE-2004 NE645 NE646 Dolby Ciruit14.45
NTE-2012 BA12002 driver array 7-channel3.90
NTE-2013 BA12003 M54523P UPA2003C ULN2003A ULN2203 XR2003CP XR2203CP 7-channel 3.58
NTE-2014 BA12004 M54526P LB1234 UPA2004C ULN2004A XR2204CP4.44
NTE-2016 3.15
NTE-2017 8 channel PMOS driver 4.29
NTE-2018 ULN2803A ULN2813A 8 chan3.81
NTE-2019 8 channel driver array (2018)3.15
NTE-2022 LB1291 8 channel flourescent driver3.70
2023 =SK3694 IC 7-segment driver [5]-tray
NTE2028 HV 7-segment Decoder Driver for gas-filled display [2]-tray
NTE-2031 hi volt digit driver $5.02
NTE-2032 CA3161E BCD-7seg Decod [4]=tray
NTE-2046 60Hz timebase generator
ECG-2052 28-pin IC [2]-tray
NTE-2054 CA3162E A/D Converter for 3-didit display[1]-tray
NTE-2057 TDA1541A Dual 16-Bit D/A Converter CD & DAT Players Rockola Jukebox) no longer available
NTE-2060 DigitalAlarmClockforLED9.40
NTE-2074 M54530/M54531 3.60
NTE-2078 M54521 DarlingtonArray 3.30
NTE-2079 LED Driver IC M54517P M54519P UPA81C SK93573.20
NTE-2081 LB1264 7seg transis array3.05
NTE-2083 BA664 LB1273 M54527P UPA67C darlington array 3.25
NTE-2084 BA612 LB1282 LB1288 M54516P UPA53C 5 segment darlington array 3.20
NTE-2087 darlington 4 unit array 6.55
NTE-2102 S-RAM 1024x1 4.48
NTE-2114 TMM2114 Static 4K RAM 12.10
NTE-2117 MM5290/TMS4116 16Kram 15.74
NTE-2128 HM6116/SRM2016/UM6116K-3 16K-ram discontinued-nla
NTE-2164 TMM4164 ECG4164 Z9312 10.45
NTE-2204 ECG TVTunMicrpr 612419-1
NTE-2300 TV Horiz 8A 1500V 125W transistor 7.90
NTE-2301 TV Horiz 5A 1500V 100W transistor 5.69
NTE-2302 2SD1427 2SD1453 2SD1650 TV Hrz DmpDiode 5A 1500V 120W transistor 6.92
NTE-2303 ECG transistor4.25
NTE-2304 NPN transistor Hi Speed Hi Current switch 15A 60V 90W (cmplmt2314) 5.04
NTE-2305 NPN-Si Pwr 160V 16A transistor 4.95
NTE-2306 transistor 5.40
NTE-2307 NPN hi voltage switch transistor 6.45
NTE-2308 NPN 500V 12A 100W Switch transistor 8.33
NTE-2309 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 6A 900V 100W transistor 6.79
NTE-2310 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 1KV 8A 125W BUW11 transistor 8.59
NTE-2311 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 1KV 15A 150W transistor 16.83
NTE-2312 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 700V 8A 80W transistor 5.29
NTE-2313 NPN hi speed switching transistor 2.19
NTE-2314 HiSpeedSwitch (complement2304) 60V 15A 90W transistor 4.45
NTE-2315 Darling 400V 8A 60W NPN 5.90
NTE-2318 Horiz out/switch/damper diode NPN 1500V 8A 125W 8.75
NTE-2319 NPN HV switch 15A 850V 7.37
NTE-2321 quad NPN-SI gen purp 5.02
NTE-2322 quad PNP-SI gen purp MPQ2907A 3.30
NTE-2324 Horiz out/switch NPN 1500V 8A 70W 9.92
NTE-2325 Hi Volt switch NPN 900V 3A 50W 2.95
NTE-2328 2SC3280/3281/3907/D1718 cmplmt2329 AFpwr NPN 200V 15A 150W 7.10
NTE-2329 2SA1301/1516/B1163 cmplmt2328 AFpwr PNP 200V 15A 150W 6.93
NTE-2330 2SD777 2SD1092 3.95
NTE-2331 Horiz/damper 1500V 6A 60W7.64
NTE-2332 2SC3292 2SC3293 2SD1647 1.50
NTE-2333 NPN HiVoltSW 1000V 6A 3.24
NTE-2334 NPN darlington/damper 1.65
NTE-2335 2SD1294 NPN darlington 3.89
NTE-2336 DarlSwDampZen 60V 8A 45W 2.30
NTE-2337 HiVolt Sw 900V 7A 45W 7.20
NTE-2339 NPN hi voltage switch 5.90
NTE-2343 Darlington AF NPN 100V 12A 80W complement2344 2.36
NTE-2344 Darlington AF PNP 100V 12A 80W complement2343 2.20
NTE-2345 NPN pwr Sw Darl 120V 6A 2.05
NTE-2346 PNP pwr Sw Darl 120V 6A 2.40
NTE-2351 NPN pwr Sw 100V 4A 1W 2.49
NTE-2353 2SD2335 6.91
NTE-2354 NPN HorizOut 1500V 10A 9.76
NTE-2355 NPN digital/10K resistor .99
NTE-2356 PNP digital/10K resistor.90
NTE-2357 NPN digital/22K resistor .98
NTE-2358 PNP digital/22K resistor .80
NTE-2359 digitalNPN complement23601.00
NTE-2360 digitalPNP complement23591.00
NTE-2361 NPN HiSpeedSw complmt23621.10
NTE-2362 PNP HiSpeedSw complmt23611.10
NTE-2363 .86
NTE-2364 PNP SiGenPurAmp TO92M .87
NTE-2365 NPN HorizOut 1500V 12A 17.68
NTE-2366 PNP complement NTE399 2.26
NTE-2367 NPN Digiatal complement NTE2368 .62
NTE-2369 .58
NTE-2371 replaces IRF9540 8.40
NTE-2373 7.96
NTE-2374 $4.78
NTE-2376 IRFP240 IRFP250 2SK387 12.02
NTE-2377 2SK955 Computer Monitor 12.60
NTE-2378 Mosfet 7.84
NTE-2379 $4.90
NTE-2380 $6.65
NTE-2381 $9.90
NTE-2382 N-ch PwrMosfet cplm2383 IRF510=PH86-1273 IRF511 IRF512 IRF520 IRF521 4.79
NTE-2383 P-ch PwrMosfet cplm2382 IRF9520 IRF9521 IRF95309.35
NTE-2385 N-ch PwrMosfet IRF542 IRF840 IRF841 IRF842 IRF843 7.18
NTE-2386 IRF220 IRF221 13.60
NTE-2387 2SK2043 N-chMosfet4A125W10.75
NTE-2388 N-ch Pwr Mosfet 18A 125W IRF620 IRF621 IRF630 IRF632 7.73
NTE-2390 N-ch Mosfet IFFZ10 IRFZ143.30
NTE-2393 N-ch Pwr Mosfet 9A 150W9.41
NTE-2394 IRFP450 14.48
NTE-2395 2SK1191 IRFZ44 5.29
NTE-2396 replaces IRF540 5.98
NTE-2397 IRF730 IRF740 5.81
NTE-2398 2SK1445 2SK1691 IRF820 IRF830 IRF831 IRF832 IRF833 4.88
NTE-2402 2.75
NTE-2403 3.10
NTE-2404 2.33
NTE-2405 PNP darlington 2.33
NTE-2406 NPN general purpose (2) 2.14
NTE-2407 PNP general purpose (2) 2.24
NTE-2408 (2) NPN surface mount 2.00
NTE-2409 (2) PNP surface mount 1.85
NTE-2410 NPN complement 2411 2.00
NTE-2411 PNP GenPurp HiVolt 2.00
2412ECG (2) 2.00
2413ECG (2) 2.00
2414ECG (2) 1.80
2415ECG (2) 1.80
NTE-2416 (2) $2.36
NTE-2426 NPN darlington switch 1.79
2427ECG 1.84
2428ECG 1.67
2430ECG NPN HiVolt GenPurp 1.86
NTE-2431 1.69
NTE-2501 2.26
NTE-2502 3.70
NTE-2503 $1.18
NTE-2504 2SC3807 .98
NTE-2505 1.04
NTE-2508 NPN Video Out compliment=2509$1.88
NTE-2519 .90
NTE-2520 .94
NTE-2521 5.44
NTE-2524 1.26
NTE-2525 $1.36
NTE-2533 special order $34.62
NTE-2538 6.28
NTE-2540 3.25
NTE-2553 7.88
NTE-2557 9.54
NTE-2562 2.62
NTE-2576 3.56
NTE-2582 4.72
NTE-2592 6.80
NTE-2597 10.69
NTE-2598 37.16
NTE-2636 4.60
NTE-2637 5.59
NTE-2639 7.98
NTE-2640 2.80
NTE-2644 1.00
NTE-2732 32K Eprom 23.64
NTE-2764 64K Eprom 24.60
NTE-2800 SerialEaromForTuners
NTE-2900 IRF641 $2.50
NTE-2901 PwrMOSFET 2.5A 600V 80W 2.18
NTE-2920 PwrMOSFET 200W 60V 14.05
NTE-2923 11.28
NTE-2924 MOSFET 600V 150W 6.8A 19.15
NTE-2944 $4.05
NTE-2953 10.00
2967 IRFP150N [1]-tray
NTE-2970 8.34
NTE-2972 $5.96
NTE-2974 N-Chan Mosfet isolated TO220 $4.04
NTE-2975 N-Chan Mosfet hi speed switch TO220 $2.40
NTE-2987 N-Chan Mosfet 105W 20A Logic Level Enhancement Mode High Speed Switch $4.65
NTE-2991 N-Chan Mosfet 200W 80A Enhance Mode High Speed Switch $3.80
NTE-2993 N-Channel MOSFET 400V 9A 150W $26.10
NTE-2996 N-Channel Mosfet 200W 84A Enhancement Mode High Speed Switch $2.72
NTE-2998 P-Channel MOSFET 200V 8A 125W $32.52
NTE-3000 (4) clear red LEDs see LED webpage
NTE-3001 (4) minature red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3002 (2) minature yellowLED see LED webpage
NTE-3003 (2) minature green LED see LED webpage
NTE-3004 (2) minature red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3005 InfraredEmittingDiode see LED webpage
NTE-3007 (4) small red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3008 (2) bright red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3010 (2) small green LED see LED webpage
NTE-3011 (2) small yellow LED see LED webpage
NTE-3013A (4) clear red LEDs see LED webpage
NTE-3015 see LED webpage
NTE-3016 RedGreen TLRG101 Cobrasee EX01N40004 on LED webpage
NTE-3018 (2) soft-red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3020 (2) Gen Purp Red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3021 (2) GenPurp yellow LED see LED webpage
NTE-3022 (2) GenPurBrightRedLED see LED webpage
NTE-3024 (2) Gen Purp Green LED see LED webpage
NTE-3025 (2) Gen Purp Red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3026 Red/GreenPolarityIndic see LED webpage
NTE-3027 InfraredEmittingDiode see LED webpage
NTE-3028 InfraredEmittingDiode see LED webpage
NTE-3029A InfraredEmittingDiode see LED webpage
NTE-3030 blinking red LED see LED webpage
NTE-3031 Visible/IRphototrans 11.70
NTE-3034A NPN phototransistor 1.38
NTE-3035A DarlingtonPhototrans disc-nla
NTE-3036 PhotoDarlingtonLiteDet 5.76
NTE-3038 NPN visible phototransistor 1.39
NTE-3039 ULN3330Y Opto switch [4] ECG3039-tray
NTE-3040 4N25 4N28 Optoisolat NPN transistor 2.17
NTE-3041 TIL113 Optoisolat NPN tra2.11
NTE-3042 Optoisolator NPN transist1.73
NTE-3043 NPN opto-isolator 3.10
NTE-3044 Optoisol NPN Darlington 2.48
NTE-3045 Optoisol NPN Darlington 2.59
NTE-3046 Optoisolator SCR output 4.12
NTE-3047 OptoisolatorTriacOutput 3.13
NTE-3048 Triac Optoisolator 3.93
NTE-3049 triac optoisolator 6.08
NTE-3050 Common Annode 7 Segment LED Display $18.93
NTE-3052 TLR313 7 segment LED Display $2.72
NTE-3055 7 segment LED readout yellow $3.50
NTE-3056 red LED for frequency counter $3.04
NTE-3057 Common Cathode .3" 7 seg readout $3.38
NTE-3059 Green LED Galaxy frequency counter $3.46
NTE-3061 7 segment red readout $3.00
3065ECG Common Annode .3" 7seg readout $4.00
NTE-3068 7seg readout Cobra 2000 see LED webpage
NTE-3074 GL-6P201 GL-6R201 SEA4612 LL2253Y4 dual 7seg export CBs ($5.56)
NTE-3075 Common Cathode 7 Segment LED Display $5.56
NTE-3078 Common Annode 7 Segment LED Display (frequency counter) $3.51
NTE-3079 Comon Cathode 7 Segment LED Display $3.53
NTE-3081 NPN Optoisolatorno longer available
3082ECG NPN Darlington Optoisolator3.95
NTE-3083 4N33 NPN Darlington Optoisolator2.59
NTE-3084 NPN Darl Optoisolator2.52
NTE-3085 FET output Optoisolator 6.10
NTE-3086 Dual NPN Optoisolator 3.98
NTE-3087 $9.20
NTE-3089 transistor optoisolator 4.95
NTE-3091 Photo SCR 6-pin Optoisolator [4]-tray
NTE-3092 NPN Optoisolator 4.92
NTE-3093 NPN darlington Optoisolat5.29
NTE-3095 dual optoisolator 14.00
NTE-3097 MOC3061 Triac Optocoupler $5.63
NTE-3098 PC817 PC17T1 Optocoupler2.30
NTE-3100 NPN Optointerruptor 7.37
NTE-3101 NPN Darl Optointerruptor7.72
NTE-3105 VCR PhotoInterruptSen2.10
NTE-3120 NPN phototransistor 1.86
ECG3172 [1]-tray
NTE-3470 MC3470P FloppyDiscReadAmp7.20
NTE-3880 8-bit microprocessor [4]-tray
NTE-3881 =SK2881 microprocessor [6]-tray
NTE-3882 Z80A-CTC Counter Timer special order 20.45
NTE-4000 Dual 3in+Invert NOR .82
NTE-4001B Quad 2 input NOR .72
NTE-4002B Dual 4 input NOR .73
NTE-4006B 18 stage shift register 3.00
NTE-4007 SSS4007AE DualComplPair.79
NTE-4008B 4 Bit full Adder 3.00
4009 16-pin IC SK4009 [6]-tray
NTE-4011B CD4011 MB84011 Quad 2-input NAND1.01
NTE-4012B Nand 4 input .92
NTE-4013B Dual D Flip Flop 1.27
NTE-4015B 4StageStatShiftRegister3.55
NTE-4016B Quad Bilateral Switch 1.27
NTE-4017B Decade Counter 3.55
NTE-4018B PresetDivideBy"N"counter3.20
NTE-4019B quad and/or gate 1.98
NTE-4020B binary counter 3.76
NTE-4021B 8StageStatShiftRegi 3.55
NTE-4022B-ECG counter/divider 2.24
NTE-4023B Trip 3 input NAND .85
NTE-4024B 7 stage BinaryCount 3.14
NTE-4025B Trip 3 input NOR .82
NTE-4026B 2.83
NTE-4027B Dual J-K Flip Flop 1.81
NTE-4029B-ECG prstbl up/down count3.91
NTE-4028B BCD-DecimalDecoder 2.95
NTE-4030B Quad Exclusive OR 1.33
NTE-4032B-ECG 1.82
NTE-4034B-ECG paral/serial in/out 7.85
NTE-4035B-ECG in/out shift regist 3.52
NTE-4038B-ECG hi-volt serial adder2.17
NTE-4040B CMOS Binary Counter 3.76
4041ECG hi-volt quad buffer 1.75
NTE-4042eqv quad clocked D-latch
NTE-4043BECG quad 3state R/Slatch 2.51
NTE-4045BECG 21 stage counter 2.39
NTE-4046B CMOS PhaseLockLoop 2.35
NTE-4048BECG multifnct8input Gate 1.22
NTE-4047B LoPwrMonostMultivibrat 3.05
NTE-4049 HexBufferConverter 1.35
NTE-4050B HexBufferConverter 1.69
NTE-4051B 8channelMultiplexer 4.10
NTE-4052B 4 chan Differential Multiplexer/Demultiplexer 4.50
NTE-4053B Triple 2 channel 2.89
NTE-4055BECG decod/driv for LED3.29
NTE-4056BECG decod/driv for LED2.68
NTE-4060B CMOS Binary Counter 3.29
NTE-4063BECG 4bit magnitud Compar 3.02
NTE-4066B QuadBilateralSwitch 1.71
NTE-4067BECG 4.35
NTE-4068B 8 input NAND/AND .91
NTE-4069 HiVoltHexInverter .82
NTE-4070B QuadExclusiveORgate .91
NTE-4071B Quad 2input ORgate .91
NTE-4073B Triple2inputAND .73
NTE-4075B Triple3inputORgate .73
NTE-4077B QuadExclusive BORgate .75
NTE-4081B Quad 2input AND gate .73
NTE-4082BECG 1.00
NTE-4089BECG 3.12
NTE-4093B Quad2inputNANDschmitt 1.12
NTE-4094B shift/store register 4.00
NTE-4094BT surface Mount CMOS 8-Stage Shift & Storage Bus Register $1.93
NTE-4097B-ECG 4.74
NTE-4098B DualMonostableMultivi 2.79
NTE-4099B 8bit Adressable Latch 5.60
NTE-4164 TMM4164 (NTE2164) 10.45
NTE4503B MC14503B $2.14
NTE-4508B-ECG dual 4bit latch 4.16
NTE-4510B PresetUpDownBCDcount 2.70
NTE-4511B BCD-7 segment driver 3.65
NTE-4512B 8 channel Data Select 2.95
NTE-4513BECG 3.80
NTE-4515B 4 bit latch 6.90
NTE-4516BECG 3.25
NTE-4517BECG 7.10
NTE-4518B dual BCD counter 4.60
NTE-4522BECG 4.77
NTE-4526B 4 bit binary counter 2.87
NTE-4527BECG 3.95
NTE-4528B monostable multivibrator 3.42
NTE-4529BECG 3.10
NTE-4532BECG 8bit priority encod 2.98
NTE-4538B DualMonostableMultivb 1.80
NTE-4539BECG 2.57
NTE-4541B programmable timer 2.43
NTE-4543B BCD-7 segment driver 4.62
NTE-4551BECG 4.45
NTE-4553B 3 digit BCD counter 6.25
NTE-4556BECG 1.94
NTE-4558BECG 3.72
NTE-4584B CMOS hexSchmitt trigger1.36
NTE-4585BECG 4 bit Magnitude Compar2.09
NTE-4900ECG bipolar 5V Zener transient suppressor $2.54
NTE-4902 =P6KE6.8A-ND unidirectional 5.8V Zener transient supress $3.62
NTE-4903ECG bidirectional 5.8V Zener transient suppressor $3.62
NTE-4904 unidirectional 11.3V Zener transient suppressor $1.38
NTE-4918ECG unidirectional 11.1V Zener transient suppresssor $2.68
NTE-4919ECG bidirectional 11.1V Zener transient supppressor $3.72
NTE-4926 unidirectional 15.3V Zener transient suppressor $3.72
NTE-4927ECG bidirectional 15.3V Zener transient suppressor $3.72
NTE-4928 unidirectional 17.1V Zener transient suppresor $2.68
NTE-4929 bidirectional 17.1V Zener transient suppressor $3.82
NTE-4932 unidirectional 24V Zener transient suppressor $1.38
NTE-4933 bidirectional 24V Zener transient suppressor $1.64
NTE-4934 unidirectional 23.1V Zener transient suppressor $2.68
NTE-4945 bidirectional 36.8V transient suppressor $1.64
NTE-4946 unidirectional 40.2V Zener transient supressor $1.38
NTE-4950 unidirectional 43.6V Zener transient suppressor$2.98
NTE-4951 bidirectional 43.6V Zener transient suppressor$3.72
NTE-4958ECG unidirectional 58.1V Zener transient suppressor $2.98
NTE-4959ECG bidirectional 58.1V Zener transient suppressor $3.72
NTE-4965ECG bidirectional 77.8V Zener transient suppressor $1.64
NTE-4970 unidirectional 102V Zener transient suppressor $1.38
NTE-4974 unidirectional 121V Zener transient suppressor $1.38
NTE-4984 unidirectional 250V Zener transient suppressor $1.66
NTE-4988 unidirectional 171V Zener transient supressor 171V $5.06
NTE-5000A 2.4V 1/2W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5001A 2.5V 1/2W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5002A 2.7V 1/2W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5003A 2.8V 1/2W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5004A 3V 1/2W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5005A 3.3V 1/2W zener(5066A=1W) .79
NTE-5006A 3.6V 1/2W zener diode use NTE134A
NTE-5007A 3.9V 1/2W zener diode use NTE5067A
NTE-5008A 4.3V 1/2W zener diode use NTE5068A
NTE-5009A 4.7V1/2W zener (5069A=1W) .79
NTE-5010A 5.1V 1/2W zener diode .79
NTE-5011A 5.6V 1/2W zener (136A=1W) .79
NTE-5012A 6V 1/2W zener=WEP1413 .79
NTE-5013A 6.2V 1/2W zener (5070A=1W) (use 5070A)
NTE-5014A 6.8V 1/2W zener(5071A=1W) .79
NTE-5015A 7.5V 1/2W zener (use 138A)
NTE-5016A 8.2V 1/2W zener(5072A=1W) .79
NTE-5018A-ECG 9.1V zener (use 139A)
NTE-5019A 10V 1/2W zener(140A=1W) .79
NTE-5020A 11V 1/2W zener diode 1.98
NTE-5021A 12V 1/2W zener (142A=1W) .79
NTE-5022A/WEP1424 13V 1/2W zener .79
NTE-5023A 14V 1/2W zener diode (use 144A)
NTE-5024A 15V 1/2W zener (145A=1W) .79
NTE-5025A 16V 1/2W zener diode use 5075A
NTE-5027AECG =1N967B 18V 1/2W zener diode .79
NTE-5029A 20V 1/2W zener diode use NTE5079A
NTE-5030A 22V 1/2W zener diode use NTE5080A
NTE-5031A 24V 1/2W zener diode use NTE5081A
NTE-5032A 25V 1/2W zener diode use NTE5082A
NTE-5033A 27V 1/2W zener diode (use NTE146A)
NTE-5034AECG 28V 1/2W zener diode .79
NTE-5035A/WEP1437 30V 1/2W zener .79
NTE-5036A/WEP1438 33V 1/2W zener .79
NTE-5037A zener 1/2W 36V diode use 5085A
NTE-5043A 60V 1/2W zener diode 1.98
NTE-5046A/WEP1452 75V 1/2W zener .79
NTE-5048A/WEP1454 87V 1/2W zener .79
NTE-5049A 91V 1/2W zener (5095A) .79
NTE-5052ECG zener 1/2W 120V diode .79
NTE-5053A/WEP1460 130V 1/2W zener .79
NTE-5054A/WEP1461 140V 1/2W zener .79
NTE-5056A 160V 1/2W zener diode 1.98
NTE-5060A zener 200V 1/2W diode 1.98
NTE-5061A 2.4V 1W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5062A 2.5V 1W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5063A 2.7V 1W zener diode 1.84
NTE-5064A 2.8V 1W zener diode 1.79
NTE-5065A/WEP1149 3V 1W zener 1.79
NTE-5066A 3.3Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5067A 3.9Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5068A 4.3Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5069A 4.7Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5070A 6 Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5071A 6.8Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5072A/WEP1108 8.2V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5073A 8.7Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5074A 11 Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5075A 16 Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5076A/WEP1161 17V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5077A 18Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5078A 19Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5079A 20Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5080A 22Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5081A 24Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5082A WEP1165 25V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5083A 28Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5084A 30Vole 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5085A 36Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5086A WEP1124 39V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5087A WEP1169 43V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5088A 47Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5089A 51Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5090A 56Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5091A 60Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5092A WEP1130 68V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5093A 75Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5094A 87Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5095A WEP1179 91V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5096A 100Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5097A 120Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5098A 130Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5099A WEP1183 140V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5100A 150Volt 1W zener diode 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5101A WEP1184 160V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5102A WEP1185 170V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5103A WEP1140 180V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5104A WEP1187 190V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5105A WEP1188 200V 1W zener 2/pak=2.60
NTE-5107T2 1/2 Watt 123 Volt zener diode
NTE-5111A WEP1606 3.6V 5W zener 2.18
5112A Zener 5W 3.6 Volt []-tray
NTE-5113A WEP1608 3.9V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5114A zener 4.3 Volt 5Watt 2.18
NTE-5115A zener 4.7 Volt 5Watt 2.18
NTE-5116A zener 5.1 Volt 5Watt 2.18
NTE-5117A zener 5.6 Volt 5Watt 2.18
NTE-5118A zener 6.0 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5119A zener 6.2 Volt 5Watt 2.18
NTE-5121A zener 7.5 Volt 5Watt 2.18
NTE-5122A WEP1617 8.2V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5123A 1N5345A 8.7V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5124A zener 9.1 Volt 5Watt 2.18
NTE-5125A zener 10 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5126A zener 11 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5127A WEP1212 12 V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5128A zener 13 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5129A WEP1623 14V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5130A zener 15 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5131A zener 16 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5132A zener 17 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5133A zener 18 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5134A zener 19 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5135A zener 20 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5136A zener 22 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5137A zener 24 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5139A zener 27 volt 5W 2.18
NTE-5140A/WEP1634 28V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5141A zener 30V 5W 2.18
NTE-5142A zener 33 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5143A zener 36V 5W 2.18
NTE-5144A WEP1638 39V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5145A WEP1639 43V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5146A zener 47V 5W 2.18
NTE-5147A zener 51 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5149A zener 60 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
NTE-5150A WEP1648 62V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5151A WEP1649 68V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5152A zener 75 Volt 5 Watt 2.18
5154A =SK87X 5W 87 Volt Zener [9]-tray
NTE-5155AECG zener 91V 5W diode 2.18
NTE-5156A zener 100V 5W 2.18
NTE-5157A WEP1656 110V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5158A zener 120V 5W 2.18
NTE-5159A zener 130V 5W 2.18
5160A Zener 5W 140 Volt [10]-tray
NTE-5161A zener 150V 5W 2.18
NTE-5162A 2.18
NTE-5164A WEP1664 180V 5W zener 2.18
NTE-5166AECG stud=anode zener 200V 5W diode 2.18
NTE-5174AK-ECGzener3.9V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5176A-ECG zener 4.7V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5177A zener diode 5.1V 10W 11.72
NTE-5178AK WEP1304R stud=cathode 5.6V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5181A WEP1306 6.8V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5183AK WEP1308R 8.2V 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5186A zener 10 Volt 10W 11.72
NTE-5186AK WEP1310R 10V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5187AK zener 11 Volt 10W 11.72
NTE-5188A zener 12 Volt 10W 11.72
NTE-5188AK WEP1312R 12V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5189A-ECG zener 13V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5190A 1N2978 14V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5191AK WEP1314R 15V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5192A 1N1356 16V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5193A-ECG zener 17V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5194AK 1N1818RA 18V 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5197A WEP1318 22V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5198A-ECG zener 24V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5200AK 1N2988RB 27V 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5203A WEP1322 33V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5204A-ECG zener 36V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5205A WEP1324 39V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5205AK zener 39 Volt 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5208AK-ECG zener 47V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5210A-ECG zener 51V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5214A zener 62 Volt 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5215A WEP1330 68V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5216A zener 75 Volt 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5217A WEP1332 82V 10W zener 11.72
NTE-5217AK WEP1332R 82Volt 10Watt 11.72
NTE-5218A-ECG zener 87V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5220A zener 100 Volt 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5220AK WEP1334R 100Volt 10W 11.72
NTE-5226A zener 150 Volt 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5227A zener 160 Volt 10 Watt 11.72
NTE-5230AK/WEP1340R 180Volt 10W 11.72
NTE-5232A-ECG zener 200V 10W diode 11.72
NTE-5247A-ECGzener 6.8V 50W diode 19.54
NTE-5257A-ECG zener 15V 50W diode 19.54
NTE-5258A-ECG zener 16V 50W diode 19.54
NTE-5264A-ECG zener 24V 50W diode 19.54
NTE-5269AK/WEP3325R 33V 50W zener 19.54
NTE-5271AK/WEP3327R 39V 50W zener 19.54
NTE-5272A-ECG zener 43V 50W diode 19.54
NTE-5284AK-ECGzener 91V 50W diode 19.54
NTE-5285A-ECGzener 100V 50W diode out of stock
NTE-5291A-ECG zener 150V 50W diode 19.54
NTE-5304 W04S RB154 1.5A400V BR 1.73
NTE-5305 1.5A 600V bridge rectifier 1.87
NTE-5306 bridge rectifier 1.5A 800V 2.16
NTE-5307ECG bridge 1.5A 1000V rectifier 2.56
5304 & 5305 & 5306 & 5307
NTE-5309 4A 200V bridge rectifier 2.97
NTE-5310 4A 600V bridge rectifier 4.32
5309 & 5310
NTE-5314 8A 400V bridge rectifier replaces -5312, -5313 4.42
NTE-5315 8A 600V bridge rectifier 5.31
[3] NTE-5317 8 Amp 1000 Volt bridge rectifier (o3/16) replaces -5312, -5313, -5314, -5315 10,44
5314 & 5315 & 5317
NTE-5318ECG bridge rectifier 200V 4Amp 2.31
NTE-5319 bridge rectifier 600V 4A GBL04 KPL04 MDA970G5 MDA970G6 RS404L RS404S out of stock
NTE-5320 bridge rectifier 1000V 4A MDA970G8 $4.39
NTE-5322 25A 200V bridge rectifier KBPC2500 KBPC2501 KBPC2502 MDA2500 MDA2501 MDA2502use 5344
NTE-5324 25A 400V bridge rectifier KBPC2504 MDA2504use 5344
NTE-5324W 25A 400V bridge rectifier Wire Leads 7.04
NTE-5326 BR256 25A 600V bridge rectifier KBPC2506 KBPC2510 KBPC25010 MDA2506 use 5344
NTE-5327ECG bridge 25A 800V rectifier use 5344
NTE-5328 25A 1000V bridge rectifier use 5344
NTE-5329 3.25
NTE-5330 6A 600V bridge rectifier out of stock
NTE-5332 1A 600V bridge rectifier DF06 DF06M VM68 out of stock
NTE-5333 discontinued-nla
NTE-5334 bridge rectifier 1A 1000V DIP 2.38
SBR6A05 bridge rectifier ($9.46)
[2] NTE-5342 40A 600V bridge rectifier(10/20) $15.38
[5] NTE-5344 40 Amp 1000 Volt bridge rectifier (10/20) $17.26
NTE-5351 SCR 600V 5A hi speed 11.61
NTE-5400 SCR 30Volt .8Amp SensGate .86
NTE-5401 SCR 60Volt .8Amp SensGate 1.05
NTE-5402 WEP6322 SCR 100V .8A S.G. 1.12
NTE-5404 SCR 200Volt .8Amp SenGate 1.25
NTE-5405 SCR 400V .8A SensGate 2.32
NTE-5408 SCR 200Volt 3Amp SensGate 5.91
NTE-5411 SCR 30V 4Amp Sens Gate 1.14
NTE-5412 SCR 60V 4Amp Sens Gate 1.34
NTE-5413ECG 1.53
NTE-5414 SCR 200V 4Amp Sens Gate 1.72
NTE-5415ECG SCR 400V 4Amp SensGate 2.31
NTE-5416ECG 3.08
NTE-5417ECG SCR 200V 10 Amp 2.31
NTE-5418ECG SCR 400V 10 Amp 2.68
NTE-5419 SCR 600V 10A sens gate 3.18
NTE-5424 TV Power Supply Reg SCR 7.51
NTE-5425 15.52
NTE-5426 SCR 400V 10A IsolTab S.G. 3.20
NTE-5429 SCR 600V 7A 7.50
NTE-5437ECG SCR 2.28
NTE-5438 SCR 600Volt 8Amp SensGate 3.65
NTE-5440 SCR isolated tab 800V $5.00
NTE-5442 SCR 50V 8Amp SensGate 16.34
NTE-5448 SCR 600Volt 8 Amp SensGate 21.00
NTE-5452 SCR 30Volt 4 Amp SensGate 1.11
NTE-5453ECG SCT 50V 4 Amp 1.53
NTE-5454 SCR 100Volt 4 Amp SensGate 1.53
NTE-5455 SCR 200Volt 4Amp SensGate 1.87
NTE-5457 SCR 400Volt 4Amp SensGate 1.96
NTE-5458ECG SCR 600V 4Amp SensGate 2.16
NTE-5461 SCR 50Volt 10Amp 2.05
NTE-5462ECG 2.20
NTE-5463 WEP6253 SCR 200V 10A 2.60
NTE-5464 WEP6254 SCR 300V 10A 2.90
NTE-5465 SCR 400Volt 10Amp 3.10
NTE-5466 SCR 600Volt 10Amp 4.45
NTE-5470 25.43
NTE-5471-ECG 25.95
NTE-5472-ECG SCR 200V 5Amp 27.84
NTE-5481 SCR 50Volt 8Amp 14.90
NTE-5483 SCR 200Volt 8Amp 16.52
NTE-5484-ECG SCR 300V 8Amp 17.36
NTE-5499 SCR 800V 12A TO220 3.32
NTE-5501 SCR 50Volt 16Amp 8.17
NTE-5504/SK3614 200V 20Amp 9.64
NTE-5511 SCR 200Volt 5Amp 8.76
NTE-5512 SCR 400Volt 5Amp 9.45
NTE-5513 SCR 600Volt 5Amp 9.59
NTE-5514 SCR 200Volt 20Amp 7.78
NTE-5516-ECG 8.73
NTE-5517 7.13
NTE-5522 8.37
NTE-5524-ECG 10.06
NTE-5527-ECG SCR 400V 25A 10.86
NTE-5529 SCR 600Volt 25 Amp 11.69
NTE-5540 SCR 800V 55 Amp TO-218 17.00
NTE-5541-ECG SCR 50 Volt 35 Amp 9.50
NTE-5543 SCR 200 Volt 35 Amp 10.38
NTE-5545 SCR 400 Volt 35 Amp 13.88
NTE-5547 SCR 600 Volt 35 Amp replaces -5541, -5543, -5545 18.13
NTE-5549-ECG SCR 1200V 80Amp
NTE-5552 SCR 200 Volt 25 Amp 6.00
NTE-5554 SCR 400 Volt 25 Amp 6.00
NTE-5556 SCR 600 Volt 25 Amp replaces -5550, -5552, -5554 7.60
NTE-5601-ECG Triac 50Volt 4Amp 1.51
NTE-5602-ECG Triac 100Volt 4Amp 1.66
NTE-5606 Triac 500Volt 4Amp 4.15
NTE-5607-NTE Triac 600V 4Amp replaces -5603, -5604, -5605, -5606 4.15
NTE-5608 Triac 400V 8A SensitGate 2.72
NTE-5609 Triac 600V 8A SensitGate 3.65
NTE-5620 6.14
NTE-5626-ECG triac 2mode 400V 10A
NTE-5629 Triac 400Volt 4 Amp 2.11
NTE-5631-ECG 2.20
NTE-5632-ECG Triac 3 mode 100V 10A 2.41
NTE-5633 Triac 200 Volt 10 Amp 2.67
NTE-5634 Triac 300 Volt 10 Amp 2.96
NTE-5635 Triac 400 Volt 10 Amp 3.96
NTE-5637 Triac 600 volt 10 Amp replaces -5633, -5634, -5635 4.41
NTE-5638 Triac 400V 8A isolatedTab 3.22
NTE-5640-ECG triac 4mode 100V 2.5A 2.10
NTE-5641-ECG 3.08
NTE-5642-ECG triac 4 mode 2.5A 400V 3.26
NTE-5643-ECG 3.35
NTE-5645 Triac 600V 10A Isolated Tab 4.28
NTE-5646 Triac 600V 10A Diac Isol 4.77
NTE-5650-ECG 3.39
NTE-5652-ECG triac 4 mode 400V 2.5A 6.90
NTE-5653 Triac 600 Volt 2.5Amp 10.00
NTE-5655 Triac 200 Volt .8Amp 1.29
NTE-5656 Triac 400 Volt .8Amp replaces -5655 1.83
NTE-5657 Triac 600 Volt .8 Amp replace Q6=MAC97A6 Maytag Neptune washer 3.30
When R11 (3.9K 1/4W; use 1/2W) is burnt--you need to replace Q6 in Maytag Neptune washer
NTE-5667A-ECG disc-nla
NTE-5671 Triac 16Amp Isolated Tab replaces BTA12-400C in lamp dimmer 6.82
NTE-5673 Triac 200 Volt 15Amp 10.75
NTE-5677-ECG triac 4 mode 600V 15A 12.44
NTE-5679 Triac 600 Volt 40 Amp out of stock
NTE-5681-ECG 7.65
NTE-5683ECG 8.95
NTE-5690-ECG triac 4 mode 600V 40A 12.33
NTE-5695-ecg triac 4 mode 400V 40A use 5697
NTE-5697 Triac 4 mode 600 volt 40 Amp 13.35
NTE-5800 50 Volt 3 Amp Rectifier diode =1N5400 use NTE-5801
NTE-5801 WEP4001 100V 3A rectifier diode =1N5401 .76
NTE-5802 rectifier 200V 3 Amp diode =1N5402 use 1N5402
NTE-5803 rectifier diode =1N5403 1.18
NTE-5804 rectifier diode 400V 3Amp =1N5404 1.18
NTE-5806 rectifier diode 600V 3Amp =1N5406 1.46
NTE-5808 WEP4007 800V 3A rectifier diode =1N5408 1.93
NTE-5809 diode 1000V 3 Amp replaces -5800, -5801, -5802, -5803, -5804, -5806, -5808 2.60
PH85-1239 6A05 rectifier diode 6A GI750 GP601 MR750 P600A 4/pak=$7.40
NTE-5814 rectifier 400V 6A/22A GI752 GI754 GP604 MR752 MR754 P600D P600G out
NTE-5815 rectifier 600V 6A/22A GI756 MR7562.89
NTE-5817 rectifier 1KV 6A/22Amp GI758 MR758 P600K P600M 6A10 out
NTE-5817 can replace -5812, -5814, -5815
NTE-5818 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 200V 12Amp Cath=case 5.79
NTE-5829-ECG press fit rectifier diode 800V 50A10.00
NTE-5830-ECG fig Z19 stud mount 3A 50V Cath=case 2.83
NTE-5842-ECG fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 600V 3 Amp Cath=case 4.91
NTE-5846-ECG fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 800V 3A Cath=case 6.59
NTE-5846 can replace -5830, -5842
NTE-5870 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 50V 12 Amp Cath=case use 5890
NTE-5871 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 50V 12 Amp Anode=Case 2.82
NTE-5874-ECG fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 200V 12 Amp Cath=case 3.92
NTE-5882 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 600V 12 Amp Cath=case use 5890
NTE-5883 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 600V 12 Amp Anode=case 4.74
NTE-5886 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 800V 12 Amp Cath=case6.95
NTE-5890 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 1000V 12 Amp Cath=case 9.40
NTE-5890 can replace -5870, -5874, -5882, -5886
NTE-5891 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 1000V 12 Amp Anode=case 9.40
NTE-5891 can replace -5871, -5883
NTE-5896 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 200V 16 Amp Cathode=case 5.43
NTE-5901 fig Z19 stud mount 400V 16A Anode=case (5000W generators) 9.24
NTE-5904 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 600V 16A Cath=case 6.01
NTE-5908 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 800V 16A Cath=case 8.11
NTE-5910 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 1000V 16 Amp Cath=case 9.09
NTE-5916 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 200V 20 Amp Cath=case 2.05
NTE-5928 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 800V 20 Amp Cath=case 11.88
NTE-5928 can replace -5896, -5904, -5908, -5910, -5916
NTE-5929 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 800V 20 Amp Anode=case 11.88
NTE-5933 fig Z19 stud mount rectifier 1000V 20A Anode=case 10.43
NTE-5933 can replace -5901, -5929
NTE-5940 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 50V 15Amp Cath=case 4.76
NTE-5944 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 200V 15Amp Cath=case 5.06
NTE-5945 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 200V 15A Anode=case 5.06
NTE-5948 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 400V 15A Cath=case use NTE5952
NTE-5952 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 600V 15Amp Cath=case 6.66
NTE-5952 can replace -5940, -5944, -5948
NTE-5962 fig Z27 press fit rectifier 400V 25 Amp Cath=case out of stock
NTE-5963 fig Z27 press fit rectifier 400V 25 Amp Anode=case 4.11
NTE-5966 fig Z27 press fit rectifier 800V 25Amp Cath=case6.22
NTE-5966 can replace -5962
NTE-5967 fig Z27 press fit rectifier 800V 25A Anode=caseout of stock
NTE-5967 can replace -5963
NTE-5980 fig Z20 rectifier 50V 40Amp Cath=case use 5982, 5986, 5990, 5994, 6002
NTE-5981 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 50V 40Amp Anode=case 4.12
NTE-5982 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 100V 40Amp Cath=case 4.93
NTE-5986 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 200V 40Amp Cath=case 6.21
NTE-5990 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 400V 40Amp Cath=case 7.69
NTE-5994 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 600V 40Amp cath=case 9.18
NTE-5995 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 600V 40Amp Anode=case 9.18
NTE-6002 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 1000V 40Amp Cath=case 15.28
NTE-6002 can replace -5980, -5982, -5986, -5990, -5994
NTE-6003 fig Z20 stud mount rectifier 1000V 40Amp Anode=case 15.28
NTE-6003 can replace -5981, -5995
NTE-6013 rect 600V 12A isolated tab 5.03
NTE-6026 fig Z20 rectifier 200V 60A cathode=case 13.02
NTE-6027 fig Z20 rectifier 200V 60A anode=case 13.02
NTE-6045 fig Z20 rectifier 1000V 40 Amp anode=case 22.10
NTE-6048 fig Z20 rectifier 50V 70 Amp cathode=case use NTE-6054
NTE-6054 fig Z20 rectifier 200V 70 Amp cathode=case 13.29
NTE-6060 fig Z20 rectifier 400V 70 Amp cathode=case 15.20
NTE-6061 fig Z20 rectifier 400V 70 Amp anode=case 15.20
NTE-6076 fig Z20 rectifier 600V 85 Amp cathode=case 15.91
NTE-6077 fig Z20 rectifier 600V 85 Amp anode=case 15.91
NTE-6079 fig Z20 rectifier 1200V 85 Amp anode=case 21.23
NTE-6083 1.60
NTE-6084-ECG schottky 35A 45V 12.30
NTE-6085 dual schottky rectifier 6.26
NTE-6086 6.77
NTE-6087-ECG dual schottky 45V 30A 5.85
NTE-6091 5.72
NTE-6154-ECG =GE-70A =1N3288 29.39
NTE-6200-ECG dual rectifier 200V 30A 5.78
NTE-6204-ECG dual rectifier 600V 30A
NTE-6208-ECG dual rectifier 400V 30A 22.36
NTE-6240-ECG dual rectifier 200V TO220 4.58
NTE-6241 5.56
NTE-6244 5.20
NTE-6400 unijunction transistor 36.34
NTE-6401 unijunction transistor 6.99
NTE-6402 prog unijunction transistor 1.54
NTE-6403 WEP1077 bilateral switch 8.06
NTE-6404 Sil Unilateral switch 9.46
NTE-6405-ECG trigger for triac
NTE-6407 diac-trigger diode 1.80
NTE-6408 diac=WEP1080 trigger diode 1.11
NTE-6409 unijunction transistor 6.43
NTE-6410 unijunction transistor 5.09
NTE-6411 diac 40V trigger diode 1.15
NTE-6412-ECG diac 63V trigger diode 1.23
NTE-6415-ECG 2.63
NTE-6416-ECG sydac diode thyrister 3.98
NTE-6417-ECG sydac diode thyristor 2.38
NTE-6418-ECG 1.83
NTE-6419 Sydac bidirectional thyristor 2.76
NTE-6502-ECG microprocessor 8 bit 14.00
NTE-6507 8 bit microprocessor 11.75
NTE-6532 N-MOS memory/timer 13.45
NTE-6800 8bit microprocessor 15.92
NTE-6809 8bit microprocessor 22.30
NTE-6810 1K RAM 7.95
NTE-6850 HD6850P Asynch Interface 8.38
NTE-6880ECG 3.62
NTE-6885ECG 2.79
NTE-6886ECG 2.45
NTE-6887ECG non-invert Bus driver 3.00
NTE-6888ECG 2.67
NTE-7000 TDA1905 Audio 5W output 3.00
NTE-7001 TDA2593N Horizontal Ckt 6.78
NTE-7002 TDA4601 zenith 221-291 6.56
NTE-7003 AN5301K AN5310NK have oem 14.94
NTE-7004 LA7916 TV/VCR freq synth 4 17
NTE-7005 HA13421A TA7774P mot driv 6.17
NTE-7008 LA7629 chroma/deflect 8.04
NTE-7010 TA8680N TV processor 13.25
NTE-7011 AN7161N audio 20W out 6.23
NTE-7012 TA7750P AVswitch/LEDdriv 8.13
NTE-7013 UPC1490H Remote Cntrl rec 3.86
NTE-7014 M51376SP TV-FM Mpx sound 16.98
NTE-7015 M51365P PLL S-IF & V-IF 9.60
7016 CA3189E FMIF system IC $6.20
NTE-7018 TDA4505A TV signal subsy 16.16
NTE-7019 UPC1486C (15042) DigitTun 3.89
NTE-7020 UPC1520CA VCR Audio Proc 6.40
NTE-7023 STK5464 8.37
NTE-7024ECG 8.18
NTE-7025 =STK7310, STK7348 8.90
NTE-7027-ECG STK5461 11.07
NTE-7029 STK4231-II 32.47 special order
NTE-7031 STK4044 19.97
NTE-7032 STK4046X 29.28
NTE-7033 =STK7358 special order
NTE-7035 STK5342 5.18
NTE-7037 STK5364 $5.00
NTE-7039 LA7838 5.12
NTE-7040 HA1397 17.92
NTE-7041 TA8210AH 6.75
NTE-7042 BA6418 XRA6418N 2.18
NTE-7043 TA7291S 2.61
NTE-7044 AN5900 2.92
NTE-7045 AN5790N 4.76
NTE-7046 STRS6301A 23.37
NTE-7048 TDA3569 6.18
NTE-7051 =TDA7052N =TDA7056U 3.15
NTE-7054 =LA7670 11.85
NTE-7055 UPC1263 UPC1316C 2.61
NTE-7056 UPC1488 2.86
NTE-7057 TA8703 2.97
NTE-7060 =AN5160NK 16.24
NTE-7062 =LA7851 special order
NTE-7063 =LA7852 special order
NTE-7064 TA7267P 3.00
NTE-7065 TA8601BN 8.27
NTE-7066 =LA7222 2.04
NTE-7067 =LA7510 no longer available
NTE-7068 =TA8200AH =TA8216 4.55
NTE-7069 3.08
NTE-7070 =TA8211AH 4.44
NTE-7073 STRS6301 in Sony TV 21.60
NTE-7074 9.41
NTE-7075 STK7310 9.54
NTE-7077 =STR30110 8.52
NTE-7078 =STR58041 (not STR58041A)11.20
NTE-7081 =LM1203N Video Amplifier 28pin 11.52
NTE-7085 =LA7836 3.29
NTE-7086 =LA7850 3.35
NTE-7088 =TA8205AH 7.57
NTE-7089 =AN6610 6.62
NTE-7090 Dual Tracking Variable Volt Regul (+ & - 3 to 30V) $3.16
NTE-7093 =STR13006 14.26
NTE-7096 KA3842 UC3842 3.20
NTE-7097 UC3843 current mode PWM 8-pin DIP IC3.20
NTE-7099 3.20
NTE-7100 UPC1237H 1.78
NTE-7101 UPC1241H 3.54
NTE-7103 UPC1298 discontinued-nla
NTE-7104 =LA7837 3.06
NTE-7105 TDA2009A 4.91
NTE-7107 5.27
NTE-7108 SDA3202-3 12.37
NTE-7109 M51995P 4.56
NTE-7114 =TDA1554Q $11.90
NTE-7115 TDA2595 $10.92
NTE-7119 5.69
NTE-7123 =LA7824 special order
NTE-7124 =L78MR05 5-leg 5V Voltage Regulator 2.05
NTE-7125 =STK730-010, STK730-130 10.20
NTE-7126 =STK730-020 15.96
NTE-7128 3.35
NTE-7131 $7.32
NTE-7136 vertical deflection $4.50
NTE-7139 TDA6106Q 1.98
NTE-7140 =STK4278 $22.50
NTE-7142 MAX232 multichannel RS232 driver/receiver2.76
NTE-7143 LM1875T 3.72
NTE-7144 CA3140E 1.62
NTE-7145 TA8215H audio IC $6.48
NTE-7146 TDA7263 dual audio IC s.o.
NTE-7148 =LA7672, LA7674 $10.76
NTE-7149 13.98
NTE-7153 =LA7840, LA7841 3.36
NTE-7156 5.38
NTE-7157 =TA8227 audio IC computer soundboard $2.40
NTE-7158 TA8427K 3.94
NTE-7159 TEA2261 16pin DIP switch mode pwr supply control RCA TV's $7.88
NTE-7162 -TDA8350Q 8.40
NTE-7164 Double Balanced Mixer & Oscillator NE602 $2.60
NTE-7165 =TDA7294 100W Audio Amplifier $6.72
NTE-7166 STRF-6626 6.28
NTE-7167 =LA7845 2.40
NTE-7171 LA4282 5.00
NTE-7177 $6.66
NTE-7178 STK392-110 in Zenith TV's special order ($17.98)
NTE-7179 =STK392-010 spec.order.
NTE-7180 =STK392-020 spec.order.
NTE-7181 STK392-040discontinued-nla
NTE-7182 LA78041 vertical output for HDTV $4.08
NTE-7400 Quad 2 input NAND gate 1.01
NTE-7401 M53201P Quad 2inpNAND .73
NTE-7402 Quad 2input NOR gate 1.00
NTE-7403 quad 2 input NAND .69
NTE-7404 Hex Inverter .90
NTE-7405 Hex Inverter .84
NTE-7406 Hex Invert/Buff/Driv 1.57
NTE-7407 Hex Buffer Driver 1.57
NTE-7408 Quad 2input AND gate 1.13
NTE-7409-ECG quad 2input AND .73
NTE-7410 Triple 3input ANDgate .81
NTE-7411 DM7451 Triple 3in AND 1.30
NTE-7412-ECG triple 3input NAND.89
NTE-7413 1.50
NTE-7414 Hex SchmittTrigInvert 3.69
NTE-7416 M53216P HexInverBufDr 1.45
NTE-7417 Hex Buffer Driver 1.34
NTE-7420 Dual 4input NANDgates .77
NTE-7422 Dual 4input NANDgates 1.65
NTE-7423 Dual 4input NOR gate .95
NTE-7425-ECG dual 4input NORgate.95
NTE-7426 Quad 2input NAND gate 1.03
NTE-7427 Triple 3input NORgate .90
NTE-7428 Quad 2input NOR buffer .90
NTE-7430 8input NAND gate .76
NTE-7432 Quad 2input OR gate 1.37
NTE-7433 Quad 2input NOR buffer 1.00
NTE-7437 Quad 2input NANDbuffer 1.16
NTE-7438 Quad 2input NANDbuffer 1.59
NTE-7439 Quad 2input NAND gate 2.18
NTE-7440-ECG 4input pos NAND buf.64
NTE-7442 SN7442N BCD-DecimDecod 1.82
NTE-7445 BCD-DecimalDecodDriver 3.11
NTE-7446-ECG 2.53
NTE-7447 Z5047 7segDecoderDrive 2.59
NTE-7448 BCD-7segmentDecodDrive 5.37
NTE-7450-ECG .63
NTE-7451-ECG .80
NTE-7454-ECG .95
NTE-7470-ECG 1.01
NTE-7472 M5372 AND J-K flipflop 2.75
NTE-7473 M53273 Dual J-Kflipflp 2.00
NTE-7474 M53274 Z5074 DualD F-F 1.09
NTE-7475 4bit bistable latches 3.22
NTE-7476 Dual J-K flip flop 1.82
NTE-7480 2.00
NTE-7481-ECG 16bit RAM
NTE-7483 4bit binary adder 2.76
NTE-7485 4bit magnitude compar 4.19
NTE-7486 Quad 2input OR gates .95
NTE-7488A-ECG 256 bit ReadOnlyMem
NTE-7490 Z5090 Decade Counter 1.53
NTE-7491-ECG 2.35
NTE-7492 divide by 12 counter 2 00
NTE-7493A 4bit shift register 2.15
NTE-7495 4bit shift register 1.69
NTE-7496 5 bit shift register 2.15
NTE-7497 6bit binary multiplier7.71

NTE-8000-series TCO Thermal Cutoff: see fuse webpage Click BACK icon to return to this page.

NTE-8216-ECG 5.19
NTE-8224-ECG 5.25
NTE-8226 ThermalCutoff 228'Cent 1.36
NTE-8242 ThermalCutoff 240'Cent 1.36
NTE-8374 LED driver freq counterdisc-nla
NTE-9093 Dual J-K Flip Flop 6.08
NTE-9158 Quad NAND 301-576-2 3.39
NTE-9663-ECG dual J-K flipflop
NTE-9666 MC666P
NTE-9670-ECG trip 3input NANDgate
NTE-9692-ECG quad 2input NANDgate
NTE-9910-ECG dual 2input gate
NTE-9917 13-0088
NTE-9923-ECG JK-flipflop
NTE-9930 Dual 4input NAND gate 4.73
NTE-9932 Dual 4input NAND buff 5.07
NTE-9935 Hex Inverter 4.98
NTE-9949-ECG quad 2inputNAND/NOR3.58
NTE-9962 M5962 Triple3inputNAND 4.48
NTE-15001 LA7502 VCR VIF & SIF 7.36
NTE-15002 TV Vertical deflection output IC 3.10
NTE-15005 (see NTE1787)

NTE-15000E-series IC protectors: see fuse webpage Click BACK icon to return to this page.

NTE-15006 (see NTE1774)
NTE-15010/1314 AN6362 VCRcolorAFC 12.19
NTE-15012 (see NTE1743)
NTE-15015 =LA7621 12.00
NTE-15016 (see NTE1793)
NTE-15018 (see NTE1740)
NTE-15019 (see NTE1742)
NTE-15020 (see NTE1741)
NTE-15021 STR3023 STR3123 9.44
NTE-15022 STR3335 16.87
NTE-15031 20.53=s.o.
NTE-15032 (see NTE1777)
NTE-15033 (see NTE1778)
NTE-15034 STK4201-II STK4221-II STK4231-II(7029) 37.27=s.o.
NTE-15035 (see NTE1790)
NTE-15040 (see NTE1839)
NTE-15041 (see NTE1897)
NTE-15042 (see NTE7019)
NTE-15044 1.59
NTE-15045 (see NTE1873)
NTE-16006 NPN audio amp .78
NTE-40097B Hex non-invert buffer 2.00
NTE-40106B Hex schmitt trigger 1.32
NTE-54000 SCR (MCR265-2 MCR265-4 in battery charger) $5.28
NTE-56004 triac $3.80
NTE-56006 Z4510 Triac 400V 15A 4.90
NTE-56008 triac 600V 15A 5.65
NTE-56010 Triac 800 Volt 15 Amp 6.55
NTE-56016 Triac 400 Volt 25 Amp 5.75
NTE-56024 Triac 400 Volt 40 Amp sold-out
NTE-56026 Triac 600V 40A Isol Stud 19.58
NTE-74105 J-K flip flop 1.78
NTE-74107 J-K flipflop clear 1.06
NTE-74110 Gated J-K flip flop 1.45
NTE-74111 Dual J-K flip flop disc-nla
NTE-74116 Dual 4 bit Latch 2.74
NTE-74120 DualPulseSyncroDriv 3.86
NTE-74121 MonostableMultivibr 2.44
NTE-74122 13-0103/4 RetrigMsM 1.24
NTE-74123 DualRetrigMonstMult 2.41
NTE-74125 Quad Bus Buffer Gat 1.66
NTE-74128 line driver 50 ohm 1.26
NTE-74136 Quad OR gate 1.44
NTE-74145 BCD-DecimDecodDrive 3.05
NTE-74147 Decimal-BCDpriority 5.40
NTE-74148 Octal Priority Encd 1.58
NTE-74150 DataSelectMultiplex 4.60
NTE-74152 DataSelectMultiplex 7.80
NTE-74154 Decoder Multiplexer 4.74
NTE-74160 4bit Decade Counter 3.20
NTE-74161 4bit Binary Counter 3.20
NTE-74162 4bit Decade Counter 3.20
NTE-74163 4bit Binary Counter 3.20
NTE-74166 ParalSerialShiftReg 3.49
NTE-74178 UniversalShiftRegis 8.87
NTE-74185 Binary-BCDconverter disc item
NTE-74191 Up/DownBinaryCount 4.15
NTE-74193 Up/DownBinaryCount 3.87
NTE-74196 DecadeCounterLatch 2.41
NTE-74221 DualMonostMultivibr 1.56
NTE-74249 BCD-7segmentDecDriv 2.74
NTE-74265 QuadComplementOutpt 1.29
NTE-74278 4bit PriorityRegist 3.27
NTE-74290 Decade Counter disc-nla
NTE-74293 4bit BinaryCounter 3.45
NTE-74298 Quad2inputMultiplex 1.62
NTE-74426 QuadGate3stateOutpt .88
NTE-74490 BCDdecadeRippleCoun 3.65
NTE-75188 MC1488P XR1488 RS232C Quad line Driver 2.03
NTE-75189 MC1489P XR1489 RS232C Quad line Receiver 2.14
NTE-75451B Dual AND Driver 1.33
NTE-75452B dual NAND driver 1.21
NTE-75492B 3.80
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