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The CB industry is overrun with much technical information of dubious origin. Many users, in an attempt to improve performance, expend lots of effort & money, only to be sorely disappointed. The YELLOW BOOK was written to help readers avoid costly errors and acheive optimum performance.

The YELLOW BOOK includes 150 Illustrations; It assumes you know how to solder & are handy with tools like screwdrivers & pliers but haven't had formal classroom electronic theory training. Once you learn the material in this book: you should be able to solve 80% of all CB repair & installation problems with less than $1000 invested in tools & test equipment!

Table of Contents
1 Introduction & Disclaimer
2 History & Future of CB
4 Technical Slang
11 Antenna Comparisome Test
13 Money From CB Installation
22 CB Power Cord Information
25 Specific Vehicle Installation Notes
30 SWR--Setting & Troubleshooting
36 Boosting Transmit Power
38 About Linear Amplifiers
41 Getting Rid of Noise
43 Mic Wiring--General Info
46 Talkback
47 Mic Plug--Pin Function Info
51 Specific Microphone Information
58 Roadmap
59 Freq Synthesis
61 Sliders
62 Reading & Understanding Schematics
65 Test Equipment for CB Repair
70 Quick Check & Troubleshooting CB's
73 Transistor & IC Secrets


Free Technical Repair Tip: "top twenty" CB & Ham Radio microphone wiring information:
Yellow Book has additional information about wiring 80+ microphones 30+ ways for CB & Ham radios):
Group A (Cobra/Uniden; CBC4 plug): 1=ground, 2=audio, 3=transmit, 4=receive.
Group B (Midland/Cybernet; CBC4 plug) 1=audio, 2=ground, 3=receive, 4=transmit.
Group BR (Robyn/Royce; CBC4 plug) 1=audio, 2=ground, 3=transmit, 4=receive.
Group C (Cobra/Midland/Uniden; P5D plug) 1=audio, 2=transmit, 3=ground, 4=ground, 5=receive.
Group D (Realistic/Sears; P5D plug): 1=ground, 2=no connection, 3=transmit, 4=audio, 5=receive.
Group E (Cobra/Uniden SSB; CBC5 plug): 1=audio, 2=common, 3=receive, 4=ground, 5=transmit.
Group G (Swan & Siltronix; PP12 or PP3B plug): tip=PTT, Ring=audio, shell=ground
Group HTX (Realistic; CBC8 plug): 1=audio, 2=PTT, 7=mic ground, 8=xmit ground
Group KW-4 (Kenwood; CBC4 plug; high or low impedance?): 1=red, 2=PTT, 3=common, 4=ground
Group KW-6 (Kenwood Ham Radio; CBC6 plug): 1=audio, 2=PTT, 6=ground
Group M4 (Robyn Relay Switching; CBC4 plug) 1=audio, 2=shield, pin 3=PTT, 4=+12V
Group-N (Browning Golden Eagle; Heathkit Ham Radios; 80MC2M plug): 1=audio, 2=xmit, shell=ground
Group P (Pace Import; CBC4 plug): 1=audio, 2=ground, 3=ground, 4=PTT
Group PS (Pearce Simpson; CBC3 plug): 1=audio, 2=ground, 3=xmit
Group R (Lafayette; P5D plug): 1=Audio, 2=xmit, 3=common, 4=shield, 5=receive
Group S (SBE; CBC4 plug);1=ground, 2=audio, 3=+12V, 4=PTT
Group T (Pace Import; P6D plug): 1=transmit, 2=ground, 4=audio
Group V (Ranger RCI 2950; CBC6 plug): 1=ground, 2=audio, 3=PTT, 4=receive
Group Y (Lafayette; CBC4Y plug): 1=audio, 2=common, 3=ground, 4=xmit
Group YM4 (Yaesu Musen; CBC4 plug): 1=shield, 2=audio, 3=PTT, 4=common
Group YM8 (Yaesu Musen; CBC8 plug): 6=PTT, 7=ground, 8=audio

Microphone Wire COLORS: Two leads are easy to identify. One: The shield is the microphone GROUND. Two: The wire with the shield wrapped around it is the AUDIO. (Old American-Made Microphones use white for AUDIO; Import Microphones may use yellow or red or some other color for AUDIO).
To identify the other wires: test with an "ohm-meter." four wire microphones: check between the shield & each unidentified wire to see which connects to the shield in receive & which connects in transmit?
5 wire microphones: experiment to see which wires connect for receive & transmit. The wire that connects to both of the other wires (one in receive & the other in transmit) is "common," the others are "receive" & transmit."

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